1. Both of my state (FL) senators responded to my request to block the anti GMO bill with statements that GMO’s are beneficial, harmless, and cost effective. Both senators are Repugnicans.

    1. Look at the whole picture: More DemocRATS voted to protect Monsanto & GMO’s than the GOP. This is not a party issue, it’s all about the almighty $$$!

      1. That’s right. I have emailed both of my senators – who are democrat – and they’ve responded that GMOs are the way to a brighter future. I don’t believe party lines really exist anymore. Politicians use party affiliation as rhetoric to stir people up, but, at the end of the day, they’re all paid by the same GOV and work to ensure job security for each other. All you have to look for is pictures of who plays golf with whom.

      2. you mean the Re PIGS dont you? look up the facts and not your conservative polls ‘facts’ an myths

        1. The facts are very clear. Commucrats have supported Dow and Monsanto in the proliferation of GMO technology since it’s inception and development. do your homework without the hateful liberal slant. The issues surrounding GMOs were most recently focused by Nasty Pelosi and the Commucrats who pushed GMO protection through right under our noses. Libernuts were too busy pushing abortion, illegal immigration and gun control to notice.

          1. I agree Nancy. The shell game has become little more than a tranquilizer for the masses. We line up to exhibit our choice at the voting booth, only to learn that we had no choice at all, except to be either a loyal or a disloyal pawn.

          2. “Why is it you oh so wise cons can’t speak social English?”
            Hey, JeTo, why is it you politically-oriented sheep don’t get that you’re being led down two apparently separate paths to shearing or slaughter by the same shepherds and sheepdogs? Toward the same ultimate ends?
            Are you so impressed by colored balloons and transparent lies that you cannot stand up for your rights and for those of your children, for your personal intelligence, for your innate integrity, and just say no to obvious repetitive bullshit from both carefully selected, groomed and trained political parties?
            If you seriously believe that the answer to our nation’s ills is a bumper sticker, a sign on your front lawn, the push of few buttons on a black-box electronic voting machine you’ve no idea the workings of, a few snarky posts in places like these…that these give you the right to talk to the rest of about intelligence or education?
            Then you probably don’t require much more than a pink baby teether to keep you happy with any party line you’re fed. The topic here is not your nonsense notions of the grand importance of US politics, flavor X or Y, it’s about the entire human food supply chain: the threatened future thereof. Till the end of our time here on the planet.
            Which could be relatively short, the way They’ve apparently planned it. With the help of either/or Aristotelian political logic, inflicted upon those of us who apparently don’t know any better.

          3. What is it about political dogma that you understand and the rest of us don’t see,I’ve yet to find an honest politician that gets things done for the voters and stay in office more than a full term.

        2. Just another delusional Dem. Some day, perhaps you’ll drift out of your pipe dream. Too late, no doubt.

        3. Oh sure, the Democrats fart incense and sh-t butterflies.
          Marathana’s statement is accurate and non-partisan. Your statement represents a fairy tale about a Democratic Party that no longer exists.

      3. No, it’s a tug of war for world domination. Gain the world; lose your soul. Isn’t it obvious? Saints need not apply. Its more than our two party hand at the tug.

      4. So, which are you saying? It’s two-party political, or it’s fascist corporate? Either way, it’s a takeover of the human (and animal) sustenance system of Planet Earth. Forever, through control and ownership of the food supply.
        And no, if it were merely about money (a human artifact to be found buried in archaeological mounds by aliens visiting Earth years or eons hence), the individuals who currently create and control the world financial system by fiat and credit would retire rich and say screw the rest of us. But they don’t.
        Why’s that? (I know the answer, I’m asking if you do.)

        1. I beg to differ. The biggest purveyor of poison, in many forms, is Monsanto. They care not one iota about the welfare of humanity, but only about the billions they rake in, striving to monopolize every aspect of farming; Herbicides, pesticides and GMOs. We and our children will pay the deadly price, and already are.

