New Attack on Raw Milk

Help us push back. Action Alert!
Following the case of a single woman who became sick from Brucella, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warning urging anyone who has drunk raw milk in the past six months to go to a doctor immediately.
It’s the second time this year the CDC has warned about raw milk. Earlier, the agency responded to proposals in Montana and Iowa that would loosen restrictions on the sale of raw milk in that state. The FDA has banned the interstate sale or distribution of raw milk, and has taken an aggressive stance towards raw milk purveyors.
The vendetta against raw milk is completely unjustified. As our friends at the Weston A. Price Foundation point out in their campaign for “real milk,” raw milk has a proven safety record and has shown to be superior to pasteurized milk in protecting against infection, diarrhea, rickets, tooth decay, and tuberculosis. Children drinking raw milk also have better growth rates than those drinking pasteurized milk.
ANH–USA believes consumers should have the right to access non-processed foods, and farmers should be able to offer these products directly to consumers. Americans should be able to educate themselves about any risks versus benefits, and make their own decisions without being hassled by the government.
Why the hostility toward raw milk? The way we see it, the FDA prefers to concentrate food and drug production in the hands of a few large companies with which the agency has close ties. But favoring large producers over family and artisanal producers does not make our food any safer. On the contrary, it makes it less nutritious, makes commerce less free, and also invites more corruption as powerful companies grow rich from government-created monopolies.
Following President Trump’s call to eliminate burdensome or duplicative regulations, ANH has suggested, among other things, that the FDA relent on its raw milk ban, and instead allow for labeling of raw milk products. Such labeling would alert consumers to the risks associated with consuming unpasteurized milk products, and provide directions for how to home pasteurize raw milk to avoid those risks. With such labeling, there is no reason, other than to protect the pasteurized milk industry from competition, to block the sale of raw milk and milk by-products.
To this end, the FDA and the CDC should hear from consumers who want raw milk restrictions lifted.
Action Alert! Tell the CDC and the FDA that raw milk is healthy and safe, and that the FDA should lift its ban on raw milk provided there is labeling alerting consumers to the risks. Please send your message immediately.



  2. When the government actually begins to take the safety and reliability of raw milk and its end products seriously, that’s when I might stop and listen to them. For now, all they are worried about is money in their pockets. Working with a few large corporate businesses actually fills their coffers also. It’s called the old standard policy ” I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” I’m not interested in how rich and powerful corporate America and the American government can make each other “happy” when all I want to do is make dinner with some safer, fresher and more nutritious milk.

  3. Several years ago I attended a talk by a dairyman who was able to sell his milk without pasteurization. I was impressed by the care he took to keep the milk clean.The sample of raw milk he provided were delicious, much better than the milk I get from stores. I rad about all the benefits of giving infants breast milk: it is also a perishable product and pass the woman’s diseases, but is recognized as the best food for a baby because of the antibodies and other protective factors that the woman’s body adds to the milk. Cows do a similar service for anyone who drinks their milk raw. MIlk was drunk raw for a long time, until human groups got large and contaminated their environments with diseases. Now we have learned how to avoid spreading disease through milk and other foods and there is no reason that people should consume raw milk if they have access to a clean supply.
    Keeping raw milk safe to consume does take some effort and planning but its production probably as economical as pasteurizing it . I believe milk is more nutritious and contains valuable protections against disease..
    Americans should have the right to consume milk and other nutritious foods raw if they choose to.

  4. Milk from factory farmed animals is so unhygienic, it must be pasteurized. But milk from animals raised on clean pastures, where they’re not standing in their own waste or have open sores on their bodies, is safe to drink raw. The government should not conflate the two environments and treat one as dangerous as the other. If it truly cared, it would ban factory farming styles, but you don’t see that happening.

    1. But it’s gov’t approved, so it’s OK. It’s all about money, the bottom line, always.

      1. What we really need is to reduce the reign of money in our society and around the world. The compulsion to accumulate money is based on fear. If we can all get off the money treadmill, we’d have more time for what’s really important in life and be happier and more caring. No more being forced to produce excess product (CAFO dairy is often dumped because there’s simply too much being produced) just to be paid enough to scrape by. We are all slaves to money! Including our politicians, who support bad policies because they rely on big donors who want to keep the cash flow coming. We must avoid feeding into this system as much as possible and work to help others realize they too can make a difference.

  5. In Germany Raw Milk can be bought from Street corner vending Machines! All US government Alphabet agencies answer solely to those that make big bucks!

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