Hillary’s Medicine “Bizarre”?

What your doctor doesn’t know could harm you.
Recently, TV celebrity doctor and board-certified internist Drew Pinsky made some waves by mocking the medicine that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was receiving, saying that he was “gravely concerned” about her “bizarre…1950-level sort of care.”
Pinsky was referring to the treatment of Clinton’s hyperthyroidism with Armour thyroid, which is a natural, desiccated thyroid extract (DTE) made from pig thyroid glands.
Yes, Armour has been around for a long time, but as we’ve reported before, natural thyroid medications are far superior to the Big-Pharma-produced synthetic thyroid drugs. The human body produces five different thyroid hormones, though today most patients are treated with Big Pharma’s levothyroxine, which only gives patients one thyroid hormone, T4, not even the hormone that the human body actually uses. To be of any help, the T4 must be converted to T3, and many of us cannot do this efficiently.
In contrast to what many conventional doctors will tell you, many hypothyroid patients prefer and actually need natural thyroid medicine like Armour. This is likely due to the fact that pig thyroid glands (from which DTE is typically derived) produce T1, T2, T3, T4, and calcitonin. Despite this, most thyroid patients are prescribed the inferior pharmaceutical drug. Why? This makes no sense. Is it because doctors only listen to drug companies? Or because the newer, inferior drugs make more money for both government regulators and the pharmaceutical industry?
There is a further twist to the story about Dr. Pinsky’s ignorant comments about natural thyroid medicine. Shortly thereafter, Pinsky lost his show. Was it because of his attacking Armour? Certainly not. Was it because he commented on Hillary’s health? Clinton has close, lucrative ties to Big Pharmawhich total more than $10 million in this election cycle alone. The pharmaceutical industry has a lock grip on the media because of its huge advertising budget. But was Big Pharma upset over the incident and if so, why?
Far from being “weird,” “unconventional,” or “outdated,” as Pinsky said, Clinton’s use of Armour thyroid shows that she is getting good advice from some natural doctor. We suspect we know which one, but hesitate to mention the name given the media attacks that might follow.
Evidently Mrs. Clinton is not just consulting integrative physicians, given her use of Coumadin, a very dangerous blood-thinner that can damage her bones and other aspects of her health. There are safer natural alternatives.
Armour thyroid is not a customized medicine. But we wonder if Clinton is aware of the risk to customized, natural thyroid medicines made by compounding pharmacies as a result of recent FDA actions. We believe that Big Pharma is pulling most of the strings behind the multi-pronged attack on natural medicines made by compounding pharmacies, since these medicines compete with their patented drugs.
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  1. Yes, except these thyroid meds are used in the treatment of hyPOthyroidism. I believe you misstated Hillary’s condition as hyPERthyroidism. There is a WORLD of difference in the two.

  2. First of all, she has hypothyroidism, NOT hyperthyroidism. You’ve got it backwards!
    There seems to be two kinds of medicine in the US. The kind of medicine that most people get, which is expensive, shoddy and doesn’t always work well, and the kind of medicine that’s practiced for the 1%, that’s done by doctors who actually know what they’re doing and do a good job of it. In this case, she’s getting the best care possible.
    Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) as people who understand and deal with thyroid problems call it, is a great choice for anyone. It contains all the parts of natural human thyroid hormone, T1, T2, T3, T4, and calcitonin. That last is vital to help build and maintain strong bones. Because doctors haven’t been able to find out much about T1 and T2, they think they’re useless, but then again, there was a time that if you’d told doctors about vitamin C, they would have believed that was useless, too.
    ALL of the synthetic thyroid hormones are opposite-handed molecules of the natural hormone. If you’ve watched the ads for Splenda, you know that it’s the opposite-handed molecule of sugar, but since it’s not biologically active, you won’t gain weight from eating it. Nobody has EVER proven if that synthetic thyroid drugs are effective. The drug companies have refused to allow anyone to do any research on that. They got the FDA to approve it by proving that humans could absorb it, but not by proving it works.
    Hillary’s doctor is obviously doing a great job for her.

    1. Amen.The synthetics must be somewhat effective or I would have no energy whatsoever. I do not feel like I will ever have normal energy levels again though. Hyperthyroid and take levothyroxine.

      1. Yeah, I think the human body can use a little of what you take, but not much. I didn’t feel that Synthroid was helping enough. After taking it for 4 years, I was so exhausted, I felt like I hadn’t gotten more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep per night for the whole 4 years. I was starting to hallucinate, and if I relaxed for a split second, I was asleep, and it was difficult for others to wake me. I was actually acting and feeling severely sleep-deprived, and sleep didn’t help. It was awful!

    2. I took this dissicated natural thyroid for sometimes. Now, my thyroid is fine and I use Gaia thyroid support with selenium and nascent iodine. My thyroid is in great shape and I also.

    3. Firstly, it says “hypothyroidism”. Secondly, whoever wins this election, we the People of this nation need to take our country back, by any means possible. I love my country, but our government is to be feared and not to be trusted.

      1. In the second paragraph of this article, it says “hyperthyroidism.” I copied and pasted so that there would be no mistake. That’s EXACTLY what it says, but she has hypothyroidism.
        I have hypothyroidism, so the two words look different to me because I know the difference.
        I agree with your second point about taking our country back, but it has nothing to do with the topic of this article, which is Hillary’s health.

