Seven Casualties In The War On Natural Medicine

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  1. The FDA is a government agency in name only.
    By its actions, it
    is the servant of the Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex ( that Dwight
    Eisenhower warned about along with the Military-Industrial Complex ) and
    Monsanto and other companies.
    Occasionally they will serve the
    interests of the public if those interests coincide with their true (
    and harmful ) mission of sucking up to corporate interests.
    If you place your trust in the FDA, you will most likely wish you hadn’t

    1. Unfortunately it goes back to Congress writing laws–in State and Federal houses–that serve only the bankrollers–think Big Pharma and the Insurance Industry. So the reaction to this needs to be directed at your so-called representative. Call or email their office and ask, “how many bills have you signed that protect the profits of Big Pharma, and defecate on the rest of your constituents?

    2. It’s worse than that, the FDA is front for a domestic terrorist organization. They murdered 15 doctors when it was found out that these doctors had found cures for cancer. Most US government agencies are government fronts for terrorism or cirminality and are staffed by hard core criminals

  2. Our country has been hijacked by these Drug Corporations, Biotech Corporations and fraudulent government agencies FDA, CDC…Banks….the elite. Evil minded, destructive forces that must be exposed, dismantled by the will of the people, for our good, and our future.

  3. Congress might be able to reign in the FDA, but Barack Obama has appointed many corporate people to key decision making positions in the FDA, USDA, and other agencies. These agencies often operate with little oversight from congress, often in a dictatorial manner, and even committing actual federal crimes…with no legal consequences for themselves.

  4. Apparently due to fear of even suggesting a “safer cigarette”, we hear and pursue virtually nothing about the 400 (!) or so pesticides actually registered for tobacco…or their toxic carcinogenic residues in cigarettes. We hear nothing about carcinogenic PO 210 radiation in typical cigarettes from Still Legal use of certain phosphate tobacco fertilizers. We hear nothing about the dioxin-creating chlorine pesticide residues and the insanely still-legal chlorine-bleached cigarette paper. We hear nothing about the still-legal fake tobacco (never labeled, of course) made from all sorts of industrial waste cellulose..none of it likely organic. And we ask and hear nothing about the long litany of untested, un-labeled, addiction-enhancing, kid-attracting, burn-accelerating, etc. additives…much of it from the pharmaceutical industry. Any number of tobacco pesticides are from Big Pharm as well. (Another big, inexplicable secret.) To call all of that just “tobacco”, as if only about a natural plant, is scientifically-medically preposterous…a lie.
    The FDA ignores all of this as well. If this isn’t a fatal indictment of the FDA (Friend of Deadly Adulterants?), what is? But then, how to explain anti-pesticide activists joining the likes of the FDA in ignoring the Sixth Most Pesticide Intensive Crop…tobacco? Do smokers get sick and die because of a “sinful” natural plant?….or from the toxic-carcinogenic and immune-suppressing products from corporate manufacturing plants?

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