Doctors Gagged as Feds Launch Censorship Campaign

Your right to learn from your doctor about natural methods of staying healthy during the pandemic are under threat. We must fight back. Petition!
The FDA, FTC, Department of Justice, and some state attorneys general have launched a coordinated censorship campaign that prevents medical doctors and other healthcare providers from communicating their extensive knowledge about how to stay healthy during the pandemic using natural medicine. The actions of these federal agencies will lead to more COVID-19 infections and death. We have to fight back to preserve our right to stay healthy, naturally.
The FDA and FTC sent more than a hundred warning letters to doctors, clinics, and companies. These letters all allege that companies or individuals were 1) illegally advertising that certain products treat or prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) or related conditions, such as inflammation and/or 2) making claims on their websites implying that a product could mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure COVID-19 or related conditions in people, making the product an unapproved drug under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
In reviewing many of these letters, what becomes clear is that this isn’t about public health, but rather censoring scientific information about natural products and protecting the profits of drug companies. One letter was sent to a nutritionist who talked about the results of a recent study showing that the severity of coronavirus patient outcome was tied to the patient’s vitamin D status. The post concluded, “The bottom line? In order to give yourself the best defense against the coronavirus, begin with optimizing your vitamin D status to at least 30 ng/ml starting today.” Is vitamin D now a public health threat that the government must snuff out? Does the government really want to quash information that could help us stay healthy?
Government censors also didn’t like when doctors wrote that vitamin D “has demonstrated efficacy for respiratory health…and has anti-inflammatory properties,” or when they quote science, such as a scholarly paper that “argues that melatonin—at low doses like 0.5 or 1 mg per day—might curb virulence of the coronavirus…”.  The FTC is even flagging claims about the use of natural approaches to fight respiratory infections and support immunity.
At issue for many of these letters is the idea that, according to the FTC, it is unlawful to advertise that a product can prevent, treat, or cure human disease unless you possess “competent and reliable scientific evidence” to substantiate the claim. The FTC has interpreted this to mean that you need a randomized controlled trial (RCT), which is an impossible standard because of costs and other reasons for everyone but drug companies. (This issue was litigated a number of years ago in the POM Wonderful case we covered extensively.)
We believe these kinds of actions are really meant to preserve the drug industry monopoly on medicine. RCTs are prohibitively expensive, costing billions of dollars on average. Drug companies can afford this massive investment because drugs are patentable and enjoy a period of market exclusivity, so companies can recoup the cost of RCTs. Natural products are generally not patentable, so requiring RCTs to make any specific disease claim—no matter how many studies support the claim—is a backhanded way of preventing all disease claims for natural products and thus preserving the monopoly of pharmaceutical drugs to treat illness.
So let’s get this straight. The FDA and FTC are telling doctors they can’t talk about or advise the public on natural methods of treating or preventing COVID-19. These same agencies, particularly the FDA in combination with the CDC, have repeatedly bungled our nation’s response to the pandemic. These same agencies issue emergency approvals for dangerous drugs that go on to kill people. These same agencies are threatening to take away women’s rights to choose estriol as a treatment. These same agencies, and the laws they enforce, make our medicine less effective, more expensive, and more dangerous. And now they want to prevent Americans from learning about scientifically-proven benefits of supplements like vitamin D to help during the pandemic? Never before has our crony capitalist government put so many lives at risk so needlessly.
Note too that President Trump himself is not only taking zinc along with hydroxychloroquine. He is also publicizing it, which is seemingly at odds with the position of the agencies within his own government.
Various state attorneys general have also gotten in on the action.
This is not just another action alert. This is a petition. We are going to be contacting federal and state officials, including the President, to explain how agencies that are supposed to be protecting Americans are, and have been, undermining and endangering our health. This is a critical moment, and we need as many signatures as possible. Please take action below and share this with people you know.
Petition! Write to President Trump, telling him to stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign, with copies to Congress and state legislators, telling them to fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective. Please send your message immediately.


  1. This is going against the American people for politics. Disgraceful!

    1. Big Brother has to stop because We The People want to exercise our rights. The Censorship has to stop. The information has to be made avabile to all. To suppress this knowledge is criminal and against our god given rights. The time is now to get Big Government out of our lives.

  2. I believe vitamin D is free as it is provided by the sun. There are many studies that prove its efficacy. You must stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing censorship.

    1. I agree: Natuiral medicines don’t have the harmfgul “thin gs” in them thszt are harmful bto thwe body. Some are effective inm curbing the dangerous affects of the corona virus, in my opinion. For instance: Vit. D, zinc. Please don’t take away our right to take these vitamins!
      Please don’t listen to “M r. Google” or the MSM. In my opinion, theuy give evil damaging advice! I read articles always, and don’t take advice from sources whos have advice/information when they don’t know!

  3. Do not censor alternative health methods or modalities let the individual decide what is right !

  4. I use both Western medicine and alternative methods to treat all my illnesses. They make a nice balance. And my health would suffer without these. To you my life may be nothing but to me it is important.

  5. The Federal Government has no right to censure information that I may require to improve my health

  6. stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign on natural methods on covid

  7. Stop the FDA and FTC from censoring commonsense solution for nutrition against disease.

  8. We need to stand up to a government that has become totally ineffective and downright dangerous to the citizens it claims to protect. Stop the drug companies from running our government!!!
    Natural medicine has been around and highly effective for millenia; let the body heal itself with the proper God given means to do it. Drugs have their proper place in medicine but not the detriment of the people being forced to use them.

    1. You are so right and wow are winning now thanks to the POTUS, let us all put more effort into exposing the evil and pushing the natural worlds “CURES” for disease !

      1. Thanks to POTUS? Are you kidding? The man who wanted to see if people could be injected with bleach?

  9. This is the time to fight for our rights.. The drug companies and their minions are out to make their profits, and they really dont care about your health, the only health they care about is the health of their bottom line, that is all they ever care about… There are a ton of people who think they know what is best for the rest of the planet, lets show them they are wrong… Join the fight now while we still can fight… If somebody attacked one of your family members with a gun you would protect them, well this is worse because they want to destroy your whole family and everybody else… Time to fight or their minions will take their 30 pieces of silver to help them…

  10. Any time I see my Doctor I have a right to learn from my doctor about natural methods of staying healthy

  11. I am outraged, since learning my body has the ability to renew itself I ave been at it on my own. The medicaid approved doctors continue to reject my requests to go forward with research I find on healthy living. I want this to change and until then I will be continuing to use natural ideas to improve for chronic ailments are crippling and very depressing.

  12. Leave us the freedom to learn about natural supports to health, as long as they are not dangerous, and make up our own minds. Don’t get big government in our business.

  13. Medscape posted a story about vitamin D (qualified, but published nonetheless). Hard to fathom they’re trying to censor that information.

    1. Johns Hopkins claims that we have over 250,000 medical error deaths a year in America. Drugs have many side affects. Big Pharma would like to believe that their drugs are the answer to all of our health problems. Many Doctors are getting far better results by changing their patient’s diet and lifestyle. There are a lot of Doctor lectures and interviews on youtube. There are more deep pocket drug lobbyist in DC than Congress people. That is the problem.

  14. President Trump, please stop the FDA & FTC censorship of doctors telling the truth about Covid-19 issues. Please stop the RTC required law for natural & effective products like vitamins, herbs & natural remedies to boost our immune system. Thanks.

  15. Donald Trump is not a Dr. Neither is Pence.
    We need Drs. to tell us how to deal with medical issues, not nitwit politicians.

    1. Unfortunately doctors are not allowed to relate supplemental advice to their patients. If it has to come from a politician, so be it.

    2. Doctors get MOST of their training from drug company reps. I learned this from a Doctor himself.
      If you need to rely on a doctor for this kind of info, be sure to learn from a qualified naturopath or other natural practitioner, or just read on pubmed. THere are lots of peer reviewed studies published there. Empower your own health.

  16. I’m so happy for this cause and that people are aware of the importance of natural health care. The monopolization of healthcare has gone on for far too long and billions have died as a result. The CMAJ found that allopathic medicine and iaterogenic deaths are the third leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease. It’s an extreme injustice to allow the medical mafia to take it even further with further censorship of cures. Justice be done!

  17. Why do we need doctors to tell us anything about how to make ourselves healthy when we have the almighty wizard trump. Look how healthy he looks. slim and trim and a healthy orange glow to his face.

  18. No more censorship! Let us learn about natural remedies and government stay out of it!

  19. I am Don Hall, N.D./N.M.D. The socialist activity from trusted FDA and FTC and others will be revealed sooner or later, the public may not like that someone may have avoided or been in some benefit from nature’s medicine cabinet, or thousands of years of medical history. Naturopathic medicine is not the new kid on the block, Chinese medicine pre dates the Cut/Burn/Drug It – often prescribed by allopaths the world over.

