The Eight Biggest (Sneakiest) Threats To Your Health

Some of these are things you can change today. Others will need work from all of us.
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  1. I am no longer mentally ill when I got off the medications and found healthy behaviors and thinking to replace my survival and dysfunctional life. The Dapakote had worse side effects than my Bipolar Disorder. The Valium I was on made me suicidal and I knew I was dying from the pills. The withdrawals were terrible, but I wanted to stop the addictions. Thank God, I am off all prescritptions for over 15 years.

    1. My experience is similar in overcoming life-threatening physical illness, after finding that so many medications had dreadful debilitating side effects. Best thing I ever did was to research and find natural alternatives that in many cases work much, much better than pharmaceuticals and without the unpleasant side effects. My health improved substantially after quitting drugs that were considered “necessary”.

        1. Agreed, in general. Modern treatments and medications were necessary to battle illness that threatened my life, so I do not discount their benefits.
          Natural alternatives served as a proactive method of lessening the unavoidable negative impacts and, after becoming stabilized to where medications were no longer needed exclusively, natural alternatives eliminated those negative impacts. But the fact remains that without those treatments and medications, I would not likely be here today. One must find the balance and the appropriate time for each remedy or aspect of treatment. We must not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

  2. The biggest problem is, we Americans are so lazy we won’t do a thing to fix anything. We are just a sorry bunch of idiots. Let Monsanto rule our lives. Plus we are ignorant about our own bodies. The most important thing to study is our diet but look how many do that.

    1. Speak for yourself. There are a great many Americans who caught on to these problems decades ago and have taken action to counter them. Such as those of us who have consistently and actively opposed Monsanto from the start, and now are seeing our efforts come to fruition. Certainly it has been slower coming than we wished, but it’s still a helluva lot better than sitting on the sidelines complaining that no one is doing anything. Also, a great many Americans have learned a great deal about our own bodies and how to take care of ourselves. That is why the organic foods movement has taken such hold that most markets now both provide and emphasize organic produce and other foods, and why Farmers Markets are so popular. Try participating in taking action more yourself instead of decrying others. Be a part of the positive changes taking place!

      1. OK Bruce, I am now 70 years old and that is what I see.
        And I see if Americans would have got off of their butts
        and really did something Monsanto would not be in business
        And I do support what i believe in. I worked on a monastery
        farm in California a few years ago and we spoke out but Monsanto is still doing business.. That’s the reality of it. .

        1. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Perhaps you have not been following this closely enough to know that Monsanto is under attack from all sides, in this country and around the world.
          For example, glyophosate and Roundup itself as well as GMO seeds and crops have been banned in various jurisdictions, with others pending. Yes, Monsanto is big and powerful, and the fight will not be won overnight. That fight is not yet over, and Monsanto is losing more and more. Most recently, they just lost in the effort in congress to prevent states from requiring GMO labeling of food products.
          Blaming Americans or anyone else is not helpful. We cannot reasonably expect people to fight Monsanto before becoming fully aware of the problems, information which was largely withheld from the public for decades, with the collusion of government and media.
          The reality is that Monsanto is on a losing streak and they know it.

  3. I think the chemtrail spraying, while obvious if you just look up, is also a ‘sneaky threat’. It’s still be ‘officially’ denied. What a crock.

    1. You’re right! ALSO, all of the cars in winter exhaust chems too! You can see it! I guess that all of the airlines are in on it?

  4. Pharmakia means Sorcery in Greek. Magic comes from Magi. Affordable Care Act forces us to use these synthetics. Read “George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography” and See what The Bush crime family means. Well researched history of America and the Eugenics movement.

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