FDA Renews Attack on Homeopathy

The agency is doubling down on a bad guidance that endangers access to important medicines. Action Alert!
Recently, the FDA announced the withdrawal of Compliance Policy Guide 400.400, a document that had been in place since 1988 and which established the agency’s enforcement policies regarding homeopathic medicines. In its place, the FDA has issued a revised draft guidance declaring all homeopathic drugs are being marketed illegally. We must fight back against this attack on homeopathic medicine.
As we’ve reported previously, the FDA’s guidance says:

  1. Any homeopathic drug that has not been considered “generally recognized as safe and effective” (GRAS/E) is considered a new drug;
  2. FDA has not determined that any homeopathic drugs are GRAS/E;
  3. A new drug cannot be marketed unless it goes through the FDA’s approval process;
  4. No homeopathic drugs have gone through FDA approval nor can any producer afford to take them through the approval process.

This means, according to the FDA, all homeopathic medicines are being marketed illegally. The FDA explains that it will focus enforcement actions against specific categories of medicines with safety concerns: products with dangerous ingredients, products intended for vulnerable populations, etc. However, the FDA does reserve the right to take action against any homeopathic product: “This guidance is intended to provide notice that any homeopathic drug product that is being marketed illegally is subject to FDA enforcement action at any time.”
There is not much new in the revised guidance. The FDA does provide a definition of “homeopathic drug,” which was notably absent from the initial guidance, much to the confusion of the homeopathic industry and other stakeholders.
It is somewhat encouraging that the agency did not issue a final guidance, but rather another draft. This is an indication that our voices are being heard and the FDA is engaging with the natural health community.
There seems to be a lot of confusion about homeopathy. While opponents often say that there is not any evidence that homeopathy works, in fact several major meta-analyses have found homeopathic medicines to have an effect greater than placebo. We address these and some other common misconceptions here.
Unfortunately, it’s likely that the FDA’s antipathy towards homeopathy is fueled more by a desire to protect drug industry profits than ignorance about the data. The FDA continues to cite homeopathic teething tablets with belladonna as one of the concerns that prompted the agency to tighten control over homeopathic medicines. Specifically, the agency states that 99 adverse events were “possibly related” to homeopathic teething products. Yet, while the agency did find variable amounts of belladonna in some products, these amounts were well within safe limits, even if an infant swallowed an entire bottle.
The FDA will not stop this attack on homeopathy unless it is forced to do so by engaged citizens. We must issue a strong response to the FDA and Congress, telling the government that these actions threaten the future of homeopathic medicine.
Action Alert! Write to the FDA and Congress, telling them to protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines. Please send your message immediately.


  1. The FDA’s guidance on homeopathy is certainly NOT meant to protect consumers. It is designed to protect Big Pharma’s financial interests. While Big Pharma continues to churn out high-priced, dangerous, and often ineffective drugs, much safer and more effective homeopathic treatments are being shunted aside because they do not contribute as much to the FDA’s coffers as the chemical-based drugs. This is unethical, and if the FDA cannot act within its charter to protect Americans, it should be disbanded and replaced with an outside agency that is not being morally compromised by the deep pockets of Big Pharma.

    1. It is an unacceptable attack on freedom of industry, on freedom of choice regarding medical paths of our own choosing, and on American freedom itself, for the FDA to control industry and health choices. This strikes to the core of Democracy itself, far above and beyond access to safe and side-effect-free homeopathic remedies, alone.

  2. This move must be funded ultimately by Big Pharma. Our insurance companies are recognizing Naturopathic medicine, so it seems that this highly compromised agency is completely out of touch.

  3. I have been using homeopathy for more than 30yrs… have had great doctors & studied it enough to treat my family for so many different conditions…the FDA is a shameful part of our system….totally connected to big pharma…$$$ other countries do very well with homeopathy…..SHAMEFUL….

  4. AGAIN!
    Why must you always be trying to close down an industry which is actually good for us customers in this country?
    Sure I’m not saying there is not some bad organizations out there. There is always some bad apples in every industry. After all, they are only there to make a quick buck and then move on to the next fad when the market shows a new hot tip
    But, as with anything in health care, we can never just accept the word of a company, a TV or magazine article etc.. We must do our homework in each and every one of these situations also.
    But many of us have used homeopathv medicine for our personal choice of medical care for one reason and one reason only. That is because it almost always works and there is not a whole slew of side effects which must be considered also.
    So if it makes you happy to attack a form of medicine which has a disreputable track record in this country, start knocking on the pharmaceutical industries doors and get them to clean up their industry so us consumers can learn to once again trust them.

  5. Homeopathy is a proven method of health promotion in counties around the world. It is more than superficial and naïve – it is severely destructive for the FDA to curtail its use in the United States.. Shame on you!

  6. Homeopathic remedies are inexpensive and effective. Because there are no side effects, they are preferred by many instead of allopathic treatments. I have found them effective when all other treatments have failed. There is no reason for banning them; they aren’t a danger to any one.

  7. My sister and I have used a homeopathic tea to address our occasional problems with urinary track infections for many years, and find it to be more effective than any prescription I have been directed to take by a medical doctor. I have recommended the tea to a number of friends and family members who, having used it, thanked me profusely. I wish the FDA would concentrate on foods and health products that are actually harmful, and would actually (at least) spend some of my tax money investigating a product before they make it difficult or impossible to obtain.
    We are warned that antibiotics are becoming less effective due to over-use. Homeopathic treatments that work better than antibiotics make good sense, don’t you agree?

  8. The actions of this department and this administration are reckless and harmful to the environment and citizens. We don’t need or want Big- Pharma making us worse, addicted and polluting the planet when safer remedies are easily available. Do the nation, the planet and the citizens right and keep safeguards in place to allow more homeopathic remedies and start watching and regulating the poisonous Big- Pharma companies .

  9. FDA: I do not support your efforts and expensive campaigns to criminalize homeopathic and natural remedies. It is clear to me that I am not your priority.

  10. While I do believe that some homeopathic treatments do help, none have ever actually cured any diseases that I know of. In fact, homeopathic medicine has been with us for thousands of years, without discovering bacteria, the cause of infections diseases that killed millions while homeopathic treatment failed to cure any, only treat symptoms. And even then, many rely on subjective reports and merchandising rather than true double blind tests, similar to the situation of the infamous patent medicines. Science discovered the true causes of disease, and, unlike homeopathic medicines, effected many cures and superior treatments based on the actual causes. A great uncle of mine, Dr. Duncombe, a chiropractor and homeopath, was owner of Duncombe Research Laboratories, which manufactured homeopathic drugs, including “Germex”, back in the early 1900s. The FDA was created due to false patent “medicines” about 20 years later, and ordered Dr. Duncome to prove his drugs worked and give his formula. He produced many testimonials, but no valid evidence. Turned out his homeopathic medicines were extremely diluted solutions with herbs that had no medicinal value, and many samples were contaminated with bacteria. So, he was forced to shut down, after making millions of dollars. Dr. Duncombe was old by then, lived in luxury, as did his heirs.
    Today, the merchandising of many homeopathic medicines is much like the ads of patent medicines, with as much validity, while carefully skirting the regulations that were the bane of the patent medicine industry and still are.