    1. I mean no disrespect to you, sir; but, throwing out terms like “socialism” in this context will not promote naturopathy (your claimed field). To promote human health and evolution, we must not be partisan in this way.
      For starters, I’ve lived in socialist countries. They often welcome integrative care because it lowers the overall cost of healthcare (keeping the population well versus supporting the economy through illness). Next, fascism is the correct term here to describe this censorship of science: when private industry merges with public industry, to the detriment of the people, for the purpose of maximum profit for corporations and big business.
      I wish us unity, not division, in this cause. We must not use true socialism: (to provide basic human rights and quality of life, regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, etc., along with some economic mobility for the people, but not at the cost of sacrificing human lives for private interests) in a negative context, remembering that fascism is the enemy to science.

  20. I’m so tired of all the censorship that goes on in our “Free” country. It’s all about money. People should all have freedom of choice on health care & their own bodies. No one should have the right to sensor natural remedies information. We are becoming a country of censorship. It’s time for it to stop before it gets way out of control.

  21. The FDA and FTC should NOT be in the business of interfering in the Doctor/Patient relationship when the doctor discusses with the patient ways to help the patient’s health, such as recommending the use of vitamins and minerals, or other behaviors to boost a person’s immunity. This is especially important now that the world is suffering under a global pandemic. People need everything possible to help them be healthy so they can prevent the worst effects of the coronavirus. Please stop the FDA and FTC from censoring what doctors can tell their patients about methods to remain as healthy as possible.

  22. President Trump pleas stop the FDA & FTC from pursuing their sensorship campaign. We have a right to hear about the benefits of natural healing methods.

  23. President Trump please stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing censorship campaigns against healthy alternative treatments!

  24. Thank you for putting this petition togehter. Pharma has become more and more controlling. We cannot outspend pharma, but we certainly can communicate to our politicians and VOTE for those who will represent their constituents, rather than continue to represent BIG PHARMA.

  25. Writing to President Trump is an UTTER waste of time and energy. I’m fairly sure he cannot even read. Regardless, this country has been in the business of killing some cross section of us for its entire existence. Why in Heaven’s name you believe that the FDA or any other government entity cares about our health and well being is what truly mystifies me.
    The Underground Railroad existed for a REASON. If you want to successfully disseminate information about Non Western medical science, you need to do it the OLD FASHIONED way, by word of mouth.
    And if you believe 45 is taking hydroxychloroquine, just because he SAYS so, I have some nice swampland in Florida that might interest you. COME ON!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Censorship should not be allowed in our Republic. Each citizen in the United States has the right to be informed by their doctor or other qualified health practitioners about all methodologies of healing, including supplements, alternative care modalities and herbal tinctures; every single doctor or practitioner has the right to disclose all information regarding these various applications, including the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, so that the patient may then make an informed decision as to which method they choose, or choose not to use to improve their health, including vaccinations. To allow Big Pharma to control congress (referring back to the congressional approval to protect Pharmaceutical companies/vaccine producers from litigation when drugs or vaccines cause injury) is criminal. Prohibition of full disclosure of potential healing modalities including supplements, herbs, natural remedies/alternative medicine, has the potential to seriously harm or injure someone, even causing death. This is criminal.

  27. Natural methods should not be censored just because your friends own pharmaceutical companies.

  28. Please fight for our right to be fully informed on everything that can improve and protect, our health!

  29. Dear President Trump,
    Please stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing their censorship campaign against medical and naturopathic doctors from communicating their extensive knowledge about how to stay healthy during the pandemic using natural medicine. And please urge Congress and state legislators to fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective.
    Thank you respectfully,
    Tom Tarantino

  30. Please allow medical practitioners to practice their profession and fulfill their mandate to speak truth to their patients and keep them healthy using a full spectrum of remedies–both patented and non-patented, time-tested remedies from nature.

  31. Doctors are bound to “do no harm.” How is gagging them aligning with that maxim? There are MDs, DOs, NDs, DCs, et al. who use natural medicine in their everyday practices. We need more information, not less.
    Maybe the idea is to protect people from quackery, but if that is the case, you should have gagged all of them years ago including the AMA. Please remove your heavy hands from medical personnel that mean no harm, and practice what you preach.

  32. President Trump, telling him to stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign, with copies to Congress and state legislators, telling them to fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective.

  33. Please fix the laws in this country that make medicine more expensive, more dangerous and less effective.

  34. I have counted on holistic doctors and websites to give me valuable information about Natural remedies. There is no dought in my mind that I am healthier as a result. I believe it is criminal to gag those who seek to dispense this information. It also deprives us of the right to choose what we want to do about our own health, and it shows a disdain for our intellectual capacity to make those decisions. Last, but probably not least, their financial gain is astronomical if they can block all the competition and make the public distrust it. Quite bluntly, They want us all dead.

  35. There are a number of scientific studies with excellent research designs that, taken together, make it very clear that the serum level of vitamin D is too low in most Americans — and certainly too low to maximize immune response to COVID-19.
    Doctors have not only a right but an obligation to share this information with their patients. To be prohibited from doing so is unconscionable.

  36. Stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign, send copies to Congress and state legislators, telling them to fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective.

  37. I have taken lots of vitamins my entire adult life since doctors had No treatment or advice for me when I contacted Hepatitis B in 1972. Zero advice or treatment. I think that makes me an expert vitamin and herb taker. I don’t need the governments help with this. I can spot the scams and useless information on my own. I was part of the Hepatitis C treatment program at the VA hospital in 1999. I made the decision to get treated. I will not change or alter my right to do what I think is in my best interest regarding my health.

  38. Big Pharma and other institutions are running and controlling the medical industry and Veterinarian industry. We know it has nothing to do with health but all with money. It’s a crime what’s going on. And we have no say in it ? That’s a crime as well. We aren’t here to enrich others.
    Also the mandatory constant vaccination of our pets has to stop as well
    It All has to change.

  39. Dear President Trump, I am sick and tired of having to fight to retain our natural health doctors, they are the ONLY ones who CARE about their patients, and actually share good, affordable natural medicines and advice that actually heals us and doesn’t make us sicker and make us dependent on yet a another health destroying big pharma drug. Now all of our doctors whether they are traditional allopathic doctors or naturopathic doctors are being censored by Facebook, Twitter and all big social media. Is this China, or is this the U.S.A.? I am a democrat, but I will vote for whoever runs on taking down big pharma, big tech censorship, and mandated “FAKE” vaccines! Give us our country back NOW!!!

  40. If it is a virus or a bacteria my body’s immune system if it is whole will produce anti-bodies and will memorize the pathogen, so I will not be bothered with fighting the invader the next time it raises it’s ugly presence. Fever reflects the bodies fight to destroy the pathogen.If my immune system is functioning the way God intended, then why would I need to have a vaccine which injects an attenuated (Impaired form) of a virus or a bacteria? So, if a whole immune system does the same job as a vaccine, which by the way carries more than one “Non-Self” entity and complicates an immune system’s ability to respond properly, then what is the rational to have my body injected? Are we trying to save those whose immune system that are not whole? If so, then why don’t we learn how to identify those with an impaired immune system and REVERSE the condition? Can an impaired immune system even create the anti-bodies needed?
    There is a great deal of evidence that nutrient deficiencies as well as not having a health gut contribute to the development of an impaired immune system. Many prescription drugs also impair the immune system. Vitamin D, which is a hormone and not a Vitamin is essential for over 3000 gene expressions to be properly turned on when the body demands it and low blood value which most Americans carry (average 25 ng’s when it should be 50 ng’s) means various bodily dysfunctions will occur. Vitamin C is a master antioxidant and Zinc which is an anti-viral (about 50% of the US population is deficient with these nutrients) are also important for a healthy immune system. CDC at first recognized the importance of these nutrients in the fight against Covid-19 and then decided otherwise. Why? Have they elected to push the $2400 Gilead vaccine?

  41. Fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective.

  42. Please stop the FDA and the and fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective.

  43. Scientific exploration is essential to growth of any nation or
    Community. Heeding others from
    Sharing experience, both ancient knowledge and
    Current research or even accidental discovery- which much of what happens in science and natural discoveries is wrong and essential for Freedom. Please open
    Channels for many to stay healthy and keep the right to create business and publication of said all information accessible to all. The role of policy and Government needs to allow for avenues for all levels of humanity to explore and to maintain the integrity of all that works. Being able
    to choose what is Best for ones unique system. Stop forcing people to accept and use other People’s ideas and patents and products that only benefit their views, agendas and belief . Please educate the public
    Truthfully about how to feed and maintain a
    Healthy immune system and provide the correct resources for Access to these sources and stop pharma
    From calling all the shots.

