Imprecise Medicine

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    1. me too… the best way to get sick and die is to go to a doctor to ask for advice about your health. If you want to be healthy never see a doctor. All they want is money and keeping people sick as long as possible is what they’re paid to do.

  1. At 58 y/o I take no medications, and always opt for natural therapies/supplements/food for any health issues that arise when needed. I still go to Drs because my insurance pays for it, but I only take advantage in order to “use” the Drs. for what I want; i.e. tests for bloodwork, Vit D/Cholesterol, etc. I never let them talk me into unnecessary invasive tests, Rx medications or their “flu shot”. I take the information, do my own research and make my own decisions about my health. The bottom line is people need to take control of their own health these days – and not put their full-trust in Drs.

    1. I’m 50 and be healthier than when i was 30s. I was living in fear that I could not control my health,I may had cancer, innocently believed in doctors to taking drugs, which have side effect until I have stroke, which wake me up. The true is we can take control our health by very simple steps. Do not let drugs companies tell you that you have to live with drugs.

    2. Thank you once again for gracing us with your presence. We all bow down … you are wonderful. Now go back to Mercola’s site. You are a shill.

  2. I quit going to doctor 10 years ago, and recover myself from long term health problems by functional nutrition. Obama’care forced me to buy insurance, but I don’t use it. I may use if I have car accident. I have sympathy for doctors, they have to follow the rules to give you drugs, which created by big pharma, if they don’t follow, they lost their jobs, or being sued for malpractice. Therefore, be responsible for your health.

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