1. Just lemme add, I AM a scientist, and as such, I support the continued investigation of chimeric artificial plasmid technology, IN THE CLOSED RESEARCH SETTINGS WHERE WE’VE ALREADY GAINED USEFUL KNOWLEDGE by studying them.
    But please get them the eff out of MY biosphere, where I reside along with about seven billion other poor humans.
    There is no planet B for plant and animal co-conspirators, either.

    1. We need more perspectives like yours. I am a scientist as well and have used biotechnology techniques in the context of basic molecular biological research. That is completely different than using it in an agricultural setting by for-profit companies like Monsanto. There is absolutely no need for GMOs for our food supply, since the multi-billion dollar organic ag industry shows that high yields and high profits for farmers can be achieved without any GMOs. GMOs were designed for one reason and one reason only: to increase the sales of the herbicides that the biotech companies also conveniently sell (eg, glyphosate).

      1. Well said and absolutely true, libertyfreedompatriot. In addition, the mounting evidence from extensive non-industry funded research shows that Glyphosate, the instigator of Monsanto’s alliance with the likes of Syngenta, is a suspected carcinogen and has appeared in mother’s milk, in our water supply and who knows where else.
        Time to stop this parasite who is sucking the life out of us by for-profit poisoning of the food we eat, the soils in which plants grow and the water without which life cannot exist.

    2. The biggest reason we have problems with population has nothing to do with mumbers JM. Because Buckminster Fuller calculated that back in the 1970’s when the population was half of what it is now!
      Professor Fuller, found that he could put the entire worlds population comfortablly into the office space in NY City. He said the problem is not the number of people on Planet Earth! This Planets worst problem is the poor management of people like yourself who have brought us toxic waste, the distruction of nature, poorly tested GMO’s, and the exhustion of our resources. Y-o-u JM are one of those people we need to get rid of to save this Planet!

      1. You need to read what I had to say more carefully. I want GMO’s banned from outdoor agricultural settings. Also want glyphosate to disappear.
        Liberty and I want to carve out an exception for basic research in molecular biology, in isolated lab conditions.

        1. My sincere apologies, I made a mistake and replied to you instead of someone very deserving of that comment! Though it does make interesting reading! Paul Blake

    3. Amen to that! People also need to stop buying Round-Up weed killer, which is produced/promoted by Monsanto as they sell it to farmers in order to kill weeds. We all know when you spray weeds amongst crops, you’re going to get the “pesticides” on the good vegetation as well. We also need our food labeled as containing GMO’s. Organic is really the only way to go, and then you have to hope what you’re buying is really organic. Better to spend a little more on organic produce, in order to avoid doctor visits in the future. As they say: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

      1. Thanks, jea. More of us also need to be aware that glyphosate is now in widespread use as a pre-harvest “degreener” for all kinds of grain crops.
        Certified Organic is the only way to guard against it in your rice, your flour, your bowl of oatmeal, your cornmeal, grits, and masa. Don’t let the b—ds wear you down or de-mineralize you with this hyper-powerful chelating agent.

          1. It’s a matter of unusually high levels of Arsenic in soils is some, I think Asian, locations. Could additions of seaweed to soils overcome it?
            As far as I know, it’s not a matter of rice plants concentrating Arsenic.

  2. If our government admits to spending 3 million…Then you can bet that that is just the very smallest tip of the ICEBURG

    1. All the gooberment ever does is waste our money, and then try and fund our demise. What good are they? No good, from what I can see. They give new meaning to the term: Waste, Fraud and Abuse! We don’t need them, we’d be better off having each state in the country handling their own affairs, wherein each state could initiate a flat-tax of 10-15% across the board to keep our states running, i.e. emergency personnel, hospitals, police, fire, the national guard, etc. and for the truly disabled, have a separate fund of about 3% to cover them and social security recipients. To jumpstart the economy states could encourage employers to hire again, and give them tax incentives to hire and retain employees. Also reduce taxes on businesses thereby making it more affordable for them to operate. The so-called gooberment has outlived their purpose, and by what I can see, they are nothing but corrupt, and evil. It’s high time to “cut the fat”, starting with the current administration! I wouldn’t mind a Trump presidency, but IF that doesn’t happen, then we need to revert back to Plan B above:

      1. All state governments do is try to pocket federal largesse for themselves, and put everyone in prison over weed beefs and coke beefs.
        We’re better served by continued attempts to influence the (yeah, they’re corrupt, too) feds. It takes time and effort, but it is possible, and there’s one of them, not a cussed fifty.
        STATES RIGHTS MEANS RACE OPPRESSION is an important takeaway from the study of American History.

    2. Why should government spend money when we all pretend we are paid
      with strips of paper that have not been promises to pay since 1963 ?

  3. GMO real simple. Genetically Modify the Gene in a Tomato to say keep it from enzymatically degrading as it should, so the food manufacture, and store owners, like Wal Marts, can make more money selling you old produce that “Looks” good, but taste like some kind of crap? monsanto, isn’t doing this not for Us, we the People, of Earth, but for pure profit money only. protecting the earth and its inhabitants is but propaganda, to feed the less informed

    1. If it doesn’t get broken down naturally just sitting around – will it affect how it’s broken down in your intestinal tract?

