Natural COVID Treatments: Cronyism Stands in the Way

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Action Alert! Write to Congress and the National Institutes of Health, demanding further study on promising natural treatments for COVID-19. Please send your message immediately.
Over the last few weeks, we’ve been reporting on promising natural options for preventing and treating COVID-19 infection. Based on conversations with highly credentialed scientists, we believe that there are natural products that could be further developed to provide a complete cure for many diseases, including viruses, killer viruses, cancers, and even heart disease. The problem is that because these products are natural, they are not readily patentable, and not being readily patentable, nobody will fund the billions of dollars required for research and especially for FDA approval. We must demand that the government change the rules so that the research and approval process no longer costs billions.
There are currently more than one thousand clinical trials listed on the government’s website looking at COVID-19; of those, there are only a small handful of trials assessing the efficacy of natural medicines for COVID-19. Many of these trials are poorly designed, with intravenous vitamin C (IVC) being the perfect example. There are a number of trials looking at IVC for COVID-19, but the doses are generally far too small, well below the doses that have been given to cancer patients (which can be up to 100g infusions, compared to some trials giving just 1.5g). High doses are required to achieve peak blood levels to generate hydrogen peroxide which, even in small amounts, can inactivate coronaviruses. Although reports indicate that these lower doses of IVC help patients get out of intensive care units sooner, there was no proven effect on mortality. To save lives adequate levels of IVC should be properly studied as a COVID-19 treatment. This is just one example among many.
Most promising treatments are not being studied at all and have little chance of attracting the necessary attention and funding with the billion dollar FDA approval process standing in the way. Here are a few key examples of items that have tremendous potential but are being ignored by Pharma and its allies in government:

  • Potassium appears to be another key nutrient implicated in COVID-19 cases. Preliminary data show that COVID-19 patients exhibit hypokalemia (low potassium in the blood) and that potassium supplementation assisted recovery. Note that a national survey of 16,444 Americans found that 100% were not getting the estimated average requirement (EAR) of potassium (EAR is the intake level for a nutrient at which the needs of 50 percent of the population will be met). This critical nutrient could be saving lives right now, but the government is only focused on pharmaceutical interventions that can make drug companies rich.
  • There is promising initial data regarding zincquercetin, and epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG). High concentrations of zinc inside cells inhibit the replication of RNA viruses such as COVID-19, but due to zinc’s other characteristics, cells do not typically tolerate high levels of this mineral. Quercetin and EGCG enhance the entry of zinc into cells, much like the drug chloroquine (which  when studied in combination with zinc) proved useful while when studied alone did not). Unlike chloroquine, quercetin and EGCG do not have dangerous or potentially even fatal side-effects.  Note too that quercetin itself has anti-viral properties. There have already been animal trials on the zinc/quercetin combination for use against Ebola and SARS-CoV1, and human clinical trials have been approved by the FDA. There is only one small trial in Turkey that is looking at quercetin, but without zinc. Some researchers believe that zinc in general is one of the most important things we can take both to avoid Covid-19 infection and treat it.
  • Oregano oil and monolaurin are candidates to target the viral capsule of coronaviruses. Monolaurin is being studied in the Philippines, but is ignored by the US government.
  • Silver, particularly nebulized silver, also has potential as an anti-viral or to prevent follow up bacterial infections. Crucially, evidence shows that silver hydrosol may be effective against certain strains of coronavirus like SARS. Silver also shows promise against other viruses like HIV and herpes.  Meanwhile both the FDA and the FTC are refusing to allow any claims for silver at all.
  • Vitamin D is a key immune system regulator. People with especially low D are more vulnerable to Covid-19. Research has also shown that low vitamin D is linked with worse COVID-19 outcomes. Our government should be getting this information out to everyone, but refusing even to discuss it.

