The Clock Is Ticking for Homeopathy

This could be our last chance to defend access to homeopathic treatments. Action Alert!
The FDA has extended the comment period on its completely unacceptable guidance that shifts how the agency will regulate homeopathic medicines. While the agency says that it will exercise enforcement discretion and focus on certain categories of homeopathic drugs, the wording of the guidance, in fact, says that all homeopathic drugs are currently being marketed illegally, leaving the door open for the agency to take action against any and all products. Concerned consumers must make their voices heard to stop this draconian guidance from moving forward.
For background, read our previous coverage of this topic below and take action at the bottom of the page.

As we’ve reported previously, the FDA’s guidance says:

  1. Any homeopathic drug that has not been considered “generally recognized as safe and effective” (GRAS/E) is considered a new drug;
  2. FDA has not determined that any homeopathic drugs are GRAS/E;
  3. A new drug cannot be marketed unless it goes through the FDA’s approval process;
  4. No homeopathic drugs have gone through FDA approval nor can any producer afford to take them through the approval process.

This means, according to the FDA, all homeopathic medicines are being marketed illegally. The FDA explains that it will focus enforcement actions against specific categories of medicines with safety concerns: products with dangerous ingredients, products intended for vulnerable populations, etc. However, the FDA does reserve the right to take action against any homeopathic product: “This guidance is intended to provide notice that any homeopathic drug product that is being marketed illegally is subject to FDA enforcement action at any time.”
There is not much new in the revised guidance. The FDA does provide a definition of “homeopathic drug,” which was notably absent from the initial guidance, much to the confusion of the homeopathic industry and other stakeholders.
It is somewhat encouraging that the agency did not issue a final guidance, but rather another draft. This is an indication that our voices are being heard and the FDA is engaging with the natural health community.
There seems to be a lot of confusion about homeopathy. While opponents often say that there is not any evidence that homeopathy works, several major meta-analyses have found homeopathic medicines to have an effect greater than placebo. We address these and some other common misconceptions here.
Unfortunately, it’s likely that the FDA’s antipathy towards homeopathy is fueled more by a desire to protect drug industry profits than ignorance about the data. The FDA continues to cite homeopathic teething tablets with belladonna as one of the concerns that prompted the agency to tighten control over homeopathic medicines. Specifically, the agency states that 99 adverse events were “possibly related” to homeopathic teething products. Yet, while the agency did find variable amounts of belladonna in some products, these amounts were well within safe limits, even if an infant swallowed an entire bottle.
The FDA will not stop this attack on homeopathy unless it is forced to do so by engaged citizens. We must issue a strong response to the FDA and Congress, telling the government that these actions threaten the future of homeopathic medicine.

Action Alert! Write to the FDA and Congress, telling them to protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines. You can also go here to submit comments directly to the FDA. Please send your message immediately.


  1. I am chemically sensitive and have hypoglycemia, and never take any drugs. Homeopathics are all I have and they work fine for me. I have an excellent diet and lifestyle, and never get disease or illness, not even the flu or a virus. I take BHI Spasm Pain if I hurt myself, I am impetuous and have had bad ankle sprains a few times. If homeopathic didn’t work, they wouldn’t be after us. They have no side effects and many oeioke rely on them. Please do not take them away from us. Thank you.

  2. Often a very useful effective and harm free practice! Can be superior to pharmaceuticals which have caused numerous adverse side effects and deaths!

  3. As a medical professional I used homeopathy among other modalities in my practice, and as a consumer I use them to treat myself and my family and suggest them to others. Homeopathic remedies are harmless and do not cause side effects, and there is no reason to restrict or eliminate them. If chosen properly they are effective in treating a number of conditions, and our access to them should not be checked or subject to approval by any government agency. These remedies have been used productively for centuries in this country as well as in Europe, South America, and India. There is no good reason for the FDA to interfere with our access to homeopathic medicine, and I ask the FDA and Congress to protect our rights to use and obtain these remedies.
    Thank you.

