Poison for Breakfast, Anyone?

ANH-USA tested common breakfast foods for the presence of glyphosate, the toxic herbicide. Here’s what we found. Action Alert!
By now it has become common knowledge that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup—the most common weed killer in the world—poses many grave threats to human health and has been classified as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization.
We also know that glyphosate is increasingly prevalent, turning up in blood, urine, and even breast milk. To dig deeper—to see just how pervasive glyphosate is in our food system—we tested twenty-four popular breakfast foods and ingredients, including items such as flour, corn flakes, bagels, yogurt, potatoes, organic eggs, and coffee creamers. (Click here to read the full white paper.)
The findings confirmed what we feared: our food system has been saturated with glyphosate, reaching even into some organic products.
While the levels of glyphosate found in these foods were below the safety levels set by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these limits have come under fire by consumer advocates for being far too high. The EPA’s safety limits also fail to take into account recent evidence of the danger of “inert” ingredients (which are actually not inert) added to pesticides. Remember, too, that the EPA relies almost exclusively on science funded by industry to determine the safety of the chemicals it reviews.
We were surprised to see foods that tested highest for glyphosate were from non-Roundup Ready crops—and these crops are presumably sprayed less heavily with Roundup than the crops that are designed to tolerate the herbicide.
Especially worrisome are the levels of glyphosate found in some organic eggs and dairy creamers, animal products which are not sprayed directly with glyphosate. This indicates that the chemical is entering the food chain and building up in the tissues of animals—likely also the case for humans.
Clearly, Americans are consuming glyphosate on a daily basis. And this, according to the evidence accumulated so far, will have profound consequences for our health.
And if that wasn’t bad enough, it also appears that we’re being exposed to glyphosate in less obvious ways—through hygienic products. A new study found that 85% of cotton products such as gauze, cotton balls, and feminine products like pads and tampons tested positive for glyphosate. Sixty-two percent of the products also contained AMPA, a derivative of glyphosate that could be even more toxic.
The pervasiveness of glyphosate in our food and consumer products could be setting the stage for a public health nightmare, yet government officials are unconcerned, presumably because of their close crony ties to Big Food, Big Biotech, and Big Pharma. In 2013, the EPA actually raised the allowable limits of glyphosate in food and feed crops. That’s right: they raised it!
Action Alert! Write to the EPA and urge them to reconsider their approval of glyphosate. Please send your message immediately.
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  1. When organic farmers can be successfully sued by Monsanto when the wind pollinates their organic crops with their neighbor’s GMO crops, then we truly live in a Kafka-esque agrarian dystopia. Or Monsanto will defend the GMO farmer and likely send the organic farmer to the poor house. Just watch the documentary “Food Inc.” if you want to be even more apalled.

  2. Disappointed with the ending of your white paper with focus solely on cancers. Although these may be the scariest of diseases, there has also been a stratospheric rise in celiac and non-celiac diagnosis. And what about the kids! About 50% of all American school kids now have allergies, food sensitivity and/or behavioral issues. Just ask Dr Stephanie Seneff about the link to autism. This appears a far broader issue. In formulation, Round-up should never have been let out of the laboratory and onto our fields, subsequently flowing into entering streams and rivers; and it also becomes airborne. Its raining glyphosate in certain plains states! Round-up doesn’t degrade as promised either, especially in hard water. Yet it is being used as perfectly safe, cannot believe the corporate marketing spin.

    1. I have all of those, and I haven’t been in school for over a decade.
      Wish it didn’t take until 2004 before my family was exposed to the truth about the food industry.. crippled for the rest of my life.

  3. I was reading the white paper and I noticed that most of the measurements either have a range that includes less than a certain number or are purely less than a number, and that these minimum values vary between the substances. Are these values below the minumum threshold for measurement? I would love to be able to better understand what these numbers are telling me.

  4. HMMMM? In my mind this ‘alarm’ over pesticides in food is a bit short sighted. The value and price of Farmland in America has skyrocketed. Thus the cost of food production also. The push to increase yields is very challenging. Pest eradication is a forever problem. Here is my question? Would you prefer to eat pesticide treated food OR starve?????? You know the answer to that. Furthermore, I am not seeing any real proof that people are dropping dead from pesticides in food. I personally attribute the rise in autism and allergies to the fact that Mothers are not BREAST feeding their babies and/or proper prenatal care.
    DRUGS and Marijuana is a real problem in America. A large percentage now of voting age people are literally becoming MORONS from smoking marijuana. These morons elect morons to Government to open up more moron Legislation, like free marijuana use, gender neutral bathrooms, open Borders, and FREE open Trade. Then there is Planned Parenthood murdering 340,000 babies EVERY year and this makes democrats soooo happy.
    So NO, I an NOT so fcking concerned about Pesticides in my FOOD. I more fear the Ignorant and stupid morons in the world, namely Democrats and RINO republicans.

