1. Probably because they found out that Donald Rumsfeld is a CEO board member of MONSANTO, the GMO corp that makes Herbicide “Round-Up” in same facilities as Aspartame and Nutra-Sweet, the pink and blue packets of sweeteners that is NOTHING SHORT OF RAT POISON! THE NEO-CON RUMSFELD ALSO belongs to P.N.A.C. Progress For The New American Century…. you will be mad when you find out what that group was all about during the Bush years. 🙁

    1. Pink packets are “sweetnlow”, has been around for 100 years, is saccharin. Blue and yellow packets are the poisons, aspartame and sucralose, Nutra-sweet and Splenda, respectively.

  2. The EPA should do its job They are paid by the taxpayers to PROTECT us which they do NOT do

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