1. Please read and protect yourself. America allows its citizens to be poisoned for the sake of big business profits. Horrid.

    1. Ah, excellent point that I missed in my post. For instance they get a, FDA safe, reading on the beginning of the growing season, but fail to point out that because of the adaptation of weeds and bugs, that there is 3 times the dosage needed to be effective near the end of the season, just before harvest.

      1. Wow, I didn’t know that. But interestingly, in regards to my premature little rant, I’ve discovered that the term pesticide may also apply to herbicides and fungicides and not soley insecticides. Ah, English!

        1. Premature, not so much, every little bit helps, knowledge is power, and you’ve pointed out 3 very different but related terms.
          Noah Webster, as one of the reasons for creating his dictionary, was to keep crooked politicians and shyster lawyers from corrupting the true meaning of words.
          Obviously, the numbers of crooked politicians and shyster lawyers keep growing, perhaps we can get a herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide for them, eh?

    2. Pesticide is an acceptable term – weeds are considered pests, ergo, glyphosate is a pesticide.

  2. IT IS possible to take charge of your own health and that of your loved ones – but it takes diligence and patience. You can say NO to artificially sweetened and colored, ugh, foods, and buy much simpler and less processed foods. (Look to avoiding food from China as a big step.)
    Monsanto and other companies spend multi millions to promote GMO foods and hide facts and give out disinformation on the dangers of them. They also spend multi millions of dollars to defeat stricter labeling laws that would require GMO foods to be labeled as such.
    GMO’s are mostly for glyphosate resistant plants and only marginally for increased yields. Oh, and what about flavor and nutrition? Not mentioned, wonder why; surprise.

  3. I wish people would stop calling glyphosate a pesticide, it is an herbicide, it kills weeds, not bugs (at least it isn’t designed to kill bugs, maybe it does since it can kill us).

  4. The true harm of glyphosate IS known.
    Any discussion of food safety should start with the defintion of the word “safe”.
    If you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, eat junk food, and think that DDT, Agent Orange, and
    PCBs are safe, then you will probably consider glyphosate to be safe.
    However, for the rest of us, we already know that glyphosate harms human health.
    Monsanto itself tells us this.
    The debate on whether glyphosate does or does not cause cancer is misleading and a distraction from what is currently known .
    Monsanto says that glyphosate acts via the shikimate metabolic pathway ( that is why it is so effective according to them )
    It does a really good job of killing organisms with this pathway ( Monsanto spends a lot of money advertising just what an effective poison glyphosate is ).
    So any organism with a shikimate pathway is going to be harmed or killed.
    If you know even the basics of human biology, then you are aware that ALL the
    beneficial bacteria that make up our immune systems have the shikimate pathway, so glyphosate damages or kills them.
    It may not directly cause diseases, but glyphosate weakens human immune
    systems by killing our gut bacteria, thus leaving us more susceptible to
    a whole host of diseases.
    So whether Roundup (glyphosate ) directly causes cancer or not will be debated for a long
    time, but we just do NOT need to be ingesting anything which weakens our defenses.
    However, if you want to, you can be like a lab rat in Monsanto’s on-going experiments, ….keeping in mind that real lab rats will have one advantage over you in that they do not have
    to PAY to be poisoned.

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