B12 Shots Banned?

California is threatening to ban methylcobalamin shots, which sets a dangerous precedent. We must act now. Action Alerts!
The California State Board of Pharmacy has proposed regulatory language that would block patient access to methylcobalamin (B12) injections, IV glutathione, intranasal glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, as well as numerous other medications. This serious threat to crucial medicines must be opposed immediately to prevent significant harm to patients suffering from debilitating illnesses. We are also concerned that California’s actions regarding compounding provide a dangerous precedent as the FDA also considers a ban on methylcobalamin, glutathione, and other compounded supplements.
The State Board of Pharmacy has proposed to ban the sterile compounding of ingredients that only have USP dietary supplement monographs. This resulted from an incident in January 2019 where medicines distributed by Letco Medical were contaminated with endotoxins. As a result, seven patients who received the injectable drug experienced adverse events. The California State Board of Pharmacy issued a Compounding Safety Alert about the incident in January 2019. FDA issued a warning letter on February 1, 2019, warning compounders not to use L-Glutathione distributed by Letco Medical to compound sterile injectable drugs. According a June 2019 FDA update, “the L-glutathione powder the pharmacies received was labeled with ‘Caution: Dietary Supplement’ and should not have been used to compound sterile injectable drugs.”
The State Board of Pharmacy can and would accept a USP drug monograph, but is proposing to ban substances that have a supplement monograph. This is an arbitrary decision and represents a direct attack on vitamin B12 shots, glutathione, and more. It is arbitrary because drug and supplement monographs are essentially the same. According to USP,

A monograph is a written standard that establishes public specifications for an article’s quality. A USP monograph—whether for a drug product/ingredient or a dietary supplement—provides the name of that article; its definition; package, storage and labeling requirements; and a list of tests with related analytical procedures and acceptance criteria (usually expressed in percentage ranges or limits) needed to ensure identity, strength, purity and the absence of or control for contaminants [emphasis added].

Further, compounding pharmacies are required to follow the guidelines set forth in USP <797>, which delineates standards for compounding sterile preparations in all pharmacy settings. These guidelines were specifically designed to avoid patient harm through exposure to, among other things, excessive bacterial endotoxins.
These standards should be sufficient to prevent contaminants in glutathione, and those pharmacies that do not adhere to these standards should be held accountable. Let’s be clear. This was one bad batch, and the problem should have been caught and solved very simply by testing for endotoxins. But once again, government health authorities are using an isolated incident to restrict patient access to important medicines.
This should all sound familiar. In 2012, thousands of patients were given medicines contaminated by fungal meningitis, killing 64 and causing infections in over 700 patients. This was due to the actions of one bad actor, the New England Compounding Center (NECC), and might have been avoided had the FDA followed up on warning letters it had sent to NECC in previous years. Nevertheless, this episode was used to pass the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013, which tightened federal control over pharmacy compounding. Regular readers of the Pulse newsletter will be familiar with the many ways in which the FDA is restricting compounding—all stemming from a single incident that could have been avoided had the FDA enforced the law.
That methylcobalamin and other dietary supplement ingredients are being singled out in California is of great concern. Methylcobalamin is helpful for a variety of conditions. It promotes brain function, can help with pain, vision, and sleep, mitigates the risk of birth defects, and there is research suggesting B12 can help with depression, Alzheimer’s, and autism.
Further, most commercially available B12 comes in two forms (although there are in fact a total of five forms of B12). Cyanocobalamin is the most popular because it is cheap to produce and has a longer shelf life.  Once taken, cyanocobalamin needs to be converted into an active form of the vitamin, methylcobalamin or adenosylcobalamin. The problem is that some patients with the MTHFR mutation cannot properly perform this conversion, so they must take methylcobalamin, which is why many integrative doctors prefer methylcobalamin supplementation. (Note that cyanocobalamin shots are still available in California with a doctor’s prescription and are not threatened by the proposal being discussed in this article.)
For these reasons, blocking access to this important medicine will have an adverse effect on patient health. Here is a list of other substances that could be banned in California:

  • Glutathione, the body’s most important antioxidant;
  • Alpha lipoic acid (another important antioxidant);
  • Glucosamine (helpful for osteoarthritis)
  • MSM (helpful for joints, detoxification, and potential for protection against cancer);
  • Curcumin (tremendously anti-inflammatory with so many health benefits it would take a book to list them all);
  • CoQ10 (an antioxidant that the body produces naturally and that cells use for growth and maintenance);
  • Acetyl-l-carnitine (functions as an antioxidant, and promotes the production of glutathione in cells);
  • Citrulline (an amino acid compounded for pediatric patients with metabolic disorders).