  11. This is not only stupid, it’s ridiculous. There are millions of people that will not even look at homeopathic medicine and will continue with traditional Western medicine. I don’t know who is pushing this to go through but they need to realize that homeopathic medicine will NOT replace western medicine any time soon, so they don’t have to worry about it, or their lobbying efforts being paid for.

  12. Big Pharma has killed more Americans than all wars. Clean up The cash being paid by Big Pharma to corrupt politicians and leave homeopathic medicine alone.

  13. Many homeopathic drugs work better for me than prescription drugs. They do not have side effects that have bothered me. Homeopathic drugs are important to millions of Americans. Do not take them off of the market.

  14. Hard science conducted by immunologists in Oregon and biochemists in Vienna, Austria have shown the efficacy of low potency homeopathic remedies. This FDA attack is unwarranted and should be opposed strongly by the entire medical community.

  15. Leave homeopathy alone. It has helped my family for generations and isn’t even a drug… it’s an energy signature. There’s nothing to harm us or produce side effects, unlike pharmaceutical medications (which we also take) which kill over 100,000 people each year according to JAMA.
    Thank you.

  16. I find it ludicrious that FDA is concerned about Homeopathic alternatives to health and overall well being. They are so extended in the things they should be taking care of…they can’t. We have so many problems with food safety for humans and animals and it is so frequent it is mind boggling. I suggest they do the work that they are expected to do and being paid to do and not jump on Homeopathic elements that have been around from almost the begining of time and are valid in their edfectiveness.

  17. Homeopathic products are NOT drugs and are SAFE, unlike every pharmaceutical which has side effects. FDA please PROTECT CONSUMER ACCESS to homeopathic medicines. I believe that this is more an effort to PROTECT PHARMA’s profits than anything else. PLEASE PROTECT CONSUMER ACCESS TO HOMEOPATHIC PRODUCTS.

  18. My government, my FDA should be looking out for it’s citizens. Instead, and no surprise, the FDA slowly wittles away at my personal choices. I’ve always understood that big business controls us in so many ways, but it is more and more evident how much the pharmaceutical companies have a grip on the FDA. Stop taking away my personal choices, including homeopathic medicine.

  19. The FDA should control what’s in our food, and drugs better instead of forbidding natural remedies that are harmless and effective. I was raised with homeopathy, and I am thankful for it. Allopathy can be poisonous with side-effects that are extremely dangerous, and also can be addictive.

  20. Please protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines. Do not let Big Pharma dictate regulations.

  21. I take many homeopathic products that have worked for me for many years with no side effects, unlike prescription drugs that I have usually had bad reactions to and have been made to keep testing many others and getting sick because of the fillers reacting in
    my body! Homeopathy is much safer and produces more relief than any other form of treatment! Tell Big Pharma to keep Hands Iff of our Homeopathic treatments, and to go back to the drawing board and perfect their own drugs from killing people. Stip looking to destroy what works for the people, and make their own drugs work.

  22. Homeopathy has been around for centuries and is not at all related to any “drugs” that the FDA oversees. Stop this attack on harmless products!

  23. This is a democracy? As a direct descendant of the Presidents Adams, actions such as this thoroughly frustrate, disgust, and anger my independent nature.

  24. I am holistic, natural, homeopathic, herbal etc and a diabetic 2 and am fine on my regimen with diabetes under control – feel great. I would appreciate your not taking my right away to healthy by being holistic, natural, homeopathic and herbal. I am 81 yrs old and take no Otc or Rx. Please protect my chosen way to good health. Thank you.

  25. Considering the drugs that you have deemed safe that we have discovered are not even close to safe I am surprised that you would spend your time and resources with homeopathic remedies.

  26. Unless a homeopathic drug has caused harm, an individual should be able to choose to use it or not. Drugs from big Pharma are proven to injure and kill people on a regular basis. Just listen to the commercials on some of these wonder drugs, the side effects are frightening.

  27. All homeopathic medicines are being marketed illegally? You will now focus enforcement actions against specific categories of medicines with safety concerns: products with dangerous ingredients, products intended for vulnerable population.
    Are you kidding? Do you think the FDA is the best organization to protect people.
    The opioid epidemic is a prime example of fabulous work.
    Leave homepathics alone, please.

  28. Americans are looking for affordable health care . Homeopathy drugs are and have never been considered drugs. Since the beginning the drug industry sole purpose in Paying legislators to consider them as so, is to shaft the consumer like they have been doing for years . These are simply methods that are natural and not lab created . Is a tea to be considered a homeopathy if we take it instead of pharmaceutical medicine that drug companies say cure the same thing , only cost insurance and patients 100’s dollars more .

  29. Best way to cure an illness, with qualified practitioner, a bit tricky stuff to be effective.

  30. I am 78 years old and have used homeopathic remedies for years. I have found them to correct pain and associated problems and unlike allopathic drugs to leave no negative side effects for adults, children and pets of all ages. In recent years, for me, they have reduced the terrible inflammation, sickness, pain and trauma of PMR (Poly Myalgia Rheumatica) and made life bearable when other drugs offered no relief.
    Homeopathic drugs have been used safely and effectively, by most of the world, for over 100 years. To deny US citizens the right to legally obtain
    homeopathic remedies, denies us the right to live healthy, quality lives.

  31. I have been taking homeopathic medicines for decades. I have tolerated all that I used with no exceptions. I believe this treatment of homeopathic medications is unwarranted and an attempt to limit my access to these life saving products so that the pharmacological industry with synthetic medicines gets all the business. It is so important that natural medicines be available. It is my choice to take these medications and my decision what to use to treat my many ailments. As you know. most if not all pharmacological products start with something found in nature. The fact that you would deprive me of the natural choice proves your intentions are not grounded in my well being rather in the dollars. The pharmaceutical industry has too much power over the market. I insist you stop this barrage of rules and regulations of the natural homeopathic industry. My children started with homeopathic products shortly after birth with success. I thought this industry was protected by legislation. Please do not change the rules to benefit large corporations. Thank you

  32. Thanks for standing for Homeopathy. It has changed my life, WITHOUT, side effects. I have been a Registered Nurse for 40 years and have seen so many people suffer through uncontrolled over-utilization of prescription drugs. Take the path of least HARM first….

