Want to Live Longer?

More evidence that food is medicine!
Recent work from esteemed nutrition researcher Dr. Harry Preuss (who serves on ANH-USA’s Board of Directors) demonstrates that maintaining low levels of insulin resistance is crucial to staving off chronic illnesses and other negative consequences of aging. Insulin resistance leads to excess blood glucose, more body fat, and a higher risk for diabetes. The good news is that low insulin resistance can be maintained through proper diet (especially by restricting or cutting out table sugar), exercise, and supplementation (trivalent chromium, cinnamon and bitter melon).
Sugar has increasingly become a staple of the American diet. It’s used in many processed foods in the form of high fructose corn syrup. Humans have never consumed as much sugar as we do today. The food industry has poured millions into developing foods that are not just tasty, but so irresistible that consumers cannot control their cravings. Sugar gets added to bread, pasta sauce, yogurt, and many other foods that aren’t typically sweet. In fact, added sugars are in 74% of processed foods under more than sixty different names.


  1. I have no doubt that one of the reasons we have so much diabetes and other digestive disease in the USA today is because of the great amount of sugar in all forms in our foods. Please do a better job of controlling this in all foods.

  2. Thank you for your article on nutrition. The overuse of sugar in so many grocery items has been a major factor in the overwhelming increase of diabetes. Sugar is also a major contributor to cancer.There are many ways to sweeten a product without raising the insulin levels. Producers know that sugar is cheap and addictive. I only buy things sweetened with natural stevia. honey monk fruit, cinnamon. and many others that are natural!

  3. All foods should not have GMOs plants or animal products served to the american public due to the their unknown properties affecting the people of this country. We should not allow these mad scientists and their cohorts to poison the people of this country.They should be stopped completelly.

  4. Look at the People of America and see what the cover ups, lies, and poisons have done to US. Watch the movie Fed Up and get an understanding of what the American food supply does to children. Add in pharmaceutical poisons, 5G radiation. Attend a school and observe what teachers deal with daily. Talk to parents of autistic children. Talk to Functional Professionals who actually care about Our health.

  5. With the picture that came with this and a title like “Want to Live Longer?” and all you have is 2 lame paragraphs about sugar?

  6. Food was mans first medicine , our body after eating it over thousands of years developed to depend on it . Then about a few hundred years ago some one decided to create food , not just eat what nature gave us , but to mix it up to make it different and right there everything went to hell in a hen basket . Now these different concoctions with our food and with those that are being conceived in labs , with products that never were meant to be consumed like oil by products that is being absorbed by our foods that we are consuming , we are suffering the consequence . Add to this that our environment that we took hundred of thousands of years to adopt to is being recklessly destroyed for greed sake by the rich and the corporations that work for the rich . This is also weakening our body as it fights these pollution along with the chemicals entering our bodies .

  7. Has ANH given up trying to change the way the FDA operates? It has been a very long time since I read about ANH and things just keep getting worse.

  8. I do not buy any products that contain high fructose sugars, with the possible exception of an occasional soda.

  9. Eating more fruits instead of pastry helps. I take Berberine and Cinnamon to control my sugar levels combined with excerise, that helps me maintain a healthy body weight. We need to eat right and move more if we want to avoid medical expenses

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