  4. I am almost 70 and have been treated with homeopathy since in my 20s. My physician is an MD. He can prescribe drugs when necessary but is highly educated in homeopathy and will go that route for most of my needs. Nothing can compare with homeopathy when it comes to giving my constitution a boost to get back on track after a loss or highly stressful occurrence.
    I ask that you please, please do not pass legislation that would make it impossible to get remedies when needed. This would be such a loss to those of us who choose to be treated this way. No one is forced to use homeopathy. It is a choice. Please do not legislate that option away.
    Respectfully, Morgan

  5. Please protect consumer rights to access and use Homeopathic medicine in the US. Our family has benefited from them and want to continue. Thanks

  6. Homeopathic products ned to be available to the public. Since they do not have nasty side effects and are easily obtainable and monetarily reasonably priced these products need to remain in the marketplace.\

  7. Homeopathy is proven safe and useful way to treat many illnesses and injuries. It has no history of injury to the patient unlike many drugs and other treatments. We in the United States of America should have this option to use if we think it is in our best interest.

  8. Unfortunately, it’s likely that the FDA’s antipathy towards homeopathy is fueled more by a desire to protect drug industry profits than ignorance about the data. The FDA continues to cite homeopathic teething tablets with belladonna as one of the concerns that prompted the agency to tighten control over homeopathic medicines. Specifically, the agency states that 99 adverse events were “possibly related” to homeopathic teething products. Yet, while the agency did find variable amounts of belladonna in some products, these amounts were well within safe limits, even if an infant swallowed an entire bottle.


  10. Re: Safety and Effectiveness of Homeopathic Medicines
    Dear FDA Review Committee,
    I am writing to express my thoughts regarding the importance of continued access to homeopathic medicines to the general public. My family has used homeopathic medicine with great success for more than 15 years. I must admit that when I first began using homeopathy, I was skeptical. But I was surprised with the results and my family continues to use it because we have found it to be both safe and effective. Under the guidance of our doctor, homeopathy has eliminated my migraines and it has helped improve my husband’s chronic issues with back pain. My husband and I are very pleased with the success we have had in using homeopathy for our children’s ear infections, eczema, and coughs. In no case have we experienced any side effects that would make us concerned about continued use of homeopathic medicines. I strongly urge you to ensure that homeopathic medicines continue to be accessible to health care practitioners and to the general public. I believe that the ability to use the medical therapy of my choice should be a basic human right. I thank you for the opportunity to comment and hope that you will continue to protect access to homeopathic medicines for all Americans.
    Sincerely, Jennifer Graham

  11. In your rush to protect big pharma you will crush the little business guy and those he helps. I have a feeling too that even if the homeopathic products work you will want more testing done on animals. This is counter to my morals and ethics and I would assume for millions of other users of homeopathy. The FDA is way behind the times as technology has us at a point that animals are not needed for this type of testing. Yet the FDA continues with outdated useless testing and abuse of animals. How about just let us have our treatments as long as they are generally safe. I have never heard of anyone dying from homeopathy, but pharma drug deaths happen all the time.

  12. I have used ONLY homeopathy in my veterinary practice experience for the last 40 years. I have found it very, very effective and extraordinarily safe. This comes from experience of using hundreds of remedies. Because the medicines are so diluted it is not possible for them to cause side effects or excessive dose effect.
    Pleas do not disturb this most excellent practice. It is a blessing to mankind.

  13. As the father of a family who uses homeopathic methods as an alternative to western medicine I have seen with my own eyes what these homeopathic medicines have done to help my family heal from conditions that modern western medicine has failed to treat without the onset of yet another negative/harmful condition requiring another organ damaging medication. The removal of homeopathic/alternative treatments will cause a rise in poor health conditions and everyday discomfort cause by western medicine in my household and others throughout the nation. Homeopathic treatments have allowed my family, especially my wife, to live comfortably for the first time since using western medicine. Western medicine was not able to heal my wife from her 16-29 years of life when she finally turned to homeopathic treatments which brought her a comfort and health she had not had in those years.

  14. I strongly urge the FDA to protect my access to homeopathic remedies. I am one in a multitude of people who believe in homeopathy and the benefits derived from this type of treatment. I have seen in countries that rely on this treatment remarkable outcomes. Why not allow those of us who choose not to have pharmaceutical companies dictate our quality of life this course of treatment?

  15. Homeopathy has been used safely in Europe and other countries since the 1700’s. Is the US too corrupt and stupid to not acknowledge it medicinal help to those who choose to use it? Must the US always be so slow to acknowledge it as it did with acupuncture.
    I believe the FDA has allowed too many outside interest to influence it’s decisions, resulting in deaths and suffering of many. It is time to protect consumers, not outsiders, greed driven pharmaceuticals and others that want to make a profit off the suffering of we the people by denying our choices for healing and jacked up pricing. FDA should be going after the synthetic opioids manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and distributers.

