Last Chance to Protect Homeopathy

We must oppose the FDA’s actions against homeopathic medicines now. Action Alert!
For many months now, we’ve been telling you about the FDA’s latest actions with regard to homeopathic medicines. These actions upend decades of successful regulation of these important products that have been used safely for centuries. The wording of the FDA’s draft guidance threatens all homeopathic medicines and gives the FDA the ability to go after any homeopathic drug it wants to. The comment period for this guidance has been extended to May 23rd. Concerned citizens can go here to leave their own comment on the guidance.
As we’ve reported previously, the FDA’s guidance says:

  1. Any homeopathic drug that has not been considered “generally recognized as safe and effective” (GRAS/E) is considered a new drug;
  2. FDA has not determined that any homeopathic drugs are GRAS/E;
  3. A new drug cannot be marketed unless it goes through the FDA’s approval process;
  4. No homeopathic drugs have gone through FDA approval nor can any producer afford to take them through the approval process.

This means, according to the FDA, all homeopathic medicines are being marketed illegally. The FDA explains that it will focus enforcement actions against specific categories of medicines with safety concerns: products with dangerous ingredients, products intended for vulnerable populations, etc. However, the FDA does reserve the right to take action against any homeopathic product: “This guidance is intended to provide notice that any homeopathic drug product that is being marketed illegally is subject to FDA enforcement action at any time.”
There is not much new in the revised guidance. The FDA does provide a definition of “homeopathic drug,” which was notably absent from the initial guidance, much to the confusion of the homeopathic industry and other stakeholders.
It is somewhat encouraging that the agency did not issue a final guidance, but rather another draft. This is an indication that our voices are being heard and the FDA is worried about political push back from voters who are members of  the natural health community.
There seems to be a lot of confusion about homeopathy. While opponents often say that there is not any evidence that homeopathy works, several major meta-analyses have found homeopathic medicines to have an effect greater than placebo. We address these and some other common misconceptions here.
Unfortunately, it’s likely that the FDA’s antipathy towards homeopathy is fueled more by a desire to protect drug industry profits than ignorance about the data. The FDA continues to cite homeopathic teething tablets with belladonna as one of the concerns that prompted the agency to tighten control over homeopathic medicines. Specifically, the agency states that 99 adverse events were “possibly related” to homeopathic teething products. Yet, while the agency did find variable amounts of belladonna in some products, these amounts were well within safe limits, even if an infant swallowed an entire bottle.
The FDA will not stop this attack on homeopathy unless it is forced to do so by engaged citizens. We must issue a strong response to the FDA and Congress, telling the government that these actions threaten the future of homeopathic medicine.
Action Alert! Go to and leave a comment telling the FDA to protect homeopathy! You can also hit the button below to send a message to Congress and the FDA. Please send your message immediately.


  1. We must have access to methods of healing that don’t involve big pharma. I have MUCH better results when I add homeopathics to my daily routine. People must have freedom of choice!

  2. Homeopathy is an important and effective treatment. Please continue to allow this alternative medical practice without interference.

  3. Homeopathy has proven of immense benefit in my life. Please don’t take it away.

  4. I find it terrible that the FDA is going after Homeopathic medicine once again. The Homeopathic medicine was a much better treatment during the 1918 flu than any Medicine from the Pharmaceutical Industry. The statistics are much better and many countries use it. The Royal Family in England have a Homeopathic Doctor. The FDA by doing what they are doing is purposely preventing any competition with Pharmaceuticals and getting rid of a Wonderful Natural Medicine that is harmless,, non toxic and helps many people worldwide. Please dont let this corrupt action happen. There was no problem with the way it was handled in the past.

  5. Homeopathy has been safely used worldwide for over a century. Please allow it to remain an important resource for people who cannot take conventional pharmaceuticals or medications. Thank you!

  6. Allopathic medicine in general like this Plan_demic is false and malignant at its very nature.
    May 5G, mandatory vaccination, geoengineering, the secret toxic industrial hazardous waste economy, etc in all its forms be put to death over the next 10 + years while rebuilding a balanced democratic system.

  7. You have my wrong email address in the Action box and when I change it to correct its says “This email account is already taken”
    Please correct.

    1. Hi there,
      Please email a detailed description of the problem you’re experiencing to [email protected]. Please include the following information: the incorrect email address, the correct email address, and whether you’ve successfully been able to submit an action alert in the past. Thank you!