Removing access to this medically necessary treatment when there is often no commercially available alternative is irresponsible and will cause harm to many patients. The State Board of Pharmacy’s actions are confusing given that the problem could be solved very simply by requiring additional testing for the presence of endotoxins. It also sets a dangerous precedent as the FDA decides separately whether to ban methylcobalamin, glutathione IVs, and a host of other compounded supplements. We must oppose this overreach by the California State Board of Pharmacy.

Urgent Action Alert!

EVERYONE: Write to Congress and the FDA, urging them to retain consumer access to B12 shots, IV glutathione, and other important natural medicines. Send your message immediately. TAKE ACTION!


State-based Action Alert!

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Write to the State Board of Pharmacy and the state government and urge them to reject the proposed changes. TAKE ACTION!

Are you a California doctor or patient who relies on the sterile compounding of one of the affected substances (see bullet list above) and have a personal story you want to share? Send it to [email protected]. Your stories will help us demonstrate to the State Board of Pharmacy that patients need these medicines and will be harmed by a ban. Please send your message immediately.
Editor’s Note (2/10/2020): The article was updated to clarify that cyanocobalamin injections are not included in the California proposal. Certain facts regarding the differences between cyanocobalamin and methylcovalamin were also updated and clarified.


  1. I want to decide what I put in my body. I do not want corporate leaders and politicians making decisions about my body.

    1. In the mind of big pharma and big medicine there is. Stop all “alternative” treatments make everyone rely on mainstream doctors and highly profitable patent medicine. That is ALL this is about. No one takes popular drugs and vaccines off the market when there is an incident like this. It’s just an excuse they’ve been waiting for. Now they are celebrating.

  2. Retain consumer access to B12 shots, IV glutathione, and other important natural medicines. It was extremely important for my parents of have this available to them.

  3. Please retain consumer access to B12 shots, IV glutathione, and other important natural medicines.

  4. It would be absolutely ridiculous to ban this method of receiving B12. It is the only way to be absorbed by a number of people!

  5. I have a friend who lives in California, and I’d like to move there, but you’ve banned too many things that I need for my health to even think about moving there.
    I have back problems and MSM is the major thing that keeps me up and walking instead of being bedridden and in constant pain! B-12 shots are the only way some people can get this needed vitamin! I could go on.
    One small problem is making you create a much bigger problem!
    Please, don’t do this!

  6. Its like the California Establishment is trying to kill Californians. Banning certain meds and vitamins.. but, crapping in the streets is legal. Members of the California Government should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  7. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I rely on B-12 shots, especially during a relapse for energy to even get up to bathe!!

  8. B12 shots are important weapons for California doctors and patients in treating many serious diseases. Please do not implement these proposed changes.

  9. B12 shots were used after my dental surgery to help me fight off infection without the overuse of antibiotics. Please do not ban something so useful that has not been shown to have harmful affects.

  10. Banning these supplements would be a BIG mistake for the health of this country, including you and your family members. Please do not let them ban these supplements.

  11. My mother had pernicious anemia and required B12 shots every week or two, which she administered herself, per doctor’s prescription, which was convenient for her.
    If she did not get her shot on time (happened during nursing home stay to recover from broken hip) she would become very rundown, have no energy, and her complexion would become almost gray.
    B12 was vitally important for her well-being. This I know.


  13. So more safe guards to literately defeat the only options of of help for ourselves, who would ever do such a thing, My Naturopath has less and less ability to help those that benefit from t,hose kinds of shots our regular Dr’s never seem to get what real care is, and only skim over the underlying causes.

  14. I’m blown away at the damage being done to California in all aspects. This can not be done, so many people need these medications. Just like insurance companies won’t cover Naturopathic doctors or practices, their most definitely going to attack the naturopathic medications. THEY want us to take their poisons instead. I pray God opens up the eyes to this nation so we can come together & fight for what’s right..??

