Even Scarier Than Lyme

Another tick borne disease is showing up in increased numbers in certain parts of the US, and people aren’t even being warned.
We are seeing a rise in a tick-borne disease called Powassan, POW for short. Half of those who come in to contact with the virus suffer permanent neurological damage; some patients experience no symptoms; 10% die. There is no treatment for POW, and those infected often require hospitalization, respiratory support, and intravenous fluids.
Scientists think that the same tick that spreads Lyme disease—which has expanded its territory to over half of US counties—has somehow picked up POW from the tick that normally carries it, which is partial to animals in the weasel family. Researchers estimate that about 4% of deer ticks carry POW. By comparison, 30-40% carry Lyme disease.
Also whereas Lyme takes 48 hours to transmit, at the end of a tick bite, POW is transmitted within minutes of the bite.
Public health officials do not have a response to this disease other than to recommend hikers wear long sleeves and pants, using some kind of insect repellant, staying away from high tick areas, and doing thorough tick checks after being outdoors.
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      1. Thank you, Dorothy. I noticed on internet that as recently as 2015 NIH reported under 20 cases in all of the U.S.

    1. It’s no secret…..read my post….it’s been in NY……and NYSH knew about it before 08… AKA the “woodchuck tick”

  1. It sounds nearly identical to the tick-borne encephalitis that is prominent in Siberia. The last I heard about 15 years ago, about 25% of ticks in that region were infected with it. It was my reason for discontinuing ecotours to Baikal. Our host come down with symptoms on my last tour.
    He had been vaccinated, and that vaccine, available in Russia (and also Europe, I heard), was effective at reducing mortality and neural damage. Our host came through okay. This would be one of the rare exceptions to my general rule of avoiding vaccination. Another would be rabies. They do not have tick-borne encephalitis vaccine in Japan, from where I was leading tours, so I could no longer recommend people to visit in summer. (Winter is fine.)

    1. If only that was true…..those help greatly(Lyme and Co-infections)….but are not the all be all…..and these treatments “helps” will NOT cure POW…..with POW you are DEAD!

      1. Ozone is great help, but lasts only 4 days. A person can do it twice a week sometimes or take herbs at other times. Ozone works great and resistance to it doesn’t happen. Antibiotics lower the immune system/hurt. I wish hospitals would use ozone which has been used since the World wars to help people. Vit C IV or lipsomal Vit C etc may also help. Yes some things act fast and overcome the brain/body. I have POW listed on my Zyto scan…one of 17 infections in me.

        1. Try using a true colloidal silver like Meso-Silver. Look up the site silver-colloids.com. It took me a week to read most of this site which cleared up a lot of conflicting info.

          1. Hi, I have used silver and it hurt me….built up in my body and poisoned me.

          2. Wendy, I submitted a response, which took some time to put together but so far, it appears I may have been “moderated out” by the website. Briefly, I have not heard of any “poisonous” reaction to colloidal silver except in very rare cases. I had provided two links to Dr. Axe and Dr. Mercola in an effort to give you some supporting info but so far it appears that I was censured. This site has an annoying tendency to mitigate or moderate certain responses. Perhaps they have an alternative agenda with ulterior motives. Competition? I couldn’t say. If it happens one more time I will never waste time posting here again. My comments are well researched and I have no agenda other than to provide trustworthy info for anyone to make their own decisions and provide info to that end.

          3. Hi Sam,
            Your comment was automatically flagged because of the links, which we try to catch and correct as quickly as we can. We value your comments here, and appreciate the time readers take to respond to our articles.

          4. Thanks Tim. So I presume any links are not allowed or just certain ones? There are direct (clickable) links here in other posts so some clarification would be helpful.
            Also, is it ok to post a link (or reference), that could be copy/pasted into a browser?
            The links I posted were to Dr. Axe and Dr. Mercola who have like minded goals as ANH. I was not promoting any products or services just information.
            I have searched this site looking for posting guidelines but have not found any. My last comment did include a specific name of a website but it seems that is ok.

  2. Probably another military experiment released into the wild, like Lymes, to test on populations.

  3. If Noah cared one iota about his family and fellow man, he would not have allowed ticks on the Ark.

  4. IDIOTS! No not the Victims or the people who don’t know….This POW is NOT NEW…I repeat NOT NEW…..Back in 08 I was able to obtain a laminated sheet from a reluctant state worker of NY booth at a fair…The POW is also known as the “woodchuck tick” …Ohh and good luck(now)…trying to get that sheet from New York State Health….This is nothing new, going back like 4+ years it “HIT” New York and killed a few people. Our Senator Chucky Scammer….who was up for votes I think…..was in the article telling us he was gonna get to the bottom of this and also help Lyme Victims. All he did was pass it on to the corrupt CDC to find answers……well……CDC has not done “ship” for 4 decades on this Tick matter, do you expect any less? OHH…and never forget….CDC = Center Disease CONTROL and PREVENTION….24/7 SAVING LIVES and PROTECTING people…….Umm…..they doing a bang up job huh? Ohh, what happened to that solar robot that cleared 5 acres of ticks? What happened to the “Grapefruit oil” cure CDC promised Congressman Chris Gibson? What’s going on with those 3 different ladies who have actually found a way to ACCURATELY test Lyme Disease? Why are the corrupt testings still being used? Why when we got the treatment guidelines changed with the Clearing Guidelines..that Oathless Doctors still REFUSE to follow them for treatment to PROTECT the Victim after a tick bite? Ohh…..the questions are many….the Corruption, harm, death on this subject is beyond excusable!!! The good news with POW……is your dead! pretty quick right…..no years and years of suffering with Lyme and Co-infections…right…that’s the bright side? right?

