1. I don’t want to pay for GMO s. I want to subsidize healthy, clean produce and organic farms. Not herbicided wheat or oats or vegetables.

  2. I don’t want to be a part of funding GMOs!!! I want to subsidize healthy, clean produce and organic farms. I do NOT want to fund chemically sprayed or grown wheat, oats, or vegetables. USDA, YOU NEED TO CONSULT THE CONSUMERS BEFORE FUNDING SUCH PRODUCTION. THERE ARE ALREADY TOO MANY CARCINOGENS IN OUR FOODS AND ENVIRONMENT!!!! Almost every family is already affected by cancer in some way.

  3. There are too many harmful substances in the environment and have been since DDT. Policy makers then were wise enough to ban it, as they did thalidomide and DES, PCB and PBB. Thousands of chemical compounds are carrying on the destruction those substances started. Most are produced with no regulation to protect citizen safety much less harms to the various flora and fauna we share our planet with. Taxpayers should not be paying for their own harm much less the other organisms we live among. Consumers ought to be able to choose what they consider food and GMO products should be labeled as such. Glyphosate is a health hazard and the government paying to make it a routine feature of daily consumption does not serve the people.

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