EPA Approves Known Carcinogen

Hint: it’s not glyphosate, but another cancer-causing herbicide. Action Alert!
After sidestepping the normal public comment process, the EPA has approved a pesticide called isoxaflutole, which the agency has determined likely causes cancer, to be sprayed in 25 states. Nor is it the first time the agency has flouted the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) to approve dangerous chemicals. Once again, the EPA demonstrates that it cares more about industry profits than public health.
Isoxaflutole has been approved for use on genetically modified soybeans which have been altered to withstand it. The chemical is already used on corn in 33 states, despite having been linked by the EPA to cancer and liver damage. It’s also known to drift more than a thousand feet from where it is sprayed, threatening nearby crops and back yards.
One of the most stunning aspects of this action is how the EPA ignored the normal public comment process to approve this herbicide. Normally the public is given notice and a chance to voice concerns through an official process. This time, the EPA conducted a sham process by which a “public comment” period was initiated but not listed in the Federal Register—where the public is able to learn about such actions. Instead, the EPA actively solicited feedback from herbicide and industrial farming interests. Unsurprisingly, all 54 comments to the docket praised the EPA’s decision and encouraged broader use of the herbicide.
This outrageous action by the EPA will expose more Americans to dangerous chemicals, both through the air and through food. Cancer is a comorbidity for COVID-19. We also know that more air pollution, which the EPA has made much worse, makes us susceptible to COVID-19 infection. What is the EPA thinking?
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the EPA has ignored the public comment process to approve a dangerous chemical. The agency did the same thing when it re-approved and expanded the use of sulfoxaflor, a bee-killing neonicotinoid insecticide, even though this approval was eventually thrown out after a court decided the EPA based its decision on flawed data. The EPA also failed to notify the public when it approved an emergency use of the medically important antibiotic streptomycin on citrus crops in Florida and California this year.
Clearly the EPA cannot be trusted to put public health over industry interests. We must fight back against this appalling action.
Action Alert! Tell the EPA to reverse its approval of isoxaflutole and to stop sidestepping the APA. Please send your message immediately.


    Do we have to hire a firing squad to anniliate all the perpetrators…what’s a less morbid option because nothing else seems to be working with these on-the-take idiots?

  2. Just another greedy high profit product that will keep us all very, very sick !!!

  3. This is so disgusting there is no way to comment on it! POISON POISON POISON. Should be known as thePPA Poison the People Agency! How stupid and evil can they be????????????????

  4. Reverse your approval of Isoxafflutol and stop sidestepping the APA.
    US citizens can see what you are doing It is appalling.

  5. It’s time for you to be concerned about citizens over Industry profits!!

  6. Humans are called to be compassionate caregivers, protectors & stewards of our planet & its beings. Helping not harming.

  7. We need to take better care of what is left of our environment, for our wildlife, our marine life, and people.

  8. STOP POISING LIFE…(It APPEARS as if with ALL of the poisons from GMO foods to fluoride in the water, to GeoEngineering, known neuro-toxins in vaccines, (unnecessary) toxins applied to food etc, etc., etc., that there is an intention to poison and cause harm to ALL life forms. If the intention is NOT to destroy life then ignorance and stupidity abounds and common sense is lacking (a very dangerous combination).

  9. Please Stop approving toxic drugs like isoxaflutole, my mother never smoked in her life but she contracted lung cancer by breathing harmful air from Bayonne & Newark, New Jersey. I am afraid that if isoxaflutole is spread near organic crops, that they may become carcinogenic.

  10. Reverse your approval of isoxaflutole now. I thought this was one of the few organizations I could trust. Like everything else it’s all about money isn’t it.

  11. Andrew Wheeler, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, his colleagues, and legions of toxicologists have made a grave error in approving a known carcinogenic substance Isoxaflutole, for use on soybeans and on any edible product. It is irresponsible to say the least. Shying away from legitimate public comment and running this chemical promotion will be a heavy load to answer to. The Mandate to protect our environment and therefore each of us as U.S. and world citizens is not to be taken lightly. We are our brothers and sister’s keepers whether we like it or not and some of us, like Mr. Wheeler, accepted this huge responsibility and should carry it with dignity and resolute determinism. Cowardliness in the face of pressure by wealthy chemical barons will have consequences.