  44. Stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign, with copies to Congress and state legislators, telling them to fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective.

  45. FDA is the puppet of the drug companies, and drug companies would lose serious money if everyone knew how easy it would be to maintain good health without their high-priced prescription medications. 7-2015, Vitamin D Deficiency & Mortality 11-2009, Vitamin D Deficiency Contributes Directly to Acure Respiratory Disease Syndrome (ARDS) 2 April 2020 Evidence That Vitamin D Supplemtation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza & Covid-19 Infections & Death
    And these are only a few of the government studies that refute FDA’s censorship of natural remedies !!!

  46. Stop the FTC and FDA’s Censorship campaign. Make medicine in this country about health, not profit.

  47. Humans and their immune systems are adapted to “natural” substances, a.k.a., the physical world. The effectiveness of natural remedies is scientific fact and is documented in thousands of studies the government publicly issues on PubMed. Yet the FDA and FTC are attempting to impose a gag on the doctor-patient relationship for the benefit of drug companies, while lawmakers and media monopolies live high on pharmaceutical money.
    Those of us who consciously avoid the American medical system because of its flagrant corruption and its infringements on patient autonomy are only seeing confirmation in the manipulation of this crisis. Congress does nothing. I am ashamed of the laughingstock the US has become, and this is no exception.

  48. A parallel issue to the disturbing one you discuss, and that may (?) even be coordinated with it, is certain politicians “grandstanding” in an effort to destroy or at least marginalize alternatives to mainstream treatment. Case in point, Senator Charles Schumer’s (D-NY) Sunday (5/24/20) press statement to as was stated “crack down on unproven COVID-19 treatments and cures”
    Schumer called on the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on what he labelled unproven coronavirus treatments and cures that the senator said are on the rise.
    Schumer said “dubious remedies for COVID-19 have proliferated in recent months, including vitamin C injections, a substance secreted by bees and even sound therapy treatments. The commission has sent out warning letters, but they do not go far enough, said Schumer, who called for heavy fines against sellers.”
    “There’s been an all-out waterfall of the quack cures since March,” Schumer said at a news conference in Manhattan. “Anyone who is trying to scam innocent people, sometimes desperate people, should be hit with a heavy fine so they don’t do it again.”
    “The is no known vaccine or cure for COVID-19, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But that has not stopped a range of companies from marketing products they suggest will protect people against the virus, Schumer said.”
    ‘He cited as an example a Florida company that has offered to inject customers with vitamin C as “a way to increase your natural defenses against COVID-19.”
    For me as a New York resident and being marginally informed on alternative health protocols and issues this display by Charles “Chuck” Schumer was uncharacteristically stupid. Schumer evidently forgot or never paid attention to the fact that Northwell Health Hospitals on Long Island and New York City openly use IV vitamin C as an important part of their COVID-19 treatment protocol. Is he suggesting that armed FTC agents descend upon Northwell Hospitals demanding their doctors refrain from their use of IV vitamin C or risk immediate shutdown by Federal authorities? After all he said vitamin C was a “quack cure” – his words – so he therefore must be accusing Northwell Health Hospitals of “quackery.”.
    I can only wonder if any reporter in attendance at Schumer’s press conference had the presence of mind to ask “Chuck” how much pharma related interests have contributed to his reelection campaign over the past several years. Might there be a conflict of interest here?

  49. Stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign, with copies to Congress and state legislators, telling them to fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective.

  50. Allow medical and naturopathic doctors to communicate their knowledge about how to stay healthy. We must persist to have free information as our Right as a citizen of the United States of America. It is also their right of free speech to be able to offer a variety of ways for the individual to make what is the right decision and is between their doctor and themselves to do so.

  51. We need to hear both side, and drugs and vaccines aren’t always the answer! Stop censoring!!!

  52. The Doctor-Patient relationship is private and personal. It does not uneducated interfering politicians involved.

  53. Dear President Trump,
    I agree with you that treatments like UV blood irradiation can help with viruses like COVID-19. IV Vitamin C and ozone as well as a myriad of herbs and supplements can also help. Please drain the swamp and tell the FDA and FTC to stop their censorship campaign. Please remediate the existing laws that limit the practice of alternative medicines making them less available.
    Thank you very much.

  54. I am extremely distressed about the FTC silencing Dr Brownstein who has had 106+ covid patients. His videos of patients who recovered by natural therapies was enlightening. But everything has been taken down. As someone who has used IV vitamin C for cancer, it makes me so angry.
    Also silenced on social media The Truth About Cancer. Robert Kennedy Children’s health defense. I find this all appalling. I wish people would wake up.

  55. People have a right to opting for natural supplements and remedies. In fact, FDA approves medications that cause serious side effects including death. Yet these medications are pushed to the consumer via television and magazine ads. One cannot sit peacefully waiting in a doctor’s office without being bombarded by ads from a television whose only purpose is to advertise Pharma drugs.
    I wonder where democracy and the freedom to think, express, and act have disappeared. Along comes Mr. Gates with his billions which are not enough, attempting to force everyone to be vaccinated!
    Thank you for your site and promoting real values in terms of health and nutrition as well as freedom to choose.

  56. They canNOT censor this information ANYMORE!! President Trump and AG Bill Barr have taken measures, signed into LAW, just this past week, that prevents the FDA, FTC, etc. and ANY crooked so-called lawyers, from trying to censor ANY REAL doctors, and by REAL doctors, I mean naturopathic, homeopathic, and ANY TRUE doctor who TRULY cares about their patients, from providing this information!! President Trump also signed an Executive Order TODAY, preventing the censorship on ANY and ALL social media outlets!!

  57. Such predicctable nonsense from the FDA and FTC worried more about protecting profits than people. How despicable but not a new thing in the world of conventional medicine. For shame

  58. Trump and his IDIOTS think and act like this is a dictatorship. IT IS NOT!!!

  59. Dear President Trump, A strong immune system is so key in fighting any illness, and the current pandemic virus is no different. Having a robust immune system matters. One of the major things that helps a body to build and keep strong immune ability is nutrition. The food we eat, and quality supplements we take are fuel for our body to burn, but so much more than that. New cells are made from what we take in. Food adds to and keeps our good bacteria healthy and in balance. That plays a huge role in our immunity. Fighting this virus is not just about medications and vaccines, it’s about people having a healthy body that was created to fight illness off, when given the tools it needs to do so. We need to be able to empower our body the way it was intended to do so, the way God created it to work. By the nutrition that we give it to work with. We don’t get extremely ill with this virus because of a depletion of a pharmaceutical, but by a depletion of our immune system. Bolstering it with good nutrition KEY. Natural Healthcare is important and should not be censored.

  60. I consider the gagging of functional doctors, naturapaths, herbalists and other natural health specialists to be a direct threat to my health and well being. I am 62 years old and have been keeping myself and my family healthy for two decades on the advice of these same people. I will be significantly harmed if this witch hunt doesn’t stop!

  61. Drug companies are a huge threat to our safety and security. They threaten even the U.S. Government’s safety and security. This threat to our nation (drug companies) must be stopped. Also, they must lose their immunity from lawsuits brought about by the harm their dangerous drugs to our citizens everywhere on a daily basis. Drug companies want to make it mandatory that I take their poisonous, dangerous drugs but want to be free from responsibility for what those poisons to to us? Is this America? Is this freedom? Give us our freedom back, or we’ll take it back, and when we do, it will be very ugly. Let’s not go there. Censorship is for communists, not for Americans. We do not tolerate censorship. Period.

  62. Stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign, with copies to Congress and state legislators, telling them to fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective. You are responsible for deaths from this as well as the Covid deaths from your ineptitude in handling the outbreak.

  63. People have a fundamental right to choose their own healthcare decisions. Censoring holistic medicine is unconstitutional and wrong. Health comes from nutritious foods, vitamins, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

  64. Doctors have freedom of speech just like everyone else in America and need to be allowed to talk about and advise the public on natural methods of treating or preventing COVID-19. We need to pursue every avenue of help and expertise and take every preventative measure as well as taking every precaution. Restore America to freedom in every respect and lets stop the encroaching tyranny.

  65. Stop the hypocritical censorship campaign of the FDA and FTC now. The american people deserve to know ALL of the precautions and remedies available to help themselves stay healthy (remember that’s less money the government needs to spend).
    Do it Now. Stop golfing and get it done.