  16. I am writing to ask you to protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines have been used for centuries with complete safety and efficiency. Please stop protecting Big Pharma’s profits and start protecting the US citizenry – leave your hands off homeopathic remedies!!!

  17. I have used homeopathic products for years with my doctor’s (internist MD) guidance. I know that the products do not work for everyone, but I think the manufacturer has a lot to do with that. My doctor used a German product and what I used was very effective. I had no side effects and did not have to keep adding other products to take care of side effects. Too bad our drug manufacturers can’t say the same. Please do not pass laws against homeopathic products.

  18. Homeopathic treatments have been around for over 100 years and have never, to my knowledge, killed anyone. We know that 100’s if not 1000’s of people have died every year from drugs that have been approved by the FDA over the years… and continue to do so. Side affects to many drugs are so common that there are standard drugs prescribed to counter them.
    Homeopathic treatments have helped many people with many different ailments to live healthier, more vibrant lives and should be left alone. The government DOES NOT need to regulate the natural treatment of Homeopathic medicine.
    We, the people, can manage our own Homeopathic treatments. Leave us alone.

  19. The FDA is overstepping once again. I’ve used homeopathic remedies in the past – now, suddenly, in your great wisdom, you want to make homeopathic drugs illegal??!?? This would, in essence, allow the FDA to act against these products which, as a consumer, I have a right to take or not to take. This concerns me greatly – more and more government interference in the lives of Americans. I think this is shameful and insane, and I am sick of being told what I can and cannot do w/my life and my body. Enough, please, enough!

  20. Please don’t take Homeopathic remedies from the general public. I and many other family and friends have been helped by using them, without any negative side-effects!!

  21. My health condition is currently under control due to homeopathic medicine. Please stop this assault on a wonderful medicine that was being used by medical doctors long before the prescritption drugs were introduced to USA in the early half of 1900’s. This medicine is used wildly in Europe and many countries around the world. Thank You

  22. Homeopathy is a safe non toxic alternative for those of us that cannot tolerate prescription drugs. Please DONOT LIMIT OUR CHOICES! Thanks!

  23. Our industrial food farming practices including monoculture, glycophosphate used in our soils and a drying agent,plus other toxic chemicals are depleting our soils of many nutrients needed for health. Natural remedies have the test in time for effectiveness.

  24. My family and I have used homeopathic medications for decades and appreciate the fact that they are safe for all ages and give us a safe alternative to high priced pharmaceuticals.

  25. I can understand the logic of the so-called FDA but rather than condemn the use of Homeopathic remedies at least monitor the sometime outlandish statement of a cure-all. Homeopathic medicine has been around much longer than the FDA. Outstanding results have been published and acknowledged. To be certified as a Homeopathic practitioner one must complete rigorous study and training. This alternative medicine is no intended to replace Aleopathic medicine but often used to supplement treatment. The logic behind this is to allow the body to begin healing itself. Big Pharma is behind this effort because the remedies cannot be patented. Once again money is the issue not the health and safety of the patient.

  26. I use homeopathic medicines for the control of my chronic pain. I have used them for over 20 years without ANY side effects. If these medicines were not available, I would definitely be affected in a very negative way. I cannot take prescription medications because of my liver and gallbladder conditions. Please do not over-regulate these medicines. They have been used safely in Europe for many many years without incident. Can the same be said of opioids in the country? NO! PLEASE DO NOT CUT OFF MY MEDICINE! IT IS SAFE AND BENEFICIAL! IT CANNOT HARM ANYONE!