    1. what was the treatment plan for lyme that doctors wont follow after a tick bite..this is all disgusting and not sure what the motive is..scary stuff

      1. Ruth……Motive? It’s simple, it’s called Money $$$$ …”Most” all Doctors now days….the rule is…..$hort visits ( long waiting room waits)$weet(nothing complicated) $ell as much as can of what the drug salesman just bought in.
        bottom line………your $crewed!
        First off…..the so called “facts of knowledge” are twisted different every where you go to “satisfy” those who like to hear themselves talk…
        Tick must be on you 24hrs to do harm FALSE….All Victims get bullseye’s FALSE…10 days or 21 days of Doxy cures anyone FALSE There is only one strain of Lyme FALSE There is no such thing as Co-Infections with Lyme tick FALSE… The old treatment plan created by corrupt Doctors works FALSE, the new treatment plan is followed by all current oathless Doctors…FALSE If lucky to find a Doctor who WILL follow the new treatment guidelines as instructed to do….a first time tick bite’in Victim may……may……get very lucky and beat the Lyme before damage is done TRUE…..
        Ruth….yes it’s scary stuff….and with all of us like myself who fought for awareness….for over a decade…..no one listened….those who did like Chris Gibson….something……someone got in the way of having good things to happen. Even our most popular Lyme groups…..organizations….$crewed us! I provided clear factual issues to these top dog Lyme organizations and warned them of the wording for the 21 century (no) Cure Act….Chris Gibson had done a good job….but at the last minute “someone” changed, even though it got put back to the way it was written the first time seconds before the final Senate vote……it passed! But the joke is……Billions of the dollars went to fix those who have drug habits…opps I’m sorry, they didn’t do it to themselves…so it’s called drug disease? Nothing’s being done for Ticks or their Victims …like America so far? I’ve asked to be on this thing…or in this group for the 21st (no) care Act thing…lol……I’m not welcome, cuz I say it like it is, being a Lyme Victim and speak for and on the behalf of the Lyme Victims….and I do NOT sugar coat anything….I don’t get it…..I guess suffering and death is now the American way???!!!

  5. intravenous or liposomal vitamin c…there is no bacteria or virus that can stand up to it. Granted, viruses are more problematic and require much greater doses over longer periods.

    1. IV vitamin C is very likely to be able to treat this effectively. It did wonders with avian flu when the MSM were hysterical about the treatment options. It would likely work well with the Zika virus, too. My suggestion is to find a doctor now who is willing to treat you and your family with IV vitamin C when necessary. It is much harder in a crisis to find someone who will work with you.

      1. No question about it…that’s why my family keeps several boxes of Livon Labs Lypospheric Vit C in the cabinet at all times. I can’t stress enough how highly I recommend this brand of liposomal vitamin c. It provides nearly 100% absorption into bloodstream like IV.

        1. I looked into that before. There’s no real proof, only marketing fiction and social signaling.

  6. Wendy, Silver and Gold, are transition metals and not heavy metals. Silver is stated as non-toxic according to the EPA. It is not carcinogenic and all MSDS sheets indicate no adverse health effects. It does not disrupt sugar digestion, Zn or thyroid. It does not lower oxygen in the body either. It does not cause a “precancer” on the lip, if you are referring to a precancerous lesion. I would like to know who told you these things as they do not align with established data and studies.
    Silver is not listed as a human carcinogen by OSHA,NTP, IARC, ACGIH, EPA, CDC or the EU. It is also false that it is bio accumulative. Studies done by Roger Aldman have shown that virtually 100% of silver taken orally is eliminated from the body within a few months. The only form of “colloidal” silver that can cause argyeria, is the protein bound type taken in excess.
    Please go to silver-colloids dot com and read through “Silver – The Dark Side of a New Health Craze” – Rebuttal by Marshall Dudley.
    Also, when detoxing some people will experience a herxheimer reaction. Please also go to Dr. Mercola’s site Mercola dot com and search for the article entitled, “The Three Pillars of Heavy Metal Detox”. It is very important to detox the gut first so as not to incur damage to the proximal tubules in the kidneys especially if using chelation therapy which should only be done under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner.
    Given the symptoms you mention, it may be a good idea to check for parasites or a Lyme infection. You can search for these topics on Mercola’s site also.
    Please understand I am only trying to help with advice and have spent considerable time studying this information.

    1. Ag/Au are heavy enough to hurt and hard to detox. They would destroy me. Discounting me doesn’t help. I know what happened in me. If you are trying to sell silver then put warnings on it so people can get help if needed and be careful if they try it.

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