Monsanto’s Spy Software to Control the Entire Agriculture Market

We must stop this attempt to create a new and potentially even bigger monopoly. Action Alert!
Monsanto recently reached a deal with Deere & Co. that could dramatically alter the US agricultural market, and not for the better.
John Deere, the world’s largest producer of agricultural machinery, agreed to purchase Monsanto’s Precision Planting LLC equipment unit. As part of the deal, information on crops contained in Monsanto’s FieldView software app, used with the equipment, will send continuous information back to Monsanto. Monsanto will know which farmers have planted which crops, and where.
Importantly, Monsanto has similar deals with two other top producers of similar agricultural machinery, CNH Industrial NV and Agco Corporation.
As Dr. Mercola brought to our attention and astutely points out, access to this information imbedded in farming equipment across the country will give the company “unprecedented insight into market yields of any harvest before anyone else, and this information could allow [Monsanto] to manipulate and reign supreme over the commodities market.”
This is an outrage. The government has done everything in its power to grant Monsanto a monopoly over the seed industry. Now, these technology deals could give Monsanto another monopoly—this time over agricultural information and, through that, the commodities market.
Action Alert! Write to the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, and the Commodities Trading Futures Commission, and tell them they must act to stop this outrageous expansion of Monsanto’s monopoly power. Please send your message immediately.


  1. As with most corporations, the bigger they get, the more destruction they make of us. If I had the power my first priority would be to immediately destroy that business to allow small family operations to succeed healthy production.

    1. Agriculture throughout the Country and the world is done best when it is done at the most local levels possible. Central control means centralized corruption.

    2. Not sure if you can just “destroy a company” You dont like, this isn’t America The Olicarcy, it’s a democracy gone haywire and we need to reel in the reigns of these conglomorate entites like Monsanto. The problem is that Margaret Hamburg was the head opf the FDA for the last many years and was handpicked as CEO of monsanto by barack Obama. She recently stepped down in a fury of media and questionable reasons.

      1. Sure you can, you can round them all up and terminate them just like they have terminated millions of innocent civilians before. What goes around, comes around, after all. Why speak to crooks who smile as they poison you? It is better to just kick them in the face.

        1. Or demand laws that corporations that have injured unsuspecting people have to pay…even if it means stripping all their assets. Don’t trust Monsanto to send payments. Auction everything from their stock portfolios down to the clothes on their backs, leave’em the shorts they’re standing up in and a Hefty garbage bag to put over their upper bodies, and then put’em on a chain gang to work to pay off the rest.

          1. Sure, if you could possibly find any authority that hasn’t already been corrupted by them, which you cannot! Even the white house has been in their back pocket for decades. You cannot demand crooks to convict themselves, the system is corrupt!

  2. Odly enough , most people don’t even know how to pronounce Monsanto ,,,,, let me help you it’s very simple ; NO.

      1. I was just making a lame attempt at humor : Monsanto = NO , just say no when the name comes up.

          1. what an incredible thread. Like watching two people sit on a bench and talk to eachother on cell phones.

  3. Monsanto owns the politicians and the US soil and soon we won’t be able to get food that isn’t contaminated by them. Corruption at the max and you never hear a politician speak up about it. Its sad when you shop you’d prefer food from other countries now rather than the poison we’re growing.

        1. Justin Carter went to jail for posting this kind of thing on Facebook. And there are lots of decent human beings in D.C.–the same kind of people who get jobs or go to school anywhere else, also get jobs and/or go to school in D.C. I was one of’em. I may be older and wiser, but I’m not more decent, because I moved back to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

          1. Social networking blows. Nobody cares what happens on social networking and if you imprison people for their words you are no better than a fourth world dictatorship that imprisons people for their opinions or comments. (Which we all know the U.S. is worse than fourth world countries anyway, because at least in some 4th world countries you can get real food that isn’t just poisoned atrocity.)
            You have to realize that I don’t care, sure I get calls from the FBI and DHS and I tell them to f themselves. They have no authority and if they want me to stop they can come and murder me because nobody gaf. I will never get a job, find a wife, have children, get a job, pay insurance for anything, pay taxes, or any of that nonsense. I want to be killed, that is why I say whatever I want.
            Freedom you die for!