These are just a few of the many promising natural therapies suggested by integrative medicine circles for COVID-19 treatment. You can consult our previous articles for more information. Here are some further examples:

  • Data show that dietary selenium is linked with COVID-19 outcomes: a study found that patients in areas with high levels of selenium were more likely to recover from the virus, while places with lower selenium intake had a death rate five times higher.
  • Many supplements (curcumin, resveratrol, luteolin etc.) are candidates to help control the cytokine storm that may kill Covid-19 patients but are not being tested for this use.
  • Viruses cloak themselves from the immune system using a substance called nagalase. Some supplements, especially probiotics, are candidates to help control nagalase but are also unlikely to be tested for this use.
  • Other supplements, like the herb Andrographis paniculate, are candidates to interfere with enzymes needed by the virus to reproduce but are also unlikely ever to be tested for this use.
  • Drugs like proton pump inhibitors can increase the likelihood of serious infection with COVID-19. Shouldn’t millions of users be told?

Our COVID-411 page also has a list of other supplements that may be helpful for prevention or treatment, including melatonin, NAC, beta glucans, garlic, and vitamin A.
Our government now touts a drug, remdesivir, as the new “standard of care,” the mortality rate of which is not statistically different from placebo. Why? Because it is a new drug that can make a fortune for the pharmaceutical manufacturer?  None of the natural treatments listed above can be easily patented, so no company can afford to pay for FDA approval. As the economy reels from the escalating costs of this pandemic, how can we continue to focus primarily on expensive drugs and ignore affordable micronutrients that show such promise?
Our government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a case-study in crony capitalist medicine. We need thorough studies on these promising natural treatments to assess their viability for COVID-19, and it must happen now.
We need your help to get this message out far and wide. Sending this article to five people you know would do a tremendous service and help get the government’s attention. Please help us.
Action Alert! Write to Congress and the National Institutes of Health, demanding further study on promising natural treatments for COVID-19. Please send your message immediately.


  1. The Chinese have studied the use of the TCM ShuangHuangLian for covid and found it beneficial. Another candidate to block the cytokine storm is icariin found in epimedium.

  2. Chemicals can’t compete with nature. The only reason natural remedies got stuffed was because a clever salesman in 1913, plus or minus, sold a bill of goods to the public and destroyed 90% of the Natural schools. The same happened 20 years later in Germany when a clever guy sold the Germans on an artist called Hitler.
    Some day folks will shove propaganda into the dump and learn to investigate the truth of matters for themselves.
    In the meantime, don’t ignore natural remedies as th best alternative to address this man made virus.

  3. Since poisoned with mridye I have understood that medical schools and hospitals are unduly influenced by fraudulent corporations.
    Thank you for advocating for common sense.

  4. Want the natural cured, mother nature heals its own, the body is the supreme healer, give it what it needs!

  5. I’m so enthusiastic regarding the use if natural remedies. While using many of the natural vitamins, herbs and supplements I’ve maintained good health, even though I’m 80 years old. I have avoided prescription drugs anytime there’s a natural remedy available. I would vigorously encourage the FDA to recognize natural remedies and perform adequate trials. Also the American public needs to be aware of the amazing results to be gained as well as saving hundreds of

  6. As an American citizen , I demand further study into the use of natural and holistic treatments for COVID 19.

  7. I am revising a book/report I already wrote on titled The New Medical Control of Biological Aging and Disease which refers to the progress being made in Regenerative Medicine. The Chinese have already cured advanced cases of Covid-19 with mesenchymal stem cells that restored the damaged immune systems. All the patients the Chinese treated got well in just 2-3 days after this “natural treatment with human cells”, NOT DRUGS with no side effects. Despite this success we still continue to ignore this treatment and are sitting back letting patients die while we wait for Big Pharma to produce a vaccine (who knows when) that will earn them $94 Billion Dollars in Profit. I’m forming a non-profit called OneHeart Publishing to promote my book once its revised in the next couple of weeks. All royalties will go to research. I’m hoping to get funded by Google ads. This information needs to get distributed to the American people and I support your efforts as well – you’re telling the truth and it ‘s important for people to know.

