EPA: Carcinogens Are OK with Us

Recently unsealed court documents show that the EPA is more focused on protecting big business than on protecting Americans from cancer.
A group of citizens found this out the hard way when their lawsuit (the People vs. Monsanto, claiming that glyphosate caused their non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) was undermined by officials at the Environmental Protection Agency.
The judge in that case recently unsealed documents showing that a top EPA official, Jess Rowland, promised Monsanto he would quash an effort by the Department of Health and Human Services Department (HHS) to conduct its own review of glyphosate. He was successful—the HHS review never happened.
Brought to light only because of this brave band of citizens, this is the latest and most damning evidence of the collusion between Monsanto and the EPA. Other documents obtained by the plaintiffs show that it went further.
A letter from a former EPA employee dying of cancer accused Rowland of having intimidated staff, compelling them to change reports to make them favorable to Monsanto. The letter also argues that the research on glyphosate supports categorizing it as a probable human carcinogen.
Sadly, Monsanto appears to have been rigging the game every step of the way in the government’s review of glyphosate, and there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of compliant government cronies willing to help them accomplish their goals.
Read the full story from the New York Times.

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  1. This is why we need to get rid of most of the EPA, if not all of it. We need clean, air and water, but not at the expense of the people just because the EPA is corrupt and takes money from corporations that want to push their harmful, cancer causing chemicals!!

  2. Totally dismantle EPA!!! Start Over from Scratch!! They are all CORRUPT!!! MONEY!!! ROOT OF ALL EVIL!

  3. This is what comes from voting republican! Corruption is the name of the game in the current Vile administration!

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