  8. Homeopathy is a very safe and effective medical modality and must be left outside the ignorant purview of the FDA. Drugs approved by the FDA are the source of many deaths. Do not meddle where not needed…

  9. I have been going to a preventive medicine practice since the late nineteen seventies. I attribute my good health at age 75 to the fact that I have been taking doctor recommended supplements and homoeopathic drugs for this period of time.
    WAKE UP and WELCOME Homoeopathiuc Drugs!

  10. I have found the use of homeopathic remedies to be very useful in treating most of our health problems. I see value in both pharma. and natural prescriptions. They should be able to work hand in hand for the welfare of society …Many of the drugs have derived from the same plants that the holistic /homeopathic products use as well. We should have a choice and not be forced by the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies pushing them to extinction. Thank-You LKP

  11. Please do not take Homeopathic medicines away from American Citizens. They are harmless, they help many people . Many countries support them. Including the English Royal Family. And this move by the FDA supports the corrupt connection with Pharmaceuticals.

  12. Keep homeopathy available to us! It is safe and effective. I have used it for years and rely on it for allergies, bumps and bruises, and other common uses. I am allowed to buy things that are known to cause problems if overused, such as motrin and tylenol. Yet homeopathy is much safer. Thank you.

  13. As a health care practitioner, I have found homeopathic medicines safe. I have used them for personal and family use. Please turn your attention to the many harmful medicines out there with so many side effects. We need to make medicine safer. Homeopathy is already there.

  14. Homeopathy must be preserved as an alternative for patients. It is quite a safe and effective option for patients worldwide. It does no harm, which is more than can be said for many pharmaceuticals. As a person who is drug sensitive and suffers from chronic illness, I have been helped immensely through homeopathy. Please don’t take this option away from those who need it. Thank you.

  15. Homeopathy is a real and effective alternative to standard medicine and I will be voting with alternative medicine in mind.

  16. People and animals need access to homeopathic remedies. They are harmless in their application and therefore need to remain allowed and accessible as they are today. Thank you for your cooperation in support of the people of this country.

  17. Homeopathic remedies are completely safe and have helped millions of people for many decades. They should be exempted from any further regulation that would make them unavailable to consumers. People should have the right to make our own choices regarding healthcare. You should only be regulating substances that could be harmful to people. Your job is to keep Americans safe, not to limit our choices and access to products that contribute to our wellbeing.


  19. I would hope you would continue to allow homeopathy to continue. My Mother’s life, back about 1910, was saved by a Homeopathic Doctor. I remember as a child, having a number of products my parents used were Homeopathic products. I am guessing you are trying to “save” the pharmaceutical industry!
    Many times there is more than one answer!!

  20. Mortality rate of flu patients in 1918 much lower for people treated with homeopathy than just with allopathic means! Check it out! Probably the NCH would have this information,,,

  21. Dear Sir or Madame,
    I am urgently writing to ask you to protect the heopathic drugs that are so essential to the general public. As drug companies consume more and more of the expensive drug market, it is essential that you protect the buying public from graft, from bribery, from influences of the system that can potentially corner all the health products under a drug company umbrella. Please leave them untouched, as the buying public is very careful to choose wisely. This is a financial and political decision, certainly not one in the best interests of the average public citizen.

  22. Homeopathic medicine is vital and safe and widely used successfully by many people in the US. It is also prescribed by numerous physicians that recognize that allopathy and homeopathy both have their place in a balanced treatment for various maladies.

  23. Do the words “FREEDOM OF CHOICE” ring a bell? Well, go back and study what’s important about all this: The individual’s choice as to which camp he/she wishes to use for their health, supplements. and the freedom to make that choice for themselves. No one has the right to make that decision for an individual by making the only choices available the ones that have been predetermined for public offering. Ah, the FDA marches on – determined to make themselves the only voice available to the public. Both FDA and Homeopathic have strengths and weaknesses but it’s up to the individual to choose Remember? “Freedom of Choice”, folks – Freedom of Choice. Anything other than that steps on our freedom and most definitely changes “FDA” to “PHARMACEUTICAL NAZIS”!

  24. Please protect Homeopathy! It is vital to allow a choice in medicine. I use it. I use pharmaceuticals as well. Choice is what makes us free.