    1. Earth is a limited place. There’s not enough space for human civilization if we continue breeding like we are now.
      So, starving seems like a good thing to the sustainability of our planet. What’s left of it anyway..

      1. There is plenty of room for all of us on Earth! Research it, everyone. We have been brainwashed for decades to believe we are overpopulated. Sure there are a lot of us. But not too many. There is also more food than we need, more brainwashing.

    2. Lol… There may be lots of less intelligent people who choose to use Cannabis, but quite a few smart ones too.
      Carl Sagan, for one, might want to disagree with you (along with me) about cannabis “making people stupid”…

      1. Carl Sagan “experimented” with marijuana. READ his bio if you can stop smoking pot long enough. Fcking idiot.

        1. BTW, I don’t smoke pot. I eat it as a dietary essential. If consumed raw, there is no intoxicant effect but lots of medical benefits.

        2. Carl Sagan did a bit more than “experiment”
          Just ask his friend Lester Grinspoon. (Another REALLY smart guy who has smoked cannabis quite a few times in his life)
          Google “Carl Sagan smoked pot with Lester Grinspoon… A lot” to read the truth about Sagan’s Cannabis use.
          I cook in pots… I don’t smoke them, BTW.
          Your trying to blame the nation’s ills on cannabis and illegal drugs is really quite adorable.
          The vast majority of deaths in this country due to drugs are from the ones “approved of” by the FDA and “properly prescribed” by physicians.

    3. Oh right, the decline and fall of western civilization is due to marijuana, not the failures of the education system and family values. Well, in your dimly lit world you have settled on one cause for failure, but you are too myopic to see what the problem with marijuana really is. The only thing wrong with marijuana is that it is illegal. I know you won’t be able to figure what that means, so I’ll spell it out for you. The war on drugs has been a phenomenal waste of money (more than a trillion dollars over four decades) and an epic failure (no effect whatsoever on the amount of drugs in the US). If drugs were treated the same way as alcohol we could destroy the cartels overnight, take their billions away from them and put that money to work for us instead. Would we still have drug users? Um, yes – just like we do now, but none of them would have to go to jail where they become lifetime losers supported by your tax dollars.

      1. I NEVER said that. If you can stop smoking pot long enough, you may be able comprehend what I said.
        FYI: Many States have ‘legalized’ small quantity marijuana use, BUT, it will still be Illegal to drive while under the influence OR commit other crimes. There is a reason for that. Marijuana fcks up brain just like alcohol and many other drugs. Also, States where marijuana has become ‘legal’ ( Colorado) are reporting HIGHER incidence of DUI and other crimes committed while under the influence of marijuana. So NO, legalized pot is NOT saving taxpayers money. Moron.

        1. What flew over your head was my point: there will always be drug users, so why not end the waste of 60-80 billion annually that we have thrown down the toilet for the past forty+ years. Why not destroy the cartels by denying them their obscene profits? Why not drastically reduce: the number of people incarcerated for drugs, the costs of law enforcement alphabet soup agencies, the court costs, and the costs of ruined families?
          The funniest, although the most tragic thing about people like you is you are too myopic to see common sense when you see it. Equally tragic is that dim people like yourself think you are the “good” guys because you think drugs should be illegal, and you don’t even realize that your attitude supports the murderous cartels.
          Also, I don’t use pot, or any “recreational” drugs, but I am intelligent enough to see the stupidity of keeping drugs illegal. But, hey, you stay in your little cardboard box of brian, little man. And the state of Colorado made millions from taxing pot last year – moron.

          1. Here is YOUR logic: If we have NO laws, no one will ever be arrested and we will save Billions of dollars a year on court cost’s and prisons.
            The End of Prohibition did NOT prevent alcohol related crimes, it just expanded them. Oh yes, the Government makes tons of tax dollars. But tell your logic to the victims of drunk drivers. “Legalizing” drugs will open up a whole new can of worms that even some idiot like you, who claims to be so Intelligent, can’t even foresee. The world is run by “Highly Intelligent” people. I don’t see these morons solving any problems. Do you?
            Ben Bernanke was so smart, that idiot couldn’t see the Mortgage crisis coming. No sir, your self proclaimed “intelligence” doesn’t impress me.