  27. Congress has always recognized the uniqueness of homeopathy and the FDA has appropriately always exempted homeopathy from the same drug requirements as pharmaceutical drugs. Now, the FDA has proposed a new policy for regulating homeopathy–a policy which is a direct threat to many, many homeopathic medicines. The FDA must not complete this new policy, and should instead adopt a framework that recognizes the unique nature of homeopathic medicines and ensures consumer access to these important products.
    Historically, the FDA has exempted homeopathy from traditional drug standards in recognition of homeopathy’s unique nature. Homeopathy’s distinct nature was recognized by Congress when the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) was passed in 1938. Congress defined “drug” in part as a substance recognized in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), the official Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS), or official National Formulary (NF) or any supplement to them. The law, then, did not merge homeopathy with prescription medicines, but recognized them as distinct schools of thought in medical practice.
    The FDA also exempted homeopathy from the over-the-counter drug review. The purpose of this process was to establish that every over-the-counter drug is both safe and effective. At that time, the FDA exempted homeopathic drugs, deciding to review them “as a separate category at a later time after the present over the counter drug review is complete” due to the “uniqueness of homeopathic medicine.”
    Subjecting homeopathy to conventional drug efficacy requirements would likely eliminate many medicines from the market. Homeopathy has been around since the early 19th century; many of the preparations in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia–the official compendium of homeopathic monographs and standards–are included based on a history of successful use. This means they can’t be patented now, since they aren’t novel; patents also expire after twenty years, so even if they were patentable when they were first developed, that protection would have ended long ago. Without patent protection, it would be impossible for a company to recoup the astronomical costs of conducting drug trials to prove efficacy, which is required for traditional FDA approval. Forcing efficacy studies for homeopathy would also be duplicative, since the criteria for inclusion in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia require that a product be safe and effective.
    To protect homeopathy, the FDA should not move forward with its current proposal. The FDA should instead adopt a regulatory framework that recognizes that homeopathic drugs are different than conventional pharmaceutical drugs, exempting homeopathic medicines from new drug approval.

  28. Americans should be able to have a right to take homeopathic aides and also approved drugs. America needs both. Having a choice is part of America’s history.

  29. I am so tired of the FDA and other government agencies taking away the ability for self-empowered individuals to manage their own health, under the guise of protecting our health. We don’t need protection by the FDA; we need protection from it.

  30. Homeopathy helps me greatly as a complimentary treatment in conjunction with traditional medicine. I have been using it for years under the care of a doctor of homeopathy; it is gentle and safe. For those of us who are very sensitive, homeopathy works well. Please do not take this option away from the public.

  31. Protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines. I want the right to be able to go to a store or go online and buy homeopathic remedies without a prescription or some government agency telling me how to do it.

  32. The FDA is a swinging door with Big Pharma .This is big pharma trying to shut down a treatment because they don’t own it..Pure and simple
    All the reasoning and pleaing and begging won’t do anything if their intention is to eliminate Big Pharma competition..

  33. Since the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans, nature has provided cures for many known wounds and illnesses. In his book “The Healing Hand” Guido Manjo researched numerous antique natural remedies and cures from wounds from copper, Frankincense and Myrrh and their antibiotic effects on wounds to army ant mandibles being used to clamp wounds like sutures or stitches in South America. All were found to have merit in science. Even today, 70% of medicines in the pharmacopoeia come from plants. It is imperative that we be allowed to continue to use plants as medicine we can use ourselves. Even food can be medicine: carrots started out as medicinal, and dandelions can help cancer . Thank you for recognizing this truth.

  34. THis is all more big pharma trying to grab all control of anything even remotely medical. It is sh]uch a shame because all big pharma knows how to do is kill people. Every problem I have or have ever had was caused by a doctor. Doctor error is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. Big Pharma supports this with the life squelching drugs. Each one has more side effects than can be counted causing more problems leading to using more big pharma making more money for them which continues in a vivicious cycle. Several yrs ago i read an article on vaccines and the sudden big push to poison people with them. They are loaded with mercury, fermaldehyde, and aluminum all of which accumulate in the body and cause life long problems. Why the push? It is p\big pharma’s biggest money maker making 445 billion dollars per year world wide. Your health and well being is being sold to the highest bidder.

  35. I am 68 years old and have been using homeopathy for 40 years. They work! They cured my horrible hay fever and diminished my migraines by 50%. I’ve used them for many health issues. They are safe and effective.
    Did you know that America had homeopathic hospitals in the 1800’s until the medical establishment snuffed them out.
    Let me and others deal with our health issues on our own terms.

  36. Homeopathic medications are a right. FDA cannot merely grant itself authority to do anything it chooses. Allow all people to choose the medicine route they choose to travel. Make certain that all medications are TRUTHFULLY! publicized and informational to the public. Do not force people to take medications only of your choice, FDA. I recall advertisements of FDA-approved drugs stating, “If you have thoughts of suicide,…….”. That is not funny, and should be of concern, but I do not believe the homeopathic medicines come under such statements.
    Allow homeopathic medicines to be taken by people who choose them as long as they are properly manufactured, as many are. They are manufactured and used without harm of any type to the users.

