Mass Shootings Likely Linked to Psychiatric Meds

Why isn’t our government investigating the connection between mind-altering drugs and violent shootings? Action Alert!
Recently, famed constitutional attorney Jonathan Emord called on the Trump administration to investigate the possible links between psychiatric drugs and violent gun attacks in the United States. The FDA is aware that these drugs can cause violent behavior, yet continues to allow powerful, mind-altering drugs to be given to millions of Americans, including children.
We’ve written previously about this very topic. We researched dozens of high-profile cases of violent crime over the last few decades, and found that in at least half of the cases, we know that the perpetrator was taking, or had recently stopped taking, some form of antidepressant or antipsychotic medication. It could well be 100% if all the information is made publicly available.
The most recent examples support this thesis. In the  Las Vegas shooting, where Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and wounded hundreds of others, the autopsy showed he was using an anti-anxiety drug. Adam Lanza, the killer involved in the 2013 Sandy Hook school shooting, was suspected to have been on, or recently stopped taking, antipsychotic drugs; but as Emord details, the coroner would not release the deceased Lanza’s medical records. The killer in Parkland, Florida, Nikolas Cruz, is also suspected to have been on some kind of medication for “emotional difficulties,” according to a family member, but the specific drug has not yet been specified.
It’s well known that mind-altering drugs are linked with violent behavior. Many antidepressants carry black box warnings for increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior, but the FDA was reluctant to issue even that warning. “It has been decades since former FDA Medical Reviewer Andrew Mosholder alerted the FDA to the results of his post-market surveillance of psychiatric drugs,” Emord told ANH. “He determined those drugs increased the risk of suicide and violent behavior in children.  The FDA ostracized him for those findings and suppressed his report.  Years later, under significant pressure, the agency finally admitted the association and ordered a black box warning, but only for suicide, on the drugs.  That warning has had little effect on limiting the extent of psychiatric prescriptions to kids. Indeed, at least one in five Americans use psychiatric medications.”
Not only are these mind-altering drugs dangerous, they can be ineffective for many people. Researchers analyzed the results of 34 clinical trials involving more than 5,000 children taking one of fourteen antidepressants. Only one of them worked to relieve the symptoms of depression. Whether these drugs help or not is still hotly debated, but there is no question they are also addictive, and seem to be linked to birth defects.
There are alternatives to psychiatric drugs. There is evidence to suggest that a low-carb ketogenic diet can prove as effective at treating mental disorders—without the devastating side effects of psychiatric drugs.  Magnesium, B vitamins, SAMe, and other nutrients can make all the difference. Other alternatives include cognitive behavioral therapy, herbal treatments such as St. John’s wort, and simple exercise. None of these have been linked to birth defects.
Why does the FDA seem reluctant to explore the link between psychiatric drugs and violence? A clue could be in the numbers. The global market for antidepressant drugs is worth around $14.5 billion and estimated to surge to $16.8 billion by 2020; the global antipsychotics market is $11.7 billion, much of which is prescribed for conditions that have little to do with psychosis and which have very toxic side effects. That’s almost 30 billion reasons to keep the public ignorant about any connections between mind-altering drugs and violent behavior. Remember that the FDA appears to see the drug industry, not the public, as its client because drug industry user fees provide a substantial portion of the agency’s budget.
“I am not saying psychiatric drugs are the sole catalyst for school shootings,” Emord continued, “but I am saying that, by FDA’s own admission, they increase the incidence of suicidal thoughts and violent behavior in kids.  Consequently, if we are not going to ban administration of the drugs to kids (which I think we should do), there should at least be a federal investigation into the association between the drugs and violent behavior.  There should also be immediate steps undertaken by psychiatrists, school administrators, and parents to identify each child on these medications and to closely monitor them for any sign of violence, whereupon they should be removed from school and the drugs discontinued.”
This is just common sense. Before even more innocent people die, we need an honest assessment of the role psychiatric drugs play in this epidemic of violence.
Action Alert! Write to President Trump and Congress, urging a federal investigation into the link between psychiatric drugs and violent shootings. Please send your message immediately.


  1. I think you will find that ALL OF THESE MASS SHOOTERS were on THOSE DRUGS OR had just stopped.

    1. Certainly true about Columbine, Sandy Hook and maybe VA tech. Regardless of the drugs, mental disturbance is at the root of all murders not during the commission of a crime, and maybe even then.

    2. There were troubled people!! Not sure they were mentally ill because suicide and mass shooting are often crimes of passion connected to specific incidents where the person loses hope! the lose hope, get mad and take everyone else out with them.

    3. I think you will find that all of these ‘mass shootings’ are false flags sponsored by the government, but first you have to realize that the ‘news’ is nothing but lies

        1. Who is ‘we’ Carol, do you have a mouse in your pocket? You Kinky biotch!

          1. I join Carole in thinking you are nuts. Just because the media hypes the school shootings does NOT mean the gov has staged this.

          2. Unfortunately for you both, your opinions dont change the fact that Sandy Hook Elementary had been CLOSED for 4 years when the drill took place that they aired as a real event. Just a little research is all it will take to convince you. Just re-watch the original news footage. No bodies on the triage mat, 1 ambulance(which was BLOCKED in by other cars) for 26 people (none ever brought to a hospital to be declared dead) , NO emergency protocols followed. Bodies were NOT removed from building. There is a TON of video evidence that it was a hoax. The known actor David Wheeler played 2 roles, he was an FBI sniper on day 1 and a grieving father on day 2. Every single person on TV for the Sandy Hook false flag was an actor. The government was 100% behind the hoax. Knowing that one was faked its easy to be skeptical of the others that also have many inconsistencies. The Boston Bombing was just as fake. Many glaring protocol inconsistencies with that one too. Like the man who was already without legs pretending his legs were blown off. Then he is shown being rushed down a walk in a wheelchair…..where would they find an extra wheelchair in the middle of an actual bombing, unless he brought it with him?…and how/why would he be conscious/upright after severing 2 major arteries? You sheep really need to start using your brains a little more. Most of the news is fake. The governments in Australia and England used these exact same style staged events to ban guns in those 2 countries

          3. What proof do you have, other than a utube video, that the school was CLOSED? and that all the parents were actors?
            No one will every publish the bodies of children or anyone on TV …The Boston bombing could not be faked even on your standards. The vicious terrorists from Chechnya clearly killed and maimed a lot of people and there are far too many people involved in the bombing to fake it all , especially the neighborhood that was shut down and the one injured terrorist found in a yard in a boat.
            You are a danger to truth.

          4. You, and people like you are the real danger to all of us. You blindly believe the propaganda given to you through the airwaves. I dont have the slightest interest in spending an hour listing all the proof that I figured out or read.. I told you to look it up yourself. Google ‘David Wheeler sloppy sniper’. Rewatch the actual footage. I remember it well. I knew it was fake as I watched the live footage the day it happened. They were not following any protocol. That never happens, EVER. There were at least 3 different law enforcement agencies there and no one is following protocol?? The bumbling ‘coroner’ even slipped up on film saying ‘I hope this doesn’t come back and bite us in the ass’. Robby Parker is caught on film laughing and joyous as he walks up to the mic where he quickly changes to crying for his interview. His fake son died 3 hours before, he had to make it look good for the sheep watching at home. Some moron forgot to edit out the part with him laughing and living it up. There are literally dozens of examples that prove it was faked. You just keep on believing everything they tell you to think like a good sheep.

          5. ‘No one will every publish the bodies of children or anyone on TV’ – You are correct. They would not show bodies on TV. But they WOULD use the triage area they had set up FOR the bodies. That’s what they set it up for! They just wouldn’t have allowed the cameras near triage. But they made it a point to show it in the footage. Also they WOULD have had more than ONE ambulance for 26 bodies. They WOULD have taken EVERY LAST PERSON in an ambulance to the hospital, trying to revive every last one of them, all the way there. Then at the hospital, an actual DOCTOR is the only one with the power to declare them dead – AFTER all attempts of revival have failed. I just listed 5 breaches of protocol that 3 agencies stood by and watched. What are the odds of every single person just sitting there and doing nothing when such protocol breaches are happening? None of them afraid of LAW SUITS all of a sudden? There would be 26 families suing the Sandy Hook district right now. They didn’t even try to revive their fake children, protocol dictates that all victims be rushed to the hospital where they can be saved or declared dead.

          6. I read about the fake shootings, but never delved into it. I agree that they are allowing or staging these shootings to happen so that they can ban our guns. Oh yeah for sure!!!
            It’s called Social Engineering!

          7. russian bot!! The school was closed in order to repair it. It then re-opened. ALL documented. NEVER accept anything this troll says. It is easy to verify.

          8. No, not staged but ALLOWED to happen. If the System loved children so much they would have put guards with guns at the school doors and put metal detectors in the doorways a long time ago. They LET i happen so they can blame guns and take em all away and then when the gov. comes to put us in a Fema camp we have no guns to protect us!