  25. Homeopathic remedies have long been established as very efficacious. Many people who can’t use allopathic medicine have used them very successfully and they should not belong in any way to any pharmaceutical company and their bottom line. There is room for all of it and should be available to anyone who needs what ever works for them at a reasonable price.
    The FDA and the medical profession need to keep the desire for large sums of money out of the equation and keep this whole thing in perspective with regard to what is best for all of us.
    It’s time for conscious use of time and energy, production and equality, for the highest good of all.

  26. I have been the beneficiary of several homeopathic treatments which helped me with my rheumatoid arthritis when no other medication was working. Please educate yourself on the incredible power and historical use of homeopathy throughout the world before trying to restrict this incredibly useful and safe form of treatment for a variety of conditions.

  27. Homeopathy saves life for over 200 years, please stop the citizen from accessing the care.

  28. Homeopathy would get approval if some mega pharma group decided it could make s profit from it. No homeopathic Rx has enough of ANY dangerous substance to present a threat to anyone. For me, some of these remedies are the ONLY formulations that work. Hands off, please!

  29. Homeopathy has been used in Europe for a very very long time. It is well known to be effective treatment for many ailments. It is very common, even the royal family relies on it. PLease, please protect it’s availability in the United States.

  30. leave my medicines alone. go after the real deadly drugs pharmaceutical companies are pumping out.

  31. protect homeopathy!
    the government and FDA need to stop
    we have the right to make the choice ourselves

  32. So many of us depend on homeopathic medicines! Please continue to let us use them with little or no reguations. Many of us cannot afford expensive medications, even if we have insurance, prescribed by our doctors so depend on homeopathic remedies instead. Please don’t make us lose the only line of defense we have in many instances! We desperately need homeopathic help to be healthy, and sometimes even to stay alive!

  33. Wish the fda would care more about homeopathy than they did about big checks from big pharma.

  34. These homeopathic remedies are safer than any pharmaceutical drug out there. It’s obvious Big Pharma doesn’t want the competition.

  35. From my own experience, Following each of two courses of Ciprofloxin for UTIs I developed connective tissue damage. After the second dose i couldn’t get down in the bath, climb stairs without a chair lift, walk on uneven ground or get up and down off chairs easily. Ultimately because of internal damage I developed sepsis. Subsequently I have gone to a homeopath for help with UTIs and have found homeopathy to be completely effective and without concomitant damage. Since I don’t like using toxic products on my garden I have been using homeopathy to control pests without worry about poisoning people or animals. The Ciprofloxin, of course, has made gardening very difficult.
    Please don’t limit the variety of available homeopathic medicines.

  36. All healing answers do not come only from the approved options that Congress and the FDA want us to believe. There are possibilities that Americans should have the right to consider and find information and sources for if they wish.

  37. Why are you saying this the day AFTER the extended period for comments closed on March 23 ?
    You need to mobilise social media and get a petition up, now.
    And not a weak-willed damp squid one, get a proper social media expert involved (and that isn’t me).
    They don’t have facts, just innuendo. And no understanding of the subject at all – only a study of criticisms.
    Plus the FDA site STILL isn’t publishing figures for death by medicine on its causes of death ranking page
    This “crackdown” by pharma on its rival homeopathy is a result of a more-than-decade-long campaign of LIES and propaganda from the international so-called “skeptic” movement (terrorists – the scum that made rape threats in Australia). And disinformation on the likes of wikipedia.

  38. We should be allowed to choose the type of health care we want. Pharmaceutical companies oppose homeopathic medicine because they can not make money off of it.

  39. What does the queen of England realize that we don”t? Her physicians are homeopathic. Our country used to be homeopathic until the almighty dollar took over instead of wanting actual wellness. We are in America we deserve to have the choice of homeopathic medicines. Please protect our rights.!!! We voted you in to protect our rights not take them away from us.

  40. We must keep Naturepathic elements available.This is often the only remedy for a health problem. Other than the profit motive, what is a reason to limit homeopathy? This is ridiculous and is an obvious push from Alopathic medicine makers to stop us using herbs and natural medicine that God gave us to heal sickness.

  41. Please do not restrict the availability of homeopathic medicines. While they are not standard medical practice, they are also not harmful (much too low doses in normal Western medical terms) — and some people find them helpful.
    As a citizen, and someone who certainly uses doctors, tests, and medicine, I still oppose efforts to lessen my health care choices, and would reflect that in voting and support.
    Please consider this plea to leave us these health care choices.

