Why are Health Food Stores Closing During this Pandemic?

One state governor is shutting down health food stores that sell vital supplements as “nonessential” businesses. We must fight back and make sure others don’t follow suit. Action Alert!
Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has ordered all nonessential businesses in the state to close for 30 days. In defiance of federal guidance, he has included health food stores in that order. It is pure lunacy to limit people’s access to health products and foods that can boost immunity during a pandemic. We must all send messages to our state officials to push back and ensure similar moves don’t happen across the country.
The Department of Homeland Security has issued guidance on which businesses are “essential” and allowed to stay open during the pandemic. It clearly states that “workers supporting groceries, pharmacies, convenience stores, and other retail…that sells human food” are considered “essential.” Recall that supplements are food and regulated as such.
Dietary supplements can provide critical immune support during this pandemic, and the last thing we should be doing is limiting our ability to access products that can help us stay healthy. ANH-USA is currently developing a resource hub that will compile a list of useful nutrients for this pandemic; in the meantime, here are some other great sources of information (here, here, here, here, and here).
Action Alert! Write to your governor and state legislators, telling them to keep health food stores open in your state! Please send your message immediately.


  1. It is essential that we have access to supplements during this period of time. I shop regularly at a local health food store. The purchases I make there have enhanced my health and that of my family.

  2. We need access to good vitamins, not drugs. Virus protection includes vitamins C and D and zinc.

  3. Vitamins can be considered nonessential if we get all our vitamins from a food diet. But who does?. And what about when some of those foods are not on the self in our supermarkets?. Something doesn’t sound right here.

  4. Grocery stores sell dietary supplements that can provide critical immune support during this pandemic, and the last thing we should be doing is limiting our ability to access products that can help us stay healthy. Keep Health Food stores open as well.

  5. Health food stores are without question just as essential as grocery stores and pharmacies. This stinks from Big Pharma making demands

  6. Big Pharm pays well, but natural food and med shops do not. Who would any democrat close. Corruption rules in this country. It is time for a house cleaning from local elections though federal positions on up to through UN and all their USA haters.

  7. Healthcare store provide essential food and supplements. These support the immune system and optimize health, which is more important than ever. It seems very short sighted to force these stores to close during a flu pandemic.

  8. Healthy food is the most important factor in a strong immune system. Please allow health food stores to remain open and provide essential support during this crisis.

  9. Nevada is a Corrupt State and the Governor is a corrupt man that is making rules based on stupidity. If you have a strong immune system there is little chance of getting sick.

  10. Utterly absurd and irresponsible. People not only rely on supplements for their well being, but health food stores are also a reliable source of organic produce as well as other organic foods that help support a healthy immune system.

  11. How can you close health food stores during this time? Dietary supplements can provide critical immune support during this pandemic, and the last thing we should be doing is limiting our ability to access products that can help us stay healthy.
    Please reconsider!

  12. Natural foods work better than western medicines about 20% of the time. So they are essential businesses

  13. The citizens of Virginia need access to the best nutrition available for immune system functions.
    The various Farmers’ Markets and Health Food grocery stores provide the highest quality of nutritional supplies, and are essential for local economies.
    The close these sources of foods and supplements at this time is abominable, and selects an abuse of power by the government and locally elected officials.

  14. Thank you for keeping Natural Food Stores in Minnesota open for business. It is essential to many people like myself who is very allergic to most non organic food substances due to chemicals used in their growing, harvesting and soil depletion of nutrients.

  15. Many taxpaying Citizens rely on Health Food Stores for healthy supplements and other items that boost their Immune Systems.
    If you allow some people to go to work they will need their supplements to help protect their immune systems.
    It is a common sense.

  16. Please leave ALL health food stores open EVERYWHERE . The HEALTH and LIVES of all the people of this country depends on these stores remaining OPEN during this time of NATIONAL PANDEMIC . Please show us all that you truly care and have a heart . Leave the health food stores open . Thank you .


  18. We need our health food stores open NOW more than ever! They supply the supplements and home treatments for symptoms of Covid 19 and so much more. Why on earth would you deny this essential help to people in desperate need of boosting their immunity, and for family members getting supplies and supplements to help treat sick family members at home.

  19. Some of us need those supplements because regular meds are too harsh on sensitive bodies like my Mom…Dont close those necessary stores.

  20. It has got to be a Republican governor!!! Another stupid, unthinking policy!!!

  21. There is so much BS going on that it makes you wonder where the common sense in this country absconded to.This closing of health stores is a good example of the stupidity of our state and national governments.

  22. I buy most of my health products from health food stores because I prefer natural medicines/remedies to chemicalized medicines. Please keep these stores open as essential businesses because they are. This is not the time to play politics and allow big pharma to make profits off of innocent people.