  12. Here’s the formula for making lots of $$$. Make a chemical. Bribe public officials to allow it to be sold. Sell a lot of it. When people get cancer (or some other disease) and die, give the survivors some blood money to make them go away and shut up. Rinse, repeat.

  13. The EPA’s action aiming at the chemical spraying approval deserves to be classified as genocidal! The senior management, or maybe investors, seem to not care about consumers who don’t know what can be lurking in their food; therefore, they simply deserve to be fed with nothing else but the food that come from the sprayed fields. Furthermore, if such actions taken by EPA are proven, I need to ask why the decision makers aren’t fired? Simply, the EPA’s like actions are not excusable!!!

  14. I think that in a case like this, which is outright fraud, the EPA staff should be taken to court, criminalized, lose their pensions, as a least measure, and prevented from working foe the government again We are damn well tired of being stomped on

  15. Please reverse its approval of isoxaflutole and to stop sidestepping the APA

  16. One more illegal action of the Lawless Trump administration to aid their rich corporate owners. EVERY PERSON WITH A CONCIENCE MUST get out and END this horror story in November.

  17. Rescind and retract your approval of Isoxaflutole.
    STOP licensing these poisons.

  18. Your job is to protect the public from harmful chemicals, NOT kill us. Please reverse that awful decision of approving isoxaflutole. Please stop making any decisions without public notification leaving us in the dark until it’s too late. The EPA should have a class action lawsuit against not only the agency but also each decision maker in the department for poisoning the public.

  19. Dear EPA,
    Please reverse your approval of isoxaflutole and to stop sidestepping the APA.
    A Mom and Kindergarten Teacher

  20. Stupid, stupid people! Toxic means it’s not good, what is so hard to understand? Wake up!

  21. We need to protect the health of our communities! Especially in times like this with COVID-19

  22. What is wrong with the EPA? Isn’t EPA supposed to protect us not put our planet in harms way. WTF?

  23. Any carcinogen that impacts the health of people using chemicals that damage our world needs to be banned from use. Especially chemicals that would damage bees which are pollinators of plants that are food sources for us. These same carcinogens also damage our earth and animals that we also depend on that sustains our lives. No company that uses these chemicals should be condemned and if they continue to develop these chemicals should be fined to the fullest extent.

  24. The chemicals in our air, water, and food are killing our immune system. That is why so many people are sick. Their immune systems no longer work. Other countries won’t even allow some of our food in their country because of all the chemicals. Why is it you want us to eat, drink, and breathe it. Are you trying to decrease the surplus population in the US?

  25. No to isoxaflutole and glyphosate and get rid of head of EPA and all the EPA employees who are nothing but paid special interest appointed stooges. Trump has done a poor job of protecting the American public by allowing these insecticides to be sprayed on our food supply and appointing people who represent the pesticide industry and have no regard for poisoning our foods. We need to ban ALL lobbying donations to our politicians who approve legislation in return for millions of dollars in political donations. We are not only poisoning our food supplies but also the ground and water supplies.

  26. What, in God’s name, is WRONG with you people?! Stop killing every little insect, the soil, and US! You are murdering this exquisite planet for money, ignoring Nature’s designs. In fact, trying to redesign via GMOs. So utterly stupid. We aren’t here to ignore Nature and destroy this beautiful, perfect planet.

  27. How can it be that our authorities that are supposed to protect us are killing us It’s disgraceful,despicable , shameful and criminal

  28. I don’t understand the cognitive dissonance it must take to continually approve toxic substances that harm us + our kids.
    We aren’t voting for anyone remotely involved in approving these poisons.

  29. We cannot keep killing our farm workers and ourselves with big corporate pesticides.

  30. Reverse your approval of isoxaflutole and stop sidestepping the APA. Think, think about what your doing to the Earth and human beings and the animals!

