1. Take the money out of the politics and the changes will be reflected in every aspect of a miserably corrupt society; leave the money in and it will continue in the present direction. As a Veteran of the USMC, I can with all accuracy state that the very best medical care I have ever received in my 65 years on the planet, completely free of any political or monetary influences was at the hands of the US Navy; which is “socialized medicine” at its best representation. If it can work there; it can work anywhere.

    1. Wrong . That’s tied into $billions and not a stand alone . Just look at the VA to see how socialized medicine would work !in America !

      1. Wrong? The VA is a MOCKERY OF MEDICINE and is “politicized medicine”. The reason why is because of those like yourself who obviously have a ‘pseudo-medical condition’ known as “CRIS” (cranial rectal insertion syndrome) and YOUR”S seems to be REALLY far ‘up-there’. One question though; how do you get your computer up there as well as your head?

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