  33. It is extremely important that the FDA and all concerned agents continue to protect the rights of all citizens to accessing homeopathic and other natural products that have been used for decades as safe and effective remedies for ailments of young and old.

  34. This is all driven by big Pharma and It is time to find out who is behind these ideas within the agency and expose their behavior. The people have the right to care for themselves without the intervention of supposedly proven(not proven) drugs. We need to hold the FDA and individuals within the agency personally accountable for their actions. They give approval of big pharma drugs knowing that some are harmful with reckless abandonment for the public health.

  35. I oppose the FDA’s revised draft guidance that would move in the direction of making homeopathic remedies unavailable even when they are safe. I ask that the guidelines remove the requirement that these remedies be “generally recognized as effective” while keeping the requirement that they be “generally recognized as safe”.

  36. Please leave homeopathic products alone. I’ve had bad drug reactions but never any problems with homeopathic products.

  37. The FDA attack on Homeopathy is unfair. For example, Premarin is made by forcing horse mares to be permanetly kept in a narrow stall with a device to collect urine. They have to impregnate them to get the right type of urine. The foals that are born are sent to slaughter. If you don’t believe it, look it up.
    Women who know about this quit taking Premarin and turn to Homeopathy for estrogen not produced by these poor horses.
    I know the drug companies own the FDA and are trying to shut down Homeopathy but so many people are suffering from side effects of drug products.

  38. You all are delusional and don’t know anything about science. Homeopathic medicines have nothing in them and harm people that think taking it will cure them. Quack quack you snake oil salespeople.

    1. To Monica, who calls all who use homeopathic formulas quacks and delusional: have you ever heard of placebo ?
      If it is just a placebo – why suddenly would the FDA consider the formulas “new medicines” IF THERE IS NOTHING IN THEM – right ? Even if it was a placebo, placebo effect saved many lives.


  40. The FDA needs to work with the researchers, producers, and practitioners in the Homeopathic field to create common sense regulations for Homeopathy if they are going to make any regulations at all. The current safety record for Homeopathic Medicines is impeccable when compared to the potentially dangerous pharmaceutical medications that are available through prescription or OTC. The current regulations are effective, why is there need to change them?

  41. Last month I attended a conference in Germany wherein one presenter gave us the science behind homeopathy. It is not particle based, but frequency based. When a substance is diluted with shaking in certain ways, the vibrational frequency is enhanced rather than decreased. Thus the dilution actually makes the product more potent than the original substance. Whether the vibrational intensity of a particular set of frequencies in a substance increases or decreases can be measured. Thus the potency can be proven to increase through homeopathic dilution.

  42. I’m writing to request that you allow all homeopathic remedies to be generally accepted as safe and effective instead of considering them as new drugs that need to be FDA approved. As an RN and a homeopathic remedy consumer, I have found Homeopathic remedies to be safe and effective, without any side-effects that patented drugs produce, including death. Homeopathic remedies may have as much of a placebo effect as patented drugs do, but I have found them to be most effective and immediately effective in treating babies and animals who do not have the ability to be affected by placebos. Since placebo effect is a positive effect, unlike patented drug side-effects, I consider that even those cases that might have been affected because the user thinks the remedy will help should be considered a good reason for using homeopathic remedies and not a reason to make them unavailable for general use. They are also considerably cheaper than patented drugs. Thank you for keeping them on the market for consumers.

  43. FDA,
    It is my right to choose the medical care I deem appropriate for myself and my family. Your assertions are unconstitutional, unethical and disgusting.

  44. Homeopathic meds are one solution to natural healing and ridding ourselves of poisonous prescription drugs.

  45. Forcing signers to reveal their personal phone numbers in order to send the petition is leaving a large community of people off your petitions. I will not give my phone number, it is unnecessary. An address is sufficient for support. I do not want calls or texts. Please heed this advice and many more folks will sign.

    1. Hi Dawn,
      Thank you for your advice! We are taking your idea into consideration for our next action alert. We appreciate your support and your efforts to protect homeopathy!

  46. Homeopathic drugs have no side effects like many FDA approved drugs.
    Homeopathic drugs give US citizens a safe alternative. It is very important to have medicine that truly does no harm.
    I urge you to allow Homeopathic medicine to continue to be sold in the USA. When you consider all the dangerous effects of pharmacuetical drugs, it is a great blessing to have homeopathic medicine available for our children and ourselves.
    Thank you,

  47. This egregious and ignorant action on the part of the FDA. These medicines are not opioids; are non addictive and provide comfort and relief for pain and suffering. It is important that these medicines are available particularly when many citizens do not have health coverage.
    These medicines have been proven their value for over 200 years. Their development was based on proven science.
    I consider this just another example of the war on women and helpless children that this current administration has implemented.

  48. Homeopathic medicines when used under the direction of an individual versed in their use and dosages cause very few adverse reactions and almost no deaths compared to FDA approved pharmaceuticals that often cause all kinds of negative reactions including permanent injuries and death. Regulations against homeopathic medicines are designed to protect the pharmaceutical industry and not necessarily to protect consumers.

  49. Please fight the FDA on this. They are no longer out for the citizens best interest. Their interest is financially motivated.
    All of the alternative they would prefer we use cause major side effects and illnesses. Ridiculous!!

  50. Homeopathic remedies that I use are MORE effective and less horrific than any pharmaceutical drug the FDA has passed. I use them all the time and am perfectly satisfied with their safety and effectiveness

  51. Homeopathic medicine is very effective and safe. The FDA’s concerns are ill conceived because of the minutest particles of natural substances found in the remedies. The FDA is evaluating this modality based upon the perception that these remedies are manufactured drugs, when they are in fact the energetic components of the natural substances and have been proven to bring the body and mind back to a state of health and balance.

  52. Oh FDA, stop it already! We see right through your scheme to protect BigPharma’s bottom lines at the expense of taking away REAL medicine that actually CURES. Your efforts are guaranteed to backfire and make you painfully aware when everyone realizes U.S. goverment regulatory agencies are fraut with capture by greedy ignoramouses with financial ties to industry. Watch out…karmic payback will get you…one cannot outrun the bomerang effects of universal law that governs God’s infinite creation. It always catches up when you least expect it! Good luck with that, you won’t be able to fix it with your pharmaceutical quakery.

  53. FDA is owned by Big pHARMa. Leave alternative healing modalities to people by their choice. The claim of “protecting” is bogus paternalism to protect captialism, not our health.