    2. Since lobbyists treat both democrats and republicans, and send their pre-written bills for both to sign, then obviously democrats and republicans are simply two sides of the same coin.
      The media façade is simply there to keep you and me in suspense.
      FYI, not a single senator, democrat or republican, misses the annual AIPAC convention.

      1. The lobbyists also provide our representatives and senators with the words to use to rebuff our complaints. I agree that both Demorats and Repugs are deep in the pockets of Monsanto – as well as big pharma, the military, and most other components of big money. We need a new form of government, but no groups have stepped up to do this as yet.

        1. Or rather, anyone who does impose or dissent against the system ultimately gets punished or murdered by said corrupt system. These crooks will stop at nothing to keep perpetuating your poisoning and short of them being brutally annihilated in all forms, it will keep happening regardless of our “complaints”. Those who are dissenting now are merely being collected by the system for later eradication. These crooks are the same ones that ran the concentration camps in germany during WW2, they know what they are doing and don’t want to be carpet bombed again so they are doing it on the sly this time and most of you lap all the poison up. Brushing with toxic chemicals, showering in them, breathing them, eating them, getting medicated with them until you finally drop and they make all the profits and you subsidized it all with your own efforts. A sick fake nation of despair we live in and I will never join.

          1. I don’t have to do that, the earth will do it for us.
            That is the nice thing about my position, I just reinforce what will already happen because of your actions without any interference on my part.

          2. So you stand high above the fray and dispense your wisdom?
            Utter bull hooey. Truly psychopathic.

          3. Nah, I may be mortal but I also don’t mind dying because I can never support such atrocity that is U.S. incorporated society. Forget it, why would I ever contribute to something that destroys not only me and what I love, but the world itself? F that.
            To support such atrocity, that is psychopathy. It isn’t a good sign to be well adjusted to a sick and twisted society.

          4. It’s also not a good sign when you consider yourself above the normal human fray and arrogantly casting judgment on us “lesser folks.”

    3. Commucrats are and have always been the biggest supporters of Monsanto and of GMO technology. Commucrat congress members are also the biggest opposition to efforts that would require labeling so that people would know when they are consuming or buying GMOs. Remember that Monsanto crawled into bed with the federal gub-a-mik during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration (a flaming Commucrat) when they proliferated Agent Orange for use in Vietnam. Monsanto has held the U.S. government and taxpayers hostage ever since.

      1. As if the GOP is in any way on the side of working people! ROFL
        Both parties pursue the agenda set by their capitalist paymasters.

        1. Indeed, both parties have become tainted by corrupted allegiance to the almighty dollar’s influence; however, historically, it is a matter of record (not of opinion) that Commucrats have perpetuated social programs, food stamps, grants (for liberal college tuition), free cell phones (really? free Obama phones?), paid public housing, benefits for illegal aliens, disbursement of funds from the social security coffers, specific racist minority benefits, EBT card distribution without guidelines, the Socialist Un-affordable care Act, etc. This has been going on and increasing since the administration of FDR. There is no opinion to debate here; it is historical fact. The record shows that support for Monsanto protection enforcement and opposition to requiring labeling of GMOs comes primarily from Democrats while most opposition comes from Republicans. This isn’t a political statement. It is a mathematical one. The Republican party is only a lesser of evils; however, it remains a lesser evil by far.

          1. The long range plan, me thinks, is to promote dependence. You can only control people you have power over. When they withhold healthcare from our veterans who refuse to be guinea pigs? An education in Cali? Cali is just a test run, folks. They want to see how well the poison has worked. How docile are we? Wow!

          2. Indeed Nancy, I believe that you make excellent points. We are funding and perpetrating what is now a $200 billion annual industry; the industry of cancer. many don’t stop and think: There is neither money nor power in healing people. The real power comes from the economic boon of treating people for as long as possible, leeching insurance proceeds and second mortgage dollars until the individual’s life’s worth has been consumed. This is why our health “care” and medical industry has developed chemotherapy that prolongs but guarantees death. this is why the real rate of cancer recovery remains at under five percent. This is why alternative treatment is illegal in the USA but recovery rates are as high as 90 percent in those places where it is accepted. This is why in the nation that pioneered food’s high production, storage, transportation and marketing leads the planet in cancer infection while leading the planet in the inability to cure cancer. It is an enormous industry and an insult to humanity.