          9. unfortunately for us all, a tremendous amount of horrific things you see on your television were staged. Usually by psychological manipulation that is obviously above your current mental capability to cope with, OR some advanced form of coercive mind control tactics created by the brightest and highest paid psychologists and philosophers that you will never hear about. I dont know what kindof magic beans they are using that blind
            most of the general public from common-sense psych analysis, but y’all
            better eat some Wheaties and shrug off that psychological harassment
            y’all have consumed and take another take on what’s at stake!

    4. I think you will also find that mass shooters are on a NUMBER of things, ESPECIALLY alcohol and illegal drugs.

  2. it wasn’t the failed system, It wasn’t the mind altering prescribed drugs, it was was the gun that did it…these people would have not harmed anybody if weren’t for the influence of those dam guns…

    1. If this were a stable young man, this shooting would never have happened. Did you read about his fascination with cutting up animals? He was totally unbalanced…and the legal drugs he had been on took away his ability to discern right from wrong. This young man was also mentally challenged; not too swift. Guns don’t kill. People need to pull triggers. The truth is very important…and I am totally unbiased. I personally have never owned a gun.

      1. He is a sociopath… killing animals is a signature trait. But, there is No medication and No therapy that would work to “cure” him! In fact, you engage in talk therapy with a sociopath and they just get better at being a sociopath!! This is not about any drugs that people are on.

      2. Guns do kill, Barbara and ones like the AR15 are designed and used to kill many people quickly – like the M16 I used in Viet Nam, I am a gun owner but would never have an AR or similar – I’ve had too much violence and killing in my life!

        1. You my friend are a brainless, gutless twat. Name one gun that wasn’t designed to kill you retarded has been

        2. BS. AR15’s cannot kill more quickly than any semi auto pistol or rifle.
          Guns can only kill with a human inserting ammo then pulling the trigger, otherwise they are of little use other than a club and maybe not even then.
          If you were in Nam you learned NOTHING about AR-15. Hardly a good rifle for war which is why it is NOT a military weapon. As a standard make .223 it is good for small varmits, but useless against wild boar/hogs, deer, elk or bear.

  3. You would do well to add William Walsh’s (Walsh Research Institute, Illinois) expertise to this story. He has assessed more than 30,000 people for their metabolic variations affecting mental and behavioral parameters. I believe he stated unambiguously that SRI drugs should never be given to over-methylators because of violent of psychotic side effects.

  4. Never one mention or inquiry about possible psychotropic drug use amongst the mass shooters.

  5. I believe in many cases this is a contributing factor. As far as the government doing research on this, that’s not going to happen. Government is not going to open up that Pandora’s Box of lawsuits for there Big Pharma supporters.

    1. The government and many universities already do research on this stuff!! There finding are all over the internet and in respected journals.

      1. The research, such as it was, only proves, as do the warning labels, that the psychiatric drugs have serious and in some cases, permanent side effects, including violence, and death from the drugs alone, a high % of suicides ………..
        The FDA “approved” the drugs, after suppressing all negative/adverse effects from the “research”, conducted by members of the approving committee.
        Any government grants for university “research”, only reveal what the grantor wants it to reveal, or the grants are cancelled. Open secret

  6. What I would like to know is, if all of these shooters were on psychiatric meds, did they go off them prior to shooting? The meds may not be the cause. But the fact that they were off their meds.

    1. Many were still on them, but the drugs are so dangerous that withdrawing from them incorrectly (by going cold-turkey—stopping abruptly) can be the worst time for showing these tendencies.

    2. Most psychiatric meds wipe out brain cells. Take away the ability to think or feel. They take people to the level of zombies. Psychiatrists don’t study nutrition…and if they did where would they go to study unbiased nutrition, Nutrition schools are funded by the food industry which does nutrition research (designed to sell their products). America is in 46th place in longevity. One out of every two in this country will die of cancer or heart disease. Autism used to be 1 in 10,000. It is now 1 in 56. This is the end result of a nation run on greed, which worships money.

    3. In many cases it is the withdrawal from the drugs that is the cause of violence, so it’s still the drug that is the cause, not that the person “needed” the drug because they are “mentally ill”. The alterations the drug is causing in the brain is what is making them ill. The drugs caused a chemical imbalance. Stopping the drugs and starting the drugs is the worst time, when people become very unstable.

    1. You are listening to people who put this stuff out there so they can get higher ratings . This equals more money!!
      Turn that stuff OFF!! Any utub info you have to be careful of!!

      1. Carole, you are ignorant and brainwashed. No offense intended. But please educate yourself and do some research of history, and the facts available to you. It takes time, but it will enlighten you to a real understanding and knowledge you never realized or understood before.

        1. You sir, are ignorant and easily manipulated! You see crap on the internet and think that is doing research and you are becoming educated?! No, that is not. I teach my son to read, but to also THINK and CONFIRM information from several sources that are known to be accurate….not just anything on the internet!!
          Your ignorance is what is offensive, that you think that you are informed with facts. Opinions are only opinions. They are useful, but belong in therir own category.
          You can have any opinion you want, but knock it off with acting as if what you think and your lone experience is the greater truth. Ignorance is not bliss. it is uncomfortable and can be hell.

      2. and you are listening to the talking heads on MSM who put their stuff out there so THEY can get higher ratings and MORE money. Who do you think would get richer in that scenario? The guy blogging out of his mom’s basement or the liar on TV that is lying to millions of viewers? I’ll take my chances with the private sector, I already know the media lies to us

        1. Actually, I listen ACROSS media. All of them want to make money, and sensationalize stuff. The difference , however are the sites where people just make stuff up, are russian trolls, or just want attention. This is especially true on utube and specialized web sites which make up and PUSH undocumented fake news!!
          So, watch your brain, buddy. Seem like you have been dipping in the swamp quite a bit.Don’t believe those people who are pushing info to you!!

        2. Humm! Some guy blogging in his mother’s basement is either 15 or if an adult, non functional! Neither should be considered crediable people to take life advice from!! Blogging is opinion….not news!! Opinion is just that, opinion. NEWS has rules, and anything that is said must have witness’ that are crediable and found to be saying what they know that is true. There is a higher bar vs opinion! Sorry bubba, they are different!

  7. How about psychedelic mushrooms which seem to be positioned under the radar of dangerous drugs?
    According to Brown University Health Education, shrooms most resemble LSD in terms of what users can expect. Like other hallucinogen drugs, the effects of shrooms can vary with users experiencing a wide range of different experiences, including:
    A distorted sense and time and space
    Many of

      1. No, Brown is correct. There are mushrooms that create hallucinations and other symptoms. They are quite dangerous. Many kids know about them!!

        1. This is ridiculous. Psilocybin containing mushrooms have been studied and found to have positive effects on anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

          1. There are MANY different types of mushrooms, dude! Some are good for us, others to varying degrees are good and still others are poison!

        2. Brown’s statement is rather generic. And yes, many kids know about shroomz. This is not a new revelation.
          The most common attainable magic mushrooms in the US are Psilocybe Cubensis. Liberty Caps (Psilocybe semilanceata) which are less potent, are found in the NW.
          The principal active compounds are psilocybin and psilocin. I have sampled both and can tell you that the common reaction to a std. dose is a feeling of well being (Euphoria) and laughter is common. If you take enough to hallucinate, handling anything somewhat intricate, such as a camera is overwhelming. I imagine handling a gun would be tough to comprehend. Even verbal communication can be hard to accomplish. I’ve never heard of anyone being violent while on shroomz.
          Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), is somewhat similar, but more intense. It’s a synthetic drug manufactured in a lab and can easily be adulterated (bad acid). People can and certainly have wigged-out on it (Manson), although it is rather uncommon.
          Of any counter-culture/black market type drugs, PCP and crank (amphetamines) are the ones most commonly associated with violence. But the legal ones, pushed by the pharmaceutical industry are far worse. Any drug made in a lab is far more likely to cause someone to go on a killing spree than those found in nature.

  8. Was it the psych meds, or the underlying mental illness the meds were supposed to treat, or both? Psych medications should not be prescribed without regular follow up visits, in which side effects such as excessive anger or irritability, should be screened for.

    1. The drug industry’s own studies reveal that the drugs alone can bring about these mental effects even in people who have never previously had them. This is really the drugs. Of course, even worse if the person has already shown a tendency for this.

  9. I believe over half of the population is on antidepressants. When we stop the mind altering events that this messed up world offers then maybe we can get off of them.

    1. Too many people are on medications, of ALL types. Americans think that when they go to the doctor they are supposed to leave the office with pills!! This is just WRONG!! Taking an antidepressant should only be used under specific conditions, with talk therapy and monitering as part of a treatment. Most people do not need any of the drugs that their doctors give to them! But, when they do really need them, and are in treatment, they can be helpful. But, very few conditions require people to be on psychotropic medications for a long period of time.