  15. California should become it’s own communistic country and a wall built around it to protect the United States. When they ban something or allow something that is a danger to their citizens, it means someone, a lobbyist or government official, is making money from it.

  16. There is overwhelming evidence that B12 assists with many body functions and/or physical ailments. Please review carefully all the information on B12 before a determination on banning a water-soluble wonderful B Vitamin that helps adults as well as children. In a very stressful world, people need all the help they can get, and this is definitely a supplement that helps with that.

  17. My mother relies on monthly injections of B-12 for pernicious anemia. She lives in California

  18. I have struggled immensly with healrh problems at 50 years old. I even went on disability. Taking control of my health and choose to get iv therapy and administering b12 injwctions to.myself and have finally seen improvement in my healrh. Woyldnt that be wonderful for people to have self care, and reruen to.better healrh, AND get off the system( early social securiry) because of this ????? Please do not ban b12 injections or IV therapy. Its imperative for many individuals to choose and have personal.access to these . Thank you!

  19. This is ridiculous. These shots and drips help me from getting ill. Im 74 and have had immune issues

  20. Please let alternative methods prosper / people will decide themselves if it bad for them

  21. I have to take b12 complex plus vitamin supplements I was on b12 shots in 2019 for 2 months because of my b12 was badly low so I hope that I am not still at risk w

  22. Dear Congress and the FDA,
    I am urging you to retain consumer access to B12 shots, IV glutathione, and other important natural medicines.

  23. Our current diet and the quality of our foods are sometimes not what they used to be. Oral B12 is not the solution as it does not always get absorbed properly. At time, shots are the only way to make sure the levels of B12 are at their best.

  24. People need B12 shots and other NATURAL vitamins and supplements. It should be up the individual AND their doctor to decide what is best for them!

  25. My wife has Dementia and is currently at home with Hospice care. I give her a B12 Injection once a week and now she is able to speak.
    For many years we have taken B-12 Injections until it became difficult to purchase B-12 in this country and we have had to buy the B-12 from Canada. We have been advised that California is going to ban b-12 injections.
    Please take whatever action you can to assure that our citizens can use B-12 injections which have been some help to Alzheimer’s disease patients’.
    Where is the Alzheimers Association and are they going to help?

  26. B12 shots have been safe for years. My doctor first gave them to me in the early 60s and I’m now almost 87. You aren’t trying to protect- you are trying to control. Don’t take this away.

  27. I was just completing a letter, when I was suddenly kicked off the ANH-USA website and I can’t find my letter. This has happened before when I have attempted to respond to an action alert.
    I am a retired RN, masters level, wife, mother, and concerned citizen. This sort of overreaction by the FDA and, in this instance, by the California State Board of Pharmacy, is an outlandish reaction by the FDA’s to its own failure to enforce existing law. This proposal to deny access to an array of compounded medicines fails to recognize the harm that will be suffered by countless patients who rely on these medicines to maintain their health.
    Enforcement of existing law is all that is needed.

  28. I believe the benefits of B12 injections far outweigh the negatives. The FDA needs to step up and monitor companies which produce the inject-able as opposed to banning it altogether.

  29. I am so tired of the FDA and now the California State Board of Pharmacy, inserting themselves between doctor and patient – uninvited!

  30. I have a genetic disorder that requires me to have weekly Methyl B12 injections. Banning the availability of B12 injections will most probably cause my death. I ask the State of California not to do this!

  31. It’s been an hour since I started replying to this site Re. The potential denial of access by patients to B 12 injections, IV Glutathione, and a number of widely used natural medicines.
    It seems the FDA failed to enforce existing laws and now wants to punish patients for the FDA’s irresponsibility.
    This website has proved unstable when I tried to respond to their Action Alerts in the past. This is my last attempt to respond for today. Bottom line: these natural medicines are safe when taken as directed, are needed by large numbers of patients, and should never be denied.

  32. How’s Communism working there get people like Warren or Sanders it will get worse when only the Government can prescribe anything.