          2. Can you tell me what is smart about continuing a clearly failed policy that has been ruining lives, empowering the cartels and throwing billions down the toilet every year for the past forty years? Didn’t think so. One thing the end of prohibition did accomplish was the castration of the mobs. We will always have drug users whether drugs are legal or not. MY logic is to try it another way – a way that destroys the cartels and makes money instead of wasting it. You, on the other hand, are happy to keep the cartels strong. With your unwillingness to even TRY something different, and instead, continue an undeniably failed policy that does much, much more harm than good, it comes as no surprise that you don’t recognize intelligence when it’s right in front of you.
            I never said anything about Bernanke, so I don’t know where you got that. If I believed you had an open mind, however, I would invite to visit the Drug Policy Alliance website and read a few articles. You would find that there are numerous people who deal with the negative effects of the current drug laws first hand, judges, lawyers, politicians, teachers, social workers and many others who now see the folly of the current drug war. But of course, you would need an open mind, and you and I both know that leaves you out. Just remember when you read about the cartels stuffing innocent people into 55 gallon drums and lighting them on fire or dumping the heads of people who wouldn’t cooperate with them in the streets – just remember – it’s people like you who continue to make that possible.

        2. I don’t want to argue your point, but for heavenly days do you have to use vulgar language to make your point????

          1. I enjoy using “foul” language. Mostly because it SHOCKS stupid people that place retarded values on WORDS. Generally it is the religious idiots that have filled their minds with bible BS. Did I clear that up?

          2. As if YOU are so “intelligent”. Your vote for obozzo makes you a fcking idiot. Period.

          3. Let’s see….you said: “When I retired in 2007, gas was at the most $1.89 ”
            Upon further review -Gas prices hit record high
            Lundberg survey has self-serve regular hitting a national average of $3.07 for a gallon
            May 7 2007: 6:34 AM EDT
            ATLANTA (CNN) — The price of gasoline has hit a new record high, averaging $3.07 for a gallon of self-serve regular in the United States, a survey reported Sunday.
            When inflation is factored in, the new price trails the all-time high in March 1981. At the time, gasoline cost $1.35 a gallon — in today’s dollars, that’s $3.13 a gallon, said Trilby Lundberg, publisher of the Lundberg Survey.
            Still, in raw numbers, the $3.07 beats the previous high of $3.03 in August of 2006.
            A BIG FAT LIE YOU TOLD!!!!

    4. It’s not an either/or scenario of poison or starvation. In fact, the use of pesticides and GMOs has largely been a fraud, because eventually the soil gets destroyed and weeds and pests mutate anyway. Organic farming brings back common sense and learns to ‘manage’ weeds and pests in a sustainable non-toxic fashion. It’s not easy, but many farmers have made the switch and will never go back to Monsanto’s vile ways. The pesticide/petrochemical fertilizer method is not sustainable. Even the USDA has admitted as much. It’s a failed model and the sooner it is scrapped, the better.
      I live in Colorado. Not everyone is suddenly a pothead. There has been a huge population of marijuana users for decades, but they just kept it hidden. Well, now we just get to see them in the daylight instead. Like anything, it’s overuse can be problematic, but I will gladly take stoners over pharma opioid addicts, alcoholics, and cigarette smokers (whose cumulative health care costs are mind-boggling, whereas marijuana has powerful medicinal properties and if anything will lower health care costs).

  5. What an amazingly deceptive piece of junk journalism. You publish what is really an environmental editorial piece and then claim it as news to internet. It is easy to see you are not engaged in serious journalism when the story you publish is about Gyyphosate use and lead the story with a field worker doing something with a hand tool in a squash and lettuce field….both of which would not receive Gyphosate applications in any properly managed farm….Then there is a link to a “white paper.” Well yes it is white and if I printed out would be on paper at least that is true…But there is really ZERO useful data in it. Product brands, packing lot numbers and dates, parts million or what ever the real figures are…No lab company name, nothing about their credentials……..Sure every one would like to see less pesticide use in the world, I have been selling and using beneficial insects for plant health since 1996 but flawed and misleading junk science like this is really not helpful.

