1. we are so glad that we make our own bread. Not to mention my daughter’s diet consists of organic milk locally grown farm fresh vegetables and fruits.

  2. Poisoning oneself is easy in the U$, just eat foods spewed out of corporate sources without reading the ingredients on the label.

    1. BUT – now the flours are loaded with poisonous ROUNDUP and GMOs. Just stop eating wheat products and Soy and CORN grown in the USA.

  3. I have a bread recipe that works with small alterations almost any bread can be made. 2 parts flour to 1 part water is the basic formula. Tortillas don’t need yeast but pita bread does so for pita bread mix 2 table spoons of yeast a pinch of sugar and a tea spoon of salt in the warm water first , then add the flour mixing it well. Roll the dough balls out on a floured table. Pita cooks best at 500 degrees f. for 4 minutes and tortilla skins cook for 1 minute both sides on a hot frying pan. I almost never let the yeast rise twice, thus allowing it to do all it’s rising when put in the oven.

  4. I’m throwing up after eating and I have traced it to bread. It looks like breads with yeast are the culprit while those using baking soda or baking powder are ok. Obviously I am avoiding breads now and would like to know if this is a GMO problem or something else like this additive being talked about here. As bread has been safely eaten for 1000’s of years and now suddenly everyone is getting ‘gluten’ allergies obviously something is being done to the bakery. If I can’t distinguish between the good and the bad it means I must eliminate the entire category from my diet. And remember that I have a surefire way to judge this contamination, I throw up.

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