EPA Ignores Fluoride Warnings

When presented with evidence that fluoride is linked to the development of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and lower IQs, the Environmental Protection Agency essentially said, “We don’t care.”
This occurred when the agency responded to a petition filed by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), Food & Water Watch, and others, asking the agency to stop allowing the addition of fluoride into drinking water, citing scientific literature as part of their argument.
Despite pledging “careful deliberation,” the EPA rejected almost all of the evidence submitted in the petition, seemingly on arcane technical grounds.
If it were Monsanto asking, you can bet that top agency officials would do everything in their power to make the problem go away, as we saw in the recently unsealed documents in the glyphosate lawsuit.
Whom do government agencies really work for?
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    1. I read it, and it is clear as mud. Are you saying that all municipal water supplies have already been privatized, and therefore the EPA has no jurisdiction over whether fluoride is added to them? The EO provides for the privatization of public infrastructure, but this doesn’t mean that they have become private.

  1. Who knows. Maybe the bottled water companies have more to do with the fluoride in our drinking water than we suspect. It seems that they benefit the most from fluoride in our drinking water.

    1. Nestle outright steals water from our water ways, i.e. the San Bernardino Valley and other places all over, BOTTLING IT AND SELLING IT BACK TO US, all okayed by the Gov.
      But we all get to live here and pay them TAXES!!! OH JOLLY!

  2. If I get any angrier I’ll blow a vein. So I fight ALL of this as hard as I can, and turn it over to the ALMIGHTY who they will all face in the end along with every soul who ever breathed; the quick and the dead. Will they be able to look up into the FACE OF THE SON?

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