          2. Having been to many third world countries I find this comment way off base and quite insulting. Not only does social media guide social progress, American culture, offer valuable access to educational
            support and materials; facilitate social and political change; and
            disseminate useful information rapidly, but half the planet, who lives on less than a dollar a day and cannot afford to eat as much as a handful of rice every 48 hours would disagree that they can get wholesome food. You further expose yourself as an ignoramus using abhorrently disrespectful terms like 4th word countries (which refer to stateless ethnic groups, not poverty levels). People, more accurately children, who die from starvation and disease come from third world countries and do NOT have the luxury of eating GMO’s. GMO’s are problems for rich little American brats like you and me and everyone else on here. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about, yet you are clearly passionate and intelligent. You gotta take a few years off and get into the trenches before you make such outlandish and wildly inappropriate remarks on the web.

        2. you sound like a child. Killing tens of thousands of Americans is not the answer wake up kid there’s an actual war on humanity happening while you tap tap tap away on your laptop. These comments are neither helpful nor appreciated by anyone

      1. Bernie Sanders, feh–he can say anything’cos he’s never going to be nominated or elected anyway. If you call yourself a Socialist in the U.S. you can say all kinds of perfectly reasonable things; to the majority you’re already a crackpot, anyway.

    1. Monsanto owns nothing, not even their own ineptitude. They are cowards and curs who don’t deserve to be on this planet and who I will enjoy torturing in the dimension of anguish they will all be banished too. You’ll all regret it then! Down with biotech and all defenders/facilitators/supporters or otherwise!

      1. you’ll torture them i a parallel universe called anguish? ooookkkaaaaaay then….
        “we will all” regret it then? If you read “our” comments “we” are all saying the same thing you are but with fact and dialogue.
        Wow. Loud people… loud people everywhere… not saying a damn thing. smh

    2. I tend to agree with you. Like Nestles own 99% of the bottled water in the world. Nestles is NOT a U.S. company but Switzerland!

  4. Another atrocity committed by the worlds Terror: The Unbelievably Stupid Atrocity (USA)
    Hugh Grant won’t be satisfied until the earth melts his eyes out of his lizard skull because he destroyed the planet and all life on it. I will never join the U.S. and I curse anyone who sides with Biotech or Fossil Fuels. When you perish, your energy will never be reused and you will be sent into a dimension of absolute anguish for all eternity.
    RIP USA, RIP Biotech, RIP Fossil Fuels and RIP Human Species.

    1. the Unbelievably Stupid Atrocity? Are you 12 years old? Hugh Grant destroyed the planet? RIP Humans? You are a human. This is a discussion by adults on how to save the human race. Your comments are neither helpful nor mature enough to be taken seriously.

      1. Saving the human race in a monsatan article is an oxymoron. To save the human race we need to first eradicate Monsatan and other big agra and get out butts back to home growing and home farming. Looks to me like Monsatan took a lesson from Joseph Stalin.

        1. uhg. This kid doesn’t represent us. This is a smart kid who has every right to be upset but instead squandering their time pissing all over the web. And if I took a shot for every time they used the word atrocity like it’s a big fancy word, I’d drink Boris Yeltsin under the table. Your batman undees are showing. Pull your pants up kid.

  5. They can also buy the bullets that will be shot at them so they can own their own destruction since they won’t own up to the destruction of all life!
    -shoots hugh grant in the face and laughs-

    1. no facts, no quotes, no ideas, no sense. Just sulfer shooting from a rock in the ground.

  6. Y’know I’ve read exactly one thing about Monsanto that didn’t make me hate that company–an interview with one head of one department, in the 1990s–and he took that department with him and bailed out of Monsanto within the year! It’s a lousy rotten no-good corporation and Bill Gates should curse the day he inherited a share of it, but instead he’s trying to salvage it with these deals with other corporations…John Deere tractors are popular in my part of the world so I’m linking to this article. Comment: farmers might want to invest in another mule!

    1. America would be much better off if we went back to 40 acre plots and millions of local farmers, nothing wrong with an occasional mule to help out lol….I think we could give them lighter duty though, they can pull the beer wagon.