  37. I am a 72yo senior. Over the years, I have had many helpful, healing experiences using homeopathic medicines. Countless times, homeopathic remedies worked to heal my ailment and spared me from having to take conventional medication with its often risky side effects. I can’t say enough positive things about the benefit of homeopathic medication. Any attempt to limit homeopathic medications would be a blatant attempt to restrict the marketplace so Big Pharma has the monopoly on medications. This is highly illegal and indicative of an oppressive society.
    Please do not let that happen. Consumers need to have several options available to them when it comes to their health.

  38. Homeopathic health care needs to be covered by Medicare. All vitamins and supplements need covered by Medicare,

  39. The FDA has much more important work to do than try to regulate homeopathic substances which are completely safe and often effective. I think the agency should allow American consumers the freedom to choose homeopathy and not interfere unless someone dies as a result of using one of these substances. Since that is VERY unlikely, the FDA should just take a hands-off approach in this area. I want to be able to use any homeopathic substance I choose without government interference. The FDA needs to keep people safe from dangerous substances, and not interfere in the marketplace in any other situation.

  40. I use Gastricumeel, a homeopathic product, for severe IBS, and often, it is the only thing that helps me. Please do not enact these rules, which will deny care to people who genuinely need it.

  41. homeopathic remedies are extremely valuable in our family. We have safely used the for over 30 years. we have use them for my husbands digestive issues and eye inflamation when otc medicines were not helpful. ( it often comes as….nothing else has worked, lets try this.) and the product worked. Please do not make these impossible to get or so outpriced that we can no longer afford them.. Homeopathy has a place in a persons health choices if they want to try. The are safe.

  42. Dear Sirs/Madame: I’m a bit flabbergasted that you have not placed all Homeopathy supplements on the GRAS list!!!! Generally recognized as Safe List covers so many toxic substances that have been shown to cause harmful effects. To be specific… Kraft uses specific food coloring which in many nations is not considered safe and has been shown to increase anxiety in children. Many of the food coloring agents that you list on the GRAS list are known neurological excitogens. The classic is the Red Food coloring in Licorice. My son at the age of 5 told me that he felt his heart beating really fast and it scared him after consuming 5 pieces of “Red Vines”, yet there is no Food Warning on this. Yet you are wanting to remove homeopathy?!!!!
    When my son had succumbed to RSV and then to pertussis it wasn’t the inhaler that helped, it wasn’t the narcotic cough syrup it was the homeopathic!!! As a graduate of UC Berkely with 4 years of undergraduate and 1 year of graduate level chemistry I’m very comfortable having biochemistry conversations but what I know is this… Homeopathy worked to help my son with Pertusis! They call it the 100 day cough for a reason! Although vaccinated for it, the vaccine did nothing!! In fact I succumbed to pertusis at the same time (Vaccinated over 5 times.) After using steroid inhalers, narcotic cough syrups, nothing was working. 6 weeks of visiting specialists and Pediatricians found NO relief! At one point I had to perform mouth to mouth with my son as he turned blue on our vacation in Mexico. It was that trip that desperate we tried homeopathy. It worked! The only thing that helped him was homeopathy and some essential oils! This would allow us both to sleep with the least amount of coughing. If we didn’t have them it is somewhat questionable whether he would be here. My son never had a blue episode after Mexico and the introduction of homeopathy!
    The FDA needs to know what components are doing what, as a way of validating treatment. However, this is not about treatment this is about simply allowing an innocuous substance on the GRAS list!!! STOP!!! Keep homeopathy alive in our country and let those who need to use them, use them. We may not completely understand how it works but they are by no means DANGEROUS!!!!!
    To contrast the GRAS list with medication that hurts. Tylenol has caused more pediatric hepatic failures than any other drug yet it’s still used daily in hospitals, and in doctors offices. Homeopathy has not caused ANY deaths and it’s being considered for removal? Please explain the threat that it poses and why it’s not on the GRAS list?
    Thank you.

  43. The FDA should be disbanded and only handle pharmaceuticals. When tens of thousands of people die from pharmaceuticals, you do virtually nothing about it, but if someone goes into anaphylactic shock from a supplement, you go full bull goose bozo and do everything to kill that supplement. What do you know about supplements and homeopathic treatments? Probably nothing. If they need your approval, they’ll never get it. I watched my Parents disintegrate from pharmaceuticals and one of them very nearly killed me. Apparently for me, the minimal prescribed dosage was an overdose. These are not drugs. I don’t know which is worse: pharmaceuticals or religion.