  33. After years of downward spiraling on allopathic medication and standard treatments for my various debilitating, painful, chronic health problems, around age 50 I switched to natural substance treatments. It is complex, expensive, and effective. As I approach my 80th birthday this year, my blood work is excellent, I have survived stage 2 breast cancer, I am mobile, social, and am earning my undergraduate degree this year as well with honor grades.
    Other than to support the distortions Corporate profit-seeking brings to healing, why would my government restrict me and others who have their own genuine needs for alternate health care, from accessing our individual right to choice in support of optimal health? This has to be stopped now!

  34. I live in New York and am dependent on these vital shots. I can’t imagine them being outlawed, essentially.

  35. I am an 80 year old woman with extreme osteoarthritis. If am deprived of Vitamin B-12 it will cause me to suffer increasing pain. Please do not take away my very effective pain relief.

  36. Hi I have low B-12 from the toxic air I breathed in on and after 9-11 so I have to take B-12 orally. To get rid of it could be dangerous for people like me. It would leave us at an even higher risk of cancer.

  37. I am one of those people who cannot convert cyano and must rely on methyl. I have pyroluria and documented genetically mediated metabolic compromise including 2 MTHFR SNPS. I depend on B vitamin therapies to live. My husband has been brought back from endotoxin induced Parkinsons by glutathione drip and inhalation therapy. We would be in a graduated care facility if not for this therapy. Instead of holding onto the furniture for balance and shuffling, he’s walking normally again, doing strength training, Pilates, stationary cycling and is pain free! Glutathione infusion and inhalation therapies have saved his life LITERALLY! And he must continue them to consolidate his restored health. How many pharmaceutical related accidents and deaths are there on a regular basis? Is anyone banning statins that damage muscle fibers and cognition? Why is that? BANNING THESE HEALTH RESTORING THERAPIES WOULD COST INNUMERABLE PEOPLE QUALITY OF LIFE AND LIVES THEMSELVES.

  38. I used to think Californians were health conscious & cutting edge, after they allowed mandatory Vaccines, I TOTALLY CHANGED MY MIND.
    Forgive me, but I think that is disgusting & shameful.
    B12 shots are Awesome

  39. Check your security, I like to help but I filled out the security word three times and it did not take. If you want people to respond don’t make it too difficult. Everything else was correct.

  40. Natural medicines have helped individuals without killing them unlike that legalized drugs. Government needs to stay out of our business about our health choices. Freedom of choice.

  41. retain consumer access to B-12 shots and other important medicines. Helps autism, alzheimer’s, depression, etc.

  42. My daughter- at age 32- suffered a lack of B12 which resulted in her inability to even stand or walk. She was hospitalized for 5 days, followed by a year of B12 shots and then daily B12 pills for the rest of her life.
    I don’t know what would have happened without the B12 shots.

  43. Nope. You got that wrong.
    It’s not methylcobalamin that you get, but cyanocobalamin.
    I know the difference – I am allergic to the latter (but not the former).

  44. You know and I know how important B12 is for people’s neurological function. People who do not have intrinsic factor can not break down B12 and therefore are dependent on B12 shots. So what is up….. Are you planning on letting people who can not break down B12 naturally get pernicious anemia???????

  45. Surprising that such a policy should originate in CA of all states, a state swimming in alternative therapies and practitioners.
    I also doubt they would be legally allowed to ban B12, which could be a medical necessity in some cases.

  46. Sounds like there is a reasonable solution to the bad reaction of some patients to some injections. I still feel that other compounded medicines are helping people and should be allowed.

  47. I am extremely upset that the government is sticking their nose in again where it doesn’t belong these natural medicines are needed all they want to do is have people take all these poisons that the pharmaceutical companies keep producing those kill more people than they help

  48. Why are we banning vitamins? I’m afraid this is something pharmaceutical companies have lobbied for and have won the support of our government.