  54. My family has used homeopathy at home for 20 years and have found it to be not only safe and effective, but irreplaceable to our health. Also, with the help of a certified homeopathic practitioner (who is also an MD), we have successfully and safely treated mononucleosis in four of us, Lyme disease, and a bad case of H.Pylori in just the past 3 years. We have lab results for all of these illnesses and the only things we took were homeopathy and a few supplements. There were absolutely no side effects. One of our sons has had difficult side effects from taking antibiotics in the past, but with our access to homeopathy, he no longer has to resort to that.
    I don’t know why the FDA would all of a sudden declare that all homeopathy must undergo clinical trials and the approval process to be sold. Homeopathy had been safely used for many years before there were prescription drugs and certainly before the FDA was born. It has been safely used since. I don’t know why the FDA doesn’t concentrate on all the prescription drugs that cause serious side effects and death. I believe it was 78,000 people died from opioid use in 2017, and properly prescribed and properly taken prescription drugs are the #4 cause of death in this country.
    If the FDA follows through with this, our health will be significantly threatened. I sincerely hope that the FDA and Congress will listen to the voices of the citizens and allow homeopathy to continue to be sold as it has been for over 200 years. I am very confused as to what the motivation is behind this.

    1. Absolute control, monopoly & unquenchable greed of the Rockerfeller medical mafia….social engineering & population ‘control’…No competition or true healing allowed. Also the reason why so many brilliant young & healthy holistic practitioner’s are ending up, dead. God help us.

  55. Please protect our rights as citizens to make choices for our own bodies and the rights as parents to care for our children and our families. As a parent I have always taken care of my family using natural things and doctors. I believe they are both very important in peoples lives. I am very concerned that giving the FDA power over this will be very unfair. They are looking out for the money they are loosing side not the interests of the people and all peoples freedom of choice which the wars of the past have fought for and died for. Please protect all of us from their power to control our homeopathic medicines that have been in our history for over 200 years with little complaints. Sincerely, Cindy Gagnon

  56. Please protect Homeopathy. It’s safe and effective and consumers deserve to decide on their own whether to use them. Use your time and energy to rid of truly harmful things like certain additives, preservatives, chemicals and some pharmaceutical drugs. If you restrict homeopathy, it will be clear your agency is interested only in protecting pharmaceutical companies and not the people. Reflect on which one is your duty.

  57. I find that homeopathic medicines are the only way to treat certain conditions and are extremely safe in comparison to conventional drugs (example: acetaminophen, which kills hundreds every year, while homeopathic medicines typically contain so little active ingredient as to be nearly harmless, in spite of being more effective than placebo.
    I urge the FDA to allow homeopathic medicine to develop.

  58. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I took action. I don’t want to loose my right to use homeopathic products

  59. am 90 years old – have several fairly serious conditions – homeopathic preparations keep me going & haven’t destroyed any organs! my wonderful Dr. of 30 years has cared enough to listen to me & reads all the data i’ve provided him through the years. always do a lot of comparing & searching for information before buying.

  60. Maybe things will change after people take a look at this new book discussing homeopathy and it’s mechanism – “Polarized: Carl Jung, Jordan Peterson, Samuel Hahnemann, Greta Thunberg, and the Devouring Mother are going to a party” – by Misna Burelli. Read it and could not believe the connections between archetypes, culture and homeopathy. But most importantly it gives new legitimacy to this form of healing that has often been criticized as art or imagination rather than science. Time to change this because it turns out that it is science after all!

  61. Please quit trying to fix something that isn’t broken. Your agency creates a concern then comes in and creates a law that isn’t just. It’s hogwash and you all should be ashamed of doing what you are doing.

  62. It is quite obvious that the FDA is squarely in the pocket of the big pharmaceutical companies. Why does the government want to attack a medicinal value of homeopathic medicines that have been in use for literally centuries? Just because the existence of said medicines may pose an infinitesimal threat to the profits of some pharmaceutical companies or their stockholders. It is long past time for big pocketed corporations to be put back in their place. They should not be the ones to control how our government works, the people should.

  63. Please protect our rights as citizens to make choices for our own bodies and the rights as parents to care for our children and our families. As a parent I have always taken care of my family using natural things and doctors. I believe they are both very important in peoples lives. I am very concerned that giving the FDA power over this will be very unfair. They are looking out for the money they are losing side not the interests of the people and all the peoples freedom of choice which wars of the past have fought for and many died for. Please protect all of us from their power to control our homeopathic medicines that have been in our history for over 200 years with little complaints. Sincerely, Cindy Gagnon

  64. Please reconsider your revised draft guidance regarding homeopathic medicines. Protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines.
    Thank you.

  65. To whom it may concern,
    It is not fair to be pigeon holed into specific avenues or options of treatments because of how the FDA feels. Stop trying to kill us all by taking away our options. Talk about a dictatorship! Is this not America anymore?! Is this not the land of the free. What I put in my body is at my own risk and discretion and I should have that right to make those decisions for myself. Not someone else because of their own agenda.
    As an American and a damn human being, I am entitled to different treatment options and the right to have access to them.

  66. I want access to homeopathy without the FDA dictating what medicines are allowed or not. I want the choice to buy homeopathic remedies. Do not take away access from people, that is not your right.

  67. I have used homeopathic medicines on several occasions with good results. I don’t want my right to use homeopathic medicines to be limited or removed. I think the pharmaceutical companies have too much power and influence on our government and are trying to protect their oun interests to the determent of our health.

  68. Homeopathy has been around for centuries, conventional medicine has just started and as far as I can see, not very trustworthy. I see more deaths from synthetic drugs, poison in foods and water that are not challenged, no control of drug companies. The FDA and the CDC are most ineffective, we should be relieved the has homeopathy doctors.

  69. As a Canadian I can tell you that the USA policies are also felt here in Canada . We lost quite a bit of remedies already Why can I not sign your protest in the States ?

    1. Hi Jan,
      Unfortunately you have to use a U.S. registered address in order to sign the petition or send an action alert letter to Congress. We’re really sorry about this inconvenience, but at the moment there’s nothing we can do to change it. Nevertheless we really appreciate your support and efforts to protect homeopathy!

  70. I think the FDA needs to start focusing on the deaths and injuries caused each year from prescription meds and leave our natural treatments alone!

  71. Natural medicine helps so many people who cannot take Western meds. They are too harsh. They need to let people make their own decisions! Stay out of people’s private health decisions!

  72. it would be lovely if the regulators at the FDA could look at the safety and efficacy of homeopathy. It is safe and effective, as it has been for so much longer than the pharmaceutical drugs we take….