      1. Yes, and That’s the health question and the answer seems that we need that enzyme to digest and gain the nutrients and vitamins, form the tomato, especially as we grow older and our immune system don’t manufacture all the healthy natural probotics we once had as young adults.

  4. Go beyond the roundup folks. Monsanto also owns a LOT of the seed companies, many of the companies you see on your grocery shelves, and has (i’ve heard) been working on developing organic products in case people wise up to their other toxic messes.
    ALWAYS buy/support companies who are sane instead of feeding the monster. They don’t care if you give them $10 for a gallon of roundup in Kmart – or for a package or two of Northrup King seeds. They will probably kill someone with that money either way.
    That is likely an exaggeration, BUT, i know of no other company who has killed and damaged unknown THOUSANDS of Americans, in multiple states, multiple decades, with multiple products – and continues to prosper….i want corporacide – Self Defense is Legal – KILL MONSANTO!

    1. There is a possibility that a corporate death penalty (which did apply in USA up int the 20th Century) could be invoked on them. Or fines that result in appointment of new civic-minded boards of directors.

  5. Is the govt going to tell us about how the GMOrons came within THREE WEEKS OF KILLING THE PLANET as we know it? A “german” biotech company wanted to make a typical soil bacteria – Klebsiella Plantigo – produce alcohol from crop residue – and got that far. When one’s entire focus is on tiny raping and pillaging on a DNA level, you lose sight of the big picture – or are too damb stupid to think in the range of those cascade effects.
    So – Alcohol from Kleb. They forgot or didn’t know that Klebsiella is a WORLDWIDE soil bacteria in virtually every growing climate on the planet. They forgot or didn’t know that ALCOHOL KILL PLANTS. Trust me. i used to use brewers malted grains as a hog supplement. Sometimes it was fermenting – and while the hogs might eat a tiny bit of that – it killed EVERY plant it came into contact with – even superweeds like mustard, wild radish, star thistle, cleavers, plantain, any fruit or vegetable, etc.
    SO….. These GMOrons were within 3 weeks of releasing this into the open – where the wind WOULD blow it around, where birds would take it after their dust baths, and walking on muddy ground, where it would get shipped with transplants, etc. This was in Oregon – so when it spread to the regions where they grow almost the grass seed for the nation…….
    Someone at some University put the modified Klebsiella into a lot of pots – and it killed every plant it was in with – because something the GMOrons forgot or didn’t know is that Klebsiella Plantigo ALSO LIVES WITHIN LIVING PLANT’S ROOT SYSTEMS!
    So the controls were safe, the GMO samples DEAD, and at least they didn’t release them at that time. But WHEN is something parallel going to happen.
    i’ve always maintained that GMOs could destroy life on earth more thoroughly than an intensive nuclear war – and was almost proven right.

  6. To fight taxes can get you jailed and your home seized
    but the IRS collects money from no one. They only collect

    1. It will get your everything stolen, but i think i like Citiizen’s United. It states that the Supreme Court Moron-jority has ruled that money = speech – LEGALLY. So you can’t do that without the legal definition including the concept that SPEECH NOW LEGALLY EQUALS MONEY – so let’s “pay” the IRS with speech. i’ll give them extra….

  7. In 1979, the late Merrill Jenkins, Monetary Realist
    and inventor of the dollar bill changer said: “We
    have world government now. Our monetary system
    would not work if all of the world’s bankers were not
    in collusion.” That collusion was apparent in 2008. To
    learn more about him search: “merrill jenkins” money

  8. Mercury and some other heavy metals are cleaned out by cilantro.
    Many people state that the effectiveness of bentonite clay soaking as a detox is something approaching 90% of an actual chelation therapy series. That was about $35,000 in the 90s, and took multiple sets per week for 3 weeks – but cleaned out your vascular system.
    The bentonite clay is all i can afford, lol – and i feel better afterward. Placebo? Doesn’t matter – that is epigenetic also.

  9. Well, without a doubt we’re all victims of bourgeois deviltry. Fluoride clearly is something 2B avoided. Apparently, some people who fly jets are adding Al, Ba, Sr to their fuel to improve performance. Seeing a poisoners’ agenda in it, takes neurosis and paranoia a bridge too far.
    Don’t know enuf about health food store cleaners to make a useful comment about them. Clean water, and supplementation with kelp, calcium and magnesium, will clear things up in the fullness of time.

  10. Thank you all for your comments on GMO’s etc. Your statements are true. I have spent the last 6 months doing research on Cancer, Autoimmune disorders, Chem trails, Eugenics, Global Warming, Illuminati, the Rothchilds and Rockifellers and much more. Fortunately I write poetry to stay sane and have finished my 3rd book of poetry, “A POETS JOURNEY HOME”. I will publish it when I have the money to move forward in a couple of months. One of the last poems I wrote is called “CONSPIRACY WITHOUT THEORY” and I would like to write down the last three lines of it.
    They call seekers of the truth conspiracy theorist.
    The truth is there is no theory in the conspiracy.
    To some degree we are all pawns in a giant conspiracy of greed, lies, war and misery!
    Thank you for activating, saying what you say, doing what you do and being honest with yourseves and others while staying true.

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