  8. Because Covid 19 attacks individuals with compromised immune systems as well as those with underlying conditions, I am suggesting that it might be beneficial to look at “natural treatments.” It is a known fact that the diet consumed by most people is lacking in vitamins such as D and A, minerals, and basic nutrition, In addition, “processed foods” and GMO’s are a huge contributor to our compromised immune systems. These along with other supplements may be extremely helpful for prevention or treatment should a person contract the disease. I am suggesting that Congress and the National Institutes of Health demand further study on promising “natural treatments.”
    I know that the Pharmaceutical Industry is not interested and would strenuously lobby against this suggestion; but, now is not the time to worry about crony capitalism for the pharmaceutical industry. Now is the time to look at ALL
    potential ways to alert the public of ways to help themselves by giving them reliable information on natural vitamins, minerals and non-GMO nutrient packed foods including meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. Science may believe they are
    feeding millions of people with their GMO products; but, the fact remains that GMOs are not “healthy” and do not provide the necessary natural nutrition required for a strong immune system. The DNA of all living things from plants, birds, fish, insects, and human beings etc. are ALL compatible. What was the Polio vaccine derived from?
    Pandemics will continue as long as man exists. Scientists will always experiment. Mankind must be diligent in self reliance upon their own ability to maintain there health by eating the right foods to attain a strong immune system. This is knowledge that all individuals need to be taught from early childhood on into adulthood.

  9. I will sign, but am sure it will do no good. People have to take their health into their own hands. I can tell you this, smart phone’s are not making most people any smarter when it come what they eat. The evidence is in the grocery carts.

  10. Please, for the health of our people and our nation, research and use effective natural remedies!

  11. It would be great to have a natural way f to treat Covid-19. Nature can both provide or supplement treatments. In the beginning there was only nature and it still is promising no matter which path we may choose to walk.

  12. We the People demand further study on promising natural treatments for COVID-19.

  13. As someone with a rare disorder, I rely on prescribed natural options, as do all the folks with my type of disorder for our standard of care. Insurance does not cover these & we would not continue to use them and pay out of pocket if they did not work! Support agencies for these rare diseases recommend theses therapies. They do so, because years of experience demonstrate they work. After being near death when diagnosed I am living proof 10 yrs later that these natural modalities in fact DO work! Children used to die from mitochondrial disorders in the first year or two of life. Now they are living into their twenties and longer because of these alternative natural treatment protocols. Visit the mitoaction website to see for yourself the treatment protocols of which I speak. We are living proof, yet “unstudied” due to the money factor. Not enough of us to make sense spending healthcare dollars on for studies and BIG PHARMA won’t gain enough profit to make it worthwhile. Our healthcare providers KNOW these natural protocols work and so do we. Others need to know there truly are options other than the costly greed driven ones.

  14. I personally cannot tolerate most vaccines. I would like the medical community studying COVID-19 to research possible alternative remedies for this virus. I am also against making any vaccine mandatory regardless of the reason; especially ones with “markers” in them like Mr. Bill Gates is recommending; bear in mind he has NO medical training and has a vested monetary interest in pushing for vaccines.

  15. Please stop marketing expensive Big Pharma solutions that barely work for too many Covid patients. There are a number of natural substances that are very helpful. Unfortunately our Coronavirus leaders and doctors in general don’t know a thing about them, so they get afraid and advise people not to try them. Either they are protecting their profit margin or they are uneducated obstructionists who are harming people from their lack of knowledge. It is time for the medical community to start catching up with what makes health, naturally, instead of throwing more and more poisons, at a great cost, economically and through suffering, at the sick. We have a sick nation because sickness is a profitable business for big Pharma, and that includes the FDA. This immorality has to stop.

  16. I have done very well with alternative medicine after having a severe reaction to the Hep B vaccine. Please include alternative medicine in your research for a remedy to COVID 19.

