Good News on Lab Testing

The FDA’s attack on independent lab testing appears to have been beaten back. Action Alert (Thank you to Congress) In a recent announcement, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that it will back off of its plans to put new rules in place for laboratory-developed tests (LDTs), rules that represented an attempted regulatory… Continue reading Good News on Lab Testing

The FDA Bans Triclosan

The FDA recently issued a rule banning triclosan and more than a dozen other chemicals commonly used in antibacterial soaps. This will affect a large number of products. “If the product makes antibacterial claims, chances are pretty good that it contains one of these ingredients,” according to an FDA spokeswoman. Companies have a year to… Continue reading The FDA Bans Triclosan

FTC Decides to Destroy Homeopathy

The FDA is no doubt pulling the strings on this. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued a policy statement explaining that the agency will hold efficacy and safety claims for over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic drugs to the same standard as claims for other OTC drugs. This means homeopathic OTC products will need to back up… Continue reading FTC Decides to Destroy Homeopathy

Ohio Moves to Rein in Nutritional Monopolists

We’re making progress in the effort to make sure health coaches and nutritionists can practice. State-based Action Alert! Last year, we sent letters to the sixteen states that had the worst monopolistic scope-of-practice laws for the nutrition profession. This action was a follow-up to court victories that sent a clear signal to monopolistic boards to… Continue reading Ohio Moves to Rein in Nutritional Monopolists

Legal Drugs: Time to “Just Say No”

They’re dangerous, even deadly, but hugely profitable. Big Pharma has bought politicians and doctors. Only the American public can stop it by refusing the product. Action Alert! Most people are understandably afraid to say no. They don’t know enough about medicine. We understand. We aren’t doctors and never offer medical advice. But the Internet has… Continue reading Legal Drugs: Time to “Just Say No”

Not Diabetic? Take a Diabetes Drug Anyway!

That’s what the medical establishment is scandalously recommending. There are billions of dollars to be made, even if the drugs are harmful even for actual diabetics. “Prediabetes” refers to a condition of abnormal but not pathological blood sugar levels. People with “prediabetes” are considered to be at risk to develop type 2 diabetes. One in… Continue reading Not Diabetic? Take a Diabetes Drug Anyway!

Pink Drill Bits “For the Cure”?

The largest breast cancer organization has a strange new bedfellow. Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the largest breast cancer fundraising organization in the US and known for painting everything pink, has partnered with Baker Hughes, one of the world’s largest oilfield service companies. To mark the partnership, thousands of Baker Hughes drill bits used… Continue reading Pink Drill Bits “For the Cure”?

Healthcare Symposium Explores Combatting Cancer with Effective, Natural Solutions

The Beljanski Foundation, in partnership with Natural Source International, Ltd., will host a symposium for healthcare professionals at the historic Lotos Club in New York City, Saturday, December 3rd. The event will focus on 20 years of advancements in combatting cancer with natural, evidence-based treatments. Promising new research stems from the groundbreaking work of the… Continue reading Healthcare Symposium Explores Combatting Cancer with Effective, Natural Solutions

Are You Nutrient Deficient?

Fully 90% of Americans are deficient in one or more key nutrients. Unfortunately, many Americans are not even meeting the government’s (flawed) recommended daily allowances of key nutrients: (Chart from Precision Nutrition, based on USDA data) One nutrient in particular to note is magnesium. Life Extension Foundation (LEF) points out in its most recent issue… Continue reading Are You Nutrient Deficient?