  73. Please protect our access to homeopathic remedies. As a long time professional nurse practitioner and mother, homeopathics have continually helped avert illness, treat problems while they are still modest, and ease a multitude of symptoms inexpensively and without side effects. There is no good reason to threaten the availability of homeopathic remedies and ask that you immediately reverse course. Thank you so much

  74. To whom it may concern:
    As a health care practitioner, I have used given or recommended homeopathic medicines to patients for the past 45 years. There have been exactly ZERO side effects in all that time. On the other hand, patients have reported positive benefits from the homeopathics.
    Removing this safe and efficacious, essentially harmless therapy, would be most unfortunate and unwarranted. Perhaps the FDA can provide the lab findings that prompt this threat to homeopathic remedies. My understanding is some homeopathic Belladonna products have varying amounts of Belladonna, but they are all within a harmless range even if the whole bottle were to be ingested.
    I’m sure the FDA is aware of consumer skepticism surrounding this proposed action to declare all homeopathics illegal to sell. This public distrust revolves around the FDA’s well-know alliance with pharmaceutical companies, who may see homeopathy as a competitor.
    Nevertheless, I request the FDA not create roadblocks to the safe use of homeopathic products. If need be, inspect and evaluate the products in question and report specifics on any that do not meet standards of safety. There is no need to wipe out a beneficial industry on somewhat tenuous reports of issues with a single product .
    Perhaps more scrutiny is needed by FDA on the topic of vaccines, which clearly represent a serious public health threat, given the number of infants, children and adults that have been and continue to be killed or disabled by vaccines in this and other countries.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  75. Your agency should be defunded. Stop being a marketing division of big pharma. Shame on you. Homeopathy is at best very helpful, and at worst, harmless, unlike petrochemical based pharmaceuticals that are at best slightly helpful, and at worst deadly.

  76. I question the FDA’s conflict of interest in putting such stringent rules on homeopathy. If using “99 possibly related” incidents as a criteria, then why isn’t the FDA going after poorly studied medicines that have thousands of “suspected” or “directly” related incidents.
    PLEASE protect our access to homeopathic medicines. Perhaps this scrutiny would better serve the consumer if the FDA went after factory farms.

  77. Homeopathic medicines have been used successfully for centuries. They are, essentially, harmless, even if an entire bottle was taken. But they do work to cure!
    However, we all know that they cannot produce profits for drug manufacturers, hence this campaign against them.
    When profiteering is removed from medicine, we may be able to have medical care.

  78. It is ridiculous to attack this ancient practice in which no deaths have ever been verified. Whereas numerous deaths have verified from modern medical and pharmaceutical practices!

  79. I have successfully used homeopathic medicines for over 40 years. My children (and skeptical husband) were each saved by the remedies. Geoff by arnica for a fractured zygotic bone and concussion, Emily for a bad reaction to the polio vaccine, and heat stroke, and Zeph for his broken collarbone and other things.
    My 8 grandchildren have benefited from the teething remedies and arnica for bumping their heads.
    Emily has written time and time again to thank me for teaching her about the remedies to help her help her children.
    Leave us alone!

  80. The official US Pharmacopoeia includes many homeopathic remedies. They ARE generally regarded as safe. No one dies from homeopathy, but hundreds of thousands die each year from pharmaceutical drugs ok’d by the FDA.

  81. You people best see the light and how dare you take away something used from nature by others for years in past that worked for that time so stop this as it is all the poisons and the chemicals that harm best be looked at and the Genetically modified.

  82. Protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines that have been shown by major meta-analyses to have an effect greater than placebo. Americans deserve more choices than drug industry products.

  83. Most of my adult life I’ve gravitated toward homeopathic and alternative healing because that’s what works well for me. It would bother me greatly if there should be any change regarding my access to what works for my health so I’m hoping nothing will change.

  84. Stop going after homeopathy which has been around for centuries now and provides a safe alternative to some allopathic drugs which some of us can’t take.

  85. Please stop attacking homeopathic medicine, certainly without even knowing what you are attacking.

  86. Stop attacks on homeopathy! It is a complimentary treatment to western medicine and Americans deserve the right to this natural alternative treatment that has no side effects.

  87. Attacking people’s freedoms with regard to healthcare is not doing them any favors. Please drop this now!

  88. Hi there, I receive these action alerts and want to take action by writing but I don’t understand how it works. Could you tell me exactly how to use the “Take Action” function on your site?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      Click on the Action Alert link in the first sentence of the article. This will open a new tab with a letter on the right that we’ve already written for you. You have the option to edit this letter if you’d like. On the left side of screen you’ll need to enter your name, email, address, and phone number, so that the letter can be sent to the FDA and your representatives. Then just click Send Message at the bottom of the screen. I hope this answered your question. Thank you so much for your support to save homeopathy!

      1. At regulations.gov it states that “All submissions received must include the Docket No. FDA-2017-D-6580 for “Drug Products Labeled as Homeopathic.” Does the letter you provide and the method you are sending these letters include that docket information or do we each need to add it to the letter?

        1. Hi Dianna,
          We can’t automate our system to deliver everyone’s individual letters to regulations.gov. Comments are delivered to the FDA ombudsman. Additionally, in situations like this, when there is an actual docket we can comment on, we submit a petition to the docket with everyone’s name who signed. So members do not need to add it to their letter, unless they want to individually comment on the docket themselves.
          I hope this answers your question!

  89. Please stop the nonsense of attacking real help with homeopathic medicine while you ignore the 300,000 people that die every year using prescription drugs as prescribed by their doctors.

  90. Common sense has given way to money & profits at the expense of humanity! While tens of thousands die from pharmaceuticals every year, no one dies from natural supplements! The FDA needs to crawl out of Big Pharma’s pocket & start protecting the people again!

  91. Homeopathic remedies are safe. They have been used effectively for over 100 years. Please do not restrict their use.

  92. Dear FDA and Congress,
    I have direct experience with homeopathy for over seventeen years and it has been the most helpful thing in my ongoing recovery from illness and long term health. It is both safe and effective. Please educate yourselves about homeopathy and its many benefits before making any decisions that will negatively impact the health of millions of people. Please do the right thing and protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines.
    Thank you!

  93. Homeopathic medicines are invaluable!!!! Please support our right to choose supplements
    that we find supportive and that do not create hsrm!!!

  94. I have used homeopathy on many occasions, multiple times of formulas with great results and no side effects. There is good research behind it’s use and should be allowed as a treatment option, especially under the direction of a licensed practitioner.

  95. Many people are helped by homeopathy. It is so much safer than pharmaceuticals! The FDA and the government need to concentrate on more serious issues than homeopathy. The FDA needs to worry about getting the dangerous drugs off the market and the chemicals out of our foods. Our government needs to stop GMOs and glyphosate. We need to get back to nature and natural remedies.