  49. a) First they close a blind eye to “Side effects” causing liver tumors, leukemia, seizures., coma and death in mainstream medications, but then they call the naturopaths the quacks. Can you spell agendas afoot?
    B) When one single batch is contaminated, they go with a bear’s paw and swipe all of those same uncontaminated products off the shelves. This is an unprecedented move toward dictatorship. We pay our taxes for officials to uphold, protect and defend the US Constitution, not to discriminate against our free choice in medicine.
    C) They mistakenly believe that if they grab control of natural supplements, that people will all automatically and of necessity, defect to mainstream medicine. They are wrong. A significant cross sector of our society is defecting from mainstream to natural medicine, due to side effects from mainstream meds. People will find other ways to continue right on with natural supplements and nutrition.
    D) Those who mean well but side against natural medicine, may be confessing ignorance. They are not aware of the science and research in natural medicine. All they have to do is go to the government medical database, http://www.pubmed.gov to find out more. Assumptions are only assumptions, and they may be unresearched assumptions.
    E) It is time for the profiteering-based discrimination and harassment of the natural health industry to be stopped, and for lawsuits to spring up left and right. Had enough? Then everybody team up and file a joint lawsuit, class action works! It is time for this to stop, at last. We will not be victims, and we do have a choice!

    1. Supplements & vitamins should NOT be handled by Big Pharma.
      As a disabled person w/several incurable diseases—the last thing needed is Big Pharma. Not only would prices sky-rocket. If Big Pharma is in charge, safety procedures & side effects publications would become a thing of the past. Why should Big Pharma make outrageous profits on natural remedies?
      Profits over human care, safety, & human comfort is not acceptable.
      Did I mention that Big Pharma in their ultimate wisdom & greed has nearly killed me more than once with their “wonder drugs”

  50. I get IV’s that include B12 and glutathione. I can’t imagine my life without the ability to get these substances. I find it ironic that seven people were affected by this and when you look at the pharmaceutical drugs that are on the market that have affected hundreds of thousands of people negatively yet nobody’s doing anything about that.

  51. It would be helpful if you had a petition for us to sign online. Maybe if you do this through MoveOn.com and/or DailyKos.com, more people would sign and more people would be aware of this. Or just do the petition yourself if you have a really big mailing list.

    1. Hi Bruce,
      Thank you for your comment! If you click on the Action Alert button at the top of the article it should take you to a new page where there is a petition created by ANH waiting for your signature. You have the option to add a comment to the petition or modify some of the language if you choose. I hope this helps!

  52. Removing access to this medically necessary treatment when there is often no commercially available alternative is irresponsible and will cause harm to many patients. The State Board of Pharmacy’s actions are confusing given that the problem could be solved very simply by requiring additional testing for the presence of endotoxins. It also sets a dangerous precedent as the FDA decides separately whether to ban methylcobalamin, glutathione IVs, and a host of other compounded supplements. We must oppose this overreach by the California State Board of Pharmacy.

  53. The further regulation fo B12, glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, glucosamine, CoQ10, MSM, curcumin, ciruline and L-carnatine is ludacris; these have been used in other countries and around the world for their healing properties. Your Bans would set a precident for other states and is a manipulation of information on use of supplements. Yes these can replace medicines for people to regain health why would pharmacy want to BAN them when they help patients.. As a healthcare provider and person with 30 years of research into health and wellness for my patients; I don’t see a reason to ban these substances. Not everyone is using them and yet this should be an option for people who choose these modalities. Not everything is for everybody but your ban would be shortsighted. These are health related supplements that should be available for patients to choose as treatment options. I have seen these work for patients and want to see them available in the US.

  54. obviously the FDA Is aware that these vitamins are allowing patients to get away from their dangerous drugs..cannot have that

  55. What the heck is wrong with this country? Whatever happened to FREEDOM to…..
    use natural products to help OUR health, to prevent having to use chemicals
    and use natural products because we choose too, and it also is a cost benefit.

  56. B12 is an essential vitamins to the body. Why would you ban it? Alot of people who don’t have a very good diet or their body needs the extra boost to make them healthier.You really need to read the documentation on the total importance of your b complex.

  57. I don’t think a knee jerk reaction of banning B12 shots because one pharmacy company was not using correct safety procedures is a prudent thing to do. Be responsible and police your industry correctly. This is why you have Industry standards.

  58. I have received B12 shots, as did my grandmother (in the hospital) and it made a significant improvement in our health. This is an tried and true treatment and should be allowed when prescribed by an N.D., D.O., M.D. or CNP.