  66. As a voter, I am voicing my dismay that the FDA and the FTC are pursuing a censorship campaign to stop Dr’s and other health practitioners from sharing information about alternative and natural remedies that aide in health…. in fact these caring professionals have been threatened and harassed by government agencies.
    Please reign them in and make it clear that as consumers we have a right to a fully informed choice in health care, and to choose who we receive that care from.
    We will remember your action on this matter when it is time to vote.
    Thank you.

  67. The FDA and FTC are telling doctors they can’t talk about or advise the public on natural methods of treating or preventing COVID-19. These same agencies, particularly the FDA in combination with the CDC, have repeatedly bungled our nation’s response to the pandemic. These same agencies issue emergency approvals for dangerous drugs that go on to kill people. These same agencies are threatening to take away women’s rights to choose estriol as a treatment. These same agencies, and the laws they enforce, make our medicine less effective, more expensive, and more dangerous.And now they want to prevent Americans from learning about scientifically-proven benefits of supplements like vitamin D to help during the pandemic? Never before has our crony capitalist government put so many lives at risk so needlessly. Fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective.
    President Trump himself is not only taking zinc along with hydroxychloroquine. He is also publicizing it, which is seemingly at odds with the position of the agencies within his own government.
    Stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign

  68. Thanks for the proof that you’re an employee of Big Pharma!!
    I have been cured more often with natural medicine way more often than with pharmaceuticals.
    One of the reasons the elderly are dying faster from this virus is because most everyone is taking prescription drugs. I am 76 and have never had a flu vaccine. Never got the flu. Friends who got the vaccine got the flu. I built up my immune system. Drugs have side effects that weaken the immune system. Natural methods build make it stronger.

  69. Dear President Trump,
    Please stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing the censorship campaign.,Please fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective.
    Thank you,
    Bernadette O’Donnell

  70. As long as trump the moron and moscow mitch are in charge this is what we have to deal with. Until we get these anti Americans out we are screwed.

  71. Please stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign, with copies to Congress and state legislators, NEED to fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective.

  72. Please stop the FDA and FTC from censoring natural medicine. Lives depend on information regarding supplements that are affordable and necessary for staying healthy. This is too much government control over individual rights. Please fix these laws that make medicine more expensive, dangerous and less effective.

  73. I would appreciate it is you folks at the FDA, FTC and all other illegal UN-constitutional alphabet agencies would spend all of your time looking at what your comrades in China are doing and leave natural cures alone. I realize your existence is for the purpose of protecting pharmaceuticals ever since bill clinton totally corrupted you but that is no reason for your constant attacks upon people’s rights given them by God. Natural medicine does NOT fall into your jurisdiction…

  74. We are holistic health care providers and use all manner of natural remedies. We think everyone should have the freedom to choose for themselves.

  75. Natural medicine when used correctly is safe and effective. As a person who suffers from severe drug allergies, I would be lost without the ancient remedies. Although currently medicated for asthma, I also use turmeric golden paste, elderberry and zinc along with daily vitamins and therapy magnets for pain and healing. No organization has the right to limit my access to naturopathic medicine.

  76. Please Allow doctors to tell the truth to patients and to try any treatment the doctor and/or patient wish to try, not just “party line” “standard of care” “approved treatment” options that give preferential priority to expensive new drugs, surgery, and damaging new vaccines without long term human safety trials/testing of any kind, instead of less expensive and truly healing simple options.

  77. It’s all about $$$$$$$$$$$, isn’t it? Drugs, no matter HOW useless or DANGEROUS they are, have the FDA in the drug companies’ pocket.

  78. Leave us alone, we are capable of deciding how to take care of our health! No more censorship on natural, alternative, and holistic therapy!

  79. Please let us be healthy. We need responsible information from people who study nutrition.

  80. Please allow doctors to give medical advice to their patients regarding nutrients that support the immune function and would therefore be beneficial to take during COVID19 pandemic.

  81. My naturopathic oncologist made my post-surgery with radiation treatment more than bearable with his recommended natural supplements.
    I was able to return to work in less than two weeks following surgery, and worked throughout my entire course of 44 radiation treatments!

  82. It is time for the Government to get out of the business of trying to control the vitamin and natural supplement business. They have become a stifling, counterproductive influence that is running interference for the major drug companies so they can move their chemicals and deprive Americans the use of true medicinal and healthy alternatives.

  83. I thought this was a Free Country, yet we are not allowed to use alternatives to allopathic medicine and pharmacological pills that have extreme side effects.

  84. I have as much right to natural products to protect and heal from any virus or illness as others who want to use pharmaceuticals or western mainstream medicine in their choice to protect or heal from a virus or illness. Stop limiting my rights!

  85. Dear Sir,
    Please stop the FDA and FDC from continuing their censorship campaign against natural, affordable, proven remedies for avoiding and/or treating the COVID-19 virus. These remedies such as Vitamin D and Vitamin C, as well as zinc, are proven to be very beneficial in fighting the COVID-19 virus, with virtually no side effects. The censorship campaign is a waste of time and government money and serves only the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. Please stand by the people, we need you.

  86. Welkome to the Korporate States of Amerika! The first thing drug companies do is find a natural remedy and then isolate what they believe is works so they can patent it and own the cure. When 3 people get sick from a natural remedy, the FDA throws a major conniption fit, but is surprisingly quiet when tens of thousands die from pharmaceuticals.

    How DARE this SHAM of a vaccine, frothing at the mouth, government tell people this doesn’t work. They should be fully investigated for letting so many people die unnecessarily by calling this misinformation and there should immediately be a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!
    These are licensed doctors that are being gagged. If doctors don’t get together now and stop this, Rockefeller’s plan will have played out successfully. You will lose your practice so you may as well fight with all your might or forever be silenced.
    Take the money equation out of the vaccines, (That will NEVER WORK), and watch them stop pushing them. Everyone of them, despicable, lacking empathy. And there is only ONE pathology that lacks empathy and we all know what that is.

    1. I hope people sue upside down, inside out, and right and left. Calling for class action lawsuits, ahoy! The mainstream medical establishment and its personnel, has absolutely no right to come up against natural healing in any way, shape, or form. This is a crime, a violent crime.

  88. I feel like vitamins and supplements have saved my life, or at least kept me from becoming a do nothing invalid. I have adrenal insufficiency which none of 6 specialists could identify or help with. Finally 1 told me i had low aldosterone and put me on dhea and salt tablets. I, a retired RN, did a lot of research and at age 80, feel very good compared to 20 years ago. I do take a number of supplements.
    Please prevent the greed of the money makers from controlling our vitamins and supplements.

  89. It is so sad that nutrition intervention is not recognized as a means to build up the immune system & to fight the coronavirus or other health issues. This is so wrong. As a registered dietitian and nutritionist in integrative & Functional medicine. It is so sad that so many look to main stream medicine for the answers, when we should be looking to nutrition. Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine stated, “Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food.” Our bodies are amazing & were designed to heal. Nutrition is @ the foundation. Yes, nutrition can do so much more than chemical medicines, immunizations & treatments, but unfortunately this is not recognized by many and the research and actual results are being suppressed to prevent that Truth from being widely known.

  90. Natural foods have been known to be the best medicine since at least the Greeks, and likely much earlier.
    These organizations are violating too many of our Constitutional Rights to even discuss.
    The fight must be fought.

  91. I have a right to alternative medicine. My husband just died due to chemical treatments at Dana Farber. After 80 years of cancer research and billions of dollars we are still in the dark ages. Of course the FDA is driven by big pharma and big pharma is driven by money. They know they can get it through the insurance companies.

  92. I am horrified at the lengths you are going to to shut the people up and prevent others from learning healthy ways to keep them selves safe and healthy…..This needs to stop! We are given freedom from GOD and in our Constitution to have freedom of speech. In times of old we relied heavily on these natural methods, organic methods, vitamins, foods to stay healthy. You are not to try and stop our free flow of information. Your coffers are large enough big pharma…you have caused nothing but distrust for your institutions and your phony testings…stop trying to kill of our people! It has gotten so bad for you people that you have to bully, connive and legislate the people to take your drugs. We do not want them! We want organic and proven ways to contend with these illnesses. Hydroxychloriquine and zpac and zinc work just fine but because it costs 50c you have stopped our ability to get it and caused many deaths! You are all ghouls! LET US SPEAK!!!

  93. I have a right to learn from my doctor about natural ways of staying healthy during the pandemic.

  94. President Trump,
    Please stop the FDA & FTC from censoring doctors & anyone who choose to use natural methods for their health. Doctors should be allowed to treat people the way they choose &in the best interest of their patients and people should be allowed to choose.
    Thank you,

  95. Stop censoring doctors. Let us actually save lives with evidence-based practices and listening to doctors and science.