  42. Homeopathy has shown to be an efficacious alternative for the past 200 years. As a Clinical Assistant and homeopathic lay practitioner, I have seen it work effectively a myriad of times when mainstream medicine seemed to fail the patient. Has anyone even studied the data from the influenza data from 1918? Homeopathic doctors reported far less deaths among their patients than other doctors. Please reconsider this safe and effective alternative.

  43. America was/is founded on freedom! Give the American people the ability to choose what they want. Not what Big Pharma dictate what is, “right.”
    Funny how they want to determine what is allowed while they are immune from law suits for their flagrant misbehavior, criminal misbehavior to exponential increase their profits.
    Developing products that mimic God’s naturally healing properties and then patenting them, mixing with damaging chemicals to deliver their elixirs, i.e. vaccines.
    We the People want FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

  44. Homeopathy has been around for ages, we all know it´s safe and in many cases, very effective.
    Why would you want to do this?????

  45. It is extremely important the the respected field and knowledge in HOMEOPATHY not be lost. As a RN, I urge you to take time and learn more about the value Homeopathy has for our communities. We must not give in to forces leaving us with ONLY BIG PHARMA’s resources.

  46. Homeopathic medicine is safely used the world over. I believe about 1/3 of the world population uses it. It is effective and non toxic. There is no need to restrict or investigate these products unless you are just trying to give big pharma more cash!! Really! leave these products alone. They have an excellent track record for being harmless. I have used them for 30 years.

  47. So we want small government except when it interferes with big pharma,,,,

  48. This is NOT a nanny state and we are not clueless sheep unable to make wise decisions for ourselves. The fact that allopathic medications have so many side-effects seem to be conveniently ignored. All drugs have some degree of toxicity as stated by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The FDA appears to believe that it’s mandate is to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical corporations.

  49. Please save homeopathic medicine. We have found it essential for our family’s health and contrary to popular belief, it can do no harm . The ONLY issue that once came up was with teething tablets but I understand that even if one baby swallowed an entire bottle of them (an unlikely scenario) there was not enough in that bottle to do harm per FDA official testing. So this is absurd to take out all homeopathic medications for this reason. How many official prescription meds or even over the counter meds cause many more serious adverse reactions and deaths? Homeopathy is safe as it depends on a person’s own body doing the healing with a minute stimulation from the remedy. Generally speaking, this is far safer than any conventional medications and the only reason one can fathom that this practice is under attack as it is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry. I think our country can tolerate both conventional medicine and homeopathy co-existing. Thank you for considering.

  50. As a concerned citizen, I urge the FDA to protect and approve homeopathic medicines. Natural remedies are preferable to lab created drugs in many instances and should be seriously considered and evaluated by the FDA,

  51. Homeopathy is not a new drug, it has been used for hundreds of years, I raised my three children on it from infants, they are all very healthy, even the peadetrician commented on it.
    My parents used it and so did I, I am 65 years now and still use homeopathy for any ailments that pop up, and it always works, so it is not a (new) drug, I personally would`nt classify it as a drug.
    Homeopathy has never killed anyone, unlike the other pharmaceuticals like Viox which has killed thousands of Americans (passed by the F. D.A.)
    So lets get real about this, if something is not toxic, has been used all over the world with great success, with no side effects or deaths,
    LEAVE IT ALONE, maybe better to regulate some of the pharmaceuticals that have countless side effects and kill many Americans.

  52. Homeopathy is safer than any drug accepted by the FDA. It works on the premise that only a tiny amount works. Don’t take something away that works & causes no harm even if you swallowed the whole bottle, just because it isn’t part of a governmental agency’s protocol. Educate yourself about it before you take it away from others that find it as a safe alternative.

  53. The gov’t should be open-minded about affordable treatments for Covid-19 like Vitamin C.

  54. I have used Homeopathy for many years. It works for me and many others as well. It’s natural, effective, doesn’t cause harm to the body or side effects. I feel this option needs to be available. I do not like Big Pharma and I am not alone. I do not like to take medications and if I must then I prefer to take natural medications. Rarely do I have to rely on Big Pharma. There are those times but fortunately they are few. I want to have a choice. I want to make decisions for my body and I want options available. Thank you

  55. Homeopathic Allergy medicine turned my life around. I suffered mightily as a young boy—was a pin cushion for many years. Sneezing, coughing, an itchy throat, and tortured eyes during allergy season continued into my 30s, until I discovered Homeopathic treatments at my local VIP health food store. The turnaround was not absolute but it gave me my nose—and life back, if I stayed the course.
    Here in my late 50s I am fairly secure in what sure feels like a cure.
    Do not take this option away. Allergy sufferers need non-drowsy, side-effect free relief!
    Marc St. Regis

  56. Homeopathic medicine was the standard for health care in the US and elsewhere in the world until the pharmaceutical industry conspired to discredit it; despite this, it has continued to prove its efficacy for many people.