  96. I’m glad I came upon this action alert. The FDA has a notorious reputation for its relationship with Lobbyists in D.C. It’s way past time to put consumers above interests of the Drug Industry that is making Americans SICKER – NOT HEALTHIER!

  97. There are thousands of study demonstrating the effectiveness of Homeopathy. Once such study by Rubimed was over a thousand patients multi-practioner with 86% success rate.
    In Australia, the government started to make a statement that homeopathy was dangerous and ineffective due to report by Australian FDA version. However, a version inside proved that over 50% of the research was in favor of homeopathy. The Australian government then reversed it’s stand and stated that Homeopathy was not only safe but effective.

  98. Haven’t the corporations found enough ways to make us sick and cost us money. In the name of God let us have something that makes us feel better that we can choose on our own and not be charged an arm and leg.

    1. Hi Paula,
      If you click on the Action Alert link in the first sentence of the article it should redirect you to a new tab where a letter has already been written by the ANH team. You have the option of editing this letter before sending it to your representatives in Congress and the FDA. You will also need to enter your name, address, email, and phone number before submitting the letter. I hope this answers your question! Thank you so much for your efforts to save homeopathic medicine!

    2. Hi Paula,
      I forgot to mention this earlier, but you are always welcome to copy and paste our letter into your personal email account if you wish to send it directly from there. Have a great day!

  99. I cannot believe that Homeopathy is coming under attack while GMO’s and Food Dyes and Pesticides etc are allowed for consumption causing real problems that Homeopathy has never caused. My family lives and thrives on Homeopathy! It saves us a lot of time and money and we have never had an adverse reaction.
    Please FDA back off and let we Americans enjoy the worlds second most by population practiced form of medicine be allowed in our homes and communities.

  100. As a Licensed Naturopathic Physician I have studied Homeopathic medicine and have used it for over twenty years in practice. Homeopathy is safe and effective. It offers an effective alternative to conventional medications which often have negative side effects and offer potential harm. As an example, I have born witness to the harmful effects of commonly used medications such as Aspirin and Acetaminophen damaging the liver and digestive tracts of patients using them to treat pain and inflammation. Conversely Homeopathic Arnica Montana and Trameel are proven to be effective treatments for pain and inflammation with virtually no negative side effects or potential danger to the patient. It is sad but typical that people that have not been trained in the use, preparation or efficacy of such medications sit in judgement of them. Preventing Public access to Homeopathic medicines would violate our basic freedom of choice as Americans as well as eliminate safe alternatives to potentially harmful treatment driving the public to potential harm by eliminating safe choices.

  101. People have the right to choose what doctors and medication they want to take. One of those rights should continue the right to choose homeopathic doctors and medication. Big pharmacy doesn’t want this to happen because they can’t make the money on these options. Who do you serve the people or the pharmacies? I’ll remind you at the next election.

  102. Homeopathy Works. I had chronic bronchitis for 20 years ever winter. Homeopathy cured me. I haven’t had bronchitis for the last 15 years since taking the homeopathic cure. My doctor was an M.D. who offered antibiotics or homeopathy. I finally decided to do homepathy and never had bronchitis since then.

  103. FDA shouldn’t even be involved in Homeopathy! They are OWNED by BigPharma INdustry and seeing they are hundreds of BILLIONS Dollars industry – why would this industry be afraid of homeopathy – maybe because homeopathy works way better than pretty much 99.9% of drugs on the market today and they do NOT cause any bodily harm like ALL BigPharma drugs cause on the body including the brain! I will not allow the FDA to get involved with something they know nothing about just because they “say so” they are complete morons and idiots — homeopathy has been around for hundreds of years – same as BigPharma drugs — and actually homeopathy started in B.C.(Before Christ) but nobody knew what to do with it back then with Hyprocites
    So stay out of this FDA – I use homeopathy for my SEVERE back injury, headaches, migraines, acne – my pets whenever “if and when something” happens to them – I assist other people in treating their animals as well (Yes I am a certified homeopath but don’t have many years experience like friends I know in the US, Canada and Europe)

  104. Let the FDA do what it was created for, Alopathic drugs which are copies similar to natural cures.The FDA is not here to nanny those who choose their own remedies. The Queen uses homeopathy

  105. I do well on homeopathy. I do not do well on Allopathic drugs. If you take away homepathy you will be signing my death certificate. I have a right to the medicine of my choice


  107. Personally, I rarely have used homeopathic products, but feel that people should be free to take them and they
    shouldn’t be considered drugs. We don’t need the government nitpicking so many personal decisions, especially
    safe things that help people! There are many public health issues and dangerous drugs the FDA needs to attend
    to, not bothering folks who use homeopathy or other alternative protocols. Remember, what a previous president
    said: “Get government off our backs.” Go after real problems, not this!

  108. As a licensed and practicing veterinarian, I can attest to the safety and efficacy of homeopathics. At my clinic we utilize both homeopathic and conventional medicines. If the FDA wishes to protect americans it should concentrate on requiring honest labling of GMOs and also start testing nutraceuticals and requiring companies to have in the bottle whet they claim on the label. independant testing shows many vitamins and nutraceuticals carried by walmart do NOT contain what they claim to contain. That is illegal and dangerous and the FDA needs to address it. Homeopathics are safe and actually are produced with quality and integrity.

  109. We need homeopathic medicine to be available to people
    How is this freedom?
    if we can’t have access to options for us to heal our bodies
    Health is a right, not a priviledge
    We have rights to healthcare of our choosing with no restrictions because of money, power, control
    That is what the FDA wants and that is why they want to get rid of homeopathy
    Incredibly corrupt
    Do not think that people do not see right through this corruption boiling down to incredible greed to the point of sociopathic behavior
    People are not so stupid anymore they can see the corruption that happens in the FDA, to name just one corrupt corporation
    Of course the FDA is not entirely corrupt
    But the corruption out weighs the actual positivity that is construction out of good will and real honesty
    We need freedom
    Not slavery
    Choose justice over greed
    Thank You

  110. If all supplements and medications were as safe as homeopathic medicines, people would be a lot healthier and safer!

  111. The FDA needs to really start thinking about alternatives that are cost effective and effective in helping people heal

  112. Stop taking our freedom and right to choose natural health products! Big Pharma needs to respect American individuals freedom of choice and immediately quit the disinformation and assaults on homeopathic medicines and treatments.
    As Americans, we should all have the right to make our own decisions and choices!
    I as an individual or as a group of people who prefer natural ingredients and methods over manufactured medicines, am constantly appalled by the ruthless, cut throat methods the government allows this kind of decision making to try to blatantly ban safe proven methods of healing, and the constant assault on natural, proven science.