  23. Attention Gov. Steve Sisolak.
    Health food stores are grocery stores and therefore essential businesses.
    Cease and desist your closure of these businesses and allow them to open back up.

  24. The idea that health food stores are not essential is outrageous! It is most important people have access to supplements such as vitamin C during this outbreak. Especially since we are being warned that fever reducing meds are meds such as Ibuprofen are showing to be counter productive. We desperately need access to natural remedies for fever and other symptoms manifested from this virus.

  25. Too bad for the people in Nevada. Hope the people there know there are plenty of those stores open in other states where they can order items.

  26. Supplements are a effective preventative and curative for viruses. These range from elements like zinc and selenium known for decades to slow the spread of viruses. Elderberries are an effective way to slow viral replication. New York city hospitals are using large doses of vitamin c and quercetin along with vitamin d and getting good results.
    Supplements are essential to good health and recovering from this pandemic.

  27. To Whom it May Concern,
    These Health Food Stores are providing essential -Yes, ESSENTIAL resources for us to help establish a better immune system. Some have come to this concept as a last minute ditch, from poor eating, or lack of exercise. But at least there can be some improvement! I personally have benefited from immune hebs and supplements. And I live in NYC so here in the “Corona Capital” it is an ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL! You cannot rely on science and medicine as the only ones to handle this crisis -And they are extremely busy with the The Crisis. But it is the same science and chemistry (heavily researched btw) you hold it high regard to deiiver vaccines that aso produces supplents and herbs. You can not look to science as saviour on one hand and invalube on the other. Do you really want blood on your hands (and more corpses!) by the great experiment of denying our citizens the ability to take health into their own hands? Well, if you do SHAME ON YOU! Wait until it is upon your doorstep and you cannot get Vitamin C or Zinc

  28. It’s all happening to cause more illnesses so they can make their poisonous vaccines mandatory. Everyone that I know who uses good food and natural supplements are extremely healthy and none of us even had a sniffle this past winter. Praying more and more people will open their eyes??????

  29. Supplements are regulated as FOOD. I need my vitamin D as prescribed by my doctor. The form I take is ONLY sold at my health food store.

  30. Health food stores are not only essential, but MORE essential than conventional grocery stores. Complete with groceries, other essentials, and most importantly immune boosting supplements, it would be an assault on public health. If convenience stores remain open stocked with nothing but junky food, it would be absurd to close health food stores!


  32. You will not be re-elected. Democrats shop health food stores as well.
    Don Hall, N.D./N.M.D.

  33. Please keep all health food stores open during this time. For many of us, the vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies and other natural supplements these stores provide are VERY essential to our health and well being.

  34. Please keep health food stores open in our state for the sake of public health!

  35. How is this kind of store less critical than a flooring company or liquor store?

  36. Just because you don’t believe in homeopathy doesn’t mean it is no good. It is essential for those who use these items. Please leave them open

  37. These stores are NECESSARY!!!!! I use only alternative healing items, I don’t need the pharmacy. I need my health food store.
    Keep them open

  38. Health Food stores are essential to people health, just as the supermarket is.

  39. My own primary care doctor emailed all of his patients with information that Vitamins C, D and Zinc are showing significant help in staving off this virus. I purchase these supplements at my local health food store.
    My DOCTOR recommended this.
    I strongly encourage you not to close health food stores.

  40. Governor Steve Sisolak,
    You obviously are unaware of the hundreds of thousands of people who have genetic and other health related concerns who NEED their “food supplements” to SUSTAIN their health. As an RN who is dependent upon my food supplements related to malabsorption syndrome I would be endangered by your actions and total disregard for my “health promoting” behaviors.
    We all must BE SMART about what are the BEST WAYS to promote health and safety of every individual. Please take time to critically examine your actions and the actions of others.
    Thank you.

  41. I am EXTREMELY OUTRAGED by this!!! My health TOTALLY DEPENDS on supplements and other essential super foods for my mental health, well being and sanity, especially during these most DIFFICULT times.

  42. Health food/vitamin stores are essential at this time. They should not be closed. Especially when McDonald’s and other fast food places, who hire lots of young people who do not practice social distancing, are allowed to be open and spreading their germs. Health food/vitamin stores would help the nation stay healthy. OPEN THEM UP!!!!!

  43. If the disease is profitable, why cure it?
    Saying things like this will get one in trouble with
    some and will wake some up out of the stupor they’ve
    been led to by the leftist media.

  44. Please show the numerous ignorant governors in other states that health food store ARE NOT NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES. “Big Pharma” is NOT going to save us……unless we have lots of money to offer, or “know the right people”.