  17. Please consider studying natural therapies rather than a multitude of vaccinations.

  18. The Queen of England, who can afford any healthcare in the world, chooses primarily holistic medicine. Yet our government cares only about Big Pharma profits, NOT about our health – not just for COVID, but for every facet of healthcare!


  20. There are many “natural” substances that improve and/or cure diseases that should be used instead or synthetic drugs. These should be studied and tested.

  21. AT LAST, Holistic Medicine is getting ATTENTION! Yes, Natural Treatment such as LICORICE ROOT EXTRACT treat coronavirus inhibits SARS, MERS coronaviruses. WILD CHAGA MUSHROOM protects cells and repels viruses. Apply CASTOR OIL (Antiviral) to the face “KILLS” viruses. BLACK SEED HONEY (allows the body to “HEAL ITSELF”) In India FRANKINCENSE RESIN is burn in Hospitals to keep diseases from SPREADING! CHAGA MUSHROOM the ULTIMATE Anti virus PROTECTION. DRUGS/VACCINES are chemicals, dangerous deadly, poison and toxic. Enough w/Dr., Fauci and others! Announce to the world we have ANSWERS! GOD BE THE GLORY, GOD BLESS US ALL, ENOUGH LIVES HAVE BEEN LOST! Time to put PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT!

  22. There are so many natural cures/remedies for so many types of illness. Why aren’t we pursuing those options.

  23. Please conduct further study on promising natural treatments for COVID-19.


  25. Our COVID-411 page also has a list of other supplements that may be helpful for prevention or treatment, including melatonin, NAC, beta glucans, garlic, and vitamin A.

  26. Written above: “High doses are required to achieve peak blood levels to generate hydrogen peroxide which, even in small amounts, can inactivate coronaviruses.”
    I am curious… rather than megadoses of Vitamin C to generate H2O2, why not just recommend a few drops of food grade H2O2 in water or juice? Or ozonated water?

  27. The American public deserves to have the information and ability to have ALL NATURAL treatments and therapies available to them that can SAVE Countless lives! I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and I have studied nutrition and alternative medicine and know of the powerful healing the body can have with the right foods and nutrients! PLEASE allow the research necessary to allow FDA approval. Thank you

  28. This is a wonderful idea you have but the real problem is summarized in this excellent article whereas medical doctors with a successful PROVEN treatment for Covid-19 testifying before Congress were largely ignored by both the government and the (puppet) major media —
    See this article from New American: “Expert Testimony Before Senate Contradicts Media’s COVID-19 Narrative”.
    Perhaps this effort should be tried again and all of the specific culprits to it moving forward identified. Its profound, and profoundly disturbing, that as we approach 80,000 Americans dead from this virus that when a legitimate and powerful treatment that clearly could save MANY LIVES is brought forward it falls on deaf ears from the very people charged with our protection,

  29. Great article. The time is ripe for the natural treatments to shine. One of the most effective product we have come across ( recovery in as little as 24 hours) is the Bio-Essence International’s CVF-24 extract. This product contains only herbs and is working for confirmed cases of COVID-19 cases.

    1. Hi, can you please tell me where this product is available and what you know about its effectiveness? thank you.

  30. We need to think outside the box!
    If a pharmaceutical works, that’s great, but let’s also consider herbs, vitamins, homeopathics, and other complementary modalities in treating the pandemic.
    Traditional therapies should be researched and recommended for both prevention and recovery because of their low level of side effects.

  31. I have been saying that I wish someone would focus on our health and how to strengthen your immune system!
    So thank you for this article and information!

  32. I cannot take a lot of meds out there…..I am too chemically sensitive. I need to use natural alternatives. The information in a real health care system would be easily available. We have a sick care system that is heavily politicized and revolves around the best way to make money rather than the best care for the individual patient.
    We need to move away from idealizing the “best new drugs” and be open to what works. Even worse, let’s please stop denying things such as vitamin C and vitamin D have a usefulness.
    We need the health care system to be patient centered.

