1. A so called health food must indicate if it includes GMO products. Especially if there are no
    studies on long term effects.

  2. This is all due to the obsession people have with food that looks or tastes exactly like meat. There are several really good tasting veggie burgers already out there but they do not look or taste exactly like meat. My favorites are Hilary’s, Sunshine Burgers and Field Grains Burger. The Field Grains looks and tastes the most like meat but it does contain gluten which might be a problem for some people. Most of the rest of the veggie burgers contain isolated soy bean protein which I definitely want to avoid. there are also Quorm burgers which contain egg whites so are not vegan.

  3. This is really ridiculous that they need HEME, let the TASTE be the draw not the bloodiness. They do taste awesome but I feel like my whole insides swell up when I eat one. I am not eating them anymore. I definitely have a reaction to them.

  4. No thanks. Genetic engineering and the most highly processed patty possible turns me off. Anyway I raise my own organic grass fed beef.

  5. I hope you or one of your children or grand children develop a sever allergy or worse. And since you are condemning others to the health problems that these untested products will create I hope whatever the worst reaction to this completely fake, never before consumed by human anatomy crap is, you or someone you love has them as well.

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