Customized Resveratrol Also to Be Banned

Another update on the FDA’s war on natural medicine. Action Alert!
Recently we told you about the Nov. 20-21 meeting of the FDA’s Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee (PCAC), in which the committee would recommend whether several natural medicines could continue to be used by pharmacies to make customized natural medicines for patients.
The fate of several crucial medicines was decided, including resveratrol, astralagus, and pregnenolone. Resveratrol and astralagus were rejected by PCAC, but the committee voted, against the FDA’s recommendation, to include pregnenolone in the list of medicines that can be compounded. Of course, PCAC only makes recommendations, and when the FDA finalizes its list, it may well reject pregnenolone too, so we must remain vigilant.
The goal of this process – as has been clear from the start – is to hamstring and eventually drive out of business traditional compounding pharmacies by eliminating the types of medicines they can produce. The FDA wants traditional pharmacies to register as “outsourcing facilities,” since the agency has tight control over what they can produce and can prevent production of anything deemed to compete with regular drugs. Few traditional pharmacies have chosen to convert to this new kind of facility because they know it would end their independence.
Action Alert! Write to the FDA, telling the agency NOT to adopt PCAC’s recommendation to ban resveratrol from compounding. Please send your message immediately.


  1. When are you people going to learn that there is an elite group of people that want to reduce the human population by 90%. That is why they are controlling the pharmaceutical industry as well as all aspects of our lives. Ted Turner is one of them and has said that the population of the world should be controlled to be no more than about 250,000,000. The population control people say that the majority of the world population are nothing but useless eaters. You may have some small victories against the FDA and all their cronies, but they are relentless in their efforts. I have been studying this for 50 years. Fortunately they are being exposed and are starting to be physically eliminated. But you never hear any of this in the mainstream media since it is being controlled by them. Good healthy organic non-GMO food are to them anathema since it makes the masses of people live longer upsetting their plans. It makes the useless eaters live too long. Get on the band wagon and start do research to expose them. The sad part of the situation when I look at the barbarism and stupidity of a large part of the world population there is an element of truth to what they believe.

  2. The FDA works solely for pharmaceutical interests, they care not about the health of the citizens. Their actions in banning natural, health boosting substances, that compete with pharma drugs proves it, over and over. they should be abolished permanently.

  3. Since my doctor put me on a quality grapeseed extract a few months ago, my high blood pressure has returned to normal, WITHOUT the use of expensive, dangerous pharmaceutical drugs which I do not want to take! My doctor agrees with me on this. Natural IS better! Not to mention the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs.

  4. Dr. Michael Greger and Herbalist Nicholas Culpeper have one thing in common, “They both use/used plants to HEAL people!” The NHS is banning herbal medicine. Japanese Knotweed (Resveratrol) and other herbal medicine must be saved!

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