          3. And…some independent studies of GMO consumption are beginning to point to, hmm, cancers. And I know you’ve seen some of them, because you’ve obviously done research and this one’s hard to miss.
            “…an insult to humanity…?”
            apprin, from what you’ve seen in your research on this topic, you know it’s a murderous crime against every human being to whom they’ve knowingly done it. And if you know it, and I know it, and much of the medical world outside the US knows it (and as you say, it does), then THEY know it, or are guilty of criminal negligence.
            It shouldn’t be so difficult to believe that men and women in positions of power, of high authority, believing the planet to be over-populated, would imagine that perpetrating great crimes against the multitude a viable solution, and would sell us toxic food. Much as the US government provided the Amerindians with diseased blankets, meanwhile wiping out their natural food supply. A conscienceless expedience.
            Why should we imagine that such people, capable of such callous inhumanity to fellow members of the human race, have disappeared from amongst us? We know they haven’t.

          4. “The Republican party is only a lesser of evils; however, it remains a lesser evil by far.”
            Your mathematics aside, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.
            The social programs you despise benefit the vast majority of the poor. Bernie Sanders is not far enough left for me!
            In any case, both parties, and especially their leadership, support Monsanto over US citizens. You are trying to score partisan points on this issue and this discussion. Maybe you should re-consider that strategy, as it is very divisive in relation to the anti-GMO Movement.

          5. Oh, but partisan points do not interest me in the least as I do NOT plan on running for office, especially with this board serving as my platform. The real fact is that Barbara boxer and Nancy Pelosi were only some the initial springboards for the GMO start. As for the leftist strategy, I can only hope that you also do not choose to run for office. I am a staunch conservative; however, i do not believe that Republicans represent the real conservative interest these days. They are, however, closer than the Dem’s posture. You are correct that the immense power and economic momentum of Monsanto is too tempting for any party to pass on. I also believe that you are correct in the assertion that party line arguments detract from the real issue of GMO proliferation. This is why I was quick to oppose the unfair and inaccurate posts regarding Republicans’ support of GMO proliferation.

          6. OK
            “immense power and economic momentum of Monsanto is too tempting for any party to pass on”
            But “Conservative” activist organizations and Conservative GOP appointed Supreme Court Justices pushed thru Citizen’s United, which has vastly increased the political power of large corporations and wealthy individuals.
            The GOP fights any attempt to regulate campaign contributions.
            Do you see the problem with casting the GOP as the lesser of evils? Such a stance really confuses the major issues facing the people.

          7. “… the political power of large corporations and wealthy individuals. The GOP fights any attempt to regulate campaign contributions…”
            How about taking an OBJECTIVE look at the funding of the Democratic party, The Clinton Foundation, George Soros’s contribution, AT&T, GE, etc … It is both the Democratic and the Republican party who are on the auction block. the Republicans have been painted by liberals as the party of “no” and for a lack of compromise; however, if one looks at history, the facts tell an entirely different story. Liberal Democrats have demonstrated far more hate mongering, intolerance and bitterness in the denial that large corporations are the core of their support. After all, it was BJ (Bill Jefferson) Clinton who signed NAFTA and Hussein Obama who gave us the auto and other bailouts in exchange for … what, from corporations?

          8. Of course, the Dems are addicted to corporate cash, but that doesn’t change the fact that conservatives unleashed Citizen’s United and the GOP opposes all efforts to regulate campaign finance.

          9. Remember? GMOs? It’s about the proliferation of GMOs? It’s not about the hypnotizing of gullible Americans to hate all that is conservative. It’s about keeping the horrid reality of genetic modification out of our food supply.

          10. ” It’s about keeping the horrid reality of genetic modification out of our food supply.”
            Which will only be accomplished by legislation which, as we both agree, is being held back by Monsanto’s millions of dollars in campaign contributions.
            I stated the FACT that the GOP & conservative groups have dismantled regulation of campaign finances, and oppose any attempts to regulate campaign contributions. So my criticism – which you labeled as “hypnotizing of gullible Americans to hate all that is conservative” – is right on the money so to speak.
            Your hysterical reaction to that mild criticism is baffling. Seems like you have quite the persecution complex going here.