  96. Given doctors cannot cure this virus, I resent them trying to tell me what I can or cannot put in my system to build my immune system.

  97. The FDA, FTC, Department of Justice, and some state attorneys general have launched a coordinated censorship campaign that prevents medical and naturopathic doctors from communicating their extensive knowledge about how to stay healthy during the pandemic using natural medicine. The actions of these federal agencies will lead to more COVID-19 infections and death.

  98. I don’t want any more medication that makes me sick and dependent on them. I want what mother earth has to offer.

  99. It is of utmost importance that all A,Erica s be given freedom of choice for their health decisions! PLZ STOP the FDA & the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign! Fix The laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective

  100. I am a medical doctor (graduated Summa Cum Laude) and did residency at the Mayo Clinic. Many of these censored treatments are EXCELLENT and I recommend them to my patients (and am taking them myself) including Vit A, C, D, zinc, quercetin, ECGC. I also think hyperbaric oxygen, hydroxychloroquine, convalescent serum, high flow oxygen by nasal cannula all probably have a role and should be explored. The censorship is ridiculous and unfair – obviously supported by big pharma and possibly fringe left that would like to see this pandemic get Trump out of office.

  101. Doctors should not be silenced. They should be able to utilize natural remedies to help their patients.

  102. This represents just one more attempt by pharmaceutical makers to suppress natural health alternatives to their products. One by one they are banning centuries-old practices for better health in favor of patented products, regardless of whether or not their products are save or effective. This is similar to the recent practices by certain politicians to censor pandemic statistics in favor of their personal political scams. It is coincident with an abuse of power by politicians who are more interested in personal gain than in serving the Public.

  103. THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY,, NOT THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Our country is being run my a dictator! Telling doctors they cannot advise their patients is undemocratic! We cannot believe how uncivilized our country has become under PDTUS! The spitefulness, the name calling, the childes fighting is unbelievable and disgusting!

  105. The FDA and the CDC are governmental branches of the pharmaceutical industry. Profit is their driver, not a healthy population. This must change. We need the amendment to the Constitution that Dr. Rush proposed at the time the Constitution was written.

  106. I am a strong believer in natural supplements and am opposed to forced medications or forced vaccines. Diet, hygiene, strong health regimen, including natural supplements of vitamins and minerals, are the true antidotes to ill health.

  107. Our Most Honorable President Trump please stop the censorship of the FDC & the FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign, with copies to Congress and state legislators, telling them to fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective. Thank You for all your doing to make America Great Again!! Your fellow American in Prayer for you!!

  108. Please fight for natural ways to avoid this virus and to give us the right to do what ever we want with our bodies! I believe in natural medicine!

  109. It the medical-pharmaceutical complex had effective treatments for Covid-19, 100,000 persons would not have died. What reason can there be to prevent people from knowing about non-toxic methods to boost their immune systems and protect themselves agains the virus? A

  110. Stop attacking natural supplements and those who support their use.

  111. The Censoring of natural health benefits is an organized monopoly on people’s life and freedom to choose what they do to bring health to themselves and their children. To block this information with nothing to back it up but the investments of the Pharmaceutical Industry is censorship, obstruction of freedom of speech, a violation of our Human Rights and willful intent to suppress beneficial information o the public., for profits.
    There are countless books, articles and research papers that show that cancer can be treated to a cure but the “Industry” has been suppressing the truth about Cancer for their multi-billion dollar fraud for decades, their own “technology” has a less than 1% cure rate, on that record alone they should be investigated for fraud.
    It the same outright fraud with the Psychiatric Industry. There is NO BIOLOGICAL test that proves any mental illness but the criminal AMA/APA,FDA continue to destroy lives with their propaganda and billions in advertising. These are crimes against humanity.

  112. As a registered dietitian nutritionist of over 35 years experience I find it to be appalling, reprehensible, irresponsible and neglectful for clinical nutritional information with decades of supporting research to be withheld AND even worse, treated as something illegal!
    The professions of clinical nutrition, naturopathic and integrative medicine are founded on sound principles and a tremendous amount ever-growing research regarding the mechanism therapeutic nutrition! We professionals are not guessing about what works to boost the immune system!! It takes many many years to get to a professional level in all of those professions.
    This is absolutely outrageous! There’s no doubt this is politically motivated starting with big Pharma.
    Nutrition can be THE MOST POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE TOOL for the human body you get well and stay well. This is well proven.
    ( I added the above to the form letter that I signed and sent through this organization.)

  113. The greed of the pharmaceutical companies knows no bounds. They want every living being on earth contributing to their coffers. I pray they fail miserably and are exposed completely.

  114. This kind of interference is how we made americans weak enough to succumb to the virus(s).

  115. We have the right to know about natural methods for various problems. Stop gagging doctors!!!

  116. The FDA and FTC are telling doctors they can’t talk about or advise the public on natural methods of treating or preventing COVID-19. Please stop this.

  117. I agree with this petition to make aware to those in all branches of government how hypocritical and dangerous it is to use the people of the United States as mice in Big Pharma’s schemes. Yes, business helps our economy to grow, yet consumers make the economy and give business its profits. The age of Machiavellianism has past. Let our votes count this election and let us see who is listening to the people of America, and who is listening to Big Pharma. The answer will be plain to see. Here is my signature to stand up for the majority of consumers everywhere. And if you are working for such a business, you have to do what is right, for all, because our children need a real choice in their future. Its starts with us! USA

  118. The pharmaceutical companies have sickened and killed enough people. Stop their stranglehold on our health, let us pursue natural remedies that have proven results which Big Pharma wants to deny and censor. Vitamins and supplements help us and do not have side effects. Stop these greedy monsters from taking away what we need! I am never sick because I eat a healthy diet with mainly vegetables and fruit, no meat, very little dairy and fish, and I take supplements and vitamins. People are always surprised at how young I look and that I am on no medications at almost 70.
    I condemn Big Agriculture with it’s cruel and filthy factory farming, the pharmaceutical companies, and greedy, power-hungry monsters like Bill Gates with his injuring vaccines and GMOs.

  119. Thank you for all your work in preserving natural health which has been attacked 7 ways from Sunday. I appreciate what your doing & just wanted to say Thank You ♥

  120. And you are talking about wearing face masks and “social(??)” distancing, and mandatory vaccinations with mandatory RFID chips as “proof” of vaccinations as the only solution to this lockdown? This has nothing to do with “flattening the curve”, whatever this idiotic cult phrase means. It is about imposing a totalitarian regime where we are all enslaved, with the whole human race to devolve into greys.
    I know how to flatten the curve WITHOUT ruining the economy or taking freedoms away. Common sense. Let people try these supplements. Especially those that people have successfully taken to reduce or prevent regular colds and flu. You see in mainstream stores, during normal times, zinc and vitamin C being sold as cold remedies–and, if they didn’t work, they wouldn’t sell. You see people taking vitamin D with success–again, if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t sell. Supplements such as Echinacea, elderberry extract, quercetin, oregano oil, astragalus, ginger extract, goldenseal, and numerous others have been used by people, successfully, to treat or prevent stupid infections such as colds, flu, toothaches, and minor localized infections. Let these successful supplement treatments become common knowledge. Let doctors treat people with these products that have successfully sold (without anyone forcing them to take them with microchip implants to prove they had them).
    Trouble is, you could not impose draconian lockdowns and forced vaccinations/RFID chips with supplements that work without people being forced to take them. But, you would have been able to flatten the curve. Better than mandatory face masks. Better than “social(??)” distancing. Better than locking people in their homes. And, without making the next regular flu that much worse because of disruptions in their immune systems’ exposure to common germs that would strengthen it. Not to mention, supplements would allow people to safely get minor exposure to coronavirus (and other colds and flu) without getting sick, that would serve the same purpose as the vaccination without the RFID chip. People that are healthy or borderline susceptible would be advised to take the above supplements instead of “social(??)” distancing, enforced face masks that only lead to heat sickness or mold problems, and being forced to stay indoors for fear of a cold.
    Or, you can take full credit for heading the human race in the same direction the greys headed into.

  121. Please do not permit politicians, the FDA, FTC and the DOJ to gag credible naturopaths, homeopathic practitioners and alternative doctors. There are effective and safe methods to enhance the immune system and improve health. Why, except to protect the greedy pharmaceutical companies, would you do this? I’m 83 and I’ve used a variety of supplements for 50 years. The gag order is wrong and detrimental.

