Pharma Companies Sued Over MRI Drug

Will justice be done?
From Business Wire:
Chuck and Gena Norris announced today that they have filed a lawsuit against eleven drug companies, including McKesson and Bracco, that they claim are responsible for the gadolinium contrast dye used during the MRIs that nearly cost Gena her life.
The lawsuit alleges that Gena was poisoned by gadolinium and sustained Gadolinium Deposition Disease following routine MRIs. Gena suffered long-term health implications requiring multiple hospitalizations and almost $2 million dollars in out-of-pocket medical expenses.
Comment: Recall that European health authorities recently suspended the use of gadolinium contrasting agents due to health concerns, but the FDA refuses to do anything about it. Patients with impaired kidney function who receive gadolinium contrasting agents are particularly at risk for developing a potentially fatal disease called Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis. A broader range of patients could be affected by gadolinium contrasting agents– at least one study showed that gadolinium can persist in the body, even in the brain. We hope this case can be a catalyst for US health authorities to wake up and follow the EU’s common-sense approach.
Click here to see our previous coverage and take action with the FDA, if you haven’t already.


  1. Fight back – speak up – tell your doctors that you are “allergic” to gadolinium contrast! Refuse it!

  2. If anyone has a true latex allergy beware of any contrast dyes I have a severe latex allergy and had a contrast MRI I was in the ER that night covered in hives throat closing. When I was admitted immediately the ER nurse mentioned after reviewing my medical records, I was there that day getting an MRI. She informed me that people with latex allergies cannot have contrast dye. Also pay attention to what fruits may also start causing reactions such as bananas, kiwi, coconut, she also told me these fruits skins juices are also used in manufacturing latex. I think anyone who uses latex gloves daily for work etc will eventually develop a latex allergy. Some people may just have atopic skin rashes but it will get worse the more you use latex. I found out the hard way because most allergists ask what have you eaten,done or used that is new, In my case there wasn’t anything new. It took 2 allergy tests to confirm latex was the culprit for me. I worked with latex gloves everyday for about 6 years without knowing, to get that bad.

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