Federal Quarantine Powers Quietly Expanded without Congressional Approval

Your right to be left unthreatened in your own home could be at risk. Here’s what you need to know. Action Alert!
In January of this year, on the last day President Obama was in office, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a final rule that expands its authority to apprehend, isolate, and quarantine individuals suspected of having any of nine diseases on the US quarantine list: cholera, plague, diphtheria, smallpox, yellow fever, infectious tuberculosis, viral hemorrhagic fevers (like Ebola), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and varieties of influenza that may cause pandemic.
This is the first time the quarantine rules have been updated since the 1940s. Under the old system, the CDC’s authority to quarantine was limited primarily to those entering the country or crossing state lines. And even then, in practice, the feds typically deferred to state and local health officials to contain the spread of infectious diseases.
Under the new rules, the CDC can detain people anywhere in the country without getting approval from local health officials. The definition of “ill persons” has also been broadened, which means that the agency can detain a broader group of people it thinks are exhibiting the symptoms of infectious disease—symptoms as common and as wide-ranging as headaches, cramps, and fevers. Airline and ship crews are required under the new rules to report overt signs and symptoms of sick travelers to the CDC.
Additionally, the CDC can quarantine you for seventy-two hours before the case is subject to a review—and that review is conducted by (you guessed it) the CDC.
Some health authorities fear that the CDC’s power grab will have the opposite effect. Fearing new draconian quarantine rules, as well as surveillance from a flight crew, sick people will likely take additional measures to hide an illness.
The final rule stipulates that when a person is quarantined, medical examinations and treatments can only be performed with prior informed consent. This was only won through a vocal backlash of concerned citizens. But if you have been forcibly removed from your home, how much freedom of medical care choice do you have left?
The rule specifically mentions measles and pertussis, and allows the CDC to monitor travelers displaying common symptoms of those illnesses. Note that measles and pertussis are non-quarantinable diseases—for now. But state health officials can quarantine individuals for certain communicable diseases, depending on state law. Massachusetts has perhaps the most harshly authoritarian law of this kind that we’ve seen. The state can remove you from your home pretty much anytime they want to do so.
While stopping the spread of deadly infectious diseases is laudable, it is unacceptable to pursue this goal at the expense of Americans’ most basic civil liberties, such as the right to remain in their homes unmolested by government.
Action Alert! Send a message to the CDC (with a copy to Congress) telling them that the final quarantine rule is unacceptable and must be amended to respect our most basic rights, and that such rule changes should only be made with congressional approval—and not by bureaucrats. Please send your message immediately.

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  1. If the CDC can detain me for any reason and hold me for as long as they want, without a second opinion, and without allowing me the right to informed consent, why would I ever cooperate with the CDC? Why would anyone? And therein is the real problem: If you make the public afraid of you, the people who are infected won’t come to you for help. They will actively avoid you. They might otherwise want help, but if they don’t believe they will be part of the process they won’t believe that they will be helped.
    Think about this in the context of hurricane emergency: When there is a mandatory evacuation there is always a small group of people who refuse to leave their homes. Well, why do most people comply? Because they genuinely believe that the government is acting in their best interests and that when the disaster has passed they will be allowed home. If, instead, they were aware that no matter what they did, once inside they won’t be allowed to leave until the government was good and ready to, I guarantee you less people would comply.
    My prediction is that, without fixing these rules, it’s going to make things worse when there is an actual emergency. Besides that, people are always infectious before showing symptoms. By the time an airplane observes any symptoms that person has already infected others. Thousands of others the world over if it’s an international airport.

    1. We are still in under a Tyrannical Fed Govt, and Andrew Jackson warned.
      We need to greatly defund most of our agencies and scale back their
      under color of law authority.
      “All laws repugnant to the Constitution are Null and Void” 1803 Marbury vs Madison

  2. More overreach in the totalitarian state. All this is being set-up so that when the hammer falls, humanity will be such utter slaves of the power, there will be no remedy.

    1. I think they’ll be in for a BIG surprise…..the ‘utter slaves of humanity’ will just lower the population to a survivable number I’m afraid….I have no intention of dying for their greed and lust for total power…and I turn 70 this summer!

    1. I agree, I don’t want to sound like I’m selling a legal group so won’t
      mention the name, but I donate to a group that takes these unconstitutional
      issues to court and actually makes change.
      I hope everyone will look around for these groups that take them to court
      and win, and avoid the hot winded groups that promise everything , take
      your donations and never do a damn thing.

      1. I hope it is not the ACLU. What in the ’60s was a needed organization has seemingly become so biased (they fired their head person apparently because he was a moderate) against the average American, I don’t think anyone should support it.

        1. My experience with the ACLU in CA left me with the impression that they primarily hold a lot of self congratulatory cocktail parties.

      2. ANH – USA just happens to be one of those groups.They have had great success in the past with legal challenges to insane health care legislation.

  3. The more you look into it, the scarier it gets.FEMA camps,5 person coffins stacked in row upon row as far as the eye can see?The constant usurping of our natural rights.This is another in a long line of concentration of power to the security state.There’s something nefarious going on here.Why does the information about all of this always end up in a black hole?Why is our water being infused with the toxic waste from Chinese fertilizer operations?Why is natural health care being regulated to death?Follow the money.

    1. Excuse me, but ALL I hear on this thread are VICTIMS-scared shitless because they have not written to their Senator or Congress rep for full information. What’s with the conspiracy theories, paranoia and fear?????
      WRITE to your representative and ASK them for the FULL directive by the CDC. It is PUBLIC information and they must submit a dossier to you concerning the quarantine issue on infectious diseases.
      DEMOCRACY requires ACTIVE participation – not passive reaction to every single announcement by the state or federal governments.So if you are THAT concerned about being taken from your home without prior informed consent, CALL or WRITE your Senator and demand this information about the Center for Disease Control. It is your responsibility as an American citizen to be an adult about this sort of circumstance.
      DO IT NOW!!!!!

