Voices of Freedom: James Maskell

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  1. BRAVO James and ANH! Many of us share your vision! Health FREEDOM is long overdue!
    For too long humanity has been exploited and harmed by conflicts of interest in government and a criminal, out-of-control sickness-care industry that has abused its power and greatly profited on sickness and disease. The pharmaceutical industry is the most heavily sued industry for harm and fraud. The top three drug companies are convicted felons. Yet big pharma controls our medical education curriculum, medical care protocol, elected leaders, government regulators, the media, our heath and our lives. This bad, powerful, and tyrannical system is destroying people’s lives.
    With a highly unethical one-size-fits-all protocol and without consent, millions of people globally, including children, are being treated and damaged with addictive medications; industrial waste (fluoride) in their drinking water; and mandated vaccinations, containing toxic metals, GMOs, and viruses, instead of good nutrition and education first and foremost. Their endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins are damaging future generations!
    This is not only unsustainable it is also unacceptable in a free society. To survive, people need to take back control of their health and their children’s health care.
    Health FREEDOM is a a big election issue.
    Thank you for helping to facilitate this major, very important issue. I look forward to reading your book and telling others about it.
    And Thank you ANH for ALL you are doing on our behalf.

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