  44. This possible action by the FDA is not only inhumane but based on a great ignorance of the incredible benefits of homeopathic medicine that has helped me tremendously throughout my life and allowed me to avoid, for example becoming dependent on unecessary and addictive pain medications and other allopathic medicines with unpleasant side effects and way too expensive prices for the common person.
    There should be much more control and action taken against the big drug companies who make billions a year at the cost of the people.

  45. Homeopathy is not an issue. It is a very old use of tinctures and they contain extremely small amounts of substance. The very theory of this drug use is to administer minute quantities of the substance. Homeopathy is based on the use of minute quantities of substance. No one will be hurt by the administration of these amounts.
    Are you aware that even Queen Elizabeth of England carries homeopathic substances with her in the event of illness. It is a process which does work for many problems and without negative side effects. If only we could be so certain of the safety of the allopathic drugs used in modern medicine which take many lives. The FDA should address side effects of allopathic drugs as there is much to look into. Stop giving “Big Pharma” a free ride.

  46. I have taken homeopathic remedies for most of my life and never experienced one single adverse reaction only great benefit! Trying to “control” the public’s access to them is more than ludicrous — it’s insane!
    Try focussing your energy on the big drug companies making billions at the expense of the consumer and marketing drugs often with very unwelcome side effects. The opioid epidemic, for example, is no joke and much more needs to be done to educate the public on the non drug resources that are available to them!

  47. The FDA should be concerned about all the horrible side effects that most of the drugs have, that conventional Medicine uses. Homeopathic products are not “drugs” because they work in a completely different way! And are MUCH SAFER due to much much lower dosages and they work in a long term slower pace!
    As far back as anyone in my family can remember we have used Homeopathic products safely and effectively!! Their successful use predates most of the conventional drugs, and obviously if they would not help people they would not be using them.
    Their use should be considered in all health issues that are not major, acute, or life-threatening !! Anything that has helped generations of people successfully should not be disregarded and has its own place in keeping them healthy and well.

  48. Please do not inhibit in any way my personal freedom and right to do homeopathy. I have been using homeopathy for many years and have not been harmed by it in any way. It is my responsibility to protect, nourish, and treat my body as I see fit. It is not the responsibility of the FDA whose only goal is to protect the pharmaceutical industry, not my health and interests. So please leave the homeopathic medicines alone!

  49. Congressperson
    As a holistic MD, I am infuriated at the idea the federal government would ban homeopathic remedies. This is simply big Pharma trying to squelch competition. These remedies are completely safe and I have used them for over 25 years without one single incident. They are far safer than over-the-counter medications, or even tap water for that matter.
    I strongly urge to reconsider and look at these as more supplements, rather than drugs per se. With rising healthcare costs and diminished quality of healthcare, they offer a powerful help in assisting patients with their healthcare. I would be more than happy to speak with any interested party.


  51. We the People know what you’re up to in the FDA. We know that you’re in bed with Big Pharma and that you rely on their fees for new drug approvals. We know that you’re serving their interests in going after the Homeopathic, Vitamin, and Supplement market. We know about the corrupt CDC too. Your time is almost up. You’re part of the Swamp, as is the CDC, and you’re in our sights for dismantling. You no longer serve any good purpose, if you ever did. You approve dangerous Big Pharma bullets to the detriment of the public. We the People know that you let Big Pharma skate on inadequate testing/studies of their proposed new drugs which puts us all in danger. Drug testing should be done by an independent third party to ensure some kind of trust in the outcomes. Leave the Homeopathic, Vitamin, and Supplement market alone. It is far safer to use an alternative to Big Pharma’s drugs than it is to take one of their Agenda 21 bullets! Millions of We the People Know What You’re Doing! God has a special place all prepared for you and your cohorts in crime.

  52. Homeopathy has been around since the 18th century and been used with very good effect. I have relied on homeopathic products for years, for myself and my family with great effects. My homeopath is an MD and also an incredible diagnostician He has helped me and my family more times than I can count. The availability of homeopathic medicines in health food and drug stores is essential. Homeopathy works, has NO side effects and is cost effective. Homeopathy is invaluable health aid that must not be restricted in any way! To do so makes no sense and would be a great disservice. It is my right to choose the health care and health aids that are best for me and my family, care that works, does not harm and costs little!

