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  1. If our blood is the transporter of food throughout the body wouldn’t it be a good idea to see what the normal ranges of the 3 primary fuels for the body is and mimic those normal ranges in our diet? If we follow that advice then science tells us that we should have less then one teaspoon of fat and less than one teaspoon of sugar and about 60 teaspoons of protein in our blood at any time to keep your blood in a healthy normal range because we all know your body always knows what is ultimately right no mater how much we try to fool it into thinking otherwise. This makes sense why high carbohydrate diets or high fat diets both fail in the long term and a high protein diet from natural sources such as animal sources help maintain a healthy fit body throughout the history of human existence. Of course fake processed protein like the protein powder or protein chocolate bars are just poison disguised as health food. This is great news for all the beef eaters out there. Time to fire up the barbeque just in time for summer and start asking everyone “Where’s The Beef”!!!!

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