      1. Eating the right food will cure almost anything, Big Pharma’s drugs will cure nothing

      2. It is so important to get sufficient nutrients for the brain. Doctors would not make money prescribing nutrients. The most important for the brain are the B vitamins. Many B vitamins are created in the small intestines…but regular drugs, alcohol and more wipe them out. I use high amounts of B daily from a reputable vitamin manufacturer…and go to sleep happy and wake up happy in my 8th decade. I feel great and need no drugs.

      3. Require? Of course not, but it happens more than not. Everyone I know on Prozac have been on them for 10 yrs and have no ability or inclination to stop, despite the clear problems. Same for all the drugs and a high % of the users are children.
        Drs get paid for prescribing the drugs and many people millions are on these psychotropic drugs in prison or youth confinement for “control”

        1. Did you know that every time a doctor sends you off for some kind of “test” he gets a kick back too? Yep.

          1. I did not, but I have not been to a doctor in 16 yrs willingly. An accident at work put me in the hands of Workmens Comp drs. who the worst and though I refused drugs, their “treatments” and radiation tests really messed me up. I get my blood tests through Life Extension Foundation about 1/10th the cost of dr referrals.I actually found a dr that works on a CSA basis. Pay monthly a minimum fee and get almost unlimited visits. No extra charge for tests and she will let you get your tests on your own, like life extention and she will read them (though drs on their staff will give you a lot of time assessing them over the phone for you. Unfortunately, I’m on medicare so she is forbidden by medicare to allow me to use her.
            I’ve never gotten a dr to order the tests I get on lef website. A huge amount of comprehensive tests for so much cheaper, esp the thyroid tests and D3. Amazing website and service. Best research around.

          2. I dropped my Primary doc too almost a yr ago. He was very pushy, made me sick cuz didn’t test my potassium level and it went way down and heart flipping for 3 months cuz i took water pills. Then he lied and said he felt 3 lumps in my breast. I got mammogram and nurse said she felt nothing. Came out negative. I went to an MD who was holistic/intergrative and he helped me a lot. Sent me to a heart doc got all checked out. Was ok. Sent me for blood tests to check potassium level. Borderline low. Told me what to drink and eat for potassium, coconut water, V8, avacado’s. He gives me my one drug for high blood pressure and reconmmended other supplements. He saved my life. I see him 2x a yr and can email him for advice. I go to urgent care if i have a problem. I have to pay him cash as he’s not allowed to take insurance, but he costs $50 twice a yr., and the Primary cost me $20 two times a month always going back for checkups. I was actually afraid to see my primary doc. Oh, he told me i had to find another doctor cuz i wouldn’t take certain tests he advised. He said he would stay with me until i found one. The last appt i had such anxiety i called and canceled. I was having a panic attack. One should not be afraid to see their doctor. So my new doc will take my bl pr twice a yr and i take it every day at home and i email him to let him know what it is. At least this way the insurance companies does not have my personal records since i pay in cash with new doc.
            Yeah, medicare. so many rules. They control us.

    2. I think it’s the psych drugs too. I was a teen in the 1960’s and we never even had ONE school shooting and no kids were on psych drugs either.

  10. This is a really irresponsible article. Antidepressants save many lives, my own included. I’ve been taking them for 30 years. Do you think that these killers were perfectly normal, happy people before they started the medication? No, they were people with issues which is why the drugs were prescribed in the first place. Considering the number of Americans taking these drugs and the tiny fraction of a percentage of people who commit violent acts while taking them, it is clear that you cannot draw a collation between the two. You may as well blame it on people who drink soda or have consumed fast food.

    1. Devolution of society; diagnose everyone with something, find a
      drug for it.

    2. Please read my comment above. If you have actually been taking Antidepressants for 30 years, the damage is done, and it’s just a matter of time before you become violent (act out) or suicidal (and depressed); Regardless of how you believe these drugs may have temporarily helped you.

  11. Put a 1 year ban on these drugs. Watch for the reduction of gun related murders.

      1. Both of you are correct, thus rendering it a moot point. He (Spirit of America) would actually be far more correct, if those people on psych meds who discontinued their use, would be allowed to do so, in a long term step down method, replacing them with supplements (such as GABA, HTP 5, St. John’s Wort, among others), exercise, nutrition, friends/family/pets/love (and a healthy intimate relationship), and possibly the therapeutic use of Cannabis, as a primary treatment during step down discontinuation of psych meds over a period of years; Gradually increasing the use of Cannabis as needed while gradually taking smaller and smaller doses of psych meds. I can tell you with first hand experience, not only doing it myself, but helping other people, that this method works, and is the best and only safe way to discontinue long term use of psychiatric medications.

  12. Are you from the Church of Scientology? They are against psychiatric drugs, I’m pretty sure.

    1. Though the CCHR was originally started by people, [some of whom] were members of the Church of Scientology, it is primarily a totally separate and unrelated organization. I have researched both extensively. I like and agree with the CCHR, and I hate and discredit the Church of Scientology as potentially illegitimate (many people believe it’s a cult). One doesn’t need to be “from the Church of Scientology” however to understand, to understand the detrimental effects of psych meds; Which clearly shows your cynical disingenuous (sarcastic) nature.

      1. Actually, you, sir are the one that is cynical and disingenuous. You present your opinions, and others opinions as if they are truths. Some may be, but others are clearly not. You have an axe to grind.

    2. Not much difference here between Scientologists and people selling “natural remedies” for psych problems (herbs, supplements, etc.). The article you are reading is published by ANH-USA, the “Alliance for Natural Health”. Basically the supplement lobby. The writer is writing for his audience, and the people who pay him. What do you expect? They have exactly the same biases as the Pharma lobby, except on behalf of supplements. Otherwise they merely play for lower stakes.
      My own bias is I’m a physician not a naturopath. Pharma is a $ half-TRILLION dollar a year industry in the US (out of a total of 3.4 trillion for health-care) and it swings at least that much weigh politically and in influence good and bad. There is no question that meds of all kinds are overpriced and overused in the US and you don’t need to be a Communist to see it.
      BUT, it’s also true that the supplement industry is at least $36 billion. That’s chump change compared with drugs, but still large enough to swing a political stick. Especially since supplements are a lot less dangerous and easier to access. But you pay for less side effect with less effect. Nobody is quite sure if any supplement does much of anything! All we can say is the chances are considerably better than homeopathy.
      I will end by noting that the evidence that regular physical exercise on nearly every mental health problem, is positive. But who wants to do it?

      1. Ok here’s a great supplement i found out about at the health store last week. It is for anxiety and depression and works. It has helped a kid who was very hyper and had anxiety. It helps the mood greatly. It is SO much better than St. Johns Wort. It is called
        Gabatrol. See if you can find it at the health store. It came out about a year ago.

  13. The NIMH rejected the Diagnostic Statistics Manual of the Am. Psychiatric Assn. as entirely UNSCIENTIFIC! There is no pathology associated with the diagnoses in the DSM!!!
    Google that! This is why professionals call them “conditions” not diseases!

    1. You are partially correct. NIMH did reject the DSM5 manuel, but not the DSM 4 !! There was disagreement over several important issues where the American Psychiatric Assn. wanted to back away from a research and scientific model in order to include information that they wanted in in a few areas! NIMH and the American Psychological (researchers) did not go along with the psychiatrists. Professionals can use a different diagnostic model. there are some that are conditions, others that are diseases!

      1. But none, are diagnosed using scientific medical testing. They are all diagnosed solely on the basis of opinion. Psychiatry is not a medical science. And psychiatric “drugs” therefore, are not a medical treatment for anything. Now you have internal medicine doctors and general practitioners (MDs) diagnosing and prescribing psych meds (in the last 20 or 30 years). It is a recipe for disaster and the destruction of our society, so that pharmaceutical companies can profit $Billions every year from selling this poison. It is literally a criminal conspiracy to where FDA regulators are in the pockets of these companies, and worked for them, or leave the FDA to go back to working for them, etc.

        1. You again, are partially correct. Internal med doctors are prescribing the vast majority of the psychotropic drugs, and they tend to do this much to quickly and incorrectly!! It is unnecessary for people to be on so many meds which act as mental straight jackets!!
          But there ARE medical tests that scientifically diagnosis mental health issues!! There are MANY accurate and reliable tests that are as accurate as any other medical test. But not all doctors are trained to give the tests!! Crazy, but true. This is why NIMH and the APA broke AWAY from the approval of the new DSM5!! When psychiatrist moved away from basing the diagnosis on scientifically valid information and research, major research institutions and universities created an uproar!! This was necessary. So, there are MANY people who do not make any money for the big drug companies who are out fighting for what is right. This is one of the strengths of America. We are people who will fight for what is right. I base my fights on real, valid, reliable, REPEATABLE research…NOT opinion!!
          This issue with medications: don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. They are over-prescribed, by people who do not know what they are doing. But, these same drugs have also SAVED MANY lives when properly provided. Do not treat this issue as if it is a religion. It is NOT a religion!! There is a great deal of scientific evidence out there.
          There are non-profit organizations such an NAMAI, run by families of people with serious mental health issues. They make No Money, and are people directly impacted by serious mental health challenges in their families.
          If these issues have hit you or your family, there is hope and many different kinds of help. But, make sure that mental health is adequately funded!! Otherwise, insurance companies will continue to PUSH drugs and call it helping people when they are actually over-medicating people!! In facrt some insurance companies own large blocks of stock in drug companies.
          These are the issues you need to call your state and Congressional reps about!! Make them work for YOU and not big insurance and drug companies!! BUST up the drug cartel and lobby. Get DARK money OUT of our government!!