  31. Dear EPA,
    We DO NOT need yet another chemical to harm humans, our food or bees (& environment): remove/don’t approve the use of isoxaflutole and to do not omit the APA in this process.
    Thank you,

  32. The EPA environmental protection agency is broken, corrupted failure.
    They are basically murderers. Causing death to animals, birds, fish and people. This agency should be wiped cleaned. It’s rotten.

  33. To the EPA:
    Reverse your approval of isoxaflutole and stop sidestepping the APA when seeking approval of new pesticides.

  34. The approval of isoxaflutole by the Environmental Protection Agency MUST be reversed; the EPA must stop sidestepping the Administrative Procedures Act! We are poisoning the environment, and ourselves in the process. Crazy.

  35. EPA look back at the flawed evidence for sulfoxaflor, a precedent has been set, so use it investigate how isoxaflutole, has been approved
    Administrative Procedures Act (APA). If you care you’ll do what you can and your continence will be clear.

  36. The EPA needs to be concerned for the health and welfare of the American people and not the what the chemical companies want. The EPA needs to reverse their approval of isoxaflutole AND stop sidestepping the APA.

  37. Please reverse the approval of isoxaflutole, this suspected carcinogen was illegally approved by sidestepping the APA and not healthy for American families=mine or yours! Thank You

  38. Our species can’t survive greater and greater assaults by the pesticide industry . Strengthen the EPA and stop the flagrant abuse by the chemical industry to poison our food supply .

  39. Stop approval of isoxaflutole, which is cancer causing. Also, get rid of Donald Trump, who doesn’t give a damn about the environment nor about people’s health and dignity.

  40. To EPA: please to reverse its approval of isoxaflutole and to stop sidestepping the APA. There has to be a better solution. I’m a farmer and I don’t want to be exposed to this poisonour, cancer-causing substance.

  41. This is an out rage! Toxic chemicals should never be sprayed on food crops. Carcinogens should never be sprayed on any crops, or humans and other species Kenny counter them. We are poisoning ourselves here!

  42. The EPA needs to reverse its approval of isoxaflutole and to stop sidestepping the APA.

  43. Dear Sirs/Madams,
    Please stop allowing pesticides that you know are dangerous and cause cancer and liver disease to be used on any crops in USA. I am very disappointed to hear that you have approved Isoxafultole on soybeans and corn. Please end this immediately!
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  44. Please use best science information to figure out what ventilation types work and are actually supporting each person’s health. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

  45. You must reverse your approval of isoxaflutole and to stop sidestepping the APA. Public health is at risk.

  46. Known carcinogenic herbicides are NOT okay to use ever.
    Please use your best science knowledge to keep all creatures and environment safe. I have believed in you since 1974- when I started an ecology club at the grade school where I taught in Milwaukee, WI. We did many lessons and activities
    which gave us better appreciation of our environment and actually did work for the environment. These students were in 5th and 6th grades. They were taught that the EPA was a good source for environmental knowledge and good works.
    Personally I have been disappointed more than once with your rulings/decisions that are contrary to your original goals.
    You can do better. You know how. I am watching and so re my students….who are much older and I hope wiser now.
    PLEASE do what you were meant to do, EPA.

  47. Chemical poisons that are known or likely carcinogens should not be used on the food supply. We are just killing ourselves by using them on our own food supply. The ultimate irony is that the fools supporting the use of these chemicals on the food supply are ultimately self-poisoning themselves and their own families. We all wind up eating from the same food supply, no matter whether you are at the bottom, middle or top of the economic ladder. The only difference is that the people at the top will wind up paying more for their own medical care because they have more income to spend, but ultimately it will kill them to allowing these carcinogens to be used on the food supply.

  48. PLEASE stop this absolute madness of poisoning us as well as the planet! This is one of the main reasons why so many people now have cancer.

  49. Reverse approvals of isoxaflutole! Why is a known carcinogen being approved &used! STOP poisoning our people!

  50. There a too many ways to be killed by herbicides. Add this to the virus, and this makes life double threathening

  51. Please reverse your approval of isoxaflutole and to stop sidestepping the APA.

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