      1. firstly,I’m not an American.Something I’m eternally grateful for.If the government or congress was in the loop on anything the deep state or security state does your advice would work.You have probably never done so yourself.I am awaiting an FOI to my own government that is into it’s fourth year.These people do whatever makes them ric.hThey never admit anything.Very few even know what the others are doing.They’re all just in it for the graft and added income that comes from looking the other way.Asking them for anything just ends with computer generated e mail that is meaningless and of zero use.I am not someone who allows anything to go without comment.My MP,MLA and local governments hear from me often.Even though I realize nothing ever changes.

        1. @[email protected].. . . .YOUR cynical attitude about your British/Canadian government has nothing to do with this case about the AMERICAN CDC. . . .Since you are NOT an American, why cast your unfortunate results with your government on the American people???
          Secondly, you may be as ‘eternally grateful’ as you like about NOT being an American. but please spare us your fatalistic attitude about all government processes. It seems you are just a chronic malcontent.
          THirdly, your “FEMA camps, w/ 5 person coffins stacked as far as thy eye can see. . .???? WHEN, NOT AMERICAN, did you have access to this illusion of yours, and why are you so content with your lying????Toxic waste from Chinese fertilizer operations???. . . . .PLEASE, you are becoming a pathological liar. . .or did you NOT notice??
          Again, you must have some knitting or reading to do, rather than answer these comments with your vitriolic nonsense, about something you know NOTHING about. .

        2. [email protected]
          Not a US Citizen?
          Good, though I am sorry for the shape Canada is in, we love
          Canadians, but you sound like a racist muslim , we don’t love
          you and hope you leave real Canadians and return to you
          3rd world homeland.

      2. Maybe you have a responsive congressman or woman. I do not. In fact, a lot of us do not. I get form letters only as responses 9 out of 10 times i write.. Congress for the most part serves only the corporate agenda.

      3. appreciate the action element of what your saying but if we cannot trust a federal agency, should we trust their employees to protect us?

    2. We need to defund and or repeal:
      DHS TSA NSA NDAA PATRIOT ACT and many others.
      Restore Posse Comitatus, end ASSET FORFEITURE, DRUG LAWS.
      Restore the constitution. Thank God Obama is gone, lets encourage
      Pres Trump to restore our Constitution.

  4. If it was done by the sodomite obama. IT is NOT a legal action. Do not be fooled so easily. As you know the sodomite was NEVER a legal sitting US President.
    I know, I know…. you are SHOCKED!

    1. Thank God Obama and Hillary are out of the picture,
      Obama was the most dangerous Muslim Terrorist America ever faced.

      1. Brilliant and measured repartee. Ad hominem attacks always add so much to the discussion.

  5. Solution, end the CDC, let the states handle their health safety. We have advanced communication today, so we have no need for a centralized federal agency to take action in our states.

  6. Cut CDC’s budget by 70%.
    Also, we have been indoctrinated for 40 years that we are ‘bad’ ,
    that we shouldn’t have more than 2 children, we are overpopulating, so
    during the last administration Obama and Hillary wish to import millions
    of unvetted and possibly disease ridden Muslims that are
    taught from birth to eliminate infidels (Christians and any non Muslims).
    Obama wanted to ‘Radically’ transform America, he almost had his way completely.
    Lets Encourage President Trump to restore the US Constitution and cut
    Budgets drastically to most of our Federal Agencies.
    Islam and Judaism are two of the most Racist and dangerous sects on our
    Planet, two sides of the same coin.
    Lets become self sufficient in all sectors so we no longer have remove the
    need or ‘real’ motivation for intervening ,
    manipulating and occupying foreign lands across the Globe,
    our Constitution prohibits it, lets return to adherence to our US Constitution.
    We owe the world NOTHING, humanitarian aide is fine, but conquest and importation
    of peoples that hate us and are not examined for infectious disease, records of
    violence or hatred and assault on women, and allegiance to beliefs opposite
    American Culture needs to end.

    1. @Riverstrat. . . .you make some very good points about getting America back in shape again. . . .but THEN you ruin everything with your hate speech and vitriol against Jewish and Muslim people. . .WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU??????? Do you realize there are near SIX MILLION Muslims and TWELVE MILLION Jewish people living peacefully in the United States, and have been here for MANY years??
      Donald Trump is an absolutely INCOMPETENT, UNEDUCATED, NARCISSISTIC, MANBABY, who has NO agenda in mind for Americans but to STUFF his pockets with MORE MONEY. He has already proven that by placing multimillionaires all around him
      in the cabinet, refusing to publish his tax returns, and refusing to separate himself from his hundreds of business connections world wide.
      I dare to say that if you voted for him, continue to support this manchild who has skin like tissue paper, you made a DREADFUL mistake, and have already divided this American nation into two very mad camps. His Rethuglican cronies in the Senate will milk him dry and tax Americans out of existence before they will even consider impeaching this WORST president in history, before he wrecks the economy . . .. again like the LAST Rethuglican president ruined it, from which we are still recovering.
      Forget the CDC quarantine ruling. . .there are much LARGER fish to fry in the WH!!!!

  7. Lets encourage President Trump to restore the Constitution.
    The CDC and FDA have a mutual agenda imo, it has nothing to
    do with protecting you and I.
    *MAGA* Make America Great Again!!!

  8. Sounds like a good idea to me. Too many people risk the lives of others when they know they are sick.

    1. Yeah, we all know you’ve never left your house when you were sick. Especially since they don’t make house calls anymore…

  9. They MUST know this would lead to bloodshed! I’ll isolate myself in my home, but NOT this !

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