  53. Rather than restricting access to homeopathic medicine, we should embrace it. The scientific and clinical evidence demonstrate that homeopathy is a legitimate form of medicine that can help us heal in the 21st century. Banning HOMEOPATHY is a CRIME AGAINST HUMMANITY

  54. .i have been using homeopathic remedies for years and have been greatly helped by them. i have never had any negative side effects. Please leave them alone. I am afraid these new regulations will remove them from the consumer and that would be a shame as they have helped many people.

  55. Protect our right of choice! I should be allowed choose & use Homeopathy!
    STOP BIG DRUG COMPANIES from controlling everything & removing any competition!

  56. I am prolife but “My body, My choice” takes on a new meaning when homeopathy is the subject.
    Allow us to make the decisions to take care of our bodies using God given remedies.
    Some may choose Big Pharma money maker’s lab produced “medicine”, but not everyone.

  57. natural remedies as an option are a right that I am not interested in forfeiting to bureaucrat control… PROTECT HOMEOPATHY

  58. I am 82 years old and have been using homeopathy for more than 30 years, with much better results than OTC drugs or prescriptions. There has never been a negative reaction from the homepathic treatments, I certainly can’t say the same for prescription or OTC products.
    Please, please, please do not take away this source of wellness from me and the many who benefit from it. I can’t afford prescription or high cost of medical tests, and with homeopathy I mostly don’t need them.
    I pray you will give careful thought to this matter, how it will affect so many citizens of the world.

  59. I am allergic to a lot of allopathic drugs. My alternative treatment is homeopathic remedies because they are not so invasive or toxic to my body. Please leave these alternative treatments available for me and all that need them.

    Natural medicine is the only way. WE THE PEOPLE have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to choose healthy and natural remedies to heal ourselves. WE THE PEOPLE RULE!!!

  61. Freedom of choice is what is great about living in the USA! Homeopathy is just one of many choices that we have available. Please don’t take away access to homeopathy to those who have good results with it.

  62. I am a chemically sensitive person. I have been treated now (3 years) for leaky gut with great success after having been put on drugs that caused reduction in stomach acid, skin problems, nail & hair problems, thyroid to be affected. One of the drugs that I was on for several years was recently pulled off the market. I stopped taking it two years ago since none of my symptoms were improving. I was misdiagnosed all those years. I was told I had acid reflux when I had bile reflux. I am told there is no cure for bile reflux. The last thing I want is malnutrition. Homeopathy and seeing alternative doctors has helped. I have considered myself in pretty good health. I rarely was awake all night suffering.
    Recently, I had two hip replacements. I got a mild reaction from antibiotics but once I stopped, things improved. I got a horrible reaction to three of the drugs for the second surgery. Tramadol I broke out in horrible rash, which stopped once I stopped taking it. I am still now three months later trying to recover from antibiotics. I got a reaction to Eliquis. Once I stopped taking it; the problems improved.
    I recall all the “highly addictive drugs” I was put on 35 years ago for back pain. I do not know how I coped with life, since I was so drugged. I took a chance, AGAINST the doctor’s advise and went to good acupuncturist. Within 3 weeks, ALL the pain that I had suffered with for ten years even with the drugs STOPPED. I was able to compete in sports. I suddenly HAD A LIFE.
    The FDA and the allopathic medical doctors don’t’ seem to understand not everyone is able to fit into their square boxes for treatment. It is very depressing when the only treatment that a medical doctor can give is “here try this pill” on every visit.
    Western medicine does not always work for me.
    When I hear that my own government will not allow me to seek out what actually works for me; I am angry. The one thing we should be able to do is seek treatments that actually work for us. When you read that the one of the serious causes of deaths in this country is medical; it is scary. Just about all of the drugs you, the FDA, approves have been responsible for many serious side effects.
    The FDA is a swinging door for Pharma. I learned when I was researching alternative medicine, I read that up until the late 1800’s the US had actual homeopathic hospitals until one of the tycoons in Pennsylvania decided to evolve medicine into a business. All doctors would be educated in 1-2 recognized schools forcing out all doctors practicing homeopathic medicine. They wanted knowledge
    concentrated in controlled educational institutes.
    Protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines.

  63. Homeopathy has kept my thyroid doing its own work for several years now; otherwise, some animal or synthetic thyroid would have to do the work for me.

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