  14. This article is BAD Science! Full of opinion. I have nothing against opinion, but don’t try and make it about science! It could be that people were on meds because someone was trying to save them. Mass shootings are not really about the meds people take, or even having a diagnosis of mental illness!! People kill because they want to lash out and hurt people, perhaps get killed as well. this is called “suicide by cops”. This is why where there are gun laws, the death rate always goes down. If people do not have access to guns, they are less likely to kill themselves or others. It become less of a crime of opportunity to because you cut down on when people spontaneously shoot others or themselves. There are researchers at places like the National Institute of Health where they are Not in bed with drug companies. They do a lot of research and do report out when there are significant links.

    1. Drugs kill people, people on drugs kill people.
      Drugs are an industry not a fix, nutrition should
      never be ignored when treating disorders, and just
      because an adolescent is a thug or a pos , does not
      mean we need to create another ‘Disorder’ tag for it,
      so we can approve another billion dollar win for
      Big Pharma.
      ….and – – – – Blaming the gun is no different than blaming the rock
      that the thug used to bash someone’s head in.

    2. Then Carole, you clearly haven’t done your due diligence research before making such a comment. 94% of mass shooters going back to 1966, were on psychotropic medications, or had recently (and incorrectly) discontinued their use. 98% of mass shootings in the last roughly 30 years, have been in so-called “Gun Free Zones”.

          1. Crediable stats are everywhere! Go to NIH web site. Go to the Mayo Clinic web site. Go to WebMD. Go to Life Exension. They cite research for many things. Most of their research citations are good ones, some are questionable. Good data is everywhere. Now, CITE your sources!! Again, radio talk shows do NOT count. You are being lied to.

          2. NIH is NOT credible and webmd is frequently just a mouthpiece for AMA drug treatments.
            I ALREADY said Life extension is a good source, as they only research and compile from medical journals. What I said re numbers is what the AMA, CDC, FDA and hospitals ADMIT to. I do NOT listen to radio.
            Apparently you don’t read what I write, because I credited LEF as a major source, rather than try to find all the journals myself, though I do go to the sources cited if I have questions or want amplification.
            YOU cite someone other than VAST…..if anyone is listening to lies, you are.

          3. Well, it is obvious then: you do not know about research. For certain in your diatribe, you did not cite anything from Life Extension. BTW, they get much of their info from professional medical journals, same as Web MD, and the other sources I listed. Competent medical research is the same across all of the sites I listed. You have extreme views, which of course is your right. But, you clearly are mis-reading or not understanding information. I do not take seriously ANY site that sells or advocates for only one thing – supplements or traditional meds!! All have an axe to grind. Have to look at EACH piece of information cited.
            Good luck in your life.I wish you the best in your quest for a happy and healthy life. I hope you find Peace and what you seek.

          4. You did NOT cite anything from LEF and apparently miss their criticism of webMD and especially NIH (who IS “in bed with Big Pharma” I don’t Need to cite anything from LEF . You would not accept it anyway.

          5. Obviously, you don’t read what I wrote or understand it. I SAID lef cited medical journals.
            The AMA is biased towards Big Pharma as is webMD. Some of webMD is usable but not necessarily truly accurate or useful when it comes to treatment with drugs.
            If you don’t advocate for any ONE thing, then you should reject webMD and NIH because they reject anything not drug related. They have THE axe to grind and dismiss anything not FDA or Big Pharma
            I have peace and YOU can only attack with confusion and misunderstanding.
            I have been a credible researcher (even PAID) all my life. You are judgmental, and lack logic in your attacks on me.

          6. Mindfulness, accupuncture, adjustment therapies, talk therapy – all non drug related forms of healing and ALL researched and supported by NIH, WebMD and LEF. Not a pill in sight! You continue to rant and rave and not about the real facts.

          7. You continue not to cite any facts. I KNOW LEF supports supplements and publishes articles on supplements and backs them up with citations from real research and funds some of their own research WITHOUT the constraints that come from GOV grants (and NIH is an agency of the Dpt of Health & human services and therefore biased)
            NIH says they have a branch to investigate alternative and complementary medicine and says NOTHING about accupuncture mindfulness or chiro. In fact, all gov sites are somewhat negative about homeopathy, naturopathy, and eastern medical modalities. Not one webmd search of mine has ever suggested accupunture to relieve anything. I have utilized accupuncture for anesthesia in oral surgery, to relieve and even cure back pain, flu symptoms and a host of other ailments. Not once in webMD searches have I found any reference to nutritional / vitamin deficiencies, or accupuncture.
            LEF is NOT gov, NIH IS gov, webMD seems to be AMA generated and is of very limited usefulness.
            Since you continue to attack me, say you are not going to talk to me anymore but do, with rage and undue criticism and merely repeat some of what I have already said with no comprehension or relevance, I will end this by blocking you. BU-BYE

          8. Facts: Non drug, info on alternative medical practices that actuakly work from webmd. They have lots of info like this. Not a drug in site!!
            This site is FULL of russian troll and bots. Also people who have an axe to grind and find little truths and make sweeping generalizations about their veracity!! Lies! The USA is not perfect, but is is sure BETTER than little russia. Our government institutions may not be perfect, but , we have Freedom unheard of in little russia and other dictatorships!! Do not pay attention to looney tunes saying crazy things on this site. THINK for yourself. Look up your own information from sites that have experts and know what they are talking about.
            Get out and VOTE against people who try to advance conspiracy theories and non-sense! THINK about what actually makes sense and what is supported by real data. Get this info FIRST HAND. Do NOT take what someone else says!!

      1. You are VERY WRONG. I DO my research. You are getting your info from conspiracy theory and fake web sites!! Your “facts” are wild opinions. Nothing wrong with opinions, but they are not aiways the Universal Truth. If psychotropic meds were responsible for turning people into killers, I would be the FIRST person to go after the drug companies. I do go after them for other things. Americans are OVER PERSCRIBED DRUGS that are unnecessary and toxic!! This is UNETHICAL. But, this article is still bad, not balanced, and NOT scientific.

        1. There is little science in the drug industry and none in psychiatry. Lots of mental illness is apparently the result of nutritional deficiencies, drug abuse in utero, and drug use. A LOT of violence and violent acts in drug users, esp meth, and a significant number are from those on legal drugs. Drug use is increasing and huge numbers of people and kids are on psyotropic drugs and violence is increasing, mostly among those on those drugs. “science” is not needed to observe, gather stats, interpret those stats.

      2. Even if the 94% figure is correct (and it sounds like fake numbers–where’s your cite?), it’s rather difficult to separate cause from effect, here. If 94% of really sick people are in hospitals, does that mean hospitals make you sick? Ice cream consumption and violent crime go up and down in a regular locked yearly cycle in NYC, but I doubt that one causes the other. You need better statistics than this crap.
        Here’s how bad this can get: in the late 80s and early 1990s before really good AIDS drugs came out, AIDS denialists pointed out that 94% (or something) of people dying of “AIDS” were on AIDS drugs. And (yes) they blamed the problem on the treatment. They said that in the US, AIDS drugs actually *caused* most AIDS. (And that elsewhere, AIDS was caused by malnutrition and was not the same disease). And yes, some of these people were the Dr. Matthias Rath type pushers of “natural cures” for AIDS. So here we are, again at that exact same place, with another problem, and the same “natural hygiene” nuttery.

        1. Actually, hospitals DO make you sick. HAI. Over 350k people die each year in hospitals due to acquired infections and hospital mistakes.
          Re AIDS, it was SPREAD by the world health org by unsanitary vaccinations which DID kill people. The early drugs did nothing to stop/relieve AIDS and were dangerous in themselves, hastening the deaths, besides being ineffective and expensive.

        2. The article does NOT SAY that drugs are the only problem, nor that they are cause, just that there is a link and that all negatives and research that DOES link in a more causitive way has been suppressed. That is obvious and in many cases, provable by the FDA’s own reports. The FDA is run by the researchers of Big Pharma. That is obvious and provable. Drugs kill, both the taker and the victims of their drug induced violence. Is it the ONLY cause/correlation? Of course not, but far more “mass shooters” are/have clear mental disturbance/symptoms and drug use, legal and otherwise than any other “cause”/correlation.
          Claiming that some were “nuts” about AIDS drugs (I knew the drugs did no good and a lot of harm but never heard that they “caused” AIDS, but they did hinder the body from functioning and fighting and hastened death.
          That has NOTHING to do with the obvious fact that most FDA approved drugs, esp anti depressents and psychiatric drugs DO induce violence in a greatly significant % of the pop (millions) taking them. Does it do it to all, of course not, but drugs legally prescribed and properly taken still KILL, over 150k-350k and if not to the extreme of “mass shootings” to anger, and domestic violence and birth defects.

