Did Big Pharma Cause Hillary’s Pneumonia?

It could be caused by acid blockers, but there are plenty of other possibilities. Most of Hillary’s symptoms could be side effects of drugs she is taking.
Hillary Clinton’s recent pneumonia diagnosis followed her collapse after the 9/11 memorial service. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) revealed this month that he too had been diagnosed with pneumonia.
Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs—specifically, inflammation of the alveoli—which can be caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Secretary Clinton’s doctor has said that hers is bacterial.
Acid blockers have been identified even by mainstream medicine as a leading cause of pneumonia. Why? They work, of course, by shutting off acid in the stomach, which allows more pathogens into the rest of the body. Normally, strong acid could kill the bugs. Without it, they can make their way into the lungs.
Acid blockers can also inhibit immune cells, reducing the body’s ability to fight off infection. In fact, acid blockers can shut off acid production in every cell in our body, as recent research has shown.
Ironically, for most people—especially people over 40 or 50—the cause of their stomach problem is very likely to be insufficient acid production, as we have pointed out here, here, and here. Low stomach acid—also called hypochlorhydria—affects about half of the population. Even young people can have insufficient acid, especially if they have a bacterial H. pylori infection (the bacteria shut off acid for their own protection) or a viral Epstein-Barr infection, best known as the cause of infectious mononucleosis (“mono”).
And, yes, acid blockers often make the original problem—stomach pain—worse. Too little stomach acid is more often than not the culprit behind indigestion and stomach pain. Taking acid blockers in these cases offers temporary relief but over time just makes the problem much worse.
Pneumonia is just one of a long list of serious illnesses linked to acid blockers. Others include chronic kidney disease, acute kidney disease, dementia, heart attacks, heart palpitations, muscle cramps, convulsions, weak bones, and more. Some of the problems may be linked to the difficulty we have assimilating and using protein and minerals when we deliberately reduce the stomach acid (as we do with these drugs). We need the acid either for digestion or for producing enzymes necessary for digestion.
Hillary Clinton has also had a cough for many months on the campaign trail. A cough can be caused by a host of factors, very commonly by acid reflux. Either before or after the cough, a doctor could very easily have prescribed her an acid blocker to give relief. Steroids are also commonly prescribed to treat a cough. Bill Clinton relied on them heavily when he was running for president in 1992 and almost lost his voice. The problem is that they also suppress the immune system and thus make the body more susceptible to illness.
There is another reason to suspect that both Sen. Schumer and Secretary Clinton have been on acid blockers. Acid blockers are the thirdlargest class of drugs in the country, accounting for more than 110 million prescriptions and $13.6 billion in sales for the Big Pharma companies peddling them. They are prescribed for almost anything, sometimes even for reflux during pregnancy, even though both mother and child really need the stomach acid to be sure that food is not just ingested, but digested.
An additional note on pneumonia: mainstream doctors advise getting vaccines to prevent this illness, yet Clinton’s doctor said she is up to date on all vaccinations, including the pneumonia vaccines (Prevnar and Pneumovax). The efficacy of these vaccines has been challenged, and Clinton’s case reaffirms that they may not work.
There are other questions about the extent to which Clinton’s health problems are caused by mainstream medicine. We know, for instance, that Clinton is taking Coumadin, a blood thinner. Side effects for this drug include sudden dizziness, headache, weakness, and weak bones, among a host of other conditions. This is a dangerous drug. Clinton’s doctor said it was used to dissolve her brain clot from an earlier health episode, but Coumadin does not dissolve clots. It does, however, prevent new clots from forming. Was Coumadin involved in Clinton’s health problems on September 11? No one knows.
Being famous can be a double-edged sword when it comes to medicine. We all know that a variety of physicians wanted the honor of treating George Washington during his last illness, but together they killed him. One has to wonder whether many of Hillary’s health issues are not themselves being caused by the drugs she is being given.

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  1. The pneumonia vaccine weakens the immune system and increases the chances of bacterial pneumonia. But, with how Hillary pushes vaccines for the masses, I’m sure she’s aware of the dangers and avoids the needle herself.

    1. Vitamin C to bowel tolerance will cure pneumonia. She also probably has something else since the whole campaign and the DNC lies to protect her.

      1. I am happy to hear this…I have no fear of Vitamin C. I had no shot last year and I had no flu.

    2. I no longer get any flu shot….I avoid as many drugs as possible. When Donald Trump is president I feel I can afford a better drug perhaps than coumadin for preventing blood clots. It really interferes with a healthy intake of green veggies but I cannot afford newer meds….but then, again, perhaps that is my blessing. Our drugs generally get on the list of law suits against them.

  2. Or it could be that, like about five people I know who have been diagnosed with pneumonia, that she just had pneumonia. How odd that I’ve never heard Clinton say a word about vaccines for the masses, but I’m pretty sure all of the HIV patients in Africa being treated by the Clinton Foundation are truly grateful and not saying stupid things, or “Truth59 ?treally, with the comment you just made!) perhaps people like you who like to hate also like to gossip and spread rumors about everything that doesn’t fit into your little ideology package. Shame on both of you.

    1. And is the evil foundation also treating those victims with the watered down drugs they supplied to Haiti? They are both extremely evil vile people. They need to leave the spotlight and go to prison for all their evil deeds, like John McCain as well who just sent me a letter praising GMO crops that kill…That is John for you…I do so wish we had Kelli Ward instead…We voted her in our country…Never McCain but the alternative is likely worse…Poor America with such choices of imcompetent cheaters that never leave office and the idiot people that vote for them.

    2. I wrote my thesis on nutrition and HIV. You don’t need vaccines or meds to cure HIV. Six weeks of nothing but fresh organic fruit and pure water plus rest — meaning no working, just resting, will cure it. The drugs are only to make money for Pharma. You are the one who says stupid things and should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. I had pneumonia several times while on Prilosec on doctors orders. When I came home from the hospital I followed doctors orders and I did not recognize one drug I was given…All the drugs were new and I followed their listings exactly. Big mistake. Much of my damage and pneumonia included was from their dangerous drugs.

    1. Also, there are legal commercials all over TV stating that if you are diagnosed with a kidney disease it could be cause by your acid blockers. The doctors have it wrong. It’s not that you have too much hydrochloric acid, you actually don’t make enough of it. So take hydrochloric acid before each meal. Buy a bottle of betaine hydrochloride, as healthy a brand as you can find. Start with one each meal. Each day increase it by one. So day 2 you will be taking 2 each meal. Keep increasing it by one until you feel a burning in your stomach. Then back it down by one each meal. So if you feel the burn at 10, you should be taking nine at each meal.

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