Supplement Advocates Are Losing a Champion in Congress

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), a noted champion of natural supplements, has announced he will not seek re-election in 2018. The announcement came last week. He may even retire before his term ends.
As one of natural health’s foremost advocates in Congress, we are sad to see him go. Rep. Chaffetz was a staunch supporter of consumer access to dietary supplements, both in principle and in action. He weighed in with the FDA numerous times over the years against the agency’s disastrous new dietary ingredient (NDI) guidance.
The congressman also fought repeatedly for free speech rights and the right of consumers to have access to truthful scientific information about the benefits of natural products by sponsoring the Free Speech About Science Act.
It’s no secret that Big Pharma has many allies in Congress—not to mention within the FDA—and it has tremendous influence over the formation of healthcare policy in this country. Rep. Chaffetz stands among our country’s most effective and vocal champions for natural health issues, and he will be sorely missed when he leaves office.
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  1. Well, if he didn’t advocate for selling off our public lands to the highest bidder, maybe he wouldn’t have angered his constituents like he did. Can’t we have a congressperson who advocates for health freedom AND doesn’t support turning national forests into profit-making centers for oil and coal companies?

    1. Not if you’re from Utah. There are no forests there; its a nuclear fallout zone. 🙂

      1. NOT TRUE!!! I live in Kanab Utah and You, sir, are wrong!!! Have you been to Zion Natl park??? I go there almost every weekend; it only takes me 45 minutes… and there are beautiful forests as you enter Bryce Canyon which is only 1 hr and 45 minutes from where I live!!
        Are you from Utah??
        I have lived here for over 5 yrs ( I came from Illinois).

        1. Lucky you! Beautiful landscape there…amazing parks. I went to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary near Kanab…Angel Canyon. Diverse flora and fauna …not a nuclear fallout zone!

  2. Dust, I agree with you. It is a challenge to find a representative that covers all the bases of interest for most of us. I agree with Chaffetz stance on supplements, and of course much of this is based on the fact that there are a number of supplement businesses coming out of Utah. I however did not agree with his ambitions for public lands for the very reasons you cited.

  3. We used to have a state rep that was a naturopath. Sad when he retired. We need more natural advocates to run.

  4. If Chaffetz really wishes to create a legacy for himself, he needs to call the CDC “whistleblower”, Dr. William Thompson, before an investigative committe on the BURNED RAW DATA on the MMR that proved that black males who received the MMR prior to age 3 had a 3.5X higher rate of autism than those who received the MMR after age 3. He’s been bought. Clearly. HE’s had the evidence for almost 2 years. And done NOTHING. I feel nothing for this man. He’s a purchased coward like the rest.

    1. Most politicians are ( purchased cowards—-career politicians like Sen. Hatch and Sen Lee). Even Congresswoman Mia Love is no saint, either.

    2. He was threatened into resigning. Politicians who fight pharma and advocate free speech are blackmailed, derailed, smeared in the media, or may even join Clinton body count. Even Trump is afraid to work on his campaign promises. We have to be grateful to Chaffetz for what he has done already.

  5. Really hate to Lose Your Voice for Supplements. We need more Advocates to run against Big Pharma

  6. There is a report circulating in the alternative media that his support of Audit the Fed is his reason for wanting to get out of the House, that his and his family’s lives have been threatened, and this has caused this abrupt announcement. The alternative media gets such stories right much of the time.
    The Federal Reserve is controlled by bankers, both domestic and foreign, and it isn’t a part of the government any more than Federal Express is. They all are very scared at the thought of this bill passing because the Fed has only had a cursory audit, not a full audit. since it began in 1913, and such an audit would reveal things the owners don’t want known. The same forces that support the Fed oppose natural healing. Now it is close to passing, and one less supporter won’t be there for the vote. I suspect unless he changes his mind, other House members will disappear, too. Anyone who believes in prayers feel free to do so.

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