Protect Natural Estriol Now

The FDA may eliminate consumer access to estriol and other hormones. We must stop them. Action Alert!
As we’ve detailed previously, the FDA is waging a War on Women’s Health and is even moving to ban compounded bioidentical estriol, which millions of women use to feel better and protect themselves from heart disease and cancer. If, working  together, we don’t demonstrate a groundswell of public opposition to removing patient access to estriol and other compounded bioidentical hormones,  the FDA will proceed with its plan  to give these hormones the axe.
If you haven’t already, write to Congress and the FDA, telling decision-makers how you or a loved one relies on estriol and other natural hormones, and how the FDA must not remove patient access to these critical medicines.
Also, please share with us your stories about the value of these medications. These will help us demonstrate to policy-makers that patients won’t tolerate the FDA removing access to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. Share this alert far and wide!
Action Alert! Write to Congress, PCAC, and the FDA, telling them that we need access to compounded bioidentical hormones like estriol. Also, if you have a personal story you want to share, send it to [email protected]. Your stories will help us demonstrate to policy-makers that patients will not tolerate the FDA removing access to protect the pharmaceutical industry. Please send your message immediately. And if you wish to donate to this campaign, here is how to do that.


  1. I am really worried about the fact that FDA and the Government want to get rid of bioidentical and natural hormones. I have been using estriol compounded in a pharmacy for me. I requested that from my doctor when she wanted me to take the estradiol creme instead. I had pain on urinatin and a lot of dryness, and the estriol really made a difference. It had tried the Estrace creme before (estradiol) and never had the same results.
    Please consider the thousands of people that need those bioidentical compounded medications and accept that Big Pharma is only interested in making more money but not healing or helping people heal appropriately.
    MBM from Florida

  2. I am only on this earth as long as I get Bioidentical hormones…estriol/progesterone/testosterone. I need these to be ok. It is not for fun, but survival. I pray all Alternative medicine is protected now and forever. Thank you God!

  3. I have been using bio-identical and natural hormones for a few years after my doctor recommended Natural Estriol compounded through our local pharmacy for my specific prescription needs. It has made a real difference in eliminating my menopausal symptoms. It is a blessing to be able to have a product that is effective in treating these symptoms without fear of the known risks of synthetic hormones.
    It would be a determent to women’s health if the FDA and Government were to get rid of bio-identical compounded medications and natural hormones. Please take into consideration the needs of those who have found relief through the use of these natural medications.

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