Antibiotic Resistance: Why Is Natural Medicine Being Ignored?

Doctors and researchers are turning over every stone to find ways to combat drug-resistant bugs—except the ones that can actually save us! Action Alert!
As traditional antibiotics become increasingly ineffective against bacterial infections, researchers have been searching for alternatives. A recently published study points to one direction that doctors are heading: repurposing old pharmaceutical drugs, sometimes in conjunction with traditional antibiotics, to treat drug-resistant bugs. Rather than turn to cheap, safe, and effective natural medicines, the conventional medical establishment would have us simply take more drugs.
The study found that bithionol, a drug that used to treat parasitic infections in horses, could be used to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA, which infects 90,000 Americans each year and kills 20,000. When used in high doses, bithionol causes the cells of bacteria to burst open and die—but this might cause bacteria to become resistant. Researchers found that using lower doses of bithionol to weaken bacteria, and then a traditional antibiotic to finish the job, was more effective.
Of course, the danger of bacteria eventually becoming resistant to bithionol, too, is ever present. But not to worry! Researchers are working through tens of thousands of old drugs to determine their ability to penetrate the membranes of bacteria cells.
Antibiotic resistance is a tremendous threat. Currently antibiotic-resistant illnesses kill 700,000 people worldwide each year. By 2050, they are expected to kill 10 million people each year. It is maddening to see conventional medicine continue to rely on drugs when there are potent natural options available to fight these deadly illnesses.
For example:

  • We’ve reported on the anti-pathenogenic properties of colloidal silver, the world’s oldest known antibiotic.
  • Two studies have now linked vitamin D to the successful prevention and treatment of tuberculosis (TB). In the first study, white blood cells converted vitamin D to an active form of the vitamin, which helps make a protein that kills the TB bacterium. In the second study, Indonesian scientists compared vitamin D to a placebo, testing both on seventy patients for nine months. The patients who received 10,000 IU of vitamin D (rather than the 600 IU recommended by conventional medicine) had an astounding 100% cure rate.
  • Some evidence suggests that vitamin C could be effective in fighting antibiotic resistant infections.
  • There have also been studies showing that ozone therapy—which increases the amount of oxygen in the body—can be an effective treatment for TB.
  • An Italian study found that thyme and clove essential oils were effective in treating bacterial vaginosis.
  • US study found tea-tree oil was a more effective treatment for staph-infected wounds than conventional treatments.
  • Additional research found that lemongrass oil could reduce MRSA.

Russell Blaylock, MD, a leading integrative physician, discussed several important studies on silver in his May 2016 newsletter:

  • One study found that adding just a small amount of nano-sized silver to antibiotics made the treatment much more potent in killing a resistant type of bacteria.
  • Subsequent studies showed that this approach was not harmful to human cells. Animal studies showed that the toxicity that can result from higher concentrations of silver can be avoided by administering silymarin (from milk thistle) and vitamin E in conjunction with the silver.
  • Nanosilver can also destroy the bacterium’s biofilm—a protective organic coating that helps protect the bacteria from antibiotics. One study showed that nanosilver destroyed the biofilm, making the bacteria susceptible to lower doses of antibiotics. Researchers found this strategy to be effective against some of the most dangerous bacteria.

Natural alternatives are clearly supported by good research. But sadly, research doesn’t seem to be enough. Silver, essential oils, and vitamin C cannot be patented, and so cannot make billions for drug companies. Then, to prevent these treatments from competing on a level playing field with drugs, the FDA bars the public from learning about their benefits.
To protect public health, we must demand that the FDA recognize the benefits of natural medicine in fighting antibiotic-resistant infections.
Action Alert! Write to the FDA, with a copy to Congress, and urge them to do more to combat antibiotic resistance and to approve the use of natural treatments such as silver. Please send your message immediately.


  1. The FDA needs to take natural medicine as seriously as pharmaceuticals. Do more to combat antibiotic resistant infections by approving properly researched natural medicines, supplements and remedies. The public health is dependent upon this!

