Want Your Kid to Have Asthma? Take Acid Blockers!

Not only do they make your acid reflux problems worse, they actually sicken your unborn child. Action Alert!
An analysis of eight different studies, including data from over 1.6 million patients, found that taking heartburn medication during pregnancy significantly increases the risk for asthma for the baby.
The researchers found that proton pump inhibitors (such as Prilosec or Nexium) increase the risk of babies developing asthma by 30%; other acid blockers (like Pepcid and Tagamet) increased the risk by 46%. These are huge numbers.
The reason for this effect is unclear, but some think that the drugs interfere with digestion, resulting in undigested food allergens being passed on to the fetus.
This is of course only the latest alarm bell to go off regarding Big Pharma’s wrong-headed answer to acid reflux and stomach problems. These drugs are the poster children of everything wrong with our current medical establishment and drug approval process.
Acid blockers do not address the root cause of stomach trouble, which is often too little stomach acid, not too much. This means that in many cases, taking acid blockers simply makes your stomach problems even worse. Public health experts say between 60 and 70% of people who take these drugs don’t need them.
Then there are the side effects, which we’ve written about extensively. Acid blockers:

  • Increase the risk of bacterial infection, including pneumonia, and bone fracture.
  • Shut down lysosomes (the cell’s garbage disposal) in every cell in the body, inhibiting energy production and detoxification.
  • Cause both acute and chronic kidney disease.
  • Increase the risk of dementia by as much as 52%.
  • Raise the risk of heart attack by as much as 20%.

We suggest consulting with an integrative doctor before deciding to use these ineffective and dangerous drugs.
Don’t expect a “conventional” doctor to tell you that stomach pain can be managed using natural medicine, such as supplementing with hydrochloric acid to restore stomach acid—acid-blocking proton pump inhibitor drugs are obscenely profitable and bring in billions for Big Pharma. Lifestyle changes can also help reduce stomach pain and acid reflux, such as losing weight and eating a healthy diet.
Action Alert! Write to the FDA and tell them to warn consumers about the dangers of acid blockers. Please send your message immediately.

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  1. Asthma maybe due to gluten/low Mg and also pollution….yes..fixing the root cause is needed. Acid blockers may lower Vit B12 and more. Acid reflux maybe due to gluten which may hurt the stomach cells that make HCl and intrinsic factor to carry Vit B12 into the small intestines. Raising acid by taking HCl and Now brand- Super enzymes with meals may help and eating no gluten/hidden gluten so the gut lining can heal and work again.

  2. Apple Cider Vinegar (from “the Mother and in the Glass bottle preferably) will CURE acid reflux by balancing the PH of the gut. That is a FACT.

  3. The predominant cause of asthma as it is the predominant cause of apnea and malaligned teeth is mouth breathing and the subsequent lack of regular sustained tongue contact with the upper palate which forms the scaffold for the proper development of the upper arch into a roman arch allowing for full space for teeth to come in normally.
    Mouth breathing was practically unheard of 150 years ago. Indeed, mouth breather was the synonym for idiot. Infants are obligate nasal breathers unable to adequately breast feed if they have nasal breathing problems often accompanied by upper and or lower frenums (tongue ties). When you mouth Breathe, you significantly over Breathe, expose your airways, lungs and blood to huge amounts of impurities rather than have the air properly conditioned and filtered, even decontaminated by the powerful Nitric Oxide produced in your sinuses and send a signal to your brain that something is wrong . Over breathing like that means you lose too much of your valuable Carbon Dioxide which facilitates oxygen transfer to the cells and tissues as per the Bohr relationship, relaxes all smooth muscle tissue which surrounds all tubes in your body like arteries, intestines, bronchi and more. Back sleeping, soft food feeding and limited breast feeding along with significant inflammatory responses from the many vaccines end up causing significant nasal congestion leading to the mouth breathing etc.

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