Why is a Cancer-Causing Additive Banned Elsewhere in the World Still in Our Bread?

Another example of the power of Big Food in Washington? Action Alert!
Potassium bromate, a chemical historically used to whiten and strengthen dough for baking, was declared unsuitable for use in flour by the World Health Organization and the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization in the early 1990s. In 1999 it was declared a possible human carcinogen by the WHO. There’s also evidence that the chemical damages kidney function in humans.
Despite the myriad health dangers associated with potassium bromate, the Food and Drug Administration continues to allow its use as a food additive in baked goods. The agency is also well aware of the chemical’s risks: the same year that potassium bromate was classified as a possible carcinogen, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) petitioned the FDA, urging the agency to ban the chemical from baked goods. The petition has been ignored.
The FDA has chosen to limit the amount of potassium bromate allowed in flour. But as Elizabeth Grossman, journalist and food blogger for Civil Eats, points out, this limit does not take cumulative exposure into account, nor the fact that people could be consuming multiple servings of baked goods containing potassium bromate in a single sitting.
A report from the Environmental Working Group details the brands to look out for. We suggest consulting the report yourself since many of these brands are regional. Some nationwide brands that contain potassium bromate are Pillsbury, Godfather’s Pizza, and some of Einstein Bagel’s products.
Fortunately it appears that many major brands have responded to CSPI’s petition and have voluntarily removed potassium bromate from their products, despite the FDA’s inaction.
Grossman also notes that just because a baked good no longer has potassium bromate does not mean that it does not contain other dangerous food additives. Some food companies such as Kroger now use a dough-conditioning additive called azodicarbonamide—a chemical that is also used in plastics, flip flops, and yoga mats. Just as Mother Nature intended!

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Action Alert! Write to the FDA and urge them to stop stalling and ban potassium bromate from baked goods in the United States. Please send your message immediately.
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  1. I make a lot of my own bread. However, I will not be buying Kroger bread or baked goods anymore and I work there.

    1. The U.S. Corporate Government represents the Corporations and not the People. The FDA, USDA and State Depts of Health have Corporate Representatives as Agency Officials gettign dual incomes and Perks much like Senators, Congressmen & the President that get Corporate Campaign Financing. This equals Open Corrruption. Pet Food Companies are even worse: Unlabeled ingredients like Euthanized Dogs, Cats, Baby Male Chicks, Sick Animals & Animals Parts,Rotten Grocery Store Meat, Poultry, Fish are standard for Premium Flesh Based Pet Foods even though they are not on the label. Buy Plant Protein Pet Foods from Plant Protein Pet Food companies: They are much safer and they do not lie about their Ingredients.

  2. This is appauling! I will never buy Kroger bread! I’ve been suspicious of the Kroger brand.

    1. Stop & Shop’s “Nature’s Promise” as well I have not been able to find on any organic list I read so between that and the mostly rotted produce, I don’t go to that filthy chain anymore…I shop at Whole Foods. I NEVER trusted Nature’s Promise thankfully.

      1. Whole Foods is ok in some regards, but still primarily sells conventional produce, at ridiculously high prices to inflate their Wall Street stock price. They are one of the least ‘evil’ of the corporate options. I myself do shop there regularly, more for the meat than anything, or organic produce that I can’t get anywhere else. But we should all, me included, keep focussing on buying from REAL LOCAL FARMERS and/or GROWING OUR OWN FOOD.

    2. Suspicious means a person SUSPECTS something, but does not know for sure. Conversely, there is nothing suspicious about Kroger as we KNOW they sell CRAP! DOnt’ even shop there at all.

  3. That’s easy one….the government is actively engaged in the act of depopulation. I learnt how to bake my own bread from my mom and her side of the family when I was a kid-even my paternal grandfather baked bread on my dad’s side. I don’t need store bought bread

  4. You need to see if flour is bromated. They took iodine out of flour and put in bromate and low and behold breast cancer rates started to rise. Iodine levels are very low today ,as not causing goiter ,but having an effect on hormones. Read book
    Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It
    David Brownstein

    1. Correct and natural iodine is found in healthy, organic, raw foods. You do not need “table salt” (it has flowing agent in it) and sea salt has no iodine. You are suppose to get it from good food.

  5. If nobody bought any of these products in the first place, then the entire issue goes away almost completely. Just drastically reduce, and eventually stop eating bread, and then eventually stop eating ALL grains (maybe once or twice per week with organic non-GMO soaked sprouted whole grains for special occasions). Stupid bread companies would simply go out of business.

  6. Has ethics disappeared from our public life? If everyone lived by the Golden Rule, manufacturers would not produce dangerous products, the FDA and other government agencies would protect the public, and individuals would make responsible choices. God help us! I pray that more and more of us would live by God’s standards of righteousness.

    1. My explanation for why the world is so bad is: All the smart people know the pains and costs of having children but the inept masses do not and reproduce en masse. So, if the smart people of the world reproduce the least out of us all, that should explain why crooks are running the world! All the smart people are dead! Stabbed in the back and robbed by the inept crooks who are more willing to stoop to lows that intellectuals would not. This is why the world is such an awful place that doesn’t make any sense because everything is a perpetration or scenario meant to confuse you so they can take advantage of you, your life and your loved ones.

  7. I don’t purchase nor consume commercial baked goods for the variety of toxic additives they have in them. The U.S. runs a cancer monopoly and if you’re in the business of “curing” sick people, you’ve gotta have sick people! The regulatory agencies are in cahoots with the industries who sell the so-called “cures” and thus you have toxins in the food supply, the water, the air, everywhere! All so financial criminals can make more value-less pieces of paper that humans made up, for themselves. Pretty sad.

    1. Good deductive reasoning. Selfishness runs the world economic system. Our Creator made human beings in His image but the fatal flaw of mankind is selfishness. Eve didn’t trust her Creator thinking that something was lacking in order for her to be fulfilled as a human being and Adam loved her realizing she would leave the Garden and eventually die so he followed suit…Evil entered the world…1 John 5:19 We know we are of God and the whole world lies under the power of the evil one. (until our Creator has a people who have overcome selfishness…twelve tribes dot org

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