How US Policy Helped Fuel Covid-19 Crisis: A Data Visualization

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  1. why r there such incompetent employees @ various federal offices, but who know what trump has meddled in.
    citizens can not trust this government. at such a critical juncture it is vital, but what r we to do? listen 2 the experts!
    i’m surprised that Fauchi and Bix have not yet been fired. trump did egg his way in and prevented Fauci from answering questions the other day. i suppose it’s 2 obvious 2 let this treasure go right now. but Fauci better watch his back in the future.
    God help us.

  2. Testing would normally be a prudent thing to do under a pandemic danger. However, the current tests don’t work well enough on a consistent basis to use. And a popular antibody test is very deceptive because it can’t differentiate between a few Covid-19 virus cells from a person who has thrown off the disease vs a full blown outbreak. So depending on which doctor one is examined and tested by, one might be told to go back to work, or on the other hand, be told to go into quarantine.
    And the numbers of Covid-19 deaths can’t be trusted because anyone with a pre-existing condition who dies while also diagnosed with the virus is added to statistics for the virus when they actually died of the pre-existing condition of diabetes, heart disease, or whatever other condition they had. Even the so-called healthy people that are dying, like the 51 doctors, may not have been actually healthy, as mainline medicine isn’t an industry of good health.
    Information leaked from the Big Pharma controlled medical community and the political community indicates that the agenda is to eventually mandate testing and tracking, leading to mandatory adult vaccinations. Failure to get such shots will mean no drivers license, banking, voting, or other privileges we currently take for granted.

  3. I just posted the video to Facebook. My biggest fear is that Bernie supporters will do the same thing they did in 2016 and pave the way for another 4 years of Trump pilfering the U.S. Treasury and robbing this country of its fundamental hard-fought freedoms!
    Trump will KILL US ALL to stay in OUR WHITE HOUSE!

  4. As usual the government has to much red tape, they move to slow. Our congress just bickers not passing hardly any positive legislation.

  5. it is hard t understand why the federal government won’t level the playing field and get the supply chains sorted out.

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