    3. NIH is completely part of the drug industry and the government. Their “research” is poor and they don’t do anything but support the FDA and Big Pharma. Their “stats” are false.
      Gun Laws reduce gun crime? Where the highest number of gun crimes occur, cities like Chicago, the “gun laws” are the most restrictive. That is true across the board. Where guns are strictly prohibited, like Ecudor I think (some S American country starting with E) the murder by gun is the highest in the WORLD on a per capita basis. ALL “mass shootings” have been in “gun free zones”. Gun LAWS create more gun crime and/or have a reverse effect.

        1. You are “making things up”. The truth is: all schools are gun free zones. All school shootings happen in gun free zones, because all schools are “gun free zones”.
          The statistics of gun deaths in major cities, with the gun laws most restrictive, show that more gun murders/deaths occur in cities with restrictive gun laws than in any area where there are NO gun laws. Criminals do NOT obey “gun laws”.
          You have not a stat, fact or truth to stand on. Even the FBI stats prove you wrong.
          The NIH is an agency of the US GOV and will NEVER contradict the FDA. Anything funded by the US gov (taxpayers) is suspect and NOT independent. Its “research” is questionable at best and obviously NOT independent.

          1. WOW, more made up opinion! There is no truth to any of this. You have the stats on gun violence and death…BACKWARDS! Gun violence of all types goes DOWN when there are strict gun laws, aka NY city or the country od Australia!! If you have real data, please provide it. Radio talk shows do not count!! Otherwise what you are saying is just not true. Some one is lying to you.

          2. So you think you know everything, but you don’t. Even the FBI stats show that in the US, where the strictest gun laws exist, the “death by gun” rates are highest. You KNOW or should know that “gun free zones” are where every “mass shooting” has taken place.
            IF you are a competent researcher, you would NOT call those obvious “facts” OPINION and “not truth”.
            Stop with the red herring illogic. You are not credible when you ASSume anything written that you deem oppositional to your uninformed conclusions, offered as facts, comes from radio shows. You must listen to them, I don’t. Someone must be lying to YOU, if you think anyone who does not use your words and feed them back to you is being lied to.
            You are impossibly illogical, irrational and uncomprehending of what I write. I trust the LEF compilation of research and can check the journals they cite. I do NOT trust NIH, AMA, FDA or Big Pharma at all. I get many of my stats from LEF and those medical journals, plus the FDAand AMA and CDC (what they admit to).

          3. No, the stats say the opposite. Look at the stats on states with strong gun laws. Look at Australia or the UK on total deaths. Again, if you are looking at “research” you do not know how to read it. THIS is what the stats say.

          4. I did look at the FBI stats which say the opposite of what you say. YOU are the one who cannot intepret the stats correctly or without bias.
            You don’t KNOW Australia stats or UK. Ecuador has a total ban on guns and the highest gun murder rate in the world. The US is way down the list on per capita deaths by guns.

          5. Look up the stats. You are making up stuff. Even raging at me will not change the Truth. The stats say the opposet of what you are saying. Numbers are numbers, but then you think that all government stats are bogus. Oh well!

          6. I have looked up the stats, the ones worldwide and the ones for the US. You are wrong. The stats to which I referred are GOV stats. So much for your ability to comprehend and your statement 2x that you won’t talk to me anymore.

          7. For anyone who has seen anything on this site – look up the information for yourself. Google what you want to know, then follow some of the real data. Don’t rely on anyone on this site. It is full of russian trolls, craZY PEOPLE AND THOSE WHO FOR WHATEVER REASON – JUST MAKE THINGS UP BECAUSE THEY WANT THEIR OPINION TO BE THE TRUTH. Beware. THINK for yourself.

          8. Thank your lucky stars that NIH exists!! They do research and find treatments for unusual and orphand diseases – rare disorders that the drug companies do not care about because so few people are affected!! Their research is excellent and done by people who have given up on making lots of money in private industry and have chosen, instead to WORK as researchers and doctors for You!! Thank God they exist!!

          9. You continue to worship NIH. They do NOTHING for orphan drugs nor does the FDA. I will never go to another dr as long as I live until or unless I can find one that was not “trained” to be a conduit for drugs and does not think he/she is god.

          10. No , not worship. But they are the ones who research and find treatments for orphan illness and conditions. Their work is on their web site and hundreds of really good doctors rely on them when they have difficult cases. Nothing else to say except, you do not accept the facts and do not present any facts of your own. But, I do wish you the best and hope that you can find some Peace.
            Good Luck to you!

          11. You don’t have peace if you have to try to discredit me as “ridiculous”, “opinion” “listens to opinion sites”, “lied to”.
            Your OPINION of NIH is just that, you present NO facts, just you are wrong and “make stuff up” and you mischaracterize my statement.

        2. NIH IS part of the government. You say no truth to that? FDA is run by Big Pharma. No truth to that? FDA is a government agency. No truth to that? NIH has rubber stamped FDA approvals and is NOT independent “research”. What have you got to rebut that?

  15. This guy still believes Sandy Hook was real?? I dont know why its always in the script that psych meds are involved, but the point is moot when the shootings are faked!

    1. Though there is plenty of evidence to that effect, you are not going to convince the majority of people so long as the mainstream media and government force the official narrative as being what did actually happen/occur, and that it was exactly what and how they said it was.

  16. Alcohol is one of the major violence-producing drugs, as any bar-keep will tell you. John Wilkes Booth said his pocket flask was his best friend. He drank whiskey just before shooting Lincoln. Dis-inhibit a controlled but angry person, and you may well get violence.
    As for medicinals, there are psychiatric drugs and then there are psychiatric drugs. You can’t lump them all together. The amphetamines and sympathomimetics are basically “speed” and have long been implicated in paranoia and violence in large doses (larger than usually used for ADHD, though). Benzodiazepines don’t produce violence (the opposite) but are addictive. Some varieties of antidepressants may occasionally produce violence to self (which is why most are not recommended for children) and perhaps others, too. You never know.
    There are more than 20 “atypical antipsychotics” (Seroquel, Abilify, and the like), and these are pushed heavily by drug companies. They tend to make people passive but also pleasure-less. Going on and off them, you never know what you’re going to get, but violence is not a major problem when somebody takes them.
    All in all, there is no real “smoking gun” here. By world standards, sympathomimetics and antipsychotics (in some ways opposites) are both overused in the U.S., but not in ways that would be expected to lead to mass shootings (instead, you get panic, or zombies). The problem is elsewhere.
    Personally, I would suggest we try to identify and deal with violent people before they grow old enough to buy weaponry. We’ve been putting too many victimless pot smokers in jail (not a violence-producing drug), when we should have been looking at bullies, animal abusers, and domestic violence problems. Lee Harvey Oswald beat his wife. Nikolas Cruz got many free passes for violent behavior and pointing guns at people, that he should not have had coming. An arrest for pot possession, even now, will keep you from buying a gun, but years of beating people up and pointing guns at them as a teenager, will not. Go figure.

  17. No financial incentive for doctors to study nutrition…and learn about feeding the body and brain the nutrients it needs to stay well. Psychiatrists use drug prescriptions to bring patients back regularly, when nutrients could heal the brain and entire body. Healthy people don’t need doctors. Cures stop the money train run by the Medical Industry. What could solve this mental health crisis? Nourishment of the soil using organic methods…which would eliminate toxic chemicals and the use of GMOs…and forego processed foods with all its unnatural ingredients. Most people see no connection, between what they are putting in their mouth and their mental and emotional health. In 1961, I came across information related to sugar and hyperactivity. My doctor had given me a diet my son followed (and I knew nothing about nutrition). It was loaded with sugar and white flour. Then he put my son on tranquilizers at five. At this time a friend told me I was listening to the wrong people – handing me several books to read. I opened the first book and the first thing I read…sugar creates hyperactivity. The second thing I read…tranquilizers stunt the developing organs of children. When I saw this, it totally woke me up. I took over stopped the tranquilizers; eliminated white flour and white sugar…and avoided preservatives and chemicals. My son quieted down and eventually wound up as a very good student. He graduated high school with honors. This event totally changed my life; haven’t stopped learning since, I probably would not be alive today, if I had not been handed those books.

    1. Everything you just said is very accurate, however none of it explains the government sponsored false flag fake shootings. Sandy Hook had been CLOSED for 4 years when the practice drill took place that was played on TV as an actual shooting. It never happened, no kids died. The parents were all actors. The media and government colluded to fool the public. The goal is total gun control.

