Ronald Hoffman, MD- Top supplements for immune support this flu season

ImmPower – AHCC to increase natural killer (NK) cell activity and immune support. One capsule twice daily.
AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compounds) are beta glucan compounds derived from mushrooms. They specifically activate NK cells, which combat infections and cancer. In Japan, AHCC is used extensively as a medication to support immunity in cancer patients undergoing chemo and radiation.
In research performed at Drexel University in Philadelphia, AHCC was found to increase flu survival in experimental animals, to minimize symptoms and to hasten recovery.
Probiotics – Beneficial bacteria/flora to help achieve and support optimal immune function. One to six probiotic capsules daily depending on symptoms.
A little appreciated fact is that 70 percent of our immune system is located within the GI tract, predominantly in Peyer’s Patches that line the gut with immune tissue. These defense sentinels constantly sift the intestinal contents for immune messages. Probiotics prime the intestinal immune system for normal resistance.
Studies have shown that merely by taking probiotics, upper respiratory infections can be reduced in severity and frequency. One such study from Scandinavia demonstrated that office workers experienced less absenteeism when supplemented with probiotics.
Vitamin D -The “antibiotic vitamin,” critical to optimal immune function. 5,000 IU daily through cold and flu season.
If you’ve listened to Health Talk, you’ve heard my interviews with Dr. John Cannell of discussing the immune-protective benefits of D.


  1. I am not sure if it is from the Vitamin D, but about 5 years into daily Cod Liver Oil, I have not had a cold or the flu. A small sample size, but it is definitely effective.

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