1. The film “Secret Ingredients” is science. What can you do to make this film mandatory watching in your current circles? Go ahead. Spread it around and thank the team at Responsible Technology

  2. If in fact GMO’s are perfectly safe them bio tech companies should have no fear in labeling. People want to know!

  3. We need to go organic completely in our foods . I grow my own as much as i can , with the help of neighbors and locals farmers . And that cute non-GMO label on a lot of foods came from nowhere and i do not trust since i really do not get how they certify that its non-GMO .

  4. I want to know what is in my food! Make full disclosure labeling the law!

  5. The American system has totally sold out to Unbridled Capitalism which is inherently EVIL .
    The American economic system does not care anything about human life as long as a profit can be made .
    Fortunately in the future when climate change has destroyed civilization maybe a more intelligent human species will someday emerge again .

  6. Just Label it.
    Rest of the world labels it.
    Get with the program govt. your not a leader if your slacking in basic health and transparency issues like labeling – seriously
    If it’s good for people and safe they will buy it.

  7. Please President Trump : Non GMO’s are so important to our whole family’s health. Proper labeling of products is very important so we are making a healthy choice. We all suffer form Thyroid and digestive issues. It is awful to eat something that was not correctly labeled and then feel bad for days. Thank you for your attention to this issue. Sincerely Nora L.

  8. I don’t want to Eat GMO food I want food God created not some scientist. I certainly do want to know what’s in my food and I want it real not modified and I want it labeled so I could make the decision of what I want to eat. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I wonder if the PRESIDENT eats GMO’s???? Probably not.
    We need to keep up the fight for honest labeling and fight against GMO production of food.

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