  57. Several major meta-analyses have found homeopathic medicines to have an effect greater than placebo.

  58. Please protect Homeopathy!!! I have used homeopathic remedies for years with absolutely NO side effects. It is a major source of health support for my family of 5, and no one has experienced a side effect in 11 years of using them. I am also a licensed chiropractor in the state of Missouri and have seen hundreds of patients benefit from the use of homeopathy, when using tradition pharmaceuticals was creating extreme side effects.

  59. I’ve used homeopathy successfully for decades. Do not restrict its use at all!

  60. Homeopathy is the best natural medicine. I have practiced it for 35 years successfully and did so pro bono..
    I have treated rare diseases successfully. I can even take a challenge to treat anybody with an open mind.
    Its amazing how so called educated people.are ignorant of the literature and books on the subject I think they are over influenced by the Big Pharma.

  61. This is outrageous. I should be able to utilize Homeopathic remedies without the FDA putting restrictions such as this. Naturopathic remedies have been used for Centuries with much success & this is just a ploy by the FDA to continue supporting & lining Big Pharma pockets!!

  62. Homeopathic medicine is important and significant in my life and the lives of many others. Please protect homeopathy!

  63. Please protect Homeopathy. I believe it is effective and so does British royal family.

  64. The fact that Homeopathic remedies are natural and not petroleum derivatives has no bearing on whether another organization , like the FDA can or should be able to ban them. This is just another attempt at taking home care and self care out of the hands of humans and taxpayers that prefer to not put toxins into their bodies.
    I vehemently oppose this type of legislation.
    Jonathan Tupta

  65. For the past 50 years we have used homeopathic remedies for our family both for humans and for our many pets.
    My introduction to homeopathic remedies began when after 5 years of allergy treatments with a board certified
    allergist for dust,yeast, mold, pet dander, perfumes, smoke, and many grasses and trees I STILL had most of
    those allergies which I developed when I was 55. I was introduced to a Nurse Practitioner who had used
    Homeopathy to cure a friends Husky who had lost his hair and who had been to 3 VMDs who had been
    NO help . Within four months of use of Homeopathic drops remedies for my allergies I was finally cured .
    Following that I used Nosodes to prevent my 7 dogs from getting Lyme disease in an area loaded with tics.Brits use it !!

  66. Homeopathy actually works and is much less expensive than allopathy. Unfortunately, it’s likely that the FDA’s antipathy towards homeopathy is fueled more by a desire to protect drug industry profits than ignorance about the data.

  67. I support Natural supplement sales and products We use them very much to give us a long active life.

  68. I use Vitamin c for all illnesses and don’t use antibiotics because of their side effects.

  69. We, as American citizens, have the right to choose alternative medical treatment, including homeopathic treatment, as an alternative to conventional medicine. Please don’t take away our right to choose homeopathic treatment. Thank you for supporting our right to choose how we want to be treated for health concerns.

  70. It’s all about the money. The human race has used natural from nature supplements since the beginning of time. This is beyond ridiculous. Nature’s medicines are far better for us whereas drugs made in a lab are toxic to our bodies.Just one more of big pharma, fda, and other various government people trying to take away our freedom and line their pockets with money. It’s despicable.

  71. I have been a strong believer and knowledgeable about the aspects of homeopathy over the years. I plead for the FDA to protect homeopathy.

  72. Homeopathic remedies have been used safely for centuries. The Queen of England uses them via a homeopath. Protect homeopathy and keep the FDA out of it!
    They saved my life after a very long dental surgery.

  73. To Whom it May Concern:
    Homeopathy has worked for many years and should be allowed for use without cumbersome regulations.
    Please fight to save this natural therapy.
    Thank you.