      1. I recently learned about this staged shooting…and sad to say I had trusted the government and media at the time the “Sandy Hook” shooting occurred. Now, after seeing the Parkland shooting…and all the deliberate incompetence of the FBI and local Sheriff’s department…I now think there was a calculated reason for letting the Parkland shooting occur (as it could have been stopped). There are those who would like to disarm the citizenry, then, come in and take over.
        These shootings are being used as a motive to go for gun control.

      2. No kids died at Sandy Hook? I guess their friends, classmates, grandparents, and siblings were all actors, too. Just like we did for the families of all the people in the airplane that was supposed to have hit the Pentagon. Hey, we’re getting good at this!
        Hmmm. How do we know YOU are real? Are you sure you’re not an actor? Or a paid Russian operative? Or a robot? You might not even know it yourself. If you make yourself a hat out of aluminum foil, you might be able to block the controlling signals.

        1. Steven you faceless mess, try doing some research instead of listening to the talking heads and taking it as fact. Sandy Hook School had been CLOSED for 4 years! Of course every single person on TV was lying! Use your head not your heart

          1. That is true. The hole was too small for the plane nose to go thro., and where were the belongings and bodies strewn all over miles? We didn’t see it.

          2. You are Marie are russian trolls! More lies, as usual. I have BEEN to the Pentagon when it was hit. I SAW the hole. It was real and HUGH. I now families from Sandy Hook. It was a real, too!! You must be russians working for the NRA! Go away.

          3. Carole – obviously you are a low life lying scum bag working for the deep state.

          4. That is sooooo funny! You can not respond to my logic and real facts, so you call names. Obviously you are someone who has had some experience with medications, and is railing against using them out of fear! You are someone who is DEEP into the conspiracy theory -Fake news world. You are paranoid. You need some help. Nothing that you say makes much sense. You start out with something true, then dissolve into nonsense. Go Get some help. Hope you feel better, safer soon.
            Anything I say, there is hard physical evidence for. Not opinion or made up stories…FACTS!

          5. you think sandy hook was the only one? half my family thinks I’m crazy and the other half thinks i have no heart when i mention some of the horrific things they see on television either didnt occur or were staged. I dont know what kindof magic beans they are using that blind most of the general public from common-sense psych analysis, but y’all better eat some Wheaties and shrug off that psychological harassment y’all have consumed and take another take on what’s at stake!

          6. No, I absolutely do not believe it was the only one. It should have been the one to wake people up though, if 9/11 didn’t already wake them up. I think ALL of the highly publicized ‘shootings’ have been false flag operations by the deep state. This is EXACTLY what the governments of England and Australia did to take away guns

        2. An actor or paid russian troll, they do a better job. This is just someone who has difficulties living life and has to advance these theories to feel better. Needs the medications they rail about.

  18. Liberals and the Media will use any excuse to crush the Constitution.
    400k Medical Deaths, countless stabbings, beatings, rapes.
    Like Global Warming junk science > funding the NWO, the last thing these
    thugs want is ‘solutions’ to anything , they just want control of every
    aspect of our lives.

  19. The sheriff’s office should be charged with some of the deaths
    in a wrongful death suite for standing down, NOT THE DEPT, iself,
    rather the individuals that STOOD DOWN.

  20. The FBI ignored warnings but we know the FBI is as corrupt as the
    day is long, there were 39 law enforcement visits to that home, why are
    we not enforcing existing laws? (rhetorical)

  21. They will destroy the bldg, so that no evidence in the future will
    ever be discovered or presented.

  22. Is not the pharmaceutical industry the biggest $ advertiser for
    Main Stream Media, CNN et al, why would CNN ever want to
    expose the Revolving door, this is the ‘Fox Guarding the Hen House’.

  23. This is the Smoking Gun, and it is ignored so the left can keep following there agenda. If liberals are afraid to arm teachers in gun free zones, why not make city hall,the congress,and all other state political offices Gun Free

  24. After working 30 years as a psychiatric nurse, I am always amazed how drugs that are used for emotional illness are blamed for atrocities. Yes if someone on a psychotropic medication stops taking it, their symptoms will worsen as if one stops taking their blood pressure medication their blood pressure will rise…..I have seen the many
    benefits, which are as numerous as the failures of using psych. meds and truly resent the generalization that they are not to be used.

  25. Interesting article, but it can be looked at another way as well. The people on these medications are suffering a mental illness to begin with. So is it the illness that finally caused these devastating problems, or is it the medications? Some are on real dangerous street drugs, how do they fit in?
    The medical articles I have read on children and young adults starting some antidepressants which might lead to thoughts of suicide, never mentioned homicide. Then there are the gangs and criminals who kill, are they all on Psych meds, or maybe they need some psych meds. How many people who are on psych-meds lead normal respectable lives? What about the severely depressed where antidepressants kept them from taking their own lives? There really doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer. It is not black and white as some articles try and make it.
    This article is one interesting view, there are still so many other unanswered questions.

  26. Everyone should be tested for methylation problems before being prescribed these medications. If you take one while being overmethylated it can cause violent (and other detrimental) behavior. Look into it. I believe this is key.

  27. I agree about the drugs.
    Another red flag is a history of torture of small animals . I know the correlation is high but I wonder if there any published studies

    1. Sociopaths are not helped by any medications! The hall mark of sociopathology is killing animals and setting fires when a child.

  28. Quitting some anti-depressants cold turkey can be devastating. I quit Paxil abruptly because I didn’t like the side effects. I went through 2 weeks of hell. I’m surprised I came out of it with any friends at all.

  29. Sorry for suggesting that the Alliance for Natural Health might be connected with the Church of Scientology. I looked at Wikipedia’s list of Scientology front groups, and the Alliance for Natural Health was not on the list. I am aware that the Church of Scientology seems to be (or at least used to be) against psychiatry, and probably against psychiatric drugs. As for me, I’m on psychiatric drugs, and as far as I know, I haven’t killed anyone. These drugs can have horrid side effects, or at least they used to, for some people. These drugs alter brain functioning in such a way as to produce more normal behavior and thinking in many people with psychiatric disorders. I also knew a woman who was often loud, and hard for some people to deal with. She ended up in a psychiatric hospital, and was probably put on psychiatric medication. Anyway, when I visited her in the hospital, she had become a quiet person–a lot different from her usual self. So I would say that psychiatric drugs can make many people LESS likely to commit acts of violence. If such a person STOPS taking their prescribed psychiatric drugs, they might become more violent in their behavior, in SOME cases. Years ago, I went to an “orthomolecular nutritionist”, who put me on about fifteen bottles of vitamins, etc., for my mental health, but it had little or no effect on my severe OCD. Years later, after taking large doses of fluoxetine (Prozac) for a while, I rather suddenly had my OCD problem reduced by about two-thirds. I still have OCD, and it’s not good, but it’s not nearly as disabling as it used to be.

  30. If we are taught that all diseases in the human body are caused by filth or Poisons or by toxins then we will not worry about treating psychiatric conditions with conventional medications which are serious poisons!
    A lady once told me you cant heal poisons with poisons, but this is what happens in the conventional world where many people have been programmed to be sick.
    Again I believe all should be made to understand the power in the food we eat for the food you eat seriously affect your Health, your Character, your usefulness in this world and your Eternal destiny. If you want to control any individual just change their diet and they cant think straight!
    To make an individual sick which comes first in the body? Is it the germs or the filth or toxin? It is obviously the toxin or the filth. The filth or the toxin is the food for the germs! Detox the body and you will be free from illnesses!

  31. Not much difference here between Scientologists and people selling “natural remedies” for psych problems (herbs, supplements, etc.). The article you are reading is published by ANH-USA, the “Alliance for Natural Health”. Basically this is part of the supplement lobby. The writer is writing for his audience, and the people who pay him. What do you expect? They have exactly the same biases as the pharma lobby, except in favor of supplements. They merely play for lower stakes.
    My own bias is that I’m a physician, not a naturopath. Pharma is a $ half-TRILLION dollar a year industry in the US (out of a total of $3.4 trillion for health-care) and it swings at least
    that much weigh politically and in influence, good and bad. There is no question that meds of all kinds are overpriced and over-used in the U.S., and you don’t need to be a Communist to see it.
    BUT, it’s also true that the supplement industry (which, again, is behind THIS article) is at least $36 billion a year. That’s small-change compared with drugs, but still large enough to swing a political stick. Especially since supplements are a lot less dangerous and easier to access. But you pay for less side effect with less effect. Nobody is quite sure if any supplement does much of anything! All we can say is the chances are considerably better than homeopathy. (Heck, evidence is good that regular physical exercise helps nearly every type of mental health problem. But who wants to do it?)
    Here’s what happens when you blame the disease on the treatment, though. We saw it with AIDS. In the late 80s and early 1990s, before really good AIDS drugs came out, AIDS denialists pointed out that nearly all people dying of “AIDS” were on AIDS drugs. And (yes)
    they blamed the problem on the treatment. They said that in the US, first illegal drugs and then AIDS drugs actually *caused* most of the AIDS. (And that elsewhere, AIDS was caused by malnutrition and was not the same disease). And yes, some of these people are the Dr. Matthias Rath-type pushers of “natural cures” for AIDS. So here we are, again at that exact same place, with another problem. But the same “natural hygiene” nuttery proposed to fix it.