  2. Unfortunately, our government is NOT PROTECTING US AND ARE KILLING US FASTER THAN WE CAN BLINK!!! I am sick and tired of all these evil lunatic liberals trying to force socialism down our throats and wanting 100% control of us in health, eliminating and changing all our amendments and Constitution, and spying on us, THE OUTRAGEOUS AND RIDICULOUS RED FLAG BILLS, and allowing toxic, carcinogenic GMO’s and thousands of other pesticides on our food and toxic fluoride in our water. The list goes on and on and on!!
    This is not our President’s fault. I highly admire Trump and he is a very strong and courageous man t having to put up with the loonies day after day after minute after minute since they want all the power and recognition of their insane, corrupt, wicked lying beliefs along with all the lying fake news!! He is trying to change America for the better as they keep demeaning him, criticizing him and wanting to impeach him!
    May all evil burn in hell since they are a ruination to this once great country of ours!!!
    May God Bless America when America starts blessing and honoring God!!!!

  3. Natural medicine is effective. It makes sense to allow it to co-exist with prescribed drugs.

  4. Natural alternatives, such as colloidal silver, vitamin D and vitamin C have shown great promise in managing antibiotic resistant bacteria. The FDA owes the American public this information. Reviving older drugs will only result in greater antibiotic resistance. Please work for the benefit of those who suffer, not for the profit of the drug industry.

  5. Black seed oil is also effective in treating MRSA. I use natural remedies all the time and don’t run to the doctor when having colds or upper respiratory conditions which I used a combination of Golden Seal, echinacea, olive leaf, elderberry,, pau D’Arco, and oils of eucalyptus, Ravensara. Tee tree oils for sore throats. Doctors have limited ways to treat you because stTe boards make them only use big Pharma drugs which all have side effects.

  6. Why is the Usa so quick to advocate probable harmful chemical treatments that have many side effects long before any natural remedies are tested Why don’t we look to the countries that have had great results and emulate their methods

  7. Alternative medicines should be explored to reduce the amount of antibiotics given to people. This is serious. C diff and antibiotic resistance is happening now. Stop the over use of antibiotics.

  8. Dear Sirs; The use of natural products to treat antibiotic resistant infections must be allowed.
    Duncan Rice Overdorff R.Ph.

  9. Thank you soooo much for this article. I have asked myself the same question and am sooo glad that someone else is speaking up on this issue and educating the public about it. I especially wonder why parents who are smart enough not to buy into vaccinations do not educate themselves in natural ways to protect their children’s immunity. They should not be just choice to avoid vaccinations but then they must educate themselves on how to support natural immune with anti-bacterial, anti-viral foods and supplements which will ward off illness, especially during flu season or when there are other illness moving through the community. Please continue to write more on these kinds of issues so that more and more people will eventually figure this out.

  10. It’s way pass the time to try and use natural substances to treat diseases. Natural substances work and little to no side affects. I have to use them, as drugs always cause side affects for me and do not work. The billions made by drugs companies should not control whether natural substances are used over drugs. Do more to combat antibiotic resistance and approve more natural treatments, such as silver, tea tree oil, vitimin C and others.

  11. Natural medicine is cheaper, safer & more effective than Big Pharma. Google “Death By Medicine” to learn the truth.

  12. I left a comment but realized I don’t even know where to find the comments on articles. Where are they?

  13. Do more to combat antibiotic resistance and approve the use of natural treatments such as silver.

  14. I would love to sign petition but do not want to give my phone number. Why is it required

  15. For every disease there is a cure. When the dollar is the only incentive the cures will be a long time coming. Natural medicine was here long before the pharmaceutical industry. It should be utilized.

  16. Please do more to combat antibiotic resistance. Look at natural alternatives to prevent the overuse of antibiotics.

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    You realizе so much its aⅼmost hard to argue with you (not that I personally would want to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject which has been discussed for a long time.
    Great stᥙff, just wondeгful!

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