1. Glyphosate is a very dangerous substance. It is becoming widespread in the farm environment. It is so commonly used that it is ending up in consumer products such as children’s cereal. It seems that economic gain exceeds ethics.

  2. Please stop the use of glyphosates ! These chemicals are deadly to all of us. Even YOU !!!! Stop the greed !

  3. I am a vegan and eat unprocessed organic Whole Foods/ . As most restaurants don’t offer these foods I have given up eating out. I sometimes feel like I am foraging for healthy foods when I shop. Most folks the use can’t afford organic food so they get dosed with pesticides every day and so do their children.

  4. With new gardening season close at hand, focusing on local stores would make sense as a start.

  5. Whenever I eat food that is contaminated with glyphosate, or similar carcinogenic hormone hacking chemicals, I develop fatigue, weakness, headaches, pins and needles sensation in my hands and feet, a flu like illness, and insomnia. These signs and symptoms are a premonition to a condition that is much more serious and that can cost you your life as result of eating foods contaminated with glyphosate or similar hormone hacking chemicals. That disease is rectal and colon cancer. On a world wide basis and particularly in the USA, there is now an alarming epidemic of rectal and colon cancer in young people. These cancers are projected to accelerate in the months and years to come. The timeline in developing these cancers overlaps the exponential use of glyphosate. Millennials have the highest exposure to glyphosate per pound of body weight more than any other generation. The cause of these cancers is likely to be due to glyphosate or other similar hormone hacking chemicals in the food supply. These are the same or similar chemicals which make me sick. Young pregnant women are among the worst victims and tragedies for rectal and colon cancer. The vast majority are terminal upon being diagnosed. No one is being held responsible for his problem. When enough millennials die from this disease and it reaches critical mass, it will become obvious. Heads will begin to roll. Mark my words.

  6. Glyphosate has a long and sordid history. It does a great job of killing or harming everything t comes in contact with, including vegetation,birds and animals including, of course, people. It is well-known to cause neurological problems, liver and other organ damage. It was sprayed in Vietnam to kill the vegetation which sheltered the Viet-Cong. It also killed or
    injured other Vietnamese and U.S. Military forces.
    I was at a meeting in Idaho years ago where a representative of the U.S. Forest Service gushed on and on about the ” safety” of glyphosate which the Forest Service wanted to spray along roads,streams and rivers and in clear-cuts to kill the brush. The representative had a glass of glyphosate (Round-Up) on the table beside him and said that it was perfectly safe for people to drink. The packed meeting room immediately chanted, “Drink it. Drink it.” He refused.

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