  59. My husband and I are patients that need B-12 shots. We are in our 70’s and in order to function, we require it weekly.
    We need the care for our bodies. It is not a wise move to deprive us of our health.
    Bill & Jan Williams

  60. When I was a child a shot of B12 helped immediately when in winter we had bronchial problems. B12 is one of the best example of simpler and more effective medicines. Today the first word a mother hears when taking her children to the doctor is ANTIBIOTICS! No! It is wrong! Start with simpler and proven medicines and leave the antibiotics as a last resort.
    On the other hand BigPharma must be feeling the choke after the neutralization of the effectiveness of antibiotics by the indiscriminate use of them in industrial farming and also that they had to stop prescribing opioids. They were carefully making the population addictive but why to care? They were making loads of money. Now they want to stop B12 injections? It probably is so effective for so many conditions that they look at it as their personal enemy!
    BigPharma in the USA is not anymore a resource to find solutions to illnesses, it has become one of the biggest businesses with greedy share holders. So what drives BigPharma is how to give dividends to their share holders and not to find solutions for the sick patient.

  61. I have the MTHFR gene and need methelated vitamin B as my body has trouble methelating.
    I use several of the supplements you are thinking of making illegal. I find supplements to be much safer than pharmaceuticals, but pharmaceutical companies are scared because people are turning to safer and equally effective supplements.Big pharma companies have a powerful lobby, but if you take our supplemts away and our compounded medicines made exactly to our needs there will be a huge backlash. Our health depends on it.

  62. It is important to allow doctors to administer B12 shots to patients who cannot take it orally. It would be a terrible precedent to set for arbitrary banning without compelling reasons not to deliver the health benefits.

  63. As a Californian and United States American the right to choose is a right I take very serious and dear. I choose prevention over recovery. I would rather keep myself healthy than have to run to the doctor/hospital to get better whenever possible.
    I have to say, even in staying healthy sometimes things out of one’s hand happen. And I have come to realize natural approaches many times work much better than using synthetic drugs to form healing.
    I rely on certain supplements to assist in inflammation and pain. Pain occurs when the weather gets cold for instance in a certain area of my body where I had a tear in my leg. I choose this over the option of taking narcotics. And synthetics that destroy organs. (Proven)
    Being that all medicine has had an origin from plants, I would rather turn to the natural source whenever is possible. This also saves on unnecessary doctor visits.
    Most doctors these days tell you to manage the pain and push through it. I have found that through herbs and supplements the swelling is less and the pain is manageable.
    Whereas, narcotics are addictive. Supplements are not.
    Yes, mishaps happen on both sides.
    This is where people should learn to pay attention and READ LABELS!
    Vitamins don’t harm people when taken according to the instructions.
    Vitamins are a personal choice. It needs to remain this way.

  64. It seems like medical Doctors are the ones who should be making the choice about this…

  65. Please retain consumer access to B12 shots, IV glutathione, and other important natural medicines.

  66. I take all of these by mouth. And I live in Georgia. We want nothing to do with California and their looney liberal policies. It should never have made into one state. It is too large and should be broken into two states, like North and South Dakota, and North and South Carolina.

  67. I have used most of the supplements in the past, and take most of them on a regular basis/

  68. I desperately need access to the natural medicines. They are saving my husband’s life. He has multiple myeloma.

  69. My Aunt took vitamin B12 shots for decades. She lived to be 101 yrs. old. Passed from a broken hip. She had stated she had absolutely NO ENERGY unless she received the b12 shots.

  70. You’re taking healing away from people that need this vitamin and others . When you have b deficiencies it affects your brain health which can lead to brain fog if you don’t get this shot and your deficient.

  71. You need to look at your work ethic. You can write laws, but then not follow them or enforce them, such as the case with NECC the new England compounding corporation what good are they. It is another example of state and federal government failing to follow up on the laws they create.

  72. I perceive a more sinister reason for the removal of the B-12 injections. We no longer live in a society that regards aging seniors, the elderly and those with developmental diseases or handicaps as part of a healthy and vibrant population, much as Nazi Germany once did. Today, even though choice words are often used in favor of removing B-12 shots and claim it’s for health benefits, still, underneath it all is a dark and methodical agenda, few seem to be the wiser to. If removing these shots isn’t beneficial to all, it should become a mute point altogether! I believe and have voiced my sentiments in favor of keeping the shots available to all and anyone who needs them.