  7. And, before leaving this site…@everybody: Leaning on the government is a good idea. Leaning on corporations–not Monsanto but the other corporations Monsanto is hurting, especially the food manufacturers whose products most of us eat–may also be important. If they realize that they’re losing money by selling products we can no longer eat, some of them will get on our side of the issue. Money talks. Money weighs. Corporations can lean on the government harder than individuals can. So if you ever buy a Filet-o-Fish and want to be sure it’s not a Frankenfish, or if you like vegetable soup but can’t eat it because it contains BT or E. Coli (“Roundup-Ready”) corn, why not e-mail the corporation? Most corporate food producers have e-mail, and many Twitter.

    1. Give me a break, oh yeah, your e-mail will change these corrupt minds who only look at the balance sheet of their account! As long as it is in the black they care naught what we nor anyone else says. Stop acting like the government is legitimate or the corporations care, they do not care but to cash in on the current fad, which is organics, which explains why all of these name brands are going out of their way to join the grocery manufacturer’s association and corrupt the national organic board so they can industrialized organics and ruin that too. Once I have no food to eat, I will simply leave this world and curse you all with my perishing.

      1. The corporations don’t care what I say. They don’t care what you say. They do, however, care what a lot of potential customers say. Fifteen or twenty e-mails may indeed change their minds…depending on the corporation.
        “Once I have no food to eat, I will simply leave this world and curse you all with my perishing.” My celiac disease was generating that kind of thoughts before I was even old enough to vote, too. (It runs in families; I’d watched the family curse debilitate my elders.) GMO corn and rice brought them back all right, f’sure, with a vengeance…fortunately by now I know what sort of thoughts they are. They’re coming straight out of a damaged intestine. Which would you rather think with, a damaged intestine or a brain? I may live through this winter, I may not; so far I’ve lost only a few pounds and only a few work days, but meanwhile I’d rather have as much fun and accomplish as much good as possible, rather than let my wreck of a colon hijack my entire life.
        And I dare you to try thinking this way, too, Junior. The Norse had a point of view. Bad things are going to happen, if not right away then later–but as I recall they wanted to go out fighting on the right side. I’d imagine that that entailed fighting as effectively as possible. Lobbying certainly isn’t 100% efficient, nobody bats 1.000, but lobbying does more good than just spewing intestinal-type emotion in all directions. Feels better when I’m doing it. Occasionally helps others, as well as me.
        If you’re already sentenced to life in prison for acting out some of the thoughts you’ve typed this morning, I’ll buy the excuse that you have no future, can never have a wife, etc. If you’re just feeling miserable, send these expressions of misery to those who caused the misery by all means, and try doing something to defend yourself–or others–in a real, solid, useful way. I DARE you.

      2. no ideas, no compelling argument, just coarse meaningless rederick punctuated by a curse to all readers and abandonment of any responsibility you have as an American benefiting from living comfortably here. Yawn

  8. I have found that the Human Species is full of hate. It shows in this comment area and others as well. Hasn’t anyone learned that “hate begets hate” then breeds and grows faster and faster. The U.S. wants wars, for the money! No war, no money. Our economy is barely holding on by a thread … the gov making money, it can NOT last.

    1. Hard to love someone who poisons you.
      I understand the theology though, if only they had more love they wouldn’t be so cruel as to poison all of life for their own gain. But you see, I was abused too and raised on military simulators so when I see a problem the easiest solution is the negative one. I am also a Gemini, so I have plenty of duality and conflicting thoughts because I have both sides, male female, yin yang, positive negative.

      1. I was abused all my life. You don’t have to “love” someone who poisons you, but you can’t let that hate rule your life. Use that “hate” in a good way. Do things that are right. Help others, sign petitions, what ever you can do to help. Hate begets hate and nothing else. Love begets love. Understand? There is no easy solution, unfortunately. When someone exudes hate everyone feels that. Be smarter than that okay!

    2. That’s all that’s been going on since 9/11 and the ushering in of the NWO…pitting us against each other, causing deep rifts. That’s what they want.

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