          11. You have only to peer beyond the veil; that veil which is provided and made so easily available to the “gullible.”

          12. Well that sounds mighty cryptic and a little insulting. So you don’t want to acknowledge the role of Conservatives in the Auctioneering and legalized bribery that is US campaign finance? you express concern about that problem, but then stubbornly ignore facts hat are inconvenient .
            Not a very impressive display if logical integrity there.

      2. Blah blah blah! People! It is a covert depopulation agenda for a reason. SMH. Go ahead…fight each other. Thats what they want. SMH

    4. Both parties are two sides of the same corrupt coin minted from the same broken system. There is no point making it about one side or the other, this is just another one of their divisive tactics meant to split people apart so they bicker over nonsense while these crooks destroy the world and all of life for their own gain of meaningless nothings that humans made up.

    5. Bill Nelson sent me the same form letter, I DO believe that most of them have been bought by Monsanto!!!

        1. And Dow, DuPont, Bayer, Syngenta, BASF and who knows who else, under the radar of Monsanto’s 15 years of infamy.

  2. I don’t bother writing to my rep or senators any more. Every time I have written them in the past they all tell me how wonderful GMO’s are and how they are future of the American food supply. Don’t know how to fight it except I buy organic. If I can’t afford organic then I do without.

    1. Yeah, it is a waste of time. I only do it to insult them for my own entertainment. They don’t even read them anyway, their interns or secretaries do and then send canned messages that they probably also don’t read. They are all crooks and as long as they can keep doing what they are doing they have no concern for anyone or anything else. That is why we must bring our anguish to them and make them personally experience what they are afraid to: The misery they wrought upon life on this planet while thinking they are exempt from the consequences.
      Make these crooks miserable, make them look over their shoulders, make them paranoid and suspicious of each other. Ruin their peace, ruin the enjoyment of their stolen money, ruin them like they ruin us and all of life. Permanently.
      It is because of these criminals that act like our representatives/etc that you spoon feed your children toxic chemicals, you live in a toxic environment in an abusive society that takes your contributions and poisons you with them. It is because of these petty thieves that we live in the nightmare of a world we live in today, they do not deserve peace, not for a single second. They want us to pay taxes to a system that gives people cancer, intentionally and expect that it won’t be a problem?
      Think again! I will never join the U.S. and will happily die before they ever capture/cage or conform me. The U.S. is so awful that it is no longer worth living in, they do not provide a life worth living. The U.S. inc is literally the worst place in all of existence, bar none.

    2. Oh, the old form letter…sigh. Industry lobbyists lean on elected officials. If customers lean on the industry…Yes, it’s a slow, boring, very middle-aged-adult-oriented process, very frustrating when you want results like *last week!!!*. I came to this site to read one article, then started recommending that people add letters to corporations to their letters to elected officials, and now frankly I’m back here because the comments piqued my interest.

    3. BlueViolets, when you finally realize that our government is not here as representatives of the people., but as tools of corporate America, you begin to touch on the edge of learning how this country actually works. Look at every major crisis point of American history, including the Revolutionary war. They were all brought about because the business community had an agenda. The Revolutionary War was over molasses, slaves and cotton, The war of 1812 over interference with American corporate trade, the Civil war over cotton and slavery which was England’s chief import (cotton) and they backed the South though claiming nuetrality, World War I and II over oil, the Persian Gulf wars over oil and our corporate partner, Saudi Arabia. Add up the thousands and thousands of America’s youth whose blood has greased the wheels of corporate wealth. GMO’s are gold mines which will never cease once Monsanto has their way. And we cannot object to them, we need to feed our poor, heck everyone, Monsanto will be the de facto dictator of America. And we will all be their unwilling but powerless subjects.