  73. I need B12 shots because my gut no longer absorbs this necessary vitamin. The idea that it would be banned is unthinkable!

  74. I am a patient who needs glutathione,
    alpha lipoic acid, msm & B12 for my condition. the problem with the contaminated B12 shots were because of one bad actor. Please do not adversely effect our health by banning these supplements.

  75. I take B12 injections with my hormones, I’m so thankful for it! I’m so tired without it!! I do not agree it should be removed!! Leave it for those who need it!!
    I’m sure if it was something they needed , they’d never touch it!!

  76. My husband was diagnosed with Shingles on his forehead above his eye which was extremely painful in the 1970’s. His family doctor at that time injected my husband with two Vitamin B12 shots and with in a week’s time the Singles were gone! Shame on California to even consider banning Vitamin B12 shots. My husband is 76 years of age and he’s still ‘going strong’!

  77. B-12 shots was vital in getting rid of my anemia. Something this easy and safe should never be banned from us. California is becoming less and less an ideal place to live. They do not care about the residents that pay taxes here. Stop this insanity so you do not lose more citizens in the mass exit from far too liberal California.

  78. Do not outlaw sources of needed nutritional supplements that have been proven useful to some 1000s of people. Can not help but wonder if this part of Big Pharma as more and more health professionals, nutritionists, etc. recognize the healing benefits of all proposed supplements targeted to be eliminated. More profit for pharmaceutical companies to ban supplements when they can then charge exorbitant prices?

  79. The only reason they intend to ban B12 shots is that they work.
    Why don’t they penalize the company that produced the less than pure vials?
    That would send a message to those who would cost cut quality assurance at the expense of patients.

  80. ALS patients cannot absorb B 12 and need injections for survival. Pass this legislation, and you will cause thousands of deaths.

  81. PLEASE USA do more than “something” about your sadly most corrupt companies and gove’t bodys’.
    The WORLD is paying a HUGE PRICE in HEALTH (& other area), for the meds/ chemicals/never ending-violence in your films and daily lives, the interference in other Country’s’ cultures and lives, so much is wrong from USA now. It appears that the $$$$$ IS GOD in USA. McDonalds, Burger King, etc., etc., who suddenly make the change to “healthy food” only when exposed.
    TAKE Responsibility for once and all for your actions. and here is a vital area that is being interfered with by USA Gov’t & Big Business for their OWN AGENDAs’. Get rid of TRUMP he is a glaring example of the “sickness” in USA. of what is wrong with USA – Yes, more jobs but at what price for the whole World.
    We are all fed up with these many USA induced illnesses then forced to purchase life saving Supplements to help our health.
    D Ryan
    PS. I do trust you have the courage to post this email about USA from Australia aka as Little America.

  82. I don’t understand why you would want to even consider this when it has had such positive overall results. You should have been more proactive with Roundup. There are many more medicines you have not banned that are harmful.

  83. This is ridiculous! I can no longer absorb B12 due to gut issues so shots are my only way to get this important vitamin. California should be supporting not attacking natural health methods.

  84. California is usually such a liberal state – this surprises me. I get B12 shots and take B12 supplements., Hope this doesn’t catch on in NYC.

  85. This is ridiculous. I rely on almost all of these on a regular basis. If they start restricting access, we’ll have to move (and likely file a lawsuit).

  86. I say the government & medical field should pay more attention & energy to what they put in vaccines that do more harm than good, along with curing Cancer among other deathly diseases instead of restricting vitamins & natural substances that do more good than harm. Oh, I forgot. It doesnt make financial sense! I have Pernicious Anemia. I get regular B12 shots & have for over 40 years, also have osteoporosis. I take alpha lipoic acid & msm among other vitamins & minerals for bones. I do not suffer from all the physical diseases most do at 71 years old. I feel & look 15 years younger than almost everyone I know at my age. I am extremely physically active. I implore the powers that be to simply LET IT BE!

    1. anywhere from walk in clinic or their doctors or a beauty spa or a IV lounge….
      this is one of the most popular shot because of its radical effects on energy level, stress, digestion, etc…

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