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ANH-USA is proud to be supporting theĀ Documenting Hope Project, which aims to demonstrate how a data-driven assessment of environmental and lifestyle factors coupled with a personalized therapeutic approach can result in improved health outcomes and even total disease reversal in children with chronic conditions like autism and ADHD.

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  1. I beg that this Documenting Hope scientific effort includes looking at fluoridation chemicals in tap water. I have a 30 year old with autism and began attending biomedical treatment (DAN)conferences in 1999 when my son was 14 and suffering terrible pain (and the behavior that goes with it). I met a mom at one of those conferences who told me to get him off fluoridated drinking water. He had a huge improvement in just 3 days! Then in 2008 he had been having morning headaches and I could not detect the source. Another autism mom told me to stop the fluoridated showers (I had been using a carbon shower filter that doesn’t remove fluoridation chemicals). My mom designed “clinical trials” immediately made it clear that the headaches ALWAYS followed a shower in fluoridated water, but not chlorinated only water even with no filtration at all. About 70% of the US is fluoridated and most parents of children with autism will either never learn their children are suffering from acute fluoride poisoning from something as simple as a bath or drinking water…or they will learn only after years or DECADES of unnecessary pain experienced daily by their children. Does fluoride cause autism? I don’t know. But it definitely increases autistic behavior and the severity of many autistic symptoms. There are many studies that have shown neurodevelopmental harm from fluoride and reduction of IQ up to 8% according to Harvard. Even if fluoride isn’t found to be causative in autism, it is likely that kids with ASD (and the genetic vulnerability that may have landed them with that diagnosis) will experience greater IQ reduction from fluoride than the neuro-typical child. I don’t subscribe to IQ testing, philosophically, but my point is that our children need to be studied for fluoride chemical vulnerability apart from the average population. The National Toxicology Program just accepted a nomination to study the neurodevelopmental effects of fluoridation, but they will be studying rats who do NOT have autism and do not have the genetic vulnerability that our kids have to chemicals in general. This has the potential to help hundreds, if not thousands, of children to at the very least have relief from terrible chronic pain and suffering…which helps them to learn and have a normal life. Because we have figured out this critical link to his pain, my son now works as an office clerk at our local community college. That would be absolutely impossible with even microscopic exposure to fluoride and fluoridation chemicals.

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