  3. Recently, in the national news, an article appeared that China refused to buy tuns of American corn because it is a known fact that our produce is GMO and treated with toxic chemicals American farmers were left with not only holding the bag, but tons of corn as well. Put it in the combustion engines where it belongs, not on our dinner pltes.

    1. You’re a fool. With half the world starving, you want to burn away your food. Maybe if you, hillary, didn’t go out of your way to protect and support Monsanto, the food wouldn’t be poisoned and only suitable for burning.
      Stop poisoning the natural world and stop pretending that the clinton’s are legitimate when we all know every single crook in the U.S. is as corrupt as can be and a threat to all life. They will do or say anything so they can keep gaining for themselves they have no intention of being good. Anyone who votes in the next election will be executed.

          1. You are so obviously a psychopathic bully. If you hate humanity, you should be consistent and kill yourself.

          2. Suicide is for the weak such as yourself. I believe in Bushido and Norse Mythology which do not accept pointless suicide. I’d prefer to get rid of the worlds problems and considering I am not one of them concerning life (I may be to the crooks), I am definitely not the focus. They are. If you want to target me, it must mean you support cancer, you support autistic children, you support intentional injection of poison even when refused, you support all of the women and children sleeping in their beds bombed by un-piloted drones. You do so with your taxes and with your very effort, you support the poisoning of not only yourself but your family, your children, your friends and all that you know and love. Including what supports your life. I am not what is wrong, you are. I Do not pay taxes, you do.
            Don’t agree with my position? Must mean you sit on monsanto lap and enjoy it.

          3. ” I believe in Bushido and Norse Mythology which do not accept pointless suicide”
            Of course you do. It’s part of your mental illness.
            “Must mean you sit on monsanto lap and enjoy it.”
            Homophobic bigot.
            Of course, anyone who targets you is guilty of support for all manner of vile actions, but only in your very mentally ill, megalomaniacal mind.
            See it’s not about your stand against Monsanto or your tax resistance, it’s about the fact that you write really belligerent comments in the manner of a true psychopath.

          4. You really do waste your time with such nonsense. Targeting me for what I say is akin to destroying the very plants that provide the oxygen you breath. Fight against yourself all you want, but I shall not partake.

          5. I agree with Reality of Truth.. it’s you and your kind and all the sycophants like you who are the psychopaths of society. You are the misanthrop and the danger to life and society.

          6. Reality of Truth is a pompous jerk, and so are you.
            You agree with this: “Bye bye humans, never did like any of you anyway!”
            If so, please kill yourself.

  4. We write and write our representatives, and try and try. They are not listening and have not been listening for years. We do our best but Monsanto has millions and just pays people off. The only thing we can do is continue to vote with our pocketbook. But if Monsanto and the biotech companies manage to contaminate and own everything, what are we to do then.

      1. Rather a glib response. While it is true that many more people could be growing food than actually are (yet), there are numerous obstacles for most Americans: Lack of suitable or sufficient land, arbitrary municipal laws, short growing seasons, lack of facilities for drying and canning, lack of storage space, insufficient time in the day for cultivation, harvesting, and preservation, while still holding down one or even two jobs.
        But this doesn’t address the real “growing” problem, which is: What are the genetic modifiers of seeds (its not just Monsanto) leaving us to grow which will not cross-fertilize with GMO in the months and years to come? Not corn, not soy, not beets, not rice, not tomatoes or potatoes, not apples, not papaya, canola or squash, and who knows what else they have on their drawing boards or in the pipeline? Even if you raise your own goats, cows, and chickens, what will you feed them? GMO alfalfa is already beginning to take the place of natural alfalfa.
        These corporations aren’t seeking a share of the market, they want it all. They don’t want you choosing from a diminishing list of non-biotech foods, they want to force you to eat GMOs or literally starve.

          1. Tell us more. I can look it up, and will. But I know I’ll get convincing ads. What’s your personal experience with these, June?