  74. Please continue to have homeopathic remedies available for sale in the United States.
    I find them very helpful.

  75. Look at the history of Homeopathy! Remember the ‘Do no Harm’ clause for a physician. Well, the worst harm these remedies do is only to Not work.
    And the Queen of England is a fine example, she has her own Homeopathic Physician.
    Don’t over regulate where it’s not necessary.
    Work on something really harmful, like pesticides!
    Support Homeopathy, not limit it!

  76. Homeopathy is a safe alternative to most pharmaceuticals and taking them away is wrong. Everyone should have the right to choose a natural product for either themselves or someone they love or care for. DO NOT take away our right to use homeopathic products.

  77. I cannot tolerate a lot of FDA approved medications without having some sort of bad side effects; however, I have not had the same responses, and have in fact had improvement to many types of physical ailments (headaches, neuropathy, cataracts) with the use of vitamins and supplements.
    Please do not develop Draconian measures against these and other homeopathic trements.

  78. ABSOLUTELY do not allow the FDA or any government agenvy to restrict the sale or manufacture of vitamins or dupplements to the public. I am 90 years old and have been taking vitamins & supplements fdor over 1/2 mntedy life. I attribute my longevity to the fact that I hare ve been taking these vitamins/supplements and I believe they have helped to sustain my health. I would be devastated if I were prevented from obtaining any of them!

  79. Homeopathy has been used for centuries. It is safe, it does not cause harmful reactions, it is AFFORDABLE. I have used these remedies for 50 years, and have been cured of illness that pharmaceutical medications cannot help. These are qualities most pharmaceutical drugs would not qualify for. The current actions you are currently considering threaten the future of homeopathic medicine. PLEASE PROTECT HOMEOPATHY. Thank you.
    And please stop the approval of pesticides harmful to people, especially children. Please get your priorities straight. Support we the citizens, not BIG AG.

  80. To quote the Iowa Supreme Court, “Autonomy and dominion over one’s body goes to the very heart of what is the meaning of freedom.” We, not the state, gets to decide what we put, or allow to be put, into our bodies. Violations of this right are assaults on our freedom.

  81. Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to treat many illnesses with little to no side effects! Look at how many “FDA safe drugs” are harming and killing people every day and they are still being sold (at exorbitant prices) putting money into the pockets of the already trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry! The FDA needs to put human health and wellness first and leave the homeopathic industry alone and let it continue to heal the millions of people that it already does!

  82. Homeopathy is a valuable and important tool for addressing health issues. Do not allow the AMA or pharmaceutical companies interfere with the option of health care. It is proven to be less costly, highly effective for some people and is known for being safe without unpleasant side effects.

  83. Blasphemy! in whose pocket are the lobbyists ? Of course homeopathic remedies should be a part of medicine, I mean that’s where it all started!

  84. I have used homeopathy for over 20 years and have always had positive results.
    Please keep homeopathy available for everyone.

  85. Yes, we need to protect our right to use homeopathic medicines that work better than placebo.

  86. Homeopathic medicines work! Do not allow anyone to do away with them just to make more off of their pharmaceutical drugs; That’s really what this is about…money!

  87. We have a very uphill battle fighting the oligarchy – thank you so much for your continued effort while the real epidemic is a national chemical lobotomy.

  88. I am writing to tell the FDA to protect homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies have been literal life savers for myself, my family, friends, and even pets who have suffered from cancer and other chronic or seriously life draining illnesses or conditions. Homeopathic remedies need to be protected and studied. Homeopathic remedies often work for those who suffer, that mainstream medicine cannot help. I would not be still alive today without them. They must not be made illegal or more impossible for people to get in order to relieve their suffering. In fact, mainstream medications have a more dubious track record and in many cases, have been proven to have diasterous side effects, while most homeopathic remedies do not. They certainly cannot be made illegal without sufficient and serious research. These Proposed actions threaten to dismiss decades of safe regulations of many remedies that have been used without harm, for centuries. It is vital we do not lose accessibility to these remedies and the good healing that homeopathy brings to so many people suffering around the world.

  89. Ancient medicine is around for a reason. Stop protecting drug companies!!! Stop keeping affective drugs or remedies from those who desperately need it!
    Open up the choices !

  90. As a person who is sensitive or allergic to many pharmaceuticals, and who has had success with homeopathy, I urge you to allow homeopathy to continue as it has.
    As an American, I ask you to do your duty in honoring our Constitution and God-given rights to FREEDOM. Do not be afraid to to allow us to think for ourselves. We should be able to choose our medicine.

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