  32. Alliance for Natural Health, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Yes, of course there is a link between the people who commit violent crimes and psychoactive medication. That’s because people who have violent tendencies to begin with sometimes get put on psychoactive medication. That doesn’t mean that every single person on psychiatric medicine is going to become violent. My medicine has saved my life so many times. When I’m on my medicine, I volunteer for my community, I can hold down a job, I created numerous different kinds of art, I’m politically involved, I’m a performer, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and a functional, happy human being. Without my medicine I’m not functional enough to hold down a job, create art, volunteer, and I end up straining many of my relationships. And yes, without my medicine, I have struggled with self harm and suicidal issues. And I’m not the only one. This is not a unique story. It’s a common story. And yet, you want to take away our lifesaving medicine? The medicine that actually keeps us as functioning members of society? You should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. Simply disgusted. Correlation does not equal causation. I will not only be paying extra attention to this campaign, and if it begins to gain much more momentum, I will be alerting the mental illness networks. There are many of us. You will not win this battle. You will not take away our lifesaving medication because you don’t understand that correlation does not equal causation. I am now paying attention not only to this disgusting and dehumanizing campaign, but to your organization. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  33. and yet, i’ve taken ‘those drugs’ for over 20 years – some still taking, some not – and i’ve never had the least inclination to go out and kill anyone! the problem w/your theory is that OF COURSE x% of shooters were/have been on these meds – cuz mental health is at SUCH a crisis point, especially now! the odds are that ‘at least half’ of the shooters are/were medicated! sorry, but this is either junk science, or the alliance for natural health bad-mouthing anything out of their bailiwick, for their own reasons [whatev er could they be…?] =^oo^=

    1. An unacceptably high % of people put on anti depressents/anti-psychotic drugs do become violent, esp when given to children and males under the age of 25.
      Even FDA regs, specious at best, recognize that more than 2% adverse effects are a significant danger. Ever read the warnings? I refuse categorically to take anything from Big Pharma esp if approved by the FDA and touted by drs PAID to prescribe those drugs. Everyone I know who takes antipsychotics/anti depressents have significant personality changes, mostly to a more violent (extreme irritability, erratic behavior, excessive anger, somewhat self destructive, suicidal and psychotic episodes they don’t remember, after violent outbursts. That is statistically significant, even when the CDC, FDA and the “medical professions” cuts the actual danger and statistics by 2/3.

      1. OK, you have gotten more and more Ridiculous!! The VAST majority of people actually find some relief from anti-depressents. They are over prescribed, but they work ok for the VAST majority of people. The problems occur when they are not prescribed properly, the person id just given pills and told to go take them, there are not other interventions FIRST, dirty drug, mis-diagnosis, etc. These drugs are not vitamins, are not to be played with, but they can be life saving!!

        1. I can call your “opinion” ridiculous but you have clearly misunderstood what I wrote and you have clearly ignored any fact or research that opposes your preconceived ideas.
          Warning labels give the true picture. Pharma had to be forced to put those labels on and the FDA put the minimum value on adverse events.
          NO an antidepressent is NOT life saving. Each and every one is significantly ineffective. Instead of removing the drug that does not work or actually causes MORE depression, the drs layer on another. Lack of D3 is correlated with all sorts of mental disturbance also lack of B vitamins. All basic supplements like D3, magnesium, K2 ( the basics of metabolic health and therefore mood) B’s and C’s prevent or modigy most mental/mood disorders. Anti depressents cause more problems in more people than they solve.

          1. As usual, much of what you say, I agree with. You take true concepts, thenn generalize and over exaggerate! For example, yes, waring labels tell you about problems with drugs, BUT, they also give you the chance of these issues occuring!! Most of the time, the side effects are not very likely to happen.
            I am not “for” drugs, they are over perscribed and can have trajic impact, especially when given with other things. I am FOR nutrition. I live by paying attention to exactly what I eat, etc. BUT, I am not against drugs just because! Some supplements are as powerful as a drug as well and should be regulated! ALL DRUGS need to only be given when every other thing has been tried to relieve the condition!! But, there are some times where not amount of nutrition supplements can work!!
            Again, I do not see this issue as a religion! Everyone is different and needs a variety of options to be healthy!! I object to people making some medicines that are important and very necessary for some people demons!!
            But, you do what YOU need to do.

          2. The FDA calls 2% significant and therefore dangerous. They knew that Baychol was dangerous but they let it get approved for many, many years then, when the adverse effects were overwhelming, fined the company .5% of its us profits. The most recent birth control had a 50% death rate in the human trials, so the FDA replaced the dr handling the human trials with 3 of the researchers who developed the BC drug. It passed approved by those 3 votes.
            One particular anti depressent was given to 10k pregnant women to keep them calm. Over 5k of those pregnancies ended in either death of the fetus or birth defects affecting the heart of the baby. Even with that adverse stat, the drug is still being given to pregnant women.
            The anti -depressents and psychiatric drugs are known to have the side effect of extreme violence ie murders, but the warning labels only have suicide, very reluctantly. I did not generalize, I was specific. You are exaggerating the unlikelihood of it happening, based only on the FDA and Big Pharma’s word who consistently minimize the significant adverse effects. I said even using the FDA’s 2% which they consider significant, that makes 10s of 1000’s violent, more than enough to account for all “mass shooters” who are on those drugs. The stats don’t lie about the correlation. Not that they are the only cause or even the only correlation, but if there are 20 mass shooters and 8 of them are on drugs, legal ones, prescribed ones, then that IS statistically significant. That is not an exaggeration like your VAST majority, nor a generalisation.

          3. Have NO IDEA where you are getting these number! But they must be from opinion sites. You are NOT citing real research. I am against most medications because they are over prescribed and of course have side effects. Plus, for most issues there are better alternatives that need to be used FIRST. I am a researcher, and have not seen ANY of the numbers you are talking about!! So, cite sources.

          4. I KNOW you have NO IDEA! You are blind obviously and not as good a researcher you think you are. YOU have not cited ANY “real research”. I got some of this from the FDA, the CDC, the FDA protocols published, LEF, AMA and even NIH. They in particular, cannot do stats accurately and are misleading in their attempts to “prove” by %.
            YOU cite sources to prove me wrong. The FDA SAYS 2% is significant. Do you across the board DENY that 1k deaths out of human trials of 10k human test subjects would be “significant” adverse result, and that the drug being tested should have NOT been approved? But it was, because the researchers on the drug replaced the doctor conducting the trials on the committee and those 3 votes were the passing votes.
            And yes I lowered the actual death count to show you “significant”.
            Is it not “significant” that 10’s of thousands die from legal drugs taken as prescribed, when 20 million are on anyone drug? There may be a VAST majority that do not die, but is it NOT significant that 2% do die?

          5. Are you a researcher? If not, you have no idea if their data is clean or not. REAL RESEARCH is subject to scientific review…ALL OVER THE WORLD. It is published , and trained scientists pick it apart looking for mistakes! For you to just have an opinion is ok, but not as strong as what scientist do. So, please, unless you can give real research data, what you are saying is just opinion.
            Like I said, have a good life. I am not responding to you anymore. This is beyond ridiculous.

          6. I AM a researcher and have said so to YOU. You cannot or refuse to see and understand anything that does NOT fit your preconceived biases.
            Peer review is sometimes if not mostly a big joke. Few “scientists” understand protocols for research or have the breadth of knowledge to correctly understand the results of “research”, much of which merely consists, quite unscientifically of many “studies” whose protocols are either unknown or mere limited sample “studies” not controlled conditions.
            YOU have NEVER given anything BUT opinion. YOU ARE beyond RIDICUlous in YOUR castigations without facts or rationality.

          7. Actually floral is quite right. The FDA guidelines scream foul play when they only have to publish 2 drug trials and the unpublished data that comes out in court cases are extremely scary. Psych drugs are based on the premise of the chemical imbalance theory which has no statistical significance and has been marketed by Pharma but that’s what 95% of what the drugs they produce are based on that flawed theory. Dr Peter Breggin has done a lot of work with cases against Pharma and medications that produce violent side effects, and also the Cochrane Institute. Please refer to the book “Anatomy of an Epidemic” or Medication Madness. You might also want to check out the doctor’s book that was to market Prozac, Dr Veripram, just his speeches are enough to make the hair on your arm stand up and never want to visit a doctor again. Pharma pays doctors and incredible amount of money to market their drugs. Or how they determine these disorders to begin with, Paula Caplan wrote a book about the DSM and how it was written.

