1. Great comments, which need to be shared to raise awareness of this threat form the government. Of course the Medical Mafia does not like these identical hormones because they work, and the medical complex needs folks to be sick to keep their industry going and making profits. Healthy people undermine the bottom like, while the chronically sick support it.

  2. I was to a point in my life that I was ready to lay down and die because of my hormone imbalances and after being on BHRT, I felt much better and like a different person. THE FDA has no business telling me what treatment is best fro me. Pharmaceuticals kill more people than natural supplements ever have. It is time that these Government Agencies and Government Itself realize that they work for US! Not Vice Versa!

  3. Conventional medicine seems to want to keep a person side/dying so they can make money. Thriving/healing due to nature’s way is awesome. I pray a person’s choice of medical help is always allowed. There are two kinds of medical help. To ban one thinking they are the only acceptable way when they don’t offer 1/2 of what is available is sad. Thank you Suzanne Somers! Your books are awesome and you are a great example for others to see/learn from. God bless!

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