  45. Note to Gov. Steve Sisolak of Nevada:
    Some people NEED some of those supplements because they actually ARE effective for their particular needs!
    My daughter, for example, uses supplements in conjunction with prescription drugs with the blessing of MDs at a pain clinic and a neurosurgery practice. She has multiple health issues and is a diligent researcher. Over the past 5 years she has been through two dozen prescription drugs and narrowed the list to about 6 or 7 she uses.
    BTW, one of her necessary drugs is hydroxychloroquine for Lupus. It is now difficult to obtain because Pres. Trump names it specifically, and repeatedly as a possible effective treatment for COVID-19. It is my understanding he owns stock in the manufacturer of hydroxychloroquine.

    1. Not to be political at a time like this, I would just like to help your daughter with her diagnosis of Lupus. I have studied homeopathy for the past 40+ years and recommend homeopathic hydrastis (golden seal) to help your daughter with her problem; hope this helps her (and you) just a little bit. Also, as with so many of our current-day afflictions, thyroid supplements are also needed. I recommend Armour thyroid, which has a natural origin (from goats) as opposed to synthetic, which is now being used by most doctors. If you are not interested in my comments, I will continue to wish her good health and rapid healing of this affliction. Best regards, Rosetta D.

  46. They want to close down Anyone who Sells We the People Alternatives to their Drugs. They Cannot Make Millions o n Natural Remedies. Its’s All About Money and Greed

  47. This has completely turned into a nightmare for those of us that have the intelligence to keep our immune system up and running full throttle! In order to be able to continue to do this the NATURAL FOOD STORES NEED TO STAY OPEN! Those supplements and wholesome foods keeps us from getting this insipid virus. Please bring back sanity in this insane reality we are having to deal with and keep those stores that provide health supplements with healthy food to eat OPEN!

  48. I have been using vitamins to cure my asthma and arthritis. Without these ESSENTIAL VITAMINS, I would most likely be in a wheelchair.
    Instead, I have been an RN for the past 30 – THIRTY YEARS, caring for many patients.
    Do NOT let the CORRUPT FDA close health food stores!!!
    They provide ESSENTIAL vitamins and herbs to help people live with a higher quality of life.
    I have been studying NUTRITION from articles and books written by MDs and Pharamacists, and Naturopathic Doctors for the past FORTY YEARS.

  49. Health Food Stores contain both healthy food and supplements to keep us healthy. If proper distancing is maintained in these stores, they are an important adjunct to our health. Please DO NOT shut them down!

  50. Vitamins and Supplements,etc. ARE essential to millions of people daily. Our good health, fighting viruses and diseases IS essential.

  51. Supplements do just that- help supplement your immune system. We could all use a little support right now.

  52. Vitimins and herbs help keep the immune system strong and help fight diseases. Zinc is especially important for the Corona virus. Please keep these vital stores open. They are as important as food and hospitals.

  53. Someone should file criminal charges against the Nevada governor for one practicing medicine without a license by telling the doctors what medicine the can not use. Yes I know the malaria drug touted by Trump which has not been tested in trails for the corona virus is owned by company he has stock in. That should be discussed between the doctor and patient and NOT a governor.
    Second for willfully denying individuals access to medicinal supplements…. could that be considered conspiracy to commit murder? What if someone died who could of taken some immune boosting supplements?
    I doubt this governor will be re-elected. Who wants a dictator. She sounds high on power and does not care about the people. This is just a power grab for her.

  54. What a no brainer. Traditional medicine is in the toilet in most of the world. Dr’s are ignorant, drugs are toxic at best and many are poisonous and deadly. Alt. medicine and health foods stores are all thinking individuals have to fight disease. We all have the God given right to choose. Don’t limit our choices please

  55. Many people rely on supplements to maintain their health. Supplement stores are essential; keep them open.

  56. Hey government, if you will not provide relief and aid to your people because you’re “too big” and have no business helping with our tax money, then HANDS OFF our private small businesses including health food stores! Food is food.

  57. During this Health Crisis that’s impacting people all over the World. It’s not wise to close health stores that carry supplements to boost the immune system.
    These stores are essential to the health and well being of individuals.
    Thanks once again

  58. It’s insane to shut down health food & vitamin stores at this time. People need healthy foods and supplements more than ever to keep immune systems strong!

  59. How Dare you Shut Down Health Food Stores !!!!
    They are Extremely Essential. To Whom it may Concern – Leave the Health Food Stores Open !!!

  60. We need to keep them open. Why, in California at least are liquor store allowed to stay open?

  61. Wow! A strong immune system is our best effort to avoid all health concerns! Health food stores are critically needed! As a cancer survivor I can assure you I am alive today due to following a good herbal program and healthy diet! Herbal remedies are the core of our families life!