  113. Homeopathic protocols have saved my life when antibiotics were killing me with Lyme and other tick borne illnesses. Thyroid and anemia. Sibo and fructose malabsorption and mold mercury and lead toxicity. Where drs couldn’t help these protocols( watched carefully) thru a provider are saving lives.

  114. Dear FDA,
    My family has used Homeopathic Remedies for generations & found them safe, effective & inexpensive. Please don’t limit our access to this wonderful form of natural medicine. Please let us have this alternative to allopathic drugs which are less safe, less effective & much more expensive. than Homeopathy. We should have choices , not just an allopathic medical monopoly .

  115. Protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines! A great number of people have found relief from illnesses with homeopathic medicines WITHOUT THE COST OF BIG PHARMA!

  116. Please protect consumers right to access homeopathic products.
    So many people rely on these to treat their families in a safe way.

  117. We need to continue on with homeopathic healthcare & supplements. It’s the ONLY way to assure safe, preventative healthcare.

  118. Protect our access to homeopathic medicines! Many of us rely on them to maintain our health! B

  119. Considering the fact that Big Pharm drugs and doctor error are the fourth leading cause of death and homeopathic medicines have only helped and not hindered the health of the people leads me to believe that the FDA is trying to sell drugs and protect Big Pharm
    Please let us preserve our health by using the God given natural medicines that we prefer to use.
    Thank You

  120. Homeopathics are much safer than traditional medicine in many cases. Maybe Some of the people that are pushing to eliminate homaeopathic Medicine for us should try them! I’m going to be 71 next month and I’ve been using Homeopathic medicine for years! I cannot take any NSAIDs Due to Being hospitalized for a bleeding all sir by taking one dose A-day for maybe a month. Homeopathic provide a safe reliable alternative to dangerous drugs that the FDA approves!

  121. Please leave homeopathics alone. They are not dangerous. Your prescription drugs with their nasty side effects are what’s much more dangerous. Stop taking away natural treatments from those that choose this route!

  122. I have been using homeopathy for 50 years with great effect not only for me but for all of my family. My homeopath has prescribed it for many problems that would have normally required more invasive treatments and medication. Homeopathy has absolutely no side effects. It would be a great disservice to the millions of people across the globe to limit their use in any way what so ever!

  123. It is our right to be able to use Homeopathic remedies which have been around for Centuries!! Stop attacking the Homeophathic Community. We want to be able to use Natural Remedies…

  124. Hello! Homeopathy always has a great benefit for me and my family! Please, I need you to protect the consumer access to homeopathic medicines! Thank you!
    Laura Molceanu.

  125. I have helped thousands of patients over the years with homeopathy. My patients turned to me when pharmaceutical could not help them.

  126. The richly-earned misgivings about the safety and effectiveness of overpriced conventional pharmacological medications and BigPharma (BP)-based medical doctors leaves us with few alternatives. Please don’t push alternative medicine underground. We citizens are worthy of making our own decisions not based on BP’s bottom-line profits, as many of us perceive this to be.

  127. I love homeopathy especially since the side effects of drugs are so dangerous for me. I can not take antibiotic or pain and a multitude of other pharmaceuticals due to side effects. Homeopathy works as well or better for me and my family and grandchildren. Pharmaceuticals are one of the top killers in America . Look up the stats which Big Pharma tries to hide. Big Pharma is trying to get rid of Homeopathic so they have no competition. No one is hurt using Homeopathic why do you not go after GMO and glycophosphates which are destroying health in America Amelia E Thomas

  128. Please do not take away these benign safe remedies. For those of us who cannot take the side effects of drugs these are lifesaving.

  129. I have Mast Cell activation, as diagnosed by Dr. Afrin a leading Mass Cell specialist in the United States.
    This illness makes me me hyper sensitive to all medications. I go into anaphylaxis when I take any pharmaceutical medications. During one of my many severe reactions to medication where I was hospitalized. The hospital treated me with additional medication. When I took the pharmaceutical they gave me I reacted further at the hospital and as a result ended up with heart and other organ damage as a result to my severe reaction to the medication given. The complications that arised from me taking the prescribed pharmacuticals resulted in the hospital telling me I only had two weeks to live.
    With homeopathathic medications I have now lived longer than the predicted two weeks to live. In fact I now take homeopathic medications in order to stop or minimize a reaction from becoming so severe it becomes life threatening. This has kept me out of the hospital more often than previously when I was just taking pharmaceuticals.
    Even with my condition, I have been able to use all homeopathic medications without ever getting a reactions to any of the homeopathic medications. Homeopathic medications have helped me so much it is the only way I have any quality of life or can treat any illness I may get safely is with homeopathic.
    I fear I will not survive if homeopathic medications are not allowed to be purchased and used. I am asking and pleading with you to please not ban this alternative medicine! It works for me and I have never had any side effects from ever using any homeopathic medication and I have tried them all at one time or another!

  130. I demand that you protect consumer access to homeopathic medicines. Allopathic Medicine is one mindset and it is one that does not always work and is quite harsh to the Body. Even Rockefeller who bankrolled allopathic medicine banned it’s use for his own family preferring Homeopathic medicines for them exclusively. I do not hand my medical sovereignty over to big Pharma. I reserve it and I have the right to choose the type, kind and place for my medical needs. Homeopathic medicine worths very well, needs no prescription and is inexpensive which is why Big Pharma want’s it to play by it’s rules which it cannot afford to do which is Big Pharma’s endgame checkmate. And if you allow it where will homeopathy be when you and your family need it most? Even Rockefeller had the foresight to know what is best for his own family. I’m tired of the communist medical practice from the Medical mafia.

  131. I have known of numerous people who were harmed by allopathic drugs. One just can look at insert of many medications to see how common that harm is. Remember Vioxx – 50,000 DIED before the FDA pulled it off marker.
    Homeopathy is an extremely safe form of assisting the body in its healing process. Personally I do not respond to allopathic drugs. Period. So I am not even a potential customer drug companies would loose. I need access to homeopathic products. For a long time the FDA understood that homeopathics are unique, and regulated them as such. What change in the world of homeopathics, that suddenly the FDA is trying change its (likely GRANDFATHERED policy ?
    Keep homeopathics on the market for those of us who are using them, and need access to them.

  132. Homeopathic have been a lifesaver for me and my family many times when other things were not helping. They have especially helped my children both emotionally and physically. I have been able to work with doctors and other health professionals while using these homeopathics and it has made all the difference. It would be a huge loss and mistake to take these away. Please protect our freedom and our access to all forms of healthcare!