  122. Natural healthcare is ORIGINAL healthcare and everyone has a right to it. I’ve had enough of this crap back in ’08 when Massage Therapy was under attack and we had to fight a bill that wanted to label massage lotion as a “medical device” so it could only be used by an MD. We were informed if we ever told anyone to “drink water” it was considered a “diagnosis” and we’d be thrown into a federal prison for 25 years. This is supposed to be the land of liberty, the land of the FREE, and we have a right to our healthcare options as well as speech. Even the notion of going against the people’s rights is pure treason. The whole point of a Doctorate degree is that they are qualified to diagnose while the politicians and “organizations”, right down to the FDA, are not.

  123. Medical tyranny is unacceptable. You must allow all Americans the opportunity to heal their bodies with natural agents. Stop assaulting well documented evidence that nutritional ingredients can assist in the well being of our citizenry.

  124. This corrupt abuse of human welfare for the sake of pharmaceutical companies’ monopolistic profits is a morally shameful practice that must end. God did not create man to depend on man made drugs for good health. His medicines are provided in nature and serve as the greatest source for health of his created beings.

  125. Mr. President, You have already signed “free to try” EO. Americans are well educated about natural healing, please don’t let the FDA, etc take that freedom to use these products away from us. The pharmaceutical industry hates natural products because it cuts into their business model!

  126. I have been helped in so many ways with natural products. I wish my health care provider knew more about them. Please do not silence them.
    Thank you.

  127. As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in practice for 41 years, I offer my patients evidence based therapies such as nutrition, and other lifestyle improvements proven to reduce inflammation and strengthen immunity. I see it as my duty as a physician to make the public aware of this potentially life saving education.
    To obstruct the availability of such information is not in the public interest.
    I know there are some persons making unproven claims for ineffective measures and that it is difficult for you to discern legitimate from illegitimate claims. Please exercise caution, especially when dealing with licensed physicians. Most are honest and competent.

  128. Please stop the FDA and the FTC from censoring news about natural supplements and treatments that are helping people stay healthy and boost their immune systems. Dr. Fauci used to tell us he took vitamin C and vitamin D daily. Why is it wrong for people to mention this? Other countries are recommending supplementation.

  129. How dare they try to ruin the integrity of Honest, sincere and caring Doctors. Why are they not finding out more about the dishonest doctors who are being paid off regarding the Covid19 counts including the death counts. Our government must stop being cruel and selfish and dangerous regarding the future of our country and the American people. Protect and Defend our Constitution.

  130. We live in the land of the free. How can information be suppressed from the public? I have a right to decide how to care for myself, and to get any opinions that will help me do that. Clearly, personal safety is not an issue here, but the profit margin. If natural remedies are not helpful, then why would this censorship be necessary? How about publishing how many deaths have resulted from drugs.

  131. I want to know what will help me naturally before and after should I get sick!

  132. Please stop the unconstitutional elimination of our right to free speech.

  133. I for one trust my doctor and those who have actually successfully treated covid patients above governors and mayors

  134. We have the right to know any and all information our Doctors want us to have on ALL health questions. The Government does NOT have the right to tell my Doctor to with hold any information on ANY problem I may have just because they find it inconvenient to their narrative of a health crisis.

  135. The blatant censorship that Facebook and Twitter are doing is despicable and MUST be stopped!!

  136. I like my Naturopathic MD. I like taking vitamins and supplements. I like my doctor to be able to communicate with me effectively regarding my health.

  137. What are the fears? Let us have all the information. Or is it only profits?

  138. My health belongs to me with the help of doctor.I went natural way to get rid of my cancer and don’t see any problem with it. Neither they should see problem with it.Do they want most of us die with their terrible chemo therapy?

  139. This is crazy. If true, then you need to resign from your positions and let qualified people run these departments/agencies. Threatening physicians for recommending a better option than pharmaceuticals? You people are scum.

  140. The FDA, FTC, & Department of Justice are all Trump trolls and do not support the general public as they paid to do! And if there is anyone who should be censored against voicing opinion about medical advice it should be Trump, as his advice regarding Hydroxychloroquine is classic quackery by a wackado!

    1. Sorry for your ignorance, but this has been going on for decades and Trump has nothing to do with this. These federal organizations were just as corrupt and evil under Obama, Clinton, both Bush’s, Reagan, Ford, Carter, Nixon, LBJ, JFK and Eisenhower, if not before him.
      The medical community was high-jacked back when medical schools were created (around 1907) and when the pharmaceutical companies began to gain power and momentum, probably in the 1920’s or 30’s. Pharmaceutical companies control the curriculum in all medical schools. The FDA has ruled that “only a drug can cure”. Our healthcare system is now called ‘managed care’ as doctors are now in the business of ‘managing’ care through pharmaceuticals and not in the healing business. Other than a broken bone, when was the last time you heard your doctor use the term ‘heal’ or ‘cure’ in a positive manner?
      Get your head out of the sand- Trump cannot change these corrupt agencies with a magic wand. They would literally have to be scrapped and rebuilt, and that is not going to happen under any president as they’ve become too powerful and too many people like you are brain-washed and believe they are a necessity.
      These federal departments were created with good intentions, but they’ve been corrupted by greed. The FDA has been bought out by many companies and they push a lot of bad things as they accepted bribe money to do so. The corruption runs deep and has been going on for decades. Do your own research and homework and stop blaming everything on Trump.
      Even when Obama was president, as much as I despised him, I knew he could do nothing to change these corrupt departments of government.
      You have Trump Derangement Syndrome and need to get over it.

  141. All medicines are derived from natural elements, it is when they are altered from their natural state that they are no longer considered natural. Humankind might alter God’s creation but humans cannot make something from nothing. Therefore we should be allowed to explore and use at will, the wholesome remedies God has given us to maintain our health and wellbeing!

  142. Anything that cures you they want to ban it because there is no money in it for FDA and FTC as they are receiving a greased palm, under the table money, send it to a Swiss bank account, new boat, special cabin in the mountains, or new car, etc.

  143. Natural health remedies make perfect sense to the rational mind. They tend to feed the body’s systems that are designed to keep us healthy. Medicines, while often effective in treating symptoms, are not food substances the body is designed to handle and generally have negative results as well as benefits. Should we forbid a doctor from suggesting that eating peas and carrots may improve health? Shouldn’t we rather forbid snake-oil salesmen from suggesting that peas and carrots don’t help anybody until you can prove it with a double blind study? Anyone with an IQ above 90 understands that health is related to what you take in, digest, and distribute throughout the body, and that if your food supply is insufficient in providing all your nutrient needs, supplementation can help. They also understand that Drug Companies make their money off of the poor health of the populace.


  145. Please stop the FDA and FTC from further pursuing this censorship campaign. I have the right to stay healthy naturally.

  146. This is about nothing but greed, greed and more greed. it ends up to be evil.

  147. You know I take vit d, zinc and several supplements. When I had Brest cancer I did combination treatments which included high dose vitamin cand no chemotherapy. I’ve always used and sought out herbs as well for colds and coughs. Yet your group sounds like an hysterical unhinged group and more in alignment with right wing extremists you are clamoring in such a way, that a rational middle ground seems an impossible discussion.
    To even mention and support Trump as he says he’s taking zinc, you know he’s lying about most everything he says. You are falling down a rabbit hole and calling for that sharp divide instead of how to mitigate and gather support in the middle ground. It is sad to say but you need a re-evaluation of your approach and strategy so you don’t drive away the people who are inclined to give support on various issues

  148. We need to know what every-day medicines or vitamins will heal us. Many of us are temporarily without jobs and income and are unable to afford costly medicines and.opr doctors in healing ourselves from the corona virus. Thank you for your help and information. We are eager to be healed and return to work – plus being able to shop at stores, get a hair cut, attend church, etc.
    Thank yiu very much for understandimng and helping.

  149. Freedom of Speech is An American & Human Right! It is also my God-given birthright to learn from my doctor or any other qualified Practitioner about natural methods of staying healthy during a pandemic or any other worldwide or national health crisis!

  150. Please support the use of “natural remedies” and stop the FTC, CDC and FDA from dictating what will and will not work for MY body.

  151. The Misinformed fed’s going after these doctors and natural practitioners smells like the beginning towards total censorship of all that is right in this world.

  152. Can’t take action if I can’t easily read what’s going on except for the bolded print. Please make the lettering in your emails dark enough to read! Thanks. It’s too difficult the way it is. I’m a fast reader so i’m too frustrated having to slow down while looking so carefully or having to magnify the letters…Thanks.

  153. I would like the freedom of options that maybe more effective based on my on my medical background and needs without possiblY hurting my body and my other medical issues

  154. I know from experience that optimum levels of vitamin D work to keep my immune system working at its best. I rarely get colds or flu any more. When I do, I use black seed oil. It kills viruses. Just used some in January against what I believe was Covid19. Don’t let them silence natural therapies. I rely on them since I cannot take medications due to a hereditary health issue.