          8. There is NO evidence that these drugs given to MILLIONS of citizens on specious grounds do any good for the Majority of those taking them. If one person is provably helped and “natural” remedies, nutrition and reversal of deficiencies and exercise did NOT help, then that is 1 in 20 million. Pretty poor result, for the 10k plus that the 2% suffers violent tendencies, worsening symptoms and suicidal ideation. Many gun control advocates claim 30k deaths from suicide by guns, guns being the problem. I wonder how many had deficiencies in vitamins and minerals and/or were on anti-depressents when they suicided.

        2. Gross GENERALIZATION and unsupported by fact to say the VAST
          majority find SOME relief….Drs had them out without considering any deficiencies or excersize level (which works MUCH better, provably) or diet or emotional triggers (death in family, divorce etc) and most drugs do NOT work and provide NO relief just magnifies the problems.
          I noticed that in my family. Even knowing my brother was an “ex drug addict” prescribed an anti pyschotic when our father died so he could “cope” with the grief. He became very angry, critical, accusatory and even more illogical. I have known over a hundred acquaintances, some former close friends and neighbors, who went way off the rails and ended up in mental health “facilities” after taking these drugs “to relieve the symptoms” of depression. I have researched and the stats which seem lower than actual, indicates over 2% DO experience the violent, anger ideations including suicide or exacerbation of the depression, anger out of control behavior. Millions are on them. 2% of a million is a huge number.

  34. You are confusing CORRELATION with causation. There are so many more people who take psychiatric drugs who do NOT commit violent crimes then there are people who do. This is junk, psuedoscience. If you dig into thes mass shooters backgrounds what you’ll find is a much more dangerous links between having a gun fetish, guns as an important part of their identities, anti-social personalities, hatred of authority, fantasies of hurting others, fantasies of killing others, racism, misogny, and domestic violence perpetrators. The over-whelming majority of individuals with disorders such as depression and anxiety are NOT violent people. Even people suffering from psychosis are more likely to be non-violent than violent. Mentally ill people are already discriminated against and this is making it worse. Mass-shooters have more in common with serial killers than they do the average Joe or Jane Doe who is taking a medication for a disorder out of the DSM-5. I’m ashamed to be on your mailing list after reading this JUNK SCIENCE. This is as unreliable as all the climate-change deniers and flat-earth society propaganda. Did you ever stop to think that the mass shooters who have taken psychiatric drugs were already harboring violent fantasies and stockpiling weapons BEFORE they started taking them? Learn about the difference between correlation and causation.

    1. “kids” don’t have “gun fetishes”, and any such allegation is assumption on your part. If you “dig” into their background, their behavior is a history of petty violence, mental disturbance, diifficulty relating to others, lack of empathy, anger. In some cases, the mothers of this violent kids had alcohol and drug abuse during pregnancy.. At least 4 of the “mass” school killers WERE on antipsychotic drugs, “into” white supremacy, obsessed with Nazism, war, etc. Guns are not the problem.
      “anti psychotics” and anti depressents are KNOWN to create violent and sucidal ideations (taking a lot of others with them)
      This is NOT “junk science”. It is not science at all, as climate is not science. Observation, statistics, research, correlation, nothing is “science”. Only that which can be recreated over and over in a laboratory setting under controlled conditions is “science”.

      1. You just proved my point. Mass shooter have more in common with serial killers than average people taking prescribed medications. Wow. And yes, they LOVE their guns! The FL shooter learned how to shoot in a gun club at the school! He most certainly had a gun fetish and was obsessed with killing. You are in denial. Bye-bye, not talking to you any more.

        1. I proved NOTHING to you. You only hear what you want to hear. Guns are not the problem. I learned to shoot from my grandfather. Guns have been an intermittent part of my life. Drugs have NOT EVER been a part of my life. Drug dealers are armed not because of a “fetish” but because drugs are a violent way of life and handguns are easy to conceal and use. Prescribed medications kill over 350k per YR!. Drs kill more people by hundreds of factor more than mass shooters. As a % of guns in the nation OR the LEGAL responsible gun owners, the number of deaths from guns (handguns) is .000025% (guns) .00003%(owners). AR15’s account for less than 300 deaths per yr so the % is more like .00000001%.
          BTW ar15’s are not “rapid fire” and there are at least a 150k of them in the hands of legal responsible owners.
          Drugs create violent behavior in a significant portion of those millions taking them. Only a handful become mass shooters or BOMBERS or kill with knives or cars or sharpened forks. Mass shooters have NOTHING in common with serial killers. One time versus over and over a period of years sometimes.

        2. “fetishes” are generally sexual and non violent. “love their guns”? is not a “fetish”. Gun clubs are safety first, education on safe handling. There is no “obsession” with killing at a gun club, esp at a school, only safe and responsible and legal handling of shooting owning and carrying of guns. You have offered NO evidence only illogic conflation of disparate, unrelated observations.
          The kid was mentally imbalanced and was obsessed with nazis, white supremacy, was very angry and on drugs that his physical level could not handle. Guns were not the problem.
          You are in denial of the facts and ultimate causes. He could have used a car to mow down groups or a homemade bomb. He could have killed just as many with more devastating effect with other instruments.
          Millions have guns of all types as many as 90 million people and with guns totalling more than 300million yet you blame all guns on one crazy drugged kid and call it a “fetish” and “mass shooters” LOVE their guns. The number of “mass” shooters is what 20 since 1999 and Columbine?
          What % is that compared to responsible gun owners? Statistically insignificant. You are not just in “denial” but have no understanding of causality, correlation or statistics, just WAG assumptions.

        3. You are repeating the same silly non sequitur nonsense. (1) I learned to shoot in a gun club,most people do. 2) you are ignorant and in a bubble of deliberate stupidity 3) fetishes are sexual in nature and if an inanimate object (gun) is the symbol of the fetish, it is used in a sexual manner-not for killing 4) obsession with death/killing has NO element of love or fetish.5) Mass shooters have NOTHING in common with serial killers by definition 6) you said you were not “talking to me any more” the FIRST time you posted this stupidity

      2. Humm, a prime example of junk science! The OVERWHELMING majority of people on psychotropic drugs are NOT VIOLENT. So, your opinion is irrelevant as far as science. YOu can hold an opinion, but it does not generalize to people in general!

        1. Of Course the 20 million on Prozac are not all “violent” to the extreme, but they ALL suffer personality changes, irritability, anger issues. There is NO science on drugs, just statistics, which show even in the warning labels that a significant % are prone to violent ideations esp suicide and anger to the extreme. 2% is considered SIGnificant to even the FDA. That is a LOT of potential “mass shooters”, just on the prozac users. Klonopin is worse, statistically because it causes hallucinations psychosis etc,
          Your “opinion” is not fact based and generalizes. I was specific about the % that can be attributed to drug use. Not everyone is the same and the drugs act differently on everyone. A significant % becomes violent, psychotic even, more than enough to account for ALL the mass shooters.
          BTW the OVERWHELMING Majority of gun owners in the US, numbering in the MILLIONS (90mill+) don’t engage in mass shootings.
          Your “opinion” about “science” which you clearly fail to understand, is IRRELEVANT to the facts.

    2. I notice that you dropped your “fetish” argument, which you clearly did not understand, since fetishes are sexual in nature, but not violent, I think few people “love” their guns in a sexual way and if they did probably would never shoot them. Unlike the “ring”, few pet their guns and call them “my precious”. Guns are a tool like knives, cars, bombs etc. There are MILLIONS of legal guns over 340k in the US, and possibly millions of AR-15s that outside of a gun range and hunting varmits (not suitable for deer, wild hogs elk), sit idle and hurt no one.
      The statistics and the warnings on the labels show that the drugs CAUSE violent ideations in persons not previously prone.
      You need to learn the difference between correlation and causation. It applies to YOUR suppositions as well.

  35. Has anyone noticed that when you hit the “agree” arrow, it counts your view. BUT, if you hit the “disagree” arrow, your vote does not count!! BEWARE, this site is RIGGED!!!

  36. In the UK, patients, academics and psychiatrists recently lodged a formal
    complaint that the president of Royal College of Psychiatrists has misled the
    public over antidepressant safety:
    The formal complaint:
    The UK is much more aware of the problem than we are here in North
    America. Public Health England is launching a government review into the
    “growing problem” of prescription drug dependence:
    Nearly every mass shooting over the past 20 years has one thing in common–
    psychiatric drugs. Many homicides and suicides are also
    psychiatric drug-induced. See: and for more
    information. Pharmaceutical companies control the US mainstream media so the
    truth is withheld from the public. Dr. Sanjay Gupta talked about it here:
    and this CNN clip is talked about here:
    Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. David Healy, Dr. Peter Gotzsche, Dr. Joanna Moncrieff,
    Dr. Kelly Brogan , to name a few, continue to speak out and warn the public
    about psychiatric drugs- SSRIs, benzodiazepines, antipsychotics etc. Here is a
    good US organization as well, The International Society for Ethical Psychology
    and Psychiatry:

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