Killer: Cancer or Chemo?

This is the choice that far too many patients face with our conventional medical system.
FDA-approved cancer treatments like chemotherapy are poisoning patients. A recent analysis found that cancer drugs are themselves killing up to 50% of patients within thirty days, indicating that chemotherapy was the cause of death, not the cancer. Of course, chemotherapy can kill patients over the long-term as well.
Chemo can shrink tumors, but it doesn’t eradicate them. It also kills healthy cells in the process. Additionally, cancer can re-emerge in patients still undergoing chemotherapy. Researchers think this is because tumors are fueled by cancer “stem cells” that are largely immune to chemo.
It is also incredibly expensive for the consumer (which is key for the drug companies), costing around $10,000 a month.
Sadly, chemotherapy remains the go-to treatment for cancer in the US. This is the system we have: dangerous, ineffective treatments that are consistently prioritized over safer, natural (or otherwise unpatentable) treatments, because the latter are not cash cows for Big Pharma (for more on this, see our companion article this week). Then, to keep money flowing to the drug companies, the FDA does what it can to limit consumer access to natural medicine and severely restrict what can be communicated to consumers about its benefits.
Clearly, our health system favors pharmaceutical profits over finding treatments that can cure that most dreaded of diseases, cancer.
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  1. Patients should be given the exact numbers regarding survival before undergoing palliative chemotherapy.

      1. LB are you kidding? Who in their right mind would undergo chemo and radiation knowing that in five years more than 97 out of 100 will be dead?

        1. On the other hand, they may be dead a lot sooner than five years. It’s a Faustian Bargain and presented as such.

  2. Why is it so hard to inform the public about the truth that natural remedies for cancer are far more effective, far safer, and far less expensive? That’s right they want you to believe that none of the so called natural treatments for cancer work. If you knew how effective they are, chemotherapy and radiation treatment would become obsolete. That would disrupt the drug industry. The drug industry must be far more important than people in the eyes of our corrupt politicians.

    1. Because insurance is a trap… working class patients are faced with losing the job and its benefits if they can’t keep going using the insurance in that job…. intravenous C for example is not that $10k per month, but it ain’t cheap either.. plus it’s darn hard to get, since the industry frankenstein favorites make it ‘standard’ to get IVC full of preservatives so you’re forced to make special arrangements with the compounding pharmacy, have it sent to you at home and then take it to your own IV doctor. If you’re lucky, your protocol is shortlived enough that keeping the handful of vials in your freezer for the allowed 45 days, no mixing it on your on…hth

      1. With only the knowledge that is out there to be had by anyone willing to put in the time to research you can treat virtually every ailment for pennies. Need vitamin C and can’t afford it? Go to your nearest pine tree grab some needles make a tea. This is more effective than absorbic acid because it has all sorts of complementary compounds contained within. Many of the herbs that grow wild will treat most ailments and will knock down on your grocery bill. Just staying off the refined foods and chemicals will take care of most diseases. Health is really easy once you discard everything that we have learned from modern society.

        1. Whistling in a grave yard is noticing that you have no safer method. That’s just fine until it gets good and dark. Agreed?
          All the ‘knowledge’ is ascorbic acid knowledge, not pine tree guesswork.. agreed? Nice thought if humanly you have no other resource

          1. All pine trees are edible and have the highest known source of vitamin C. If you could not afford vitamin C would you not drink pine needle tea? There is no guesswork hear.

      1. James, you are obviously unaware of how corrupt our medical system is. They do not opt for the best care, they opt for the treatment that will generate the most income. I learned this when I had a rash called pityriasis rosea. I healed myself completely from this rash by eating garlic, a cost of less than one dollar. I found out later that according to our medical profession there is no known cure for this. It is commonly treated with steroids and repeated visits to the doctor. There are only two conclusions that I can come up with and if you can come up with another I would like to hear it. Conclusion one: I am far smarter than our entire medical profession, which by the way I do not believe, or conclusion two: they do not want anyone to know that they can cure this rash for less than one dollar because they will not be able to generate any substantial revenue from it. Since that time I have done several thousand hours of research on natural medicine and can assure you that they suppress any form of healing modalities that they, the medical establishment cannot reap huge profits from. Natural medicine cannot be patented so they are suppressed, overlooked, or discredited. They control doctors by threatening to pull their license if they do not go along. This is one of the reasons that a doctors life expectancy is fifty six years old. They know they are doing harm and cannot live with themselves and yet cannot afford to get out because they owe so much for medical school.

        1. The average age of a white male physician at death is 73 years; 57 years is only for the accident and emergency discipline which sounds like a risky occupation. In other words, hardly any difference from the average Joe Sixpack. Physicians are not automatically smart about health or nutrition by default; just trained in sickcare.

  3. There are much easier ways to treat the disease such as CBD oil or something that I have found effective when treating most any form of cancer: dichloroacetate. No side effects, no hair loss and no time off from work required. That’s why big pharma is trying to kill the availability of knowledge because once you know you’ll run FROM the cure offered by allopathic physicians.

  4. I think cancer cells begin to die @ 103 up to 106°F, therefore, simply increase body temperature & Bing-bang-boom-viola-done!

    1. Farrah Fawcett tried this in Germany; it did not work and imagine going through it.

  5. Getting the junk out of your system, bringing your immunity back to health with alternatives and healthy food, bringing the body back to an alkaline-state.

  6. Thank you ANH for bringing us this information; it is so valuable and so difficult to find today. I am not surprised by this research on vitamin C, in keeping with Pauling’s research from the past. This does bring hope to those with cancer and those trying to protect themselves from this deadly and devastating disease. I work in mainstream medicine, most of the time with a heavy heart, as I know there’s a better way; insurance just won’t pay for it and that means I won’t get an income. I would love to go out on my own taking no insurance and spreading the knowledge and value of nutraceuticals but I couldn’t survive. We need to change our healthcare system so that effective and inexpensive remedies can challenge and supercede big Pharma.

    1. Just go to the concierge model and you’ll have a lot more flexibility. Insurance is waste of time.

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