  155. America is not a free country anymore nor is it a democracy. Censorship is unAmerican..

  156. Stop the FDA and the FTC from interfering in our God given right to control the management of our own health, and that of our children. I am 74 years old and have watched as these two monstrous entities have continued to encroach on the rights of the people in this country, as they reach for further and further control of our health treatments. Making it illegal now, I’ve heard, to CURE cancer using vitamin C via intravenous form. (Doesn’t generate enough money for THEM) yet, I had to watch my father die from the standard, lethal treatments.
    Thank you, by the way, for all that you ARE doing for the people of this country. Every day I am further appalled by the idiocy of so many of the people in this country. Your efforts ARE APPRECIATED.

  157. Please help with this terrible wrong the government is doing to the American People. It is time that the government gets back to, “FOR THE PEOPLE”.

  158. I have had some life threatening experiences with big pharma prescribed by doctors.

  159. Please let the Natural Doctors tell what they have found and not just Big Pharma. The goal is not to make money or scare people, the goal is to give people the knowledge to be able to make educated decisions about their health. No one should be censored. Free speech is a right for every and all of us, not just certain people.

  160. Stop the FDA & FTC censorship of valid Health claims – what becomes clear is that this isn’t about public health, but rather censoring scientific information about natural products and protecting the profits of drug companies above the health of people.
    Thnk God we have natural supplements and Natural Health websites and unfortunatley an overreaching FDA & FTC.
    FTC should focus on censorship of Google, Facebook and Twitter and not our health.

  161. If freedom of speech is an American value, and it is part of our Constitutional agreement with all the people of the country, then it is illegal and unethical and immoral to censor what we can read or hear. It is understandable that big money and it corporations want to control the narrative as they are selling their particular wares/ideas. However, they do not own the thoughts and ideas of the world or the people. I need to be able to think and read what I want. There are people who express themselves in ways that are disagreeable to me but if they have the right to speak/write their ideas I need to have the same right. And this includes reading the thoughts and ideas of others no matter how much big money disagrees. Stop the censoring of people.
    In this time of health fears it is most critical that all people concerned with health be allowed to write and speak without fear of being censored. This is what is happening and it is happening especially with medical people and holistic practitioners and researcher whose experiences and results counter the Big Pharma narrative. That narrative is dangerous to the public as it is a one-size-fits-all program that does not allow for all the individual differences in people’s body and their religious and ethical beliefs, which we are also guaranteed the freedom to live by in our Constitutional agreement with the pubic.
    As someone in a leadership position I need for you to ensure the freedom to share ideas and experiences and the freedom to chose how we nurture our body and heal it. You have suffered the suppression of a choice recently with hydroxychloroquin as the industry mantra is claiming its failure and bodily harm when we have much experience to the contrary. This is happening with nutrition, too, for example where we know that nutrition is the very beginning of building health but we are getting a pharma narrative saying it has nothing of interest to us. This censorship is hurting many of us. Holistic healing is suffering the same censorship, again, this is illegal and unethical and is harming many of us who do not tolerate drugs.
    Vaccines are another aspect of this as the narrative is to push these drugs, and drugs they are. They are never tested for safety or long term efficacy and too often fail us. Despite the narrative, we know they cause serious damage to so many of our children and adults who most often get sick after receiving them. Even Fauci states this will happen when his vaccine hits the market. Again, it is censorship to try to deny the public’s knowing of his financial interest in pushing his vaccine program. So much harm to the public will occur and the vaccine manufacturers and patent holders want no responsibility for the damage.
    Again, your leadership is required in stopping this insanity being created by censoring our right to have access to alternative ideas and experiences which will allow for a healthy debate in the country and allow people to make better informed choices.

  162. The senseless “war” on natural supplements, natural herbal medicine and it’s practitioner’s must be stopped. WE the People have the right to decide for ourselves what kind of treatment is best and right for ourselves and our families. The racket of promoting toxic chemical medicine” by the pharmaceutical industry with all of it’s “side effects” has done nothing to erase or cure disease in our lifetimes. Instead, it has relegated millions of people to a daily routine of pill swallowing for symptom management creating a myriad of health problems themselves with more pill swallowing, an endless cycle of profit for the industry. Please stop the insanity of attacking the natural alternatives of health and healing.
    Tim Borron

  163. There should be choice in our health decisions and it’s really nobody else’s business.

  164. Just as awareness of the usurpation of science by vested commercial interests is essential, so, too, is understanding that, contrary to popularized opinion, President Trump does not possess control over most elements of government log infiltrated by special interests committed to agendas diametric to truth, justice and freedom.
    Americans need to wake to recognize that war has been declared on them and the world and on anyone representing God given unalienable rights as detailed in America’s constitution.
    Petition, but understand Trump is NOT dictator nor in control of agencies who betray America and Americans by default and continue to do so until they’re identified, like Fauci, indicted, removed and arrested for treason.

  165. Stop the FDA and the FTC from further pursuing the censorship campaign, telling them to fix the laws that make medicine in this country more expensive, more dangerous, and less effective

  166. There is excessive control over physicians choices regarding treatment of disease especially in the realm of supplements which have little to no chance of causing harm. To benefit society, government needs to loosen its regulations over well studied natural products

  167. It is time to end the censorship for proper treatments that save people’s lives. I have been aware of this since working as an RN in hospital starting in the ’70’s. To know there are other treatments that will save lives and end suffering but are prevented from using them, is inhuman as well as unethical. For Doctors working first hand with patients but taking orders from those not even on the “firing lines” has to be the most disheartening experience while dealing with human suffering. The public is aware of what is going on with the pharmaceutical companies and CDC, FDA, FTC & WHO agendas. The population is realizing it’s being brainwashed. It is time for honesty & decency & compassion to reign. Stop the FDA and FTC from censoring life saving treatments for the covid-19 as well as other conditions. Please fix the laws that make medicine more expensive, more dangerous and less effective. Stop the gagging of the dedicated Doctors who are saving lives and may the REAL treatments finally begin.

  168. I always ask (What drug am I supposed to be deficient in??? Never get an answer, Ihabe had doctors. tell me that if do not do exactly what they save that they can no longer treat me!!!

  169. Stop suppressing information about vitamins and natural remedies that help prevent and treat Covid 19 and other illnesses.

  170. United States of America is all about freedom – unfortunately “big money” buying our lawmakers have made us a nation of slaves. We are not the “land of the free”. It is time for American citizens to stand up for freedom and demand our rights back. I don’t need government telling me what I can and cannot do.

  171. The “studies that prove the inefficacy” of hydroxychloroquine are designed to fail on purpose: they exclude the zinc that is really what inhibits virus replication. The HCL, a zinc ionophore, is a synergist that greatly enhances the cell’s ability to take in more zinc than it ordinarily would. Quercetin, another zinc ionophore, would likely work as well. Treatments must begin early, even prophylactically, to be most efficacious. The disease enters the body through the lungs and is best controlled there; once it enters the bloodstream it causes a host of other adverse effects such as clotting. Another likely reason for inconsistent results when treating with HCL alone is unknown patient levels of zinc and vitamin D at the outset of treatment. Many elderly are already zinc deficient due to poor diet and medications that strip zinc from the body. The general population as a whole is vitamin D deficient and the ridiculous advice to slather in sunscreen doesn’t help.

  172. I have absolute right to get information for my health and wellbeing…
    Back off!!

    1. Hi Jan,
      Thank you for your support! This is a petition which will be sent to your representatives, but you also have the option to add your own input to the message we’ve already created.

    2. Hi Jan. Most petitions of this kind have a an option to ” personalize”. It only means you can add a personal comment that helps get more attention than just adding your name. It is a petition.

  173. I claim my freedom to use the healing method I prefer. My body is mine.

  174. Natural / alternative medicine cured me of some very serious ailments that conventional medicine couldn’t. My life is infinitely better because of my naturopath. Everything doesn’t need to be resolved by prescription drugs.

  175. we should be allowed all information so we can make our own decisions concerning our health

  176. On’s website, searching Vitamin D + immunity, I get more than 5,100 studies coming.

  177. Please remember we are adults and we can make our own decisions. Just give us the facts, meaning, give us the information available, how it was obtained, who it was obtained from and LET US MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS. No more hiding information or screwing information. Put it on the label!

  178. Please remember we are adults and we can make our own decisions. Just give us the facts, meaning, give us the information available, how it was obtained, who it was obtained from and LET US MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS. No more hiding information or screwing information. Put it on the label!

  179. I support natural solutions over dangerous drugs. Antibiotics and steroids are way overused and dangerous.

  180. trump got his medical degree from trump university and his diagnosis and opinions are just as worthless as trump university, so should be treated the same, stop him assign him to history. He is worthless, as are his decisions, as well as being harmful and causing death. Shut president “Karen the distractor” up before he can do anymore damage. Give him his own “your fired”.