      2. How Nancy when our soils are conditioned to only accept GMO seeds? Do you think this will stop with just gene modifying the seeds? They are obviously planning on doing the same to the very soil they grow in, to the point where only their seeds will grow to any degree worth spending the effort on. Its a simple thing, change the acidity that plants need by altering their genes, and change the soil to match and only those seeds grow well. And a 100 other ways to do it, that’s just one example. In the end, Monsanto will rule this country., Plan on moving to Canada. Oh but Canada is run by oil and big pharma. Sigh, oh well, die early and let the kids worry about it, huh?

  5. Our politicians, save for a handful, are all bought and paid for. Monsanto owns them. Sometimes I wish that I had the resources to move to country like Hungary, Greece, or France.

      1. For-profit sickcare. There is zero money in healthy people, and the Oligarchs want the commoners gone.

  6. This kind of political disconnect is typical, they only pander to the public when it’s election time with all kinds of promises, but in the end they don’t care about the general public, greed is their God and payback for election funds from corporations is their Bible, it’s always about money.

  7. Stop paying the “income” tax. The CON-gress fools will listen when they’re unemployed! I’m not telling you to do anything I haven’t done myself. Challenge the IRS on FACTS proving their alleged jurisdiction over you, NOT LEGAL OPINIONS!

      1. Did you stop? How? What has happened? I understand its not written ANYWHERE that you have to pay them.

  8. It is no longer time to talk about it, it is time for action. Lethal action if required. They won’t listen to sense, they won’t listen to their contributors, it is time we make it the way we want it without their consent, just as they are doing to us.
    It is just the same as WW2: If we, as a species, don’t band together to bring down the tyrannical and terroristic U.S. corporate owned and incorporated imposter “Government” full of petty criminals, thieves and murderers, the world itself will be lost and there will be no where safe to run. Not other countries, not underground, not even into orbit!
    The U.S. must be stopped by any means necessary and I mean ANY!

    1. I surely hope you mean “The U.S. [government]”! Some of us residents of the U.S. actually think globally for future millenia.

      1. Of course that is what I mean. When I say U.S., a commoner will think I mean the entire country or landmass but no I mean the fake imposter foreign seated power acting as our government. U.S. Incorporated.

  9. Your second sentence is the foremost reason that my vote is for Bernie and not HRC. However, if HRC is chosen as the Dem party’s candidate, I will have to put my support there rather than with the Republican party.

    1. You know, you have the choice of not voting at all. If you vote for hillary, you might as well just go out and buy some ready roundup and drink it, because that is what she will do for you anyway, concerning the food and her favoritism of a company and industry(monsanto and biotech) that is convicted and guilty of poisoning all life on the planet. Including you and your family, how dare you possibly suggest your support for something so atrocious, you should be ashamed but clearly you have no capacity for human traits such as conscience, mind, heart, soul, empathy, compassion, or any other positive one that authentic humans carry (and not just fabrication pursuing mindless currency sops who only care about intercourse for recreational pleasure and more currency and things!).
      A vote at all is a vote in consent of your poisoning and the poisoning of your family, friends, and the destruction of all life on the planet. Anyone who supports such atrocity is an enemy combatant of life itself and shall be treated as such by, life itself.

    2. I will never vote for Killary. I don’t vote for war criminals.
      Killary Kilinton, butcher of Libya.

      1. You’re still a shitstain at the end of the day. And nothing is going to change that. Now change your diapers babushka.

  10. Yes I’ve went 100% Organic and it’s made a Huge difference on my Mental State as well as Psyical.

  11. People DO NOT GIVEN UP …….. SILENCE IMPLIES CONSENT. Speak up SIGN Call And just keep doing it over an over again..And Go ORGANIC.

  12. So, don’t skirt the issue by opening some elementary topic. Try to keep your focus for just long enough to respond intelligently to the statement. Or … perhaps you have another cute little name for your own symptoms.

    1. Well, yeah, try speaking intelligently on the subject matter and refrain from cute, trite, made-up, expressions of your own device.

  13. The seed, pesticide, biotech corporation honor roll:
    1. Syngenta (Switzerland)–own 18% of world market share

  14. Anti-GMO people remind me of climate change deniers: they can look at endless scientific studies proving it’s safety (or existence), yet still deny the science.

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