1. please ! PLEASE ! LET OUR CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN LIVE IN A CLEAN WORLD ! PLEASE ! You have children ? RIGHT ! Don’t you want a better world (CLEAN) for them ??? DOn’t you ?????

  2. PFAS is not only harming people but also our total environment. We need to take steps to better control and find ways to protect ourselves and our environment. Solutions need to be found and used to help everyone and our planet . It must be done as soon as possible. Do not sweep this under the rug and ignore it . That is what has led to this problem in the first place.

  3. Our water supplies need to be cleaned up ASAP. Has reached the point where it is impossible to find any clean drinking water in the US.

  4. These “Forever” chemicals need to be 1) monitored in all drinking water supplies, and 2) used as little as possible, if not outright banned from use.

  5. Stop polluting and stop population growth. We are breeding units which gives our powerful overlords more reasons to say we need to provide more resources before we have all achieved a sustainable good clean standard of life. We ar so busy trying to support ourselves we do not have the tme or energy to fight them for a better life..

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