  181. I am very concerned about medical knowledge is it isn’t being shared. From the President briefings Dr. Fauci can or will do nothing until we have a vaccine. It like the only answer is a vaccine. Why are autopsy being done in our people who have died of this China Virus. I am very disappointed that we are not being taught how to strengthen our immune system. Again our government agencies seen to only have an interest in a vaccine. I know the vaccine would help our agencies and drug companies financially. This is sad state of affairs. These agencies CDC, and others were created to prevent or help citizens.

  182. The tax payer is the one fighting for their lives & not the politicians in Washington D.C. the tax payer absorbs the financial
    burden of the health insurance & the coverage of all of their medical & not the politicians & we all deserve the right to get the TRUTH & not some made up story that the W/W thinks that we want, WE WANT THE TRUTH & NOT A PIECE OF CRAP TO SHUT US UP. There is Always someone who will fight for the truth & there will be those who don’t know how to be anything but dishonest to the public & themselves.

  183. Please grant medical & naturopathic doctors permission to share their knowledge regarding how one may be able to stay healthy during these pandemics by using natural medicine, which may be more beneficial than prescribed prescriptions that can cause side effects. Thank you

  184. I sent the form letter to multiple representatives! Thanks for making me aware of these measures by the FDA. They clearly only support pharmaceutical companies. It’s upsetting. Where do people think the first medicines came from, anyway? Some plants contain natural compounds that actually aid in mitigating some symptoms, and at times can even be a cure or partial cure for an ailment. It is reasonable to want to research these natural measures and, when they have been long tested by time, it is reasonable as well for doctors to want to share this information with their patients. Let patients choose for themselves what they use. Keeping potentially life-saving information from them is wrong.

  185. The WHOLE WORLD could get back to normal (economically) A LOT SOONER if …
    The WHOLE WORLD could get back to normal (economically) a LOT SOONER if the CDC, WHO, and world-wide news agencies made the public FULLY AWARE of the fact that the (free) “sleeping while sitting up” remedy can be used at home to PREVENT the fluids created at the bottoms of the lungs of COVID-19 victims from flowing to the tops of their lungs (thereby killing those victims while they are sleeping horizontally or forcing them to get hospital care which often fails to save their lives despite the heroic efforts of hospital personnel)!
    Feel free to publish this or to use their arguments in your own articles.
    PS: Over 60,000 American lives were lost because this advice was repeatedly ignored over the past three months by the CDC, WHO, and most American news agencies over the past three months!

  186. Well, of course Cronyism is alive and well in our current administration. That’s what our fine president is good at. Americans cannot let important professions in our country to be silenced by a deceptive government. We all must stand

  187. Herbs and supplements are God’s way of helping us heal. Please don’t let the FTC and the FDA censor these natural affordable products.

  188. All Americans should have the freedom to learn and decide what is best for themselves when it comes to prevention and treatment of illness.

  189. Stop catering to the lobbyists and allow Americans access to all options of remedies. This is nothing more than a money grab by those who stand to make billions.

  190. To truly be free in the USA all forms of healing should be available to all Americans whether it be natural or otherwise.
    Why withhold any type of treatment when we are in a pandemic that not even doctors really know what will work.
    Government should not be the deciding factor since true government in a free nation is “WE THE PEOPLE” Let
    people decide.

  191. Please Stop the unreasonable censorship of the healing power of natural substances by the FDA and the FTC. I feel they are instruments of large pharmaceutical companies which don’t want any interference to their business.

  192. Stop the unreasonable censorship of the healinbg power of natural susbstances by the FDA and the FTC. To truly be free is this country, as the founding fathers gave their lives and reputations for, all forms of natural healing should and must be available to all Americans. Why withhold any type of treatment when we are in a pandemic that not even doctors know how to cure. It is within our rights as citizens of this “free” nation to make choices based on knowledgable information, not censorship. Do NOT take these freedoms from us.

  193. Please stop censoring natural health options. let people make choices! Please stop all this talk of a vaccine and start emphasizing good and wholesome ways to build natural immunity and treatment. Our bodies are made to heal themselves given good nutrition. Let freedom ring!

  194. We would live a healthier life if we used more natural substances in our lives! Please leave us to decide what herbal supplements we want to use, it is our bodies!

  195. I am a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. Last week, I received a letter from the FTC claiming that I was making “Unsubstantiated Claims for Coronavirus Prevention or Treatment.” I had to take down 3 educational articles that I had posted on my website. I strongly object to the FTC’s claim against my posts, but I cannot afford to fight them. That’s why I’m signing this petition. We all need to stand together in this.
    By educating my patients, I was exercising my first amendment right and the right granted me in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act passed into law by Congress in 1994, to make truthful and non-misleading claims about the power of Dietary Supplements, including Vitamin A, D, Zinc, Selenium, Quercitin, EGCG from Green Tea, Andrographis, Astragalus, and others to significantly boost the body’s immune defenses.
    The FTC and the FDA have launched a campaign to limit the information that health care professionals are allowed to tell their patients regarding COVID-19. The FTC and the FDA are now exerting an ominous force with almost unlimited legal resources that is censoring opposing opinions rather than protecting intelligent consumers who can decide and should be given the ability to decide for themselves.
    I believe that my patients want and deserve to hear my expert medical opinion and advise on how to boost their own immune defenses, to protect their health. I believe that I have the right to give truthful and non-misleading information that is clear, unambiguous and actionable. This right was given to all Americans in the First Amendment and by DSHEA.
    I believer that my patients are intelligent enough to determine for themselves whether or not the information that I give them is something they want to act on or not. I also recognize and acknowledge that I am liable for every word of advise that I give. Likewise, I also recognize that I am liable for withholding knowledge and information that I know could save lives. To withhold that information would be negligent, so I will stand for truth and freedom against tyranny, arrogance, greed, censorship, abuse of power and the abuse of the constitution. Please join me! Sign the petition!

  196. We got a letter from FTC regarding our article on how to protect against COVID-19 using supplements, herbs, vitamins, and lifestyle. The article was backed by expert doctor’s opinions, studies, and common medical knowledge. To comply with FTC we took down the whole article 🙁

  197. To censor information about health is to hasten death, the latter is legally defined as murder.
    Not everybody’ s body can tolerate mainstream medicines.
    Some people require natural supplements.
    Censorship is unconstitutional.
    Discrimination, in this case against natural medicine and naturopathic or integrative physicians, is unconstitutional.
    Gag orders are unconstitutional.
    Free speech is in the very first amendment of the constitution, for very important reason.
    To subject people to your medications with no alternatives, where medical vulnerablilities exist, can produce side effects even including death.

  198. Doctors should have the education and freedom to suggest natural products for appropriate conditions. Also, we should all have the right to information and access to these natural products. It is quite common knowledge that natural products work best in the body and many meds have terrible side effects which we don’t see with natural products.

  199. Astaxanthin, Alpha Lipoic Acid are powerful immune boosters. NAC will clear up any lung problems among other immune issues. Electrolyte formulas that have Vitamin C and Zinc (like Electrolyte Fizz) are also needed as a preventative for COVID-19. I stand by that and will tell the FDA these things to their greedy bribed faces. If you’re in the hospital on death’s door and you have to resort to an anti viral pharmaceutical, leronlimab (previously used for HIIV) will cure you. It’s proven in trials to recover critical patients and get them off ventilators (you would need to avoid the ventilators they can destroy lungs of critical patients) by reversing the cause of Corona deaths, immune system chaos (technically called a “cytokine storm) Avoid having them treat you with hydroxychloroquine or remsidivr. Both have nasty side effects (Chloroquine can affect your heart, especially if it’s weakened from the virus) and neither really work on critical patients.The problem is FDA is corrupt and pushing unworkable drugs like remsidivir where they get kickbacks from the Gilead company) The FDA is sitting on leronlimab even though they know it works, but you can strongly insist on it from the medical staff

  200. Please stop censoring our Natural Health doctors from providing holistic information on wellness (just because there is no patent from Big Pharma for them.) Stop with the greed and censorship.. Let them do their jobs, so we have a real choice. Natural Medicine is NATURAL. Like from Nature! Nature, who cures. (not Big Pharma that takes natural plants and herbs and adds chemicals until they get something they can patent to make money off of). STOP. We claim sovereignty over our bodies and the choice to heal with natural healing modalities. We need to allow our natural health professionals to do their jobs and follow their training, to advise us on best practices for optimal health and preventative actions. We demand they be able to use their voice and expertise. Thank you.

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