  6. This could be a quantity issue, not necessarily either/or. It may be necessary at some level to use pesticides and GMO but not for every nation. The volume of pesticide use (common in GMO as genetic modification is considered a way to make the plant resistant to pesticides) is problematic and there is probably a better alternative.
    Most people have no idea what modern mass production of crops and GMOs entails. I witnessed one particular phase at a Monsanto facility for 5 days a week for several years. I’ll skip the steps not associated with GMO or pesticide use.
    First, seeds are genetically modified by genetic splicing with a virus as a vector. For example, tomato seeds are spliced with chili seeds and seeds from other crops. Various technological devices are used, but this is where most discussion ends. Second, prior to shipping, the seeds themselves are treated in pesticides, including Thiram. Some of the pesticides on the seeds have accepted medical use, some are generally toxic, and some, like Thiram, have dose dependent health effects- treating Scabies at one dose, but causing skin problems and other side effects at higher doses. I watched treated seeds handled without gloves by Monsanto employees, many of whom developed rashes and skin conditions resembling other known diseases, as well as respiratory problems. Moving treated seeds distributed pesticide dust.
    After a customer ordered seeds, those treated seeds would get shipped and would likely be handled without gloves by farmers and assistants. Finally, when the seeds grow into plants, the plant is again saturated in pesticides.
    Even washing the not-quite-ripe plant does not undo the multiple points of pesticide saturation and potential epigenetic effects upon the plant. The seed itself is modified to survive abundant pesticide exposure but that says nothing of the potential effect upon future plant structures when it grows. And even if the plant is 100% unharmed by large quantities of pesticides, chemicals often remain when the consumer purchases the finished product at the store. Plants can also store and concentrate chemicals that are not fatally toxic to the plants themselves but can be more toxic to consumers, such as livestock or humans.
    Even if GMO was not an issue (a Pollyanna approach more than a logical conclusion), the multiple phases of pesticide use, the volume of pesticide, the combination of different chemicals, and multiple points of human exposure are all relevant to modern crop production and food consumption health risks.
    The notion of increasing crop production and efficiency through GMO is overstated, as I routinely watched 50% of seeds being disposed of, with post production analysis bookkeeping determining half of many seeds produced by Monsanto were inert. Additionally, genetic manipulation creates new plant hazards and biological threats, such as diseases that are extremely uncommon to nonGMOs but far more common with GMOs.

  7. OK, try to focus. I never said legalizing drugs will save money. I said it will MAKE money, and it will stop the undeniable WASTE of money from the enormous costs of the failed war on drugs. The money that would no longer be WASTED, 60-80 BILLION EVERY YEAR, PLUS the money generated from producing, regulating and taxing drugs would be much, much MORE THAN ENOUGH to establish everything from educational programs in our schools, all grades, on the dangers of drugs, to rehabilitation facilities for addicts to help them get off drugs. It would be more than enough money to confront the new drug users, and your pulled-straight-out-of-your-ass “ten fold” increase in drug use, and no new taxes would be needed, so nobody would need to “WORK to support these stupid bums.”
    “There is a REASON drugs have been ILLEGAL for over 200 years.” You’re right, there is a reason, but it is the WRONG reason. By your “reasoning”, you must be upset that slavery was abolished and women and blacks were given the right to vote.
    “Your “logic” has outed you as an ignorant Liberal”. You’ve already made it clear how easily you make assumptions after you assumed I smoke pot, when I don’t use drugs at all. So no surprise here when you miss the mark again with another narrow-minded assumption. I despise liberals. They are truly stupid. However, there very many equally stupid conservatives – like you, for example. Just because someone has an open mind doesn’t mean they are a liberal, though I don’t expect you to be able wrap your 200 year-old mind-set around such an advanced concept. My politics are based on FREEDOM.
    And I went to and read the article in the link you provided. (did you read articles at the Drug Policy Alliance? Yeah, I’m not surprised…)
    I found it amusing that you, in all your glorious intelligence, believe whatever you read at a site that will post anything to generate hits. First, the article cites “a new study”, yet fails to say who conducted that study. I wonder why?
    Second, and this is my favorite part:
    “Kendal, a parent who didn’t want to use his last name, told CBS, referring to a time when he came home to find his 13-year-old son unconscious from what HE SAYS (my caps) was a marijuana overdose.
    “He was gray. His heart wasn’t beating and he wasn’t breathing,” Kendal said.
    Absolutely hilarious. This would be the first time in the history of planet Earth that someone had “overdosed” on marijuana. Except that no medical tests were run on the boy. And the parent simply ASSUMED (there’s that word again) that this was from weed. Right. Well, my friend, if this what passes for “information” in your world, no wonder you can’t see the forest for the trees.
    Bottom line: YOU cling to an extremely expensive, utter dismal failure of a policy that ensures the cartels will remain in power and expand.
    I, on the other hand, propose that we TRY something different with the goal of destroying the cartels and rehabilitating drug users without charging hard-working taxpayers another dime.
    Which approach seems more intelligent? Think hard!

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