  133. Allow access for each to pursue our own choice of treatment for our health. Do not relegate our choices to government entities who have ex- big pharma execs directing them to do what makes money for the drug companies. Sad state of affairs.

  134. Hello! As a mother of eleven well educated successful now adults, I must say their great health – perfect health – started 30 years ago with homeopathy. For the first 12 years of raising children that is all we used for illness. Then, we added essential oils and herbs, and now as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner teaching over 120 natural modalities, I must say a favorite is still homeopathy! Working with thousands of clients for over a decade, I can assure you there has not been a single side effect using homeopathy, Not one. So why would anyone even consider not allowing freedom of its use? With no tangible molecules to interfere with a single cellular function or jeopardize ones health, what is the issue? Why is there even time and money spent trying to make illegal such a resource? Please allow us our freedom to tend to our body as we see best fit. Perhaps those who are working to stifle those of us for using it, perhaps they would like to try it? Use it on your children, your grandchildren, your loved ones, and see the instant effects of “like heals like.” Plus, those who use homeopathy tend to live far richer and healthier lives. Homeopathy is used worldwide for a reason…because it works. The decades of research and millions of users will attest to that! Its a cell thing! Try it! YOU may LOVE it!

  135. Dear FDA
    I totally sympathise with your predicament. You seem to be ‘between a rock and a hard place’. On the one hand You are charged with protecting the nations health while preserving the individuals constitutional right to free personal choice, while on the other hand responding to the demands of various interest groups giving you seemingly plausible reasons why you should banish ‘scientifically unproven’ medical systems which have been shown anecdotally to help people’s health.
    As regards homoeopathy there is an easy escape from this apparent double bind. You no doubt hold the view is Homoeopathy is total
    non-sense because analysis of any remedy shows there is no somatically active material in it.
    You will also know that the Avogado Number relates to the number of dilutions a material has to go through before there no longer a single molecule of the active material remaining. This is where you enter the realm of homeopathic remedies.
    So it’s easy. Ban all remedies below a potency below the Avogado Number and you at off the hook. Simples. Otherwise you will appear to be stupidly trying to ‘have your cake and eat it too’.

  136. Yearly deaths from:
    Allopathic medicines taken as directed- 100,000
    Al. meds prescribing mistakes- 100,000
    Number who die because they cannot afford allopathic treatment- many
    Opioid overdoses- 72,000 in 2017. Eighty percent started on prescription drugs. Number of opioid prescriptivists written by homeopathic MDs – zero
    The operation was a success but the patient died of a blood clot – many. Avoidable if homeopathic Arnica was given before and after surgery.
    Number of deaths from homeopathic belladonna- zero
    Number of deaths from homeopathic arsenic- zero
    Homeopathic OTCs have been increasing 20 percent a year because they work.

  137. We want to be able to use Homeopathic remedies which we and our grandparents have used for centuries. Stop bowing to big pharma who only care about making money, not about our health.

  138. I’m a grown woman and I feel I should be able to do with MY body as I see fit, I know my body you don’t. Please leave homeopathy alone and leave it legal. Let me make my own decisions and what works BEST for me.

  139. I’m 70 years old now and have been on Bio-identical compounded HRT since my late 40’s. So much research has been done to show how effective and safe these are compared to traditional chemically produced hormones. My hormone levels get checked on a regular basis and dosages adjusted accordingly. I would NEVER wish to take traditional hormones. Yes I pay more because insurance will not cover Bio-identicles and I am fine with that….it’s worth it knowing my dosages are perfect and I am not increasing my chances of female cancers. Let us CHOOSE! I’m ADAMMENT about this subject. FREEDOM PLEASE!!

  140. O.K., I sent the message, added a personal note after the thoughtful message to send:
    I have worked in “health care” for 40+ years now. Only in the last 10 or so years have I discovered, through research, that the FDA, USDA, EPA, etc are populated by industry insiders buying corporate protective legislation through their ‘decisions’, fully flying in the face of what these agencies were designed to do: protect the people! Not profits for a few companies. This would do nothing, repeat: NOTHING, to protect people’s health and well-being, only corporate profits. Passing this legislation would be at the very least immoral and unethical; and quite possibly, unconstitutional!
    Please do a little research yourself, and find out how many people in this country die from conventional health care ‘mistakes’ (third leading cause of death in this country is healthcare errors—that does not include death from ‘error-free’ treatments), verses deaths from homeopathic or other natural treatments.
    Does anyone think these will be fully read by those we send them to, or will they just tally numbers? I guess I’ll find out if I’m able to keep my RN license…

  141. The human race should have the choice of foods that it can put in its body, and Homeopathy and other supplements are all food forms. Would you want us to limit our water, garlic or apple intake? In effect, I feel that is what is being done if the FDA is allowed to limit our Homeopathic and supplement use.

  142. It is another decision made by a govt. agency that is pocketing money from corporate America. They will always side with a payout. Just a bunch of b.s.

  143. This strikes to the core of democracy itself, far above and beyond affecting homeopathy and access to it. To control the medical paths of our own choosing, to control industry and try to break it, is government over-reach of deeply concerning ramifications. Americans need to recognize this and above all, politicians and lawmakers need to act in alignment with American law and American freedom, for which our soldiers die in battle while the lawmakers undermine by over-reaching regulation. We are paying for this violation of American freedom twice, with our tax dollars and our purchases. This is unacceptable in the Land of the Free.

  144. Choice not force is what we are all about. Someone is feeling threatened to want to eliminate homeopathy after all these years. You should reap your karma as you have been injuring people for years with drugs and forced vaccines shame on you.

  145. I am not sure what I would have done without homeopathy. What a wonderful, gentle way to regain health whenever possible. How dare the FDA attempt to take away our right of choice. They cannot have the argument both ways – they say it does nothing and yet they want to regulate it…. Words fail me at the quality of the argument put forward by supposedly intelligent people. Lets hope we have enough of a voice to stop this continued threat.

  146. Homeopathic options should coexist with other options.
    My native ancestors relied on homeopathy and so do I.
    Freedom of choice should AVAILABLE be for any modern society.
    Keep Homeopathy available.

  147. Chemo, cigarettes, opiods approved but this natural approach to health care is up for debate by the same that approved opiods?

  148. How can we support all these chemicals not allowed in other countries, no regulation on cosmetics, chemicals in our food supply, pesticides not allowed in other countries, yet people can’t make their own choice on trying alternative??? What the hell. Come on, vote your conscience

  149. I think people should be allowed to make their own choices. The FDA may be in need of a revamp. Besides, there is something a little more pressing at the moment. Any decision to ban Homeopathic options should be put on hold for now.

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