Why Can’t We Talk About Nutrition and Covid?

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  1. Natural remedies and natural food can prevent disease and cure some conditions. If we talk about it, then we lessen the chance for more drugs and vaccines…but billonairs like Gates and other drug lords would lose money if they cannot vaccinate the world. So Mother Earth who can cure dogs and cats in dirts…and give humans healthy eltrons when going barefoot, is ignored. No wonder storms and hurricanes are filled the earth.

  2. Mothers have always taken good care of their kids, but todays crops have been sprayed. Why prevent mothers from seeing ads on TV about what vitamins and minerals do for the body?


  4. Americans have a right to information that could help increase their immunity from the Covid-19 virus.

  5. Less about drugs: more about micronutrients, vegetables and fruit. Of course these cannot be patented .

  6. I don’t want to be vaccinated. I am healthy and my body fights off everything by itself; always has and I am 73 years old. I believe this is the way it should be in most every case, for most every person…if they get proper nutrition. Please allow the freedom to share, read about, promote, purchase and use supplements and information regarding dietary health.

  7. I so agree with ANH’s goals and stance on health. Thank you so much for standing for our God given rights especially on one the most important rights … our health!!!!

  8. AS our biome is deficient so are we from harm …… OUR health is important BUT we need a good balance of nutrient rich foods to make and keep us healthy.
    The loss of HEALTHY FOOD will destroy us. WE will be destroyed as the planet tries to heal… SO better to help the planet heal so we, WE can survive along with it. ICE AGES were part of this planets way of healing and it going to happen again…… SO let us heal and correct asap….

  9. About 99% of all your education is based on ALLOPATHIC schools of education. That isn’t necessarily your fault. But you must be awakened to the TRUTH of HEALTH at some point in time. Health is not based on allopathic treatments; the true basis of health IS founded on NUTRITION and the nutrient densities that are associated with real living foods. And I am not referring to animals as “living foods.” I do eat animals as food, but it is only about 10% to 15% of my total food-fare — or less. Then, due to the mineral depletion of our farmlands and the picking of vegetables and fruits way before they are ripe, dietary supplements are a much needed nutritional health factor. So, wake up and smell the roses, will ya!? I believe you are a citizen of our country, right? Do you love your country – or not?? Then, stand up for what is right! And the rest will all fall into place. Shalom.

  10. It’s time we used our right to free speech to actually SPEAK OUT against those who attempt to limit what we may speak about. Let people decide for themselves based on evidence. It’s time we stopped giving up our rights.

  11. It is time to take a serious look at eating REAL food, not frankenfood or all this processed junk.

  12. Not everyone is wanting or willing to use drugs/pharmeceuticals to take care of their health. For those like me, who prefer to take responsibility for their own health, it would be far better if natural alternative information was available.

  13. To FDA Please stop immediately censoring important information on natural organically grown food , herbs , supplements and ways for people to build up their immune systems . You cannot stop the truth any longer . Start to transition into being a resource that we the people can once again trust , or you will become obsolete and no longer valid . Its already happening .

  14. Back off. We are tired of you tactics. Drop the corruption. You work for the people, not against them. Try to remember that.

  15. As a Certified Health Educator, I’m aware that good health starts and ends with nutrition. Good nutrition maintains body systems many years into the future, but poor levels of key nutrients may not be identified for years. We also know that many essential nutrients will keep a body and mind functioning optimally throughout the lifespan, but a deficiency will be detrimental to health, and may invite sickness, disease, and an early death.
    Most people have no idea that most sicknesses and diseases CAN be prevented by proper nutrition-and possibly supplementation for any deficiencies or health conditions. But without proper, truthful guidance, the GoodHealthShipUSA will continue to sink further below the waves. The US will sink from healthcare costs if they are not slowed! Stop the nonsense. Allow IMPORTANT preventative health information to those to desperately need it.

  16. Why are you undermining an informed public regarding their health freedom? BTW, did you know that vitamin K2 is a requirement for D3 to be assimilated and one example of your apparent ignorance? How about getting an updated education in Nutrition before setting policy on it?

  17. We must also talk about what people eat too much off that destroys the immune system, i.e. sugars, carbs, baking goods, grains… Consuming sugar stops the white blood cells activity. And commercial processed carb foods cause the deficiencies this video presents. Its not just about taking supplements; it is also about not poisoning the body, and about eating foods that actually supply the micronutrients we need.

  18. Micronutrients used to be in our fruits and vegetables, but most soil has been so depleted and/or killed by various sprays so that we can no longer rely on just a healthy diet. Miconutrient supplementation is now a requirement to stay healthy. It is absolutely ridiculous and even criminal that the public can’t be better informed of these issues. Dead people can’t spend dollars.

  19. States need to enact new laws about Freedom of Choice of options of health care based on Life, liberty, free speech. Some States have these already. Basically says as long as some healthcare doesn’t obviously kill someone, the government, health dept, etc has no right to interfere with my free choices of what I eat, supplement, use devices etc.
    Same goes for Integrative medicine Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Let us have the freedom of who we want to work with for our health.
    And we the people need the FDA to stay in their lane- about actual drugs, nutrition needs to be in a SEPERATE non-conflict of interest agency!
    (The FDA needs to currently be watching out for Covid-19 & antibody tests that aren’t good enough: too many false positives & negatives, and bogus companies with junk product, not having
    IV Vitamin C using medical office be raided!!

  20. Another apparent example of our so called medical professionals ignorance. After two months Fauci and the rest of the so called experts still refer to loss of taste and smell as unusual or odd symptoms. They have yet to figure out that these are classical symptoms of a Zinc def. which means that the patient needs zinc supplementation and that their immune system is being compromised by the lack of zinc. This is what comes from compartmentalized education. Over educated idiots.

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