Are Government Nutrition Recommendations Killing Us?

A brand new study suggests the answer may be yes.
The study, published in The Lancet, is the first major study to look at all-cause mortality and cardiovascular disease and nutrition. Here are just two of the major takeaways

  • High carb diets are killing many of us around the world. The study tracked over 135,000 people aged between 35 and 70 from 18 countries; those on a low fat/high carb diet had an increased risk of early death compared to those on a lower carb/higher fat diet.
  • Raw and cooked vegetables are not created equal. Broadly speaking, the study showed that consumption of raw vegetables was more protective against cardiovascular disease than cooked vegetables. As our colleagues at ANH-International point out, many phytochemicals, vitamins, and other nutrients are heat-sensitive and may be damaged by heat.

These findings, particularly on fat versus carbs, echo our criticisms of the government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans that were released in 2016. Those guidelines encourage Americans to reduce consumption of saturated fat, based on the outdated notion that fat leads to heart disease.
Don’t wait until 2020 when the US government next updates its Dietary Guidelines. History tells us the revised guidelines won’t change much. Pressure from Big Food, Big Ag, Big Biotech and their revolving doors with the USDA, NIH and FDA will likely still override the state-of-the-art of nutritional science. 
The bottom line is that government should not be in charge of doling out nutrition advice. As the latest research suggests, government advice is likely killing us.
We’re going to continue doing everything we can with our medical and scientific partners and collaborators to influence decision-making and expose the corruption of science.
But in the meantime, those wanting to use food to help live longer and healthier lives should check out ANH-International’s Food4Health guidelines for some excellent nutritional guidance.

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  1. That’s an easy question. The answer is obviously, yes. They design the guidelines around the bare minimum necessary amount to prevent your heart from stopping its beat. The bare amount of Vitamin-C to ensure you at least don’t get scurvy. And then they pile the vaccines, GMO, pesticides and fluoride on top of their bare minimum nutritional guidelines.
    Then any discussion of should we use nutritional supplements is immediately met with MSM disinformation and misinformation, telling us how it’s dangerous and a waste of time. So, yes. The government and media are owned by the same entities who want a general reduction in the population and will feed us a bunch of baloney to prevent us from obtaining optimal health.
    My advice, seek out high quality, bio-available, nutritional supplementation. Avoid any and all non-organic and GMO foods. Don’t drink chlorinated and fluoridated water. As well, don’t bath in it.

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