  62. Once again the government is trying to tell me what I may/may not use for my health care. I choose to use alternative means of health care because THEY WORK. I do not choose to use a pharmaceutical just so I can have a reduction in symptoms with another post flare-up to be forthcoming at a later date. Every individual in this country is always being pushed and shoved around because we do our own research and choose to try a therapy which is RARELY injurious (if ever) but ultimately affords us health, not a masking of symptoms. Once again, even though you may not choose to try another route to good health, this should not give you the right to make your choices for me.

  63. supplements are waht keeps us healthy and to close them makes no sense. dr patel

  64. Hello,
    As health food stores are both a food shop and a type of non-dispensing pharmacy why on Earth are they being shut down?!
    Thank you,

  65. Health food stores should remain open as essential businesses. Often they sell food products such as gluten free bread, cereals essential for people with allergies. They are a way to get vitamin C and D which have been found useful for treating COVID-19.

  66. This is way more essential than car dealerships, GameStop, mcdonald’s and most open businesses. Take your hands off our given rights to choose our own health avenues.

  67. Health foods stores are an essential business to my family. We avoid GMOs, choose organics when possible, and supplement with vitamins and other non-drug items, in an effort to maintain our health. Please leave us with our options in “Pursuit of Happiness”, by leaving health food stores open.

  68. What they do not realize is that vitamin stores are considered as essential stores since people depend on healthy ways for nutrition and to help their bodies fight whatever is out there. They really need to keep these stores open or at least be able to do curb side pick ups since people need these things.

  69. The very LAST thing you want to close is health food stores. Given all we know about a healthy immune system being important in the face of a pandemic, why would anyone even suggest anything like this which would result in much less resistance against this and other viruses.

  70. Health food stores are absolutely essential and should be allowed to stay open. I personally strongly rely on being able to have access to natural supplements and organic foods to keep my immune system as strong as possible!

  71. My family and I rely on natural health supplements to boost immunity. Health food stores must remain open!!

  72. Is this governor taking this action out of ignorance or does he have an ulterior motive? I depend on my health store to obtain those products that definitely help me. Doctors are overwhelmed with the conditions that exist now. Whatever we can do for ourselves is better than being in a waiting room with sick people.

  73. food stores including health food stores are being left open in the uk theree you have no excuse to close them as healthy food and vitamins are important for boosting immunity and everybody need that more than ever

  74. Be smart and keep the health food stores open and protecting all of us!

  75. Please keep health food stores open so we have access to dietary supplements that support our immune system. Thank you for all you are doing.

  76. The DemonRat Governor of Nevada also forbid the use of Hydroxchloroquine to treat the COVID19 virus. He wants his people to die.

  77. Please LEAVE this stores OPEN they provide an essential role during this time, especially because of your INACTION regarding this Pandemic!!

  78. Healthfood stores, as well as pharmacies deserve to be allowed to stay open. Our diverse nation brings with it the need for diversity in all categories of freedom of expression. Point in fact, even petfood is becoming more health-centric. Do our pets deserve more rights then we do?
    Healthfood stores, supplements of any nature, i.e. vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, fresh produce all deserve our attention and consideration. Of course, what works for one person may or may not be the answer for everyone, however, we should have the inalienable right under our constitution to explore the possibilities.
    Especially and appropriately during this time of a pandemic, while people are dying daily by the thousands, it is more apparent then ever that we need all the help we can get to boost our immune system functioning. Keeping our Healthfood stores open is of utmost importance during these trying times.
    I am saddened by the actions of the Governor of Nevada in closing the Healthfood stores, and I hope that he is enlightened and changes his position on this most important endeavor. His state has a vaste number of seniors and they need all the supplements they can get, especially during these trying times; they deserve to have access to those products via Healthfood stores. I hope for the good of his constituents that he changes his mind. After all, this is America and we should all be able to have access to life-saving, life-sustaining supplements. I can’t even imagine what he is thinking! Even the doctors on the news channels are recommending supplements such as the vitamin zinc.
    I only hope that New York State does not follow the folly of the Governor of Nevada! “We the People” need and deserve to have access to whatever keeps us healthy and happy; it is so stated in our Constitution!
    Stay well……keep our Healthfood stores OPEN for business; our business.

  79. In Colorado- Natural Grocers, Sprouts and Whole Foods are all open because they are also considered Grocery Stores (and indeed they are). So this does help to still provide access to natural foods and supplements, and not to mention organic food. But there is no reason to require Health Food Stores to close, since they may be the only access for natural supplements and immunity builders in some communities where the above stores aren’t available. They should all remain open.

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