  33. As a citizen, I am demanding that further studies of drug treatments for COVID-19, as well as natural supplement treatments be on-going and not only vaccines be funded.

  34. I live in UK so can not send for you. Would like something like this to happen over here

  35. we need serious studying of the gentle ways of healing and preventing diseases ….healing agents that do not cause a cascade of toxic or damaging side-effects. it is about time that profit for pharma industry is not the driver of the health shuttle!

  36. Dear USA<
    WHEN are you going to stop thinking you KNOW IT ALL?
    The World has been suffering in a variety of areas because of your "behaviours" over many years now, and this self-aggrandisement of the few destroying it for the many.
    I keep referring to it as people who WORSHIP at the ALTA R of the ALMIGHTY $$$$$$$.
    LISTEN to this wisdom above and stop the Big Pharma Lobbies controlling your politicians!!
    One could elaborate on the sickness in your society but I do not have time I am busy rectifying my health because of the damage you do with your Chemicals, GMO, Ancel Keyes Diet, receiving GUN Shop adverts as being the way to cope with this Virus. BILL GATES defies description – I thought Trump was a Sociapth, but this Gates leaves TRUMP way behind.
    Don't track me you control-mad, manipulating …..

  37. We are on a new path. And new paths require new actions.
    Please open up the possibilities for this to happen by making
    research into all pathways of healing a reality by making them

  38. As the economy reels from the escalating costs of this pandemic, how can we continue to focus primarily on expensive drugs and ignore affordable micronutrients that show such promise?
    Our government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a case-study in crony capitalist medicine. We need thorough studies on these promising natural treatments to assess their viability for COVID-19, and it must happen now.

  39. I have the same question. There is some question of what happens when H2O2 has to pass through the digestive tract. But in that case, one can give IV H2O2 or O3. There’s also an interesting treatment called UVBI, in which blood is extracted into a pouch where it’s ozonated. The blood then passes through a chamber where it’s exposed to uv light before being returned to the patient.
    These treatments all have track records. They need to be explored.

  40. The Native Americans used herbs and natural remedies!! Why can’t the FDA start researching the ALL NATURAL way to good health instead of pills, pills and more pills! I have been taking Vitamin C, vitamin D for over 40 years! It helps build your immune system! I had very bad allergies and hay fever when i was in my twenties. My doctor put me on a vit.C and vit. D regimen over 30 years ago and I have been not bothered with allergies and hay fever!! I don’t even get colds anymore!!!
    So I think instead of We The People paying billions for big pharma, we ought to Go Natural! …just sayin!!!

  41. Please allow research on natural treatments and substances to treat COVID 19.

  42. The FDA has no interest in allowing any serious testing of natural remedies. They aren’t a money making drug & you can buy them in almost any food or health store. If we could heal ourselves, what would they get out of it? The FDA doesn’t like competition.

  43. One logical obvious question… are all governments in the world ginea pigs of big pharma? Or are all their scientists ignorant? Why hasn’t any other country done any studies on these supposedly “obvious” helpful supplements? Does this not throw up a red flag for anyone else?

  44. Wait a second! Are you saying having General Motors and Ford halt production so that they can instead manufacture ventilators is not the best way to proceed?
    S /

  45. I have worked as a health-care provider for over 30 years (BS in Nsg. and MEd in Human Development). In an effort to help my patients/clients, I have read many research studies on the subject of nutrition as if interfaces with health. There is plenty of evidence that diets that are low in processing and high in fruits, veggies, nuts and whole grains yield people who have lower rates of cancer, DM, and heart disease. The phytonutrients that this type diet contains have been shown not only to produce good health but also to retard various pathogens. There is also ample evidence that most of the favorite “junk foods” (Coke, potato chips, candies/ cookies, etc.) have a negative effect on the body systems including the immune system. The original Edenic diet consisted of fruits, nuts, and grains. Life spans back in Bible times were in the “100’s”. I was raised as a lacto-ovo vegetarian and still follow this diet. My Mom lived to be 107 and my Dad 96.

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