    4. Many people also use nascent iodine which is more like what the thyroid produces & easily absorbed

  3. I used Armour and swore by it. After a while it became difficult to find. Then they changed the formula.When pharma changes anything, it is not for the better.

    1. The old formulation used sugar, and could be taken sublingually. The new formulation uses cellulose as a binder, and the pills are hard and don’t seem to either break up or dissolve easily, possibly not at all. There was even a one month interruption to the availability. Thank you FDA! Blows raspberry at FDA!
      The FDA periodically tries to get it off the market to protect the income of big pharmaceutical companies. The last time around, when they got it off the market for a month, I gained 30 pounds in that month and haven’t been able to lose it since.
      I resisted changing to another medication because they don’t work well, and by the time it was off the market, I already knew that it had come back and been shipped. It just takes a long time to get from the manufacturer to the pharmacy. I didn’t want to get switched because the whole medical community has been brainwashed to think Synthroid is better, and they usually won’t let you change back.
      But if you do switch back to Armor, try chewing up your pills. You won’t get the full benefit from the new pills with the cellulose binder unless you do.

  4. Ignorant is correct. We are at a crossroads of crisis proportions. Traditional medicine is failing us and we are blessed with some less harmful and more beneficial remedies such as Armour Thyroid which are constantly under attack. I’ve used Armour Thyroid for twenty years and it’s been a boon to my health.
    Dr. Kixx Goldman

  5. This is great news! My board certified MD doctor has had me taking Armour Thyroid for several years because he thinks the fact it provides both T3 and T4 is important. Given all the other attacks by the FDA on superior natural medicine solutions I was afraid that they would attack Armour Thyroid soon. But if Hillary is taking it she will surely keep the FDA from doing that for the next 8 years to keep it avaiable to her

  6. She obviously has additional medical issues besides her thyroid!! The coughing fits are problematic. Her own aid, Huma, also says that Hillary is “often confused”. The FBI came out and said that Hillary said she “couldn’t remember” if she was briefed on State Department protocol, or not. Hillary must have some psychological problems as well, since she demonstrates a severe issue with inability to tell the truth very often.

    1. I am sure she didnt forget about the state dept. protocol, she was just lying, so as not to incriminate herself. She is an attorney, pretty good at that sort of thing. Agreed that there is something else going on with her. The frequent naps are also a sign.

  7. I was given Nature-Throid(by an integrative doctor) after being in the hospital with an over dose of thyroid medicine. It is supposed to be better than Armour. Does anyone have good results form this new natural thyroid med?

    1. Nature-throid is a generic for Armour. That means it has the same main ingredient, desiccated pig thyroid, but may have different binders etc. and, as a generic, it usually costs less.

  8. I was able to get off all of my thyroid meds after more than 25 years by using Thyromin and Endoflex from Young Living. I have the last two years’ doctor reports to prove it! Boy, was she mad at me for going off my Synthroid without her permission! Also, I have gotten off ALL allergy/sinus meds after years of using them along with antibiotics for 2-3 times per year sinus infections plus sinus surgery…all to no avail. I use Lavender essential oil now. So simple! I was highly allergic to cats my entire life, and now with Lavender, I can even PET them!! I agree that Big Pharma is controlling us and our doctors. My doctor said that she has been hearing more and more patients talking about essential oils, but she didn’t know anything about them. I told her that I didn’t expect her to know about them because she wasn’t taught about God’s natural medicines in med school, but that I’ve studied them extensively, and I am using the ones that work for me!
    You wouldn’t believe how the FDA has cracked down on us essential oil users! We can’t put anything on Facebook or Pinterest. Heck, they will probably shut this comment down, but this is my own personal experience, and I am not recommending this to anyone.

    1. LOL Oh, the angry authoritarian MD, been there. Nine months prior to my annual thyroid blood test, I fastidiously eliminated intake of all halides – fluoride, bromide, chloride. To my MD’s great surprise, my testing showed significant improvement. After not following his recommended levoxyl rapid ‘cut down’ plan – which did not work for me – he saw fit to become angry and yell at me…and proceed to tell me how my body feels. LOL Told him I wasn’t consulting with him to bear the brunt of those emotional responses, fired him, and left his bill unpaid. I tapered off on my own and have seen no doctor since.
      Thanks for the Young Living product information.

  9. Uhg. So often these so called professionals, within the medical establishment perpetuate the propaganda, & fraudulent claims of the pharmaceutical despots. Constantly on the airwaves of all mainstream media…. At best is the condescension and vain glory posing as being the ultimate authority. Meanwhile decades of harm, and undermining the the health of our country and our young all through the days of their lives. Life matters, but they regard it as cheap and simply a carnal base chase for power and money no matter what the cost to our lives and our future. Stupid and foolish. Hilary Clinton who will be ale to access the best of medical care, likely integrating holistic modalities along with the standard nonsense…..but simultaneously greasing her political career from Big Ugly Pharma.
    Liars tend to hang with each other, winking as they double cross, deflect, obscure, deny, hide, mislead, manipulate and destroy.

  10. I have been on Armour for 20 years. Early on I couldn’t get my levels balanced. Then I found Dr. Purser in Utah. His protocol was to take about double the actual amount I need, for about 3 months. This stimulates the cell receptor sites to accept the molecules. After those 3 months were over, I have had the most smooth sailing ever. My thyroid levels stay perfectly balanced now